July 2010
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Great victory in Afghanistan

Breathless BBC reporters are telling us that our troops have achieved a great victory in Afghanistan by occupying a few compounds long since abandonned by Afghan freedom fighters.

This pointless war has lasted longer than two world wars; we have achieved nothing; the people killing our soldiers are ordinary Afghans resisting our occupation of their […]

Cameron betrays us all (again)

While Cameron was grovelling to the Turks today, there’s one thing he didn’t explain. If Turkey joins the EU, how are our councils, schools, hospitals and benefits system going to cope with one to two million Turks who suddenly turn up in Britain demanding their human rights to a home, medical care, social security and […]

Seb Coe gets gold!!!

With just two years till the 2012 London Olympics fiasco, the well-paid olympocrats have been preening themselves on TV as they squander our billions on their brilliant get-rich-quick scheme.

Seb Coe and his mates will probably emerge multi-millionaires leaving the rest of us with a £12 billion headache. If flakey George Osborne wants to cut […]

1,000 more soldiers to die unnecessarily?

If our troops actually leave Afghanistan by 2014, with current casualty rates we can expect another 500 to 1,000 more bodies of British troops to be shipped home and another 2,000 to 3,000 soldiers to be maimed for life.

Is this really a price worth paying to keep an unelected, corrupt puppet government in place? […]

Baronet Osborne squanders our money

You might have that that Baronet Osborne was going to cut public spending. Instead he’s been increasing it. We seem to be getting about one new expensive quango a week (we had the Office for Budget Responsibility and now we have the Office for Tax Simplification) plus he’s decided to let all his senior civil […]

Drop dead, soldier

Another day, another utterly pointless British death in Afghanistan. Why are our best young people being slaughtered to support a corrupt, non-elected, drug-dealing puppet government? Why are billions of pounds of our money being handed over to corrupt Afghan officials? Why don’t our leaders give a damn about the loss of British lives?

Because 90% […]

Which lying Miliband scumbag will lead Labour?

When Brown was PM, the Milibands had their heads thrust as far as possible up Gordon Brown’s anus in order to further their own careers. Now Brown is toast, the lying, self-serving Milibands are desperately trying to distance themselves from the catastrophic Brown government.

One of these two third-rate, self-serving, lying scumbags is likely to […]

Don’t get ripped off by Legal & General

Last year I started saving for a pension with Legal & General. Now I’ve found out the salesman’s promises seem to have been a bunch of lies. I tried to complain to Legal & General, but they deny everything as they siphon off my money to put in their executives’ bank accounts.

Avoid Legal & […]

No talent required

Just seen an ad in my local newspaper. A new ITV Friday evening programme is looking for people to take part. The ad specifies in bold type “No talent required”. That pretty much tells us all we need to know about today’s x-factor obsessed, Simon-Cowellised culture where everyone wants to be famous and get money […]

Who is more repulsive? Moat or Mandelscum?

The media are bleating about people supporting Raol Moat. Moat may have been a repulsive person. But is he any more repulsive than our cheating, lying MPs who steal our money and allowed Blair and Mandelscum to send young soldiers to be killed in Afghanistan trying to prop up a corrupt, drug-dealing puppet government? Is […]