“British police burn in hell” “UK burn in hell”

I was chilled by this short (4 mins) Facebook video where a gentleman from the Religion of Peace explains that anyone who is not a believer should “burn in hell”. Of course, the presenter may have been deliberately provocative in order to “tell a good story” and get viewers outraged. But her targets were pretty […]

Getting colder! No, getting hotter! No, we’re freezing! No, we’re boiling! No, we’re……

(Sorry, but it’s Global Warming again today)

I’m a bit pushed for time today. So I’ll just give you four headlines from the New York Times. They seem to show that every 30 to 40 years, “scientists” claim the earth is either about to go into another Ice Age or is about to boil. And […]

Where’s our coal? Where are our fish?

Aneurin Bevan, son of a Welsh coalminer and the politician credited with driving through the creation of the NHS, once said: “This island is made mainly of coal and surrounded by fish. Only an organising genius could produce a shortage of coal and fish in Great Britain at the same time”. Well, […]

Let’s play “Politicians’ Bullshit Bingo”

Hopefully you all know about that excellent game you can play at work called “Bullshit Bingo”, You have a list of meaningless, fashionable, management-speak words and when you’re in a meeting, you tick them off as people use them. Then the first person to tick off 5 or 10 (whatever number you agree) is the […]

Is Lord Stern admitting he produced Global Warming’s “dodgy dossier”? No Chance

As we all know now, the “dodgy dossier” that gave Blair the excuse to start the Iraq invasion and kill over 100,000 mostly innocent people was based on about as much fact as the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. However, all those involved in producing this piece of fiction (Blair’s dodgy dossier, not […]

So, how have the politically-correct reacted to the Woolwich murder? Blame British rightwingers

For more than obvious reasons, I must be careful about what I write today. So, I’ll make a few very brief observations and then refer you to a YouTube video made by an American ridiculing our politicians and journalists as they desperately try to explain away the Woolwich murder

(I’m afraid it’s 9 minutes […]

How to understand what our leaders are really saying

In an age where PR is more important than substance and where politicians’ and bureaucrats’ highest priority is their own financial well-being, it can sometimes be difficult to understand what they are really saying. So I’ve tried to start assembling a guide to what our leaders actually mean. I’m sure readers of this blog can […]

OMG! OMG! It’s Osbornomics!

To cheer us up in these dreadful times, here’s an entertaining example of a completely new branch of economics – Osbornomics.

Osbornomics is a unique combination of arrogance, deceit, stupidity and pomposity and is only possible because its founder is best chums with the PM. Like the disastrous, financially incontinent joke of a chancellor Gordon […]

Why didn’t the Biased Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) use the “M” word?

Following the horrific attack in Woolwich yesterday, the politically-correct Biased Broadcasting Corporation reported the crime and referred to it as a probable “terror attack” . But the BBC made no mention of the probable religious persuasion of the attackers.

This was in spite of the fact that the attackers were filmed shouting “Allah Akhbar” and […]

Liar, liar, liar, liar, liar!

I won’t even comment on this as it speaks for itself (click on picture to see more clearly):

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