July 2018

Tough sh*t Sajid Javid, my latest book “THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON” and Cressida D*ck

(Blog for week from 30th July to 5th August)

Tough sh*t Sajid Javid

Wonderful news – British justice has actually been done and Tommy Robinson has been freed. Moreover, the Court of Appeal found that:

* Tommy should not have been put on trial that same day * Tommy’s lawyer did not have proper time […]

The great political heavyweight – Gary Lineker – educates us unwashed plebs

(weekend blog)

It’s been a busy week for our betters telling us that we made a terrible mistake by voting to leave the EU. There was some bald, wigwearing botty-botherer (is “botty-botherer” politically correct?) popstar, someone else famous (I forget who) and then that great political heavyweight and crisp advertiser – Gary Lineker.

Here’s a […]

Here come the scientists, engineers, doctors and computer programmers who will save ageing Europe

(Friday blog)

Once again, I have to turn to Russian TV to find out what’s really happening in the world. After all, who believes any of the BBC and C4 News progressive, leftist, hug-a-rapefugee, hate-western-civilisation propaganda?

As you probably know, Spain has a newish socialist government. Displaying the expected virtue-signalling stupidity that goes with socialism, […]

Toronto – the clash between truth and political correctness?

(Thursday blog)

Truth? Oh dear. The truth is beginning to seep out about the murdering Toronto shooter, Faisal Hussain. First, perhaps surprisingly none of his neighbours knew that he had the supposed “psychological problems” his family now claim had plagued him all his life and neighbours described him as a generally “happy” person; second, he […]

Let’s blame those pesky “psychological problems” yet again and again and again and………..

(Wednesday blog)


Now we know the name of the Toronto shooter who killed a girl and a woman and injured a lot more innocent people. He’s called Faisal Hussain. I wonder what religion Faisal Hussain comes from. I don’t know. Do you? Perhaps his family have been Canadian protestants for ten to twenty generations?


What do same-sex marriages and smart meters have in common? Bet you can’t guess!

(Sunday/Monday/Tuesday blog)

I’ll leave this blog up for a couple of days as it’s quite important because it proves yet again how the ruling elites and the sycophantic mainstream media constantly lie to us. (Apologies for the blog being so long but I needed to prove what I was claiming)

Same-sex marriages (SSMs)

You might […]

Possibly saving money on Amazon and are 500,000 South Koreans really white racists?

(weekend blog)

Two different bits this weekend:

1. How to possibly save money on Amazon?

Hopefully readers know that if you go on a flights, holidays or train tickets website, check the price of travel on a particular date and then don’t buy – the next time you visit that website for the same trip, […]

Fight crime? No, our police have better things to do with their time

(Friday blog)

Another year, another set of crime statistics and another 12 months of rapidly rising crime. Overall crime has gone up from 5,864,000 offences in 2016/7 to 6,087,000 in 2017/8. We now have over 16,000 crimes every single day. And one of the areas with the greatest increase has been violent crime, especially knife […]

Immigration – from begging to dominance in 3 easy steps?

(Thursday blog)

Why are some people so worried about uncontrolled Third-World immigration? Our rulers and the likes of the BBC and C4 News would have us believe that it’s because opponents of uncontrolled Third World immigration are racist, fascist, Izlumophobic, white supremacist mini-Hitlers.

It would never occur to the holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, well-protected ruling elites and […]

The Remoaners strike back

(Wednesday blog)

The Remoaners have a wonderful new plan

As you’ll all know, the Remoaners want a new vote on leaving/staying in the EU. The first deceit the Remoaners are using is to call this second referendum a “People’s Vote”. But we already had a people’s vote in which around 34 million people voted. But […]