August 2017

Free speech is dead! The truth is a crime! The libtards have won!

A couple of days ago, I listed the three steps towards totalitarian thought control in Britain

1. Invention of the “hate crime”

The first step towards the imposition of Britain’s totalitarian-state repression of free speech was the invention of the totally spurious concept of the “hate crime”.

A “hate crime” is defined as an offense […]

Every day is an “enrichment day”

1. The joys of multi-cultural enrichment

As you all know, here at snouts-in-the-trough our mission is to spread the message about how we should all be celebrating the joys of multi-cultural enrichment

Of course, there will always be ‘isolated incidents’ which cynics will use to suggest enrichment isn’t always great. But we all know that […]

Welcome to the “new, improved” snouts-in-the-trough

Could readers please take account of the fact that I’m writing in a country which was once a beacon of freedom and democracy. But now Britain has some of the most restrictive censorship laws in the formerly developed (now rapidly un-developing) world.

So, welcome to the “new, improved” snouts-in-the-trough – the website that celebrates the […]

Some great stories today…….

But as I’ve had to stop blogging due to Britain’s new oppressive libtard censorship laws (see yesterday’s blog) I’ll have to stop.

Is that OK, constable? Or are you still going to arrest me, harass me and try to destroy my life on the instructions of your promotion-hungry chief superintendent as he tries to kiss […]

It’s no longer possible to write a blog under Britain’s new censorship laws

It seems this will be my last blog. With Britain’s draconian new censorship laws, it’s no longer possible to express an opinion without risking a police investigation, police harassment and possible prosecution.

There have been three main stages in the extermination of free speech in Britain:

1. Invention of the “hate crime”

The first step […]

Freedom of speech was killed yesterday. All criticism is now a “hate crime”

Killing free speech

Yesterday was a catastrophe for Britain. Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the most senior public prosecutor in England and Wales, has decided in her wisdom that on-line “hate speech” against any person or group is the equivalent of a physical assault. According to Ms Saunders, police should investigate any […]

Why I want Britain to stay in the EU

I want to live in a country with a mosque on every corner. I want to hear the joyous call to prayer blare out across our cities and towns five times a day. I want all women to undergo genital mutilation and then to be locked in their homes producing five to ten wonderful, West-hating […]

Why no photos of dead children from Barcelona?

(weekend blog)


As you probably know, a few people have been stabbed by a man in the Finnish city of Turku and two have died. The attacker was screaming something like “I love my snackbar” during the attack. However, the Finnish police claim that the attacker’s motive is “unknown” and for the moment they’re […]

You said it mate! Who are we to disagree?

I hope my few remaining readers appreciate that there are at least two difficulties in writing a daily blog:

Finding something to write that is not already covered by the mainstream media Writing the truth without getting PC Plod turning up on one’s doorstep threatening to arrest one for supposed “hate crimes” Meanwhile in Barcelona […]

Our cities have already been conquered

I don’t know what they teach in schools nowadays. I imagine things like Gender Fluidity and Global Warming are important parts of the curriculum as well as the crucial Media Studies. And, of course, making sure all children fully appreciate the joys of our favourite religion is also presumably compulsory, especially for white, indigenous Brits: