December 2013

Time for a Christmas break? Have a good holiday. Back on 3 January 2014

My thanks to the readers who have put up with my ranting and raving over the past year. But now is the time to relax with family (however weird and wonderful they are) and friends (hopefully less weird and wonderful). It’s not the time for my Cassandra-like prophecies of impending doom and gloom. So I […]

The crowded hell that awaits our children in Britain if we do nothing

Anyone who claims that Britain can cope with the current rate of immigration of almost 400,000 people a year is either a liar, a fool or both. Britain’s population is growing too fast (click to see more clearly)

But a key indicator of our quality of life is not just the population […]

“Running a successful recycling business” in the L*nd of Sm*les?

Not every Westerner in the L*nd of Sm*les is having fun, fun, fun.

Here in the J*mtien/P*tt*y* area (or “Moscow-on-Sea” as it is called due to the huge number of Russians) there are two Farang (Westerners) who don’t seem to be having an enormous amount of happy, happy, happy. They spend all day, every day, […]

How the greedy, lying, thieving scum in the Lords have been fooling us all

You may have noticed a story in the last couple of days about the (IMHO) fat, greasy, worthless, parasitical scumbag Tory Lord Hanningfield. Apparently a newspaper followed him and found that he had been turning up at the Lords to sign in for his £300 per day taxfree expenses then leaving after being there less […]

France and Germany cynically use EU rules to strangle Britain’s fracking industry

Who really runs the EU? Could it be Malta – population. 0.5 million and GDP $0.01trn? Or Ireland – population 4.6 million and GDP $0.2trn? Or Denmark – population 5.6 million and GDP $0.3trn? Or France – population 64 million and GDP $2.6trn? And Germany – population 80 million and GDP $3.4trn? Right, so it’s […]

What will you be buying PM David Cameron for Christmas?

I know you’ve all been lying awake at night fretting over what you should buy PM David Cameron for Christmas to thank him for being such a great leader for the last wasted three and a half years. Well, here are a couple of suggestions:

After the catastrophe of New Labour – […]

In the L*nd of Sm*l*s, violence and death are never far from the surface

For years Th*il*nd has successfully sold itself to foreign tourists as “The L*nd of Sm*l*s”. And if you come here for a few weeks holiday, you’ll probably have a wonderful time. The food is incredible and cheap, the booze is cheap, the hotels are luxurious and the beaches can be fantastic provided you don’t go […]

How to save Britain from bankruptcy? It’s not that complicated.

Once again some readers have challenged me to explain how to fix Britain’s woeful finances. I did something like this about 6 months ago. But at the risk of alienating regular readers, I’ll use today’s blog to show that a government with leadership and backbone could turn the country round rather rapidly.

Hopefully all my […]

The greatest danger is that (like in 1939) we are unable to comprehend the barbaric hatred of those who seek to destroy us

Apologies – but today’s blog is not very “Christmassy”. One of the most sensitive issues in the Second World War was how much the Allies knew about the Germans’ plans to exterminate over six million Jews and whether the Allies could have done more to reduce the slaughter. Certainly many of the Allied leaders were […]

WTF are our laughably useless, lying police doing about Roma gypsy beggars and criminals? Absolutely nothing!

You’ve probably seen stories about the Roma gypsies living on Park Lane in London. A few months ago, we stupid British taxpayers paid for their plane fares so they could go home with all the money they’d begged and stolen over the summer. Now apparently they’re back in time to benefit from the Christmas shopping […]