February 2013

Is there any intelligent life in Eastleigh?

Today the voters in Eastleigh have an historic opportunity to stick two fingers up at the liars, thieves and incompetents from the three main parties by voting for UKIP. Eastleigh voters can show they’re tired of politicians’ constant lies, tired of uncontrolled mass immigration, tired of pouring billions a year into the coffers of the […]

These zombies are killing the British economy

As Coalition politicians bleat on about the need to “rebalance the British economy” and grow manufacturing exports, they forget one thing – we hardly have any manufacturing any more. Manufacturing only makes up about 10% of GDP. So even if there was an improbable 20% increase in manufacturing exports, this would increase GDP by just […]

Those Muslims really know how to treat a lady

I saw a sight yesterday that would gladden the hearts of Britain’s multiculturalists – those who believe that Britain’s immigrant communities should keep their own traditions rather than conforming to a more British way of behaving.

Two young (mid 20s) Muslim men were walking along with their wives/partners/girlfriends. An argument broke out between one of […]

Al-BBC TV guide in 30-40 years?

As uncontrolled immigration and higher birth rates put Muslims into the majority in ever more British cities and institutions, one Internet user has imagined what an Al-BBC TV schedule will look like in 30 years time. Muslim Television Guide (formerly known as the BBC, ITV, CH4) circa 2050.

I found this slightly amusing, I have […]

Let us give thanks to Alistair Buchanan – he’s also helping cut public spending by getting rid of useless old people

Yesterday I pointed out the debt of gratitude we all owe Sir David Nicholson for his efforts to cut public spending by getting rid of useless old people in his filthy, faeces-festooned hospital wards. But there is another man who has also done much to cut public spending by culling the numbers of costly doddery […]

Britain has too many useless old people. Sir David Nicholson, your country needs you!

We all know its true – Britain’s population of elderly keeps on growing. I realise that most of these people have worked and paid taxes and NI all their lives and so expect a reasonable pension and some decent medical care in their twilight years. But the fact is, we can’t afford it. Our EU […]

“Herro sexy man – me like you”

Today I’ll take a break from recession-wracked, immigration-swamped, bankrupt Britain and instead travel to a growing, successful country – Thailand. Thailand is part of an Asian free trade area – an Asian common market – but without the massive corrupt, kleptocratic, power-grabbing, self-serving bureaucracy we have in the EU. In fact, countries in the Asian […]

Basket-case joke of a country Venezuela devalues by 32% – oops, basket-case joke of a country Britain devalues by 40%

A couple of weeks ago, British journalists reported, probably with a slight frisson of schadenfreude, that the basket-case joke of a country Venezuela had devalued the bolivar by 32% to try to improve its collapsing economy. We probably all know what happened to Venezuela – a potentially rich, oil-exporting country voted in a bunch of […]

The Sunday Times knew all about the NHS scandal 7 years ago, but did nothing

Last week (10 February) the Sunday Times was at its crusading best expressing outrage at the scandal of poor care in NHS hospitals and giving all sorts of suggestions, mostly ill-informed and fatuous, for improving our hospitals.

There was a full-page article by their health correspondent called, funnily enough, “Who Cares?” Columnist Jenni Russell wrote […]

Soon we’ll have to save £75,000 a year to get the same pension as our MPs

Most people will know that the ludicrously named Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) has just spent £80,000 of our money doing a survey of MPs asking them how much they thought they should be paid. Unsurprisingly a huge majority suggested raising their salaries to somewhere around £87,000 to £90,000 a year. But while moaning about […]