January 2015

One reason Arabs loathe Israel and the West

I recently read this explanation of one reason Arabs loathe Israel and the West. It’s written by a Lebanese Arab woman, so she probably knows slightly more about the Arab mentality than people like *sl*mo-Dave Cameron and politically-correct BBC and Channel 4 supposed ‘reporters’ (Jon Snow and Cathy Newman, for example?):

“I believe the degraded […]

Silly Greeks! They borrowed almost as much as…………as the stupid Brits

You’re probably aware of the heat and noise in the Eurozone since the Greeks elected a government that would rather not pay back most of the money the Greeks have borrowed and spent in the 11 years since the euro was launched. So, let’s quickly review the facts:

1. The euro was a political project […]

The only British journalist who dares criticise the Religion of Peace?

I normally like to write my own blogs. But this piece by Rod Liddle in the Spectator is so good that I thought I’d use today’s blog to recommend it:

Rod Liddle may be the only journalist in Britain with the courage to question the glorious Religion of Tolerance and Peace.

And here, for […]

NHS’s great new idea to get rid of expensive old people

You’ve probably all heard the official politically-correct narrative:

1. The NHS is in crisis.

2. The NHS needs more money.

3. The reason the NHS is in crisis and needs more money is that there are too many old people requiring expensive treatments.

There are a few things this oft-repeated narrative doesn’t mention:

1. In […]

Let us give thanks to the generous people of Sri Lanka

Let us give thanks to the good people of Sri Lanka for the extraordinary generosity they have shown to their leaders. It has just been revealed that the former president Mahinda Rajapaska is estimated to have stolen about $5bn in just 9 years in power. That’s about $550m a year or $10m a week. No […]

Papa John’s ‘cycling’ holiday

As it’s the weekend, I’ll lighten up a bit.

A few years ago I had a typical ‘mid-life crisis’ and did all sorts of uncharacteristically strenuous things like going up Kilimanjaro, trekking in the Himalayas, scuba diving and going on weeks-long, bum-achingly tedious cycling holidays.

The Himalayas trek was a bit of a disaster. There […]

Want to be a published writer? It’s never been easier

Until about five years ago, there were two main routes to becoming a published writer:

1. Literary agent and publisher – you sent your masterpiece to every publisher you could think of and most chucked it on the ‘slush pile’ and then into the bin without even looking at it on the principle that if […]

Of course *sl*m is a thousand million percent compatible with British values

I get really really frustrated and angry when I hear waaaacccciiiissssttts and narrow-minded bigots claim “*sl*m is not compatible with British values”. It really really makes me cross.

I believe it makes our great leader, *sl*mo-Dave Cameron, very very cross too. So he has to keep telling us that “*sl*m’s values are British values”.

So, […]

“First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday”

First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday (After Saturday Comes Sunday) (Arabic: min sallaf es-sabt lāqā el-ḥadd qiddāmūh‎), lit, ‘When Saturday is gone, one will find Sunday’, is a popular Arab expression. It has been documented in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, in the form: sállẹf ẹs-sábt bẹtlâqi l-ḥádd qẹddâmẹk

What it means, first we will […]

Is my dog *sl*mophobic?

As British M*sl*ms react with the usual foam-flecked fury to a very reasonable and moderate letter sent to British mosques by government ministers Eric Pickles and Lord Ahmed asking imams to do more to counter extremism in their communities, I gave my cross-breed mutt a simple test. I gave him two words – “Democracy” and […]