September 2014

The big black men who steal our billions and make fools of us all

As I’m sure you know, one of the first things idiot David Cameron did to ‘cut the deficit’ was to increase the amount we give for foreign aid from £7.8bn a year (0.56% of GDP) to £11.7bn a year (0.7% of GDP)

Just this increase in foreign aid of £3.9bn a year would be enough […]

“I want to see Birmingham Palace” (spoken with Indian accent)

There are two daytime reality TV programmes which might make you weep with despair. One is called “Nothing to Declare” and features border control in Australia. The other is “UK Border Control”.

In the Australian programme, week after week you see would-be illegal immigrants being caught at airports. If they have suspicious items like CVs, […]

How did ISIS know we were coming?

And so, after weeks of prevarication and hours of hot air in Parliament, Britain finally went into action against ISIS in Iraq. Two of our over 20-year-old Tornado GR4 fighter/bombers plus a refuelling plane boldly set off to pummel those dastardly Isl*mic State terrorists. You know, the Isl*mic State terrorists that Cameron, Clegg and Miliband […]

Did Bob (IMHO) “B*llsh*t” Geldorf fool us all?

Remember 1984? Not the book, the year. That was the year of “Do they know it’s Christmas?” when the great Saint Bob Geldorf blagged us all into giving bags of money to feed starving Ethiopians. Then in 1985, shaggy-haired Bob got even more of our money with the LiveAid concerts watched by about 1.9 billion […]

“Don’t mention the deficit, Ed! And definitely don’t mention immigration!”

The two highlights of Ed Miliband’s speech to the Labour conference were, of course, the two things he “forgot” to mention – immigration and the deficit. So for those of you who may have been disappointed, here are the facts:

1. Immigration – I believe that the current rate of issuance of new National Insurance […]

Fat? Useless? Lazy? No self control? Then vote Labour! The Party for you!

You’ll all have read about the farce that was Ed Miliband’s conference speech. The speech in which he never mentioned either the deficit or immigration. We’ve already had Miliband claiming both that he deliberately left these subjects out and that he forgot about them as he didn’t use a script. ‘Forgot’. My a**se.

But I’m […]

10 years of Miliband? Is it possible? It’s almost certain!

The awful Ed Miliband provoked some derision yesterday when he gave his ‘great’ conference speech and talked about him being in power for ten years ‘to fix Britain’. But I’m not laughing. Here’s why:

1. Labour have more than a 20-seat advantage because Cameron didn’t have the spine to stand up to schoolboy Clegg over […]

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I once did a post on how much pornstars earn.

Since then I’ve noticed that the search term that brings most readers to my site is “pornstar”.

Sadly, the people who arrive at my site while searching for ‘pornstar’ don’t buy the kind of books I write.

Anyway today I’m conducting a little experiment – […]

That great climatologist Emma Thompson has spoken

Actress Emma Thompson, a true luvvie’s luvvie best known for playing an almost endless series of simpering females in costume dramas, has been on a Greenpeace ship visiting the Arctic to highlight the dreadful effects of supposed Global Warming (now conveniently renamed ‘Climate Change’ as the Earth hasn’t warmed at all for the last 17 […]

The charmed life of M*sl*ms in multi-culti Britain

In the interests of multi-culti mutual understanding and harmony, this website is always pleased to bring heart-warming stories of social cohesion in today’s multi-culti Britain.

We’ve provided figures showing that Britain’s M*sl*ms have the highest rate of ‘economic inactivity’ of any group; of how over 75% of Britain’s Somali community choose not to work and […]