August 2015

Lindsey (IMHO) “Liar” Hilsum blames us rather than *sl*m

(Bank holiday weekend blog) Here’s a link to a Channel 4 report by Lindsey Hilsum on the abandoned lorry full of dead refugees found in Austria.

You don’t need to watch it. They key bit is Lindsey Hilsum describing the death of these seventy or so migrants as “the consequence of European governments’ failure […]

“Uncontrolled migration is part of the plan to destroy the nation state”

Looking at my headline today, you might think I am a crazed conspiracy theorist or a frothing Little Englander. But the person who revealed that our rulers’ plans are to use migration to wipe out individual countries’ identities isn’t some raving xenophobe. He’s actually someone at the heart of the ruling establishment – Peter Sutherland, […]

It must be hell living in a crowded country like India! Or China! Or England!

Today’s blog follows on from yesterday’s about population density.

As the migrant swarm swarms in our direction, the professional hand-wringers and preachy, more-pious-than-thou opinion leaders are squawking and bleating about how Britain has a ‘moral responsibility’ to accept thousands upon thousands of migrants (most of whom hate us and will do all they can to […]

I’ve solved the migrants problem! Thanks for the idea Mrs Merkel!

Our rulers – Jackbooted Mrs Merkel and her poodle Hollande – have demanded that all European countries take their “fair share” of the (mainly M*sl*m) migrant hordes over-running Europe’s apparently unguarded borders.

But how do you decide what a “fair share” is? Merkel and her lapdog will probably try to link the number of migrants […]

History teaches us that most supremacists become mass murderers

The key word in understanding the Religion of Peace is “supremacist”.

Supremacism is defined as “the worldview that a particular age, race, species, ethnic group, religion, social class, belief system or culture is superior to other variations of that trait, and entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control, or exploit those who do […]

The “Great Rescue” – just the latest BBC lie?

It seems that the BBC has become so politically correct that if you want to know the truth about any major story, you have to take the opposite position to that promulgated by our once great national broadcaster

Israel and the Palestinians

The longest running BBC lie is probably the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. For decades the […]

A Sikh’s view of the world’s most wonderful religion

Thanks to a reader who sent me the comment below which was written in response to a national newspaper article about the latest M*sl*m attack on a French high-speed train. It’s apparently written by a Sikh giving his/her view on the religion that our leaders are terrified of criticising. I found the comment quite coherent […]

A swarm? A deluge? Of wonderful people? Or human effluent?

The politically-correct were up in arms a couple of weeks ago when Dopey Dave described over a million immigrants swarming into Europe as a ‘swarm’. And, of course, rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins was lambasted when she referred to the migrants as ‘cockroaches’.

As for the constant claims of the BBC and the preachy, […]

Possibly the most heart-warming story of the week?

Here’s a link to a story that appeared in a Moroccan newspaper:

Apparently 16 of our friends from ISIL have become infected with AIDS. A couple of them caught AIDS after sex with two Moroccan women who carried the disease. They then raped a few Yazidi girls giving them the disease and it was […]

150 innocent people murdered!!!! Hey, who cares? They were only Christians!

A couple of weeks ago, some Jewish extremists set fire to a Palestinian home killing a father and baby. There was international outrage and calls for the Israeli Government to be prosecuted for ‘crimes against humanity’. And what about the furious media outcry last year when an American vigilante got into a fight with a […]