August 2013

Would Cameron ever lay down his ego for his country?

With the May 2015 General Election just 20 months away, let’s look at the political titans and buffoons that will be fighting for our votes.

Firstly, Labour. Here is what I think is the Labour ‘dream team’, the team that could crush the Tories:

But, of course, as Len McCluskey runs the Labour Party, […]

Idiot Cameron makes Miliband look like a great statesman. Useless Miliband makes Cameron look like a prick

How does the worthless, self-opinionated bag of pus David Cameron do it? A week ago, things were looking great for him. The economy seemed to be coming out of recession. OK I know this was an illusion based on the Government borrowing £120bn a year that we can never pay back and Osborne’s idiotic idea […]

Warmongering cowards Cameron and Hague back down for now. But what deceit will they use to start their war?

The good news is that after almost a week of belligerent war talk, spineless idiots Cameron and Hague started furiously back-peddling when they realised that around three quarters of the public and possibly a majority of MPs were opposed to their attempts to get Britain involved in the Syrian civil war.

Cameron and Hague had […]

Breaking news! Breaking news! Assad develops flying porker. Can hit London in 45 minutes!

The latest news coming out of Syria from British “intelligence” is that Assad has developed a new type of pink flying pig that is capable of striking western targets within 45 minutes. Normally the US and Britain would take this to the UN, but after the last lot of 45-minute porkies they told, it is […]

Our masters are taking us into a war that none of us want.

Reading the main papers yesterday and today, it’s clear that the Downing Street spin machine has been in action. Article after article triumphantly tells us why we have to go war with Syria. There was even a piece in the Times yesterday from Middle East Peace Envoy Tony Blair extolling the joys of getting embroiled […]

Here we go again! Oh what a lovely war! Yippeee!

As David “Winston” Cameron desperately tries to get his own Middle East war to make himself look like a great international statesman similar to his hero “war criminal” Blair, we should question his reasons for getting Britain involved in yet another pointless war in a predominantly Muslim country.

1. Cameron and our other great military […]

Is the useless, self-absorbed Prince Charles a reincarnation of the useless, self-absorbed Edward VIII?

The similarities between our useless, whining, self-absorbed, self-serving Prince Charles and his not so great great uncle Edward VIII (Edward the Abdicator) are astonishing.

1. Edward VIII was emotionally-retarded, immature and self-centered. Edward’s private secretary for eight years believed that “for some hereditary or physiological reason his normal mental development stopped dead when he reached […]

Wanted! Over 12 million stupid suckers to support Britain’s overpaid, over-pensioned charity bosses

I’ve pointed out before that there are about 180,281 charities in England and Wales with over 800,000 employees and 945,278 trustees. Of course, many of these charities are tiny and some will not even have any employees. But how many people do we need donating money to keep the bosses of the larger charities in […]

It’s a tough life being a male pornstar. Really.

It’s the weekend, so I thought I’d take a break from howling impotently about the incompetence and greed of our lying rulers (Cameron, Hague, Carney. Barroso, Ashton etc etc etc). Instead, here’s something I found floating in cyberspace. It’s written by a male pornstar giving 7 reasons why his job isn’t that great. I learnt […]

Is Mark Carney a liar? A self-serving, over-paid, politically-subservient, banker-friendly liar?

Has our dashing new governor of the BoE really cocked up? We got his much hyped “forward guidance” that interest rates would not go up from their current 0.5% level till around 2016. Within a few minutes of Carnage’s great announcement, financial market predictions for UK interest rates priced in a rise long before […]