April 2015

My latest video – last day

I’d like to leave this post up just one more day to try to increase the number of people viewing my latest video.

I will start blogging again tomorrow – Saturday 2nd May. The subject for tomorrow is “Virgins” and our friends from the Religion of Peace. So please do visit.

Below is the link […]

“If something cannot go on forever, it will stop”

The quote in the title is usually ascribed to economist Herb Stein and is sometimes referred to as “Stein’s Law”.

Here’s a chart of the trend in debt as a percentage of GDP for five of the main European countries:

Italy, France, Spain and Britain are all on an impossible trajectory. No […]

Voters! Welcome to the “Post-Democratic Age”

As people around Britain decide who to vote for on May 7th or whether to bother voting at all, I thought I’d try to illustrate how we are really governed in what one of Britain’s most respected botty-botherers, Peter Mandelson, described as the “Post-Democratic Age”.

What I believe the delectable, fragrant, perfectly-coiffed Peter was referring […]

Hey there, African migrants! Here are 10 good reasons to head for Benefits Britain

A message to everyone in Africa – COME TO BENEFITS BRITAIN! You’ll really like it here!

1. An immigration policy that is open to every low-life on the planet

Are you a thief, a rapist, a murderer? Don’t worry you’re still be welcome in Britain and human rights lawyers will ensure you’ll never get thrown […]

Janner – the ‘Great Escaper’ – does it again!

Former lawyer, MP and alleged botherer of underage botties, Lord Greville Janner, has for the fourth time escaped prosecution for child sex offences. Well, done Greville! You’re a star! Maybe they should make a film about your life and call it “The Great Escapes”?


I’m not a lawyer like Mr Janner. […]

Do you trust Tesco’s b*llsh*tting bosses?

Year after year after year, Tesco has supposedly made massive profits. No doubt these resulted in extremely generous bonuses for Tesco bosses.

But, oops, we now find out that Tesco has problems in its Chinese business, problems in its Thailand business, its US business is a disaster and its core British business is suffering […]

Another ‘quiet’ week for the Religion of Peace?

On 13 April, I gave a list of *sl*mic attacks for the previous week (6-12 April) – there were 11 attacks killing 104 and seriously injuring 179. Last week (13-19 April) seems to have been a bit more active with a slightly more impressive 20 attacks. But ‘only’ 115 people were killed and a mere […]

Africa – apparently it’s our fault!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to write about something else today. But I got so angry at the biased media coverage of the immigrant invasion from Africa, that I thought it worth exposing the mainstream media’s lies yet again.

One of the most quoted comments on all the news bulletins at the moment comes from a Mr Zeid […]

The invasion from Africa – the result of 50 years of foreign aid failure

Over the last 50 years, Africa has received over $1trn in development aid. That’s about $20bn a year. Yet every year the hordes crossing the Med to escape Africa’s poverty, misery and hopelessness increase. Just in the last week over 10,000 Africans fled to Europe. And this week, there will probably be even more.

And […]

Why are ‘Fatty’ Fry and the lefties so quiet?

We all love Stephen Fry. Urbane, erudite, witty, cultured – a true national treasure. Though some of his more traditional fans might have slightly raised an eyebrow when the 57-year-old Fry got married to a man 30 years younger than himself.

But Stephen Fry is not just a skilled TV performer and highly successful writer. […]