March 2023
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It’s difficult to know whether to laugh or cry at Dementia Joe’s latest meltdown

The readers’ comments on this latest proof of Dementia Joe’s rapidly worsening senility are great:

No doubt the mainstream media will continue to cover up Dementia Joe’s mental collapse.

Shucks, can anyone remind me when Christmas is?

(last blog before Christmas)

I’m not a believer

First a small point – I do not believe the Government statisticians and supposed health experts’ claims that in most UK larger towns and cities, one in every hundred people is infected with Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague. I simply don’t believe that, if you walk down a […]

My mother had dementia – so I wouldn’t vote for her to be US president

(weekend blog)

Free speech anyone? Not at Yahoo!

First just a quick comment some readers might find mildly relevant in today’s woke, fascist, free-speech-hating, social-media-mob times.

I use a US company called Yahoo for my email. I don’t know why I picked Yahoo. I think someone set it up for me years ago.

When one […]

Beware the bleating of the care home multi-millionaires

(Friday blog)

Quite rightly, most of us have been impressed at how many front-line NHS workers are risking their lives working with Covid-19 Chinese plague victims, often in difficult conditions and often with insufficient personal protective equipment (PPE). And at least 20 NHS workers have lost their lives to the Chinese plague which accidentally leaked […]

Fired from a sh*t job?

(Wednesday blog)

My apologies for not writing anything sensible for a few days. But a family situation has arisen which readers might find interesting.

My current wife works at a care home for residents with severe dementia and has been summoned to a disciplinary hearing which will probably result in her being fired. Here is […]

Should you force-feed granny? Or just let her starve to death?

One of my close relatives recently died a few weeks after suffering a serious stroke which left her partially paralysed and unable to speak or communicate in any way.

This made me aware of a pretty ghastly moral dilemma facing many families. If you Google “elderly dying of starvation” you’ll find that it is increasingly […]

Could you afford £60,000 a year for care?

Every year about 46,000 people have strokes in Britain. About 22% of these stroke victims will require 24-hour care for the rest of their lives. That’s 10,120 more people requiring 24-hour care every year.

If these 10,120 people with severe complications after their stroke have any assets – some savings, a home, a few shares […]

I hope you all die of cancer!!!!!!!!

(Well, that’s some headline!)

I’ve spent much of the last two days in a hospital ward for severe stroke victims trying to communicate with something that was once my mother but now was unable to walk, unable to speak (apart from incomprehensible moaning) and no longer recognised either me or my sister.

It’s quite […]

Ah, the joys of dementia

I don’t know the average age of my dwindling band of readers. But I suspect many will have a relative who has or will soon get some degree of dementia.

If so, here are just a few of the delights they can look forward to:

Grasping Granny Syndrome

I’ve written before about what I’ve named […]