June 2018

“Superdiversity” and discussing important issues with a libtard

(weekend blog – two stories this weekend)

1. Well done, Birminghamistan!

Hopefully you’ll have seen the wonderful news. Allah be praised – by the next census (2021) white Brits will be a minority in Birminghamistan.

British white people are soon to become the minority in Birmingham while nearly 50,000 residents in the city cannot speak […]

Beauty contests need more diversity and inclusiveness and ……..

(Friday blog)

I’m taking it easy again today and using another of the short videos recommended by a reader. (I’ll probably go back to more serious stuff at the weekend)

Today’s video is about beauty contests. The progressive, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling libtards are demanding that beauty contests should be more diverse and inclusive and less patriarchal […]

Does feminism make you ugly?

(Thursday blog)

I’m sorry. I hate myself for my antediluvian views. But I found this video, sent by a reader, funny. What a horrible person I am – so politically-incorrect, so unlibtardian.

If I hate myself for my politically-incorrect views, would that be a ‘hate crime’? Should I go and report myself to my local […]

How civilisations decline and die

(Wednesday blog)

They are NOT ‘do-gooders’

Yesterday I listed some famous (IMHO) progressive libtards – Gary Lineker and Bono and Saint Bob Geldorf and JK Rowling and Lily Allen and George and Amal Clooney and others of their ilk. One reader made a comment about them being “do-gooders”. But the problem is that they are […]

Geography and history lessons for braindead lefties

(Tuesday blog)

First – Geography

Hopefully today’s blog will help braindead, liberal, progressive, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling libtards to understand some basic geography.

Dear lefties, here’s a simplified map of part of the Med – the part where the main migrant armies from Africa pour into Europe:

What can you see? You can see […]

Nobody complained when Obama separated the children

(Monday blog)

All of last week the mainstream media and the European ruling elites continued to spew out their loathing for Trump – this time for separating illegal migrant children from their parents.

As usual, the media and the virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou, progressive, hug-a-rapemigrant libtards forgot to mention the reason children were being separated from their […]

Bad losers!

(weekend blog)

Here for readers’ information is a poster van that myself and some other Brexiteers paid for to drive round Central London on Friday (yesterday) and Saturday (today).

Here’s the van outside the treacherous Europhiliac Houses of Parliament:

Here’s the van outside the HQ of the treacherous Europhiliac BBC

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If only Britain had a real leader!

(Friday blog)

Here’s what a real leader looks like.

It’s democratically elected US President Donald Trump at a rally of his supporters a couple of days ago.

Can you imagine Dithering Doris May giving a speech like this? No!

Can you imagine Dithering Doris even daring to give a speech in public? No!

Can you […]

How best to beat your wives?

(Thursday blog)

Trump and migrant crackdown

As usual Donald Trump is receiving the usual lefty libtard dishonest abuse over the separation of children of illegal migrants from their parents. But it’s my limited understanding that, originally children of illegal migrants were incarcerated with their parents while their cases were reviewed. Then the lefty progressives protested […]

Harsh laws for us – no laws for them?

(Wednesday blog)

Here’s a picture of a wonderful gentleman who apparently is making an immense contribution to diversity, multi-culturalism and vibrancy in today’s no-longer-British Britain:

According to a local (not national) newspaper report, his name is (surprise, surprise) Omar Mohamad. I’m not sure any national media saw fit to report Omar Mohammad’s […]