April 2010

Sell your shares

If you’ve got any money in shares or unit trusts, now might be a good time to sell and get out fast. With massive national debt problems in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Britain and Italy and coming austerity programmes, there’s probably going to be a stunning stockmarket collapse.

Of course, I could be wrong – […]

Safe seats – let’s wipe the smile off their faces

The majority of Labour and Tory MPs don’t give a toss about the election – they’ve got safe seats and think that on May 7 they can go back to stealing our money and living a life of luxury at our expense.

Let’s wipe the smug, self-satisfied smile off their faces by voting Lib-Dem. We […]

Time for Cameron to get into bed with Clegg

Even if the Lib-Dem bubble deflates slightly before 6 May, it is certain there will be a hung parliament. So Cameron has to decide – either he quickly gets into bed with Nick Clegg (as slimy Mandelscum has done) or else it’s another five years of the incompetent lying Brown.

Make up your mind Dave […]

The Simon-Cowellisation of politics

The first election debate has given us the Simon-Cowellisation of British politics. Nick Clegg ‘made the stage his own’, ‘went on an incredible journey’, ‘made politics relevant’ and various other Cowell cliches. Our dumb, X-Factor-loving voters are going to get the government they deserve – a Lib-Lab disaster, with compulsive liar Gordon Brown and slimy […]

Cameron didn’t land a single blow

Incredible, we have the worst government and most incompetent PM in British history and Cameron can’t even land a single blow on him in the TV debate.

David, what about the fact that 90% of new jobs have gone to immigrants? Or that Brown has bankrupted the country by spending more than he took in […]

Peerages for sale! Hurry while Labour lasts

As we hear that Alan Sugar has just bunged Labour another £400,000, it seems that it’s business as usual in Labour’s peerages for sale department. In fact, as the election approaches, the price seems to be going down.

So hurry! Snap up your peerage! Special offer! Buy now while Labour lasts!

Hold your nose and vote Tory

As we go into an election where none of the parties even mention the key issues – ballooning national debt, uncontrolled immigration, rampant political corruption, the pointless Afghanistan war, the Global Warming scam and the abject surrender of our independence to the EU – voters don’t really have much choice. Cameron and Osborne may be […]

Bob Crow – please come and help us in North Korea

Dear Mr. Crow

In North Korea, we ordinary workers are being opressed by our cruel rulers. We have always admired your courage when fighting for workers’ rights. So please come to North Korea and fight for our rights. Author David Craig has even offered to pay for your plane fare – one way!


North […]