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Fraudulent climate alarmist fraudsters’ frauds exposed

(Monday blog)

Oppressive Times Censorship?

I subscribe to the Times online. That allows me to read the articles and comments and to comment myself. I know commenting on the Times website on Brexit is a waste of time as probably over 90% of Times readers are UK-hating, progressive, rapefugee-hugging, virtue-signalling, europhiliacs desperate to sell out their country to Germany’s Fourth Reich – the German-controlled EU. So I don’t comment on any Brexit articles any more.

However, on Saturday there was an article about parents protesting over schools trying to indoctrinate their children with hours of LBGTQ++++ nonsense. Obviously I’m too stupid to understand today’s ‘education’ system. I had always thought that it was the job of schools to teach academic subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Physics, History, Languages etc. And that it was the job of parents to teach their children about things like relationships, how to function in society and other life skills. So, I wrote the following comment on the Times website:

“I had always thought that it was the job of schools to teach academic subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Literature etc and that it was the job of parents to teach their children about relationships. Clearly I have failed to understand the purpose of education in modern Britain”

It wasn’t long before someone complained about my comment being supposedly ‘offensive’ and it was taken down by the moderators for supposedly breaking the Times’s ‘Community Guidelines’. I obviously don’t know who complained. But I suspect it was some sh*t-for-brains, indoctrinating, Corbyn-adoring, lefty teacher aghast that someone had actually dared criticise their profession.

Wtf is happening when a comment like the one I made is considered so ‘offensive’ that it has to be deleted so nobody can see it? The Times moderators should hang their heads in shame.

Fraudulent climate fraudsters’ frauds exposed

I don’t mean to just be an outlet for Tony Heller videos about climate. But I think his latest one may be one of his best. In it he exposes how climate alarmists deliberately fiddle the figures to supposedly ‘prove’ the Earth is getting warmer, ice caps are melting and seas are rising at historically unprecedented levels.

He does this using simple x-axis and y-axis graphs that most people who have stayed at school to 18 years old should be able to understand. This then begs the question – why do today’s teachers preach the Global Climate Breakdown religion when it’s not supported by the facts? I presume some teachers are too stupid to understand simple x-axis and y-axis graphs. Others are probably too brainwashed to be open to any opinions that contradict their most precious beliefs. But I suspect the majority are too afraid of losing their jobs should they dare to be seen to blaspheme against the ludicrous Greeny climate breakdown cult.

What a sad state of affairs.

Anyway, here’s Tony Heller:

7 comments to Fraudulent climate alarmist fraudsters’ frauds exposed

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t know why you bother with The Times. I gave up with it a few years ago. The readers’ views were often more interesting than the articles, but then they became entirely predictable in the run-up to the EU referendum. Replies to comments on any issue started to get offensive about the person. I sometimes complained about comments not related to me but never checked on actions. My favourite topic being climate change resulted in many offensive remarks from a particular reader, who had nothing to say about the issue. It was just the same with a few other readers who understood the science. I started to complain but nothing happened so I cancelled the subscription. The result was a very long conversation trying to persuade me not to but they had nothing to say about why they allowed offensive comments.

    Now it looks like censorship of views that do not agree with The Times. I had the same recently on a climate blog. Comments do not appear. Apparently it is just the same in publishing where the IPCC and its cronies seem to control a lot of publishing. Previously respected magazines no longer give balanced views. The science is settled.

    I saw a climate video recently with various professors making short comments. One said that if climate science was wrong that planes would not fly. It seems it is not the wing design giving uplift, it is greenhouse gases that keep planes in the air. I was rather shocked at a comment by Brian Cox, a supporter of global warming, on his recent Planets series. He was in a glider and said it was flying because of convection currents cooling the surface. Not radiation then!

    On the subject of education, the Labour Party wants to bring private schools into the state system. This is theft of property belong to charities. There are no shareholders they can compensate. But they argue that taxpayers are supporting them because there is no VAT. They ignore that UK parents are paying tax to use the state schools and all the income from foreign students.

    Muslims are often a topic, but in China they are being persecuted and I suspect many have lost their lives. The human race seems to be going completely insane.

  • Stillreading

    Congratulations to Tony Heller for his analysis of how the entire population of the free world, including most crucially its young, is being made victim of a massive con trick. Some of us already know it – you have after all only to study history to know that climate always has been and always will be variable and that it’s all happened before. We haven’t though been quite sure how so many people have apparently been so successfully and so unquestioningly mislead. Illuminating actually to see the way in which data is being manipulated to achieve a desired result. As for education, how much easier it is to “put one over”, particularly perhaps one as gigantic as “man-made climate change” on an abysmally ignorant cohort, obsessed with LGBTG and the rest of the nonsense, than it would be on population sufficiently scientifically informed to refute or at least question what they are being told. It will all end badly though. When the modern equivalent of Bread and Circuses – mobile phones, electricity 24/7 and all that it powers, foreign holidays, personal transport, above all freedom of speech and action – have been taken, in the name of “saving the planet”, from all but the most privileged, the populace, those very same young currently conducting their infantile demos, will wake up, realise what they’ve wilfully thrown away, and the real trouble with kick off.

  • leila

    It is ironic that, according to Catherine Austin Fitts, the focus on LGBTG is so that the humanoid robots of the future factories will be sexless to avoid tax being levied at a human male /female rate! This is all preparation.

  • A Thorpe

    @Stillreading It is my belief that we are looking at the slow spread of cultural Marxism. This has been Marxist policy since the Russian revolution failed to spread to Europe. It is worth looking up the Frankfurt School which set out objectives for disrupting civilized society; sex and gender are only a part of their agenda. Here is a link to an article
    They were based at Frankfurt university and were going to call themselves the Institute for Marxist Studies (perhaps not quite the exact phrase) but realised it was not a good idea and so went for Social Studies. Hitler kicked them because they were all Jews and so they went to Columbia University to continue with their disruptive policies, hiding behind cultural issues. They first used the phrase Political Correctness. As well as cultural issues they are connected with environmental campaigns and I believe that Maurice Strong who set up the IPCC was part of their group.

    They have adopted this approach because they realised that economic Marxism would not succeed in the West because capitalism gave us a good life. They used the young to promote their agenda and this link refers to Herbert Marcuse, a member of the Frankfurt School, who encouraged youth protests over the Vietnam War. The link refers to their indoctrination of children.

    They probably cannot believe how their agenda is working out. Now most governments have protests on their hands and the do not like unrest. Governments have also fallen for the climate change fraud. All governments want to increase the size of their states since this gives them a stronger power base, especially when their is public support for action. The governments do not care what it is, provided it gives them power. The Marxists want to see increased state dependence and all they have to do is infiltrate other parties and wait until they are in a position to seize power and create a socialist dictatorship. It cannot be far away. The tipping point has been reached.

  • Paul

    Used to like commenting on telegraph articles back in the day. Again as A Thorpe stated the readers comments were much more interesting than the bland articles, often giving links to alt sources of info.

    Coincidently they made it subscription only just before the 2016 referendum. Its rather obvious that theres a campaign to limit/ restrict opinions from the “right”.

  • Philip

    Years back I was told by an editor of a newspaper that not only do they write the editorial but also the comments and the reply to the comments. He said he was once caught out by doing this. David, it would not surprise me that the ‘offended person’ to your comment was none other than the writer of the article. Sometimes you can see this is the prose.

  • A Thorpe

    Here is a link to a recent letter sent to the UN.and signed by 500 scientists

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