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Stop the child abuse of mad Saint Greta?

(Tuesday blog)

The great ‘hyperbolisation’?

The West-hating, progress-hating, freedom-hating, civilisation-hating ecofascists must be congratulating themselves. Firstly they’ve managed to terrorise millions of vulnerable young people by their ‘hyperbolisation’ of a non-existent threat to the human race. Originally they called it ‘Global Warming’. But the Earth inconveniently stopped warming just after Al Gore and his bunch of fantasists got their lucrative Nobel Prize. So the ecofascists changed the name of the great threat to ‘Climate Change’.

But that wasn’t dramatic enough. So most of us ignored their warnings of impending disasters which never happened. No problem, they changed the name again to ‘Climate Breakdown‘ then ‘Climate Emergency’ before settling on the much more impressive ‘Extinction‘. After all, you can’t get that much more hyperbolic than threatening us with ‘Extinction‘.

The ecofascists may not know anything about the climate. But they sure know a lot about marketing and branding.

Child abuse of the psychologically vulnerable?

The next trick was to hide behind children so, if anyone criticised the ecofascists, the ecofascists could accuse them of ‘child abuse’.  Not only did they hide behind children, but they chose one child who had enough psychological problems to fill a pantechnicon – the clearly unbalanced (according to her parents) Greta Thunberg.

Instead of trying to provide as normal a life as possible for their psychologically-damaged child, Greta Thunberg’s (IMHO) self-serving parents filled her head with all sorts of ecofascist nonsense. Here’s what a clearly crazed Greta said at the UN yesterday:

“We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth. The science on climate change had been “crystal clear” for more than 30 years.

“If you really understood the situation and still kept on failing to act then you would be evil. And that I refuse to believe. How dare you pretend that this can be solved with just business as usual and some technical solutions. You are failing us but young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon you. If you choose to fail us I say we will never forgive you.”

This was met with unbounded adulation by UN leaders and the mainstream media.

I suspect Greta actually believes this rubbish although the facts show that Greta’s claims are total balderdash. Why do I write that?

1. The world’s population is growing faster than ever before:

2. In spite of this massive growth in the world’s population, fewer people are dying from famine than ever before:

3. In spite of explosive population growth, and a supposed ‘Climate Emergency’, fewer people are dying from extreme climate events than ever before:

4. CO2 is good for you. CO2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere accounting for just 0.004% of the atmosphere (400 parts per million – ppm). CO2 in the atmosphere is the tiny, almost imperceptible bit in the lower right-hand corner of the picture below:

CO2 is increasing as a percentage of the atmosphere by 0.00002% a year. Owners of commercial greenhouses often install CO2 generators to improve plant growth and yields. Typically, the level of CO2 in a commercial greenhouse will be over 1,000 ppm. With the current rate of increase of CO2 in the atmosphere of 2 ppm per year, it would take the Earth 600 years to reach the same concentration as in a commercial greenhouse. Moreover, people working in commercial greenhouses don’t suffer any health effects from the high levels of CO2.

5. Ranting disturbed Greta claims The science on climate change had been “crystal clear” for more than 30 years. That’s quite a convenient time period to choose as just 40 years ago the supposed ‘scientific community’ were predicting a climate crisis and mass starvation and deaths from a new Ice Age:

These are exactly the same claims the ecofascists are now making for supposed ‘Global Warming’.

(Hopefully readers will notice that the above article warning of a new Ice Age comes from the Guardian newspaper which is now warning of a global warming catastrophe –  these people have no shame)

In fact, there is no evidence at all supporting any of the claims being made by Saint Greta and the ecofascists. But while the ecofascists are cynically manipulating Greta Thunberg to get greater control over our lives, I suspect the brainwashed, psychologically-vulnerable Greta Thunberg actually believes the nonsense she has been carefully trained to spout at every possible opportunity.

This is child abuse.

Anyway, here is a visibly distressed, psychologically-damaged child falling apart in public to serve the cynical interests of those who are using and abusing her.

Greta Thunberg’s parents should have stopped this child abuse long ago and given her as normal a life as possible!


7 comments to Stop the child abuse of mad Saint Greta?

  • Joe Schome

    I agree with your judgement of Greta.

    Her life has been hijacked by her parents and other people close to her, who are using her as a mouthpiece.

    I think her future is very bleak and I feel sorry for her.
    What happened to her childhood?

  • Smoking Scot

    An interesting event happened before the lass took to the podium. President Trump upstaged her in what I believe was a calculated manoeuvre.

    Her reaction was typical of pretty well any teen, especially one who’s arguably more famous than many pop, film and such superstars.

    There’s a video, however I am more interested in the comments. To me they’ve blown it: we’ve had everything from ex Vice Presidents to BBC documentary narrators and some bland teen spouting from a script now raises hackles.

    There are powerful forces in play to get her into the UN summit (coincidentally something decidedly queer about resources being made available to “find” that Madeleine McCann kiddy). But if you think they give a flying fart about Greta’s mental wellbeing then you’re way off base. Once she hits 20 she’s disposable.

  • A Thorpe

    This video was the first time I felt sorry for her. It is child abuse. Where are her parents? She did not put on this performance without a lot of coaching. She should be doing what she says she should be doing.

    Your list is quite correct but main one is missing. Greenhouse gases COOL the earth. The main gas, water vapour, is produced by the evaporation of surface water. This takes heat from the surface into the atmosphere where it is released. The clouds that form block the sun, giving further cooling, and we all know it is cooler when the water returns to the surface as rain or snow. Tony Heller’s videos discuss this. It is hotter in dry areas, say Las Vegas, and cooler in humid areas, Knoxville, on the same latitude. There is no real scientific theory involved here, it is an easy observation, which is the basis of science.

    CO2 is more complex, but it does not trap heat or radiation. This is impossible and an error made by scientists like Tyndall. In their early experiments they only studied light, or radiation, they did not study heat. Modern reproductions such as the Iain Stewart candle experiment promoted by the BBC, do the same. None measure the temperature of the CO2 which is supposed to be warming, for obvious reasons. More importantly the experiments are all with CO2 in tubes or bottles. This does not in any way represent the atmosphere. CO2 absorbs and emits radiation so quickly, it is immediate. Radiation returned to earth is not heat, because heat only travels from hot to cold and the atmosphere is colder than the surface. The specific heat also is proof of this. A low specific heat means that the temperature increases quickly and reduces quickly. The atmosphere in general does not hold much heat. Heat needs molecules and air is not dense. Water on the other hand is dense and has a high specific heat, so in effectively a heat sink. The sun heats the oceans, the oceans retain heat and they heat the atmosphere. We all know that coastal areas are warmer in winter.

    Human caused climate change and now climate crisis is a combination of dumbing down and fraud. I suspect the fist being more significant. I’m sure most of these fools really believe what they say. Understanding the basics is not complicated science although the details needed to understand long term changes to our climate are. The bigger concern should be what has happened to our education system and common sense.

  • William Boreham

    The West is now obviously living in the ‘Age of Stupidity.’ So called adults prepared to listen reverently to the ramblings of a 16 year old autistic school drop out regurgitating climate propaganda. Apt that she is Swedish, a nation doomed by their own suicidal idiocy. A once beautiful, civilised country that thought importing millions of third world rapists was a good idea – what could possibly go wrong? Yes, Greta, you do face a nightmare future, but not from anything to do with climate change.

  • twi5ted

    Greta childhood is in the top 0.001% of the planet born to wealth in Sweden. Not only did she win the lottery of life but she also won the audition to represent the globalist elite opening doors for her that no other child has.

    How many kids have the opportunity to sail across the atlantic in a multi million pound carbon fibre racing yacht. Her childhood will be amazing and privileged.

    Sadly she is too young to question her indoctrination and does not realise those warm, caring advisors are wolves in sheep’s clothing representing the global elite and answering to powerful vested interests.

    The Donald clearly has her number. Great video and the tweet this morning were very amusing too.

  • Stillreading

    One only had to watch the face distorted by rage and hear the venom-fuelled garbage issuing from the mouth to know that this is a badly damaged individual, who is in for a rather difficult life when she becomes an adult – a state which it is evident she clearly is as yet nowhere near attaining. William has it right; Sweden has lost its way. Remember, this is the country in which nursery school children are referred to as “it” and toddlers are being encouraged to question their gender and practise transvestism. This self-absorbed, immature, rage-filled peri-adolescent female, who it is apparent has been thoroughly indulged and pandered to all her life, is the consequence. I agree that her parents merit prosecution for child abuse.

  • Maureen Roberts

    What a pity that Greta didn’t look up the 41 predictions made by the climate change expertssince 1970 to2005b, which none of them has come to pass .
    Here are just a few examples . IN 1970 we were warned about an ice age which would occur 200 . Then in 1974 the ozone layer holes would make life unliveable by 2005 .
    In 1988 it wasstated that Manhattanwould be under water by 2015 , and the Maldives islands would be under water by 2018. Also the Antartic would be ice free by 2018 .
    Now they are coming up with a new scare list .

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