April 2024

Water rip-off

Thursday-Friday blog

There seems to be a lot of excitement in the media about water companies at the moment. One issue is the huge amounts of effluent they pour into our rivers and seas while paying their chief executives millions in salaries and bonuses. And then we have Thames Water effectively blackmailing the government […]

Even Hitler thinks Sunak is a disaster

Thursday blog

Sometimes you have to forget the disaster the fake Tories are inflicting on us and just have a laugh:

Maybe we spend far too much on defence?

Tuesday-Thursday blog

All the mainstream media are saying it – “The world is becoming much more dangerous so Britain needs to spend more on defence”. And as we found out during the Covid lab-leaked plague disaster and are slowly finding out about the man-made climate apocalypse global boiling nonsense, when all the mainstream media agree […]

Can Labour really be any worse?

Thursday/Friday blog

Borrow borrow borrow – as if there’s no tomorrow

The UK’s debt is now £2,629,377,653,182. Though it will be a lot higher by the time I finish writing this blog as it’s increasing by over £2,000 every second:

United Kingdom Debt Clock: British National Debt Grow By The Second

Here’s the chart […]

Britain’s high-speed stupidity

Friday/weekend blog

There has been an awful lot of heat and noise, but very little light, as various politicians and pundits and other gravy-train riders reacted with predictable confected fury to the government’s decision to scrap the northern leg of the HS2 train. One of the many complaints is that, if Britain is to be […]

Will Amanda ‘Cressida Dick’ Pritchard wreck the NHS?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Police – Diversity more important than crime?

Hopefully all readers will fondly remember Cressida Dick. Dame Cressida Rose Dick DBE QPM is a British retired senior police officer who served as Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police from 2017 to 2022. She is both the first female and first openly homosexual officer to lead […]

Time to scrap our useless woke NHS and start again?

Friday/weekend blog

On a recent blog, one reader remarked that had the paediatric doctors at Lucy Letby’s hospital reported her for misgendering anyone, Letby would have been disciplined and probably fired faster than you could say ‘transphobe’. But murdering premature babies, that was seemingly not a serious offence for our woke hospital bosses. And so, […]

How to bloat our already bloated NHS

Friday/weekend blog

I have blogged several times about my astonishment at why our collapsing, supposedly cash-strapped NHS keeps on hiring ever more DIE (Diversity, Inclusion and Equality) staff.

I haven’t been able to find out how many of these (in my humble opinion) totally useless individuals are employed by the NHS (please note I did […]

Phew, it’s almost over – oh no, there’s still Eurovision

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday blog

I didn’t watch the (IMHO) rather pointless coronation of the King of Eco-loons and his gorgeous Queen Godzilla. And there’s been so much guff said and written about the whole ghastly spectacle that one would think it impossible to add anything which hadn’t already been covered.

But there were a few anomalies I […]

The Germans really have got their lederhosen in a twist

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

They’re not ‘abandoned’, they’re just stupid

Just before I write my blog, I thought I might not be the only person who is getting utterly fed up with people going to the world’s most violent, dangerous hell-holes and then bleating that they’ve been ‘abandoned by the British government’ when they inevitably get into […]