December 2019
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Someone mocking the Religion of Wonderfulness?

(weekend blog)

In Britain, nobody would dare poke fun at the Religion of Fabulousness. If they did, they’d risk arrest and prosecution for supposed ‘hate speech’ and might even get killed.

But somewhere floating around cyberspace is this short (2 minutes) video of someone actually daring to have a laugh at our Izlumic friends. It’s […]

A 12-year-old girl enriched again and again and again and …………

(Thursday/Friday blog)

I know that the vast majority of British people value the vibrant, diverse, multi-cultural enrichment that mass, uncontrolled Third-world immigration brings our once great country:

Therefore, I’m pleased to bring yet another heartwarming story of how our ethnic minorities (which may soon be a majority) have improved life for us […]

Are those naive virtue-signallers who “kiss the snake” committing suicide?

(Wednesday blog)

Kissing the snake?

I’m afraid my website was down for a few hours yesterday. For anyone who wants to know what I mean by “kissing the snake”, please just see yesterday’s blog about The Snake

Mark Steyn’s article

Here’s a large part of an article written by Mark Steyn commenting on the latest […]

A message to all the hug-a-jihadi liberals: “You knew I was a snake!”

(Tuesday blog)

Yesterday, we had all the usual hypocrisy from our useless, craven, Izlumophiliac ruling elites – solemn reflection, candle-lit vigils, interdenominational services featuring (of course) a preacher from the religion of peacefulness and politicians blethering about how Britain will never give in to terrorism. And, of course, we had cynical, lying journalists desperately bigging […]

Lying scum liars’ lies and lies and lies and ………

(Monday blog)

I thought I’d start the week with a bit of light entertainment. We all need a bit of cheering up every now and then.

But before I do, I’m really excited because I’ve realised that I can predict the future:

I can predict the future

We all saw yet another wonderful episode of […]