July 2017
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We shit on your laws! We shit on your police! We shit on you!

As the hordes of ignorant, intolerant, deeply criminal, unemployable invaders from Africa and Arabistan keep being “rescued” (given a free luxury ferry service to Europe) in their tens of thousands every week, here’s short video from one of those who have have been welcomed to Europe by the hug-a-rapemigrant libtards to enrich Western Europe’s culture […]

Of course the Swedes have a sense of humour

You probably always thought of the Swedes being a rather healthy but humourless bunch.

But this Swedish Government website (see link below) shows that the Swedes, well at least the Swedish Government, have an incredibly subtle sense of humour.

We all know that Sweden is being swamped by a flood of violent, ignorant, intolerant, Third-World […]

Do you “clooney”? Are you “a clooney?”

(Weekend blog for the 0.15% of readers who have shown some support by buying my latest book and for the 99.85% of readers who are too tight-fisted to pay just a few quid in support of my work)

This weekend I’d like to add a couple of new words to the English language. One is […]

Grenfell Tower – will the truth ever survive the politics?

(Given the level of hysteria and the deluge of false claims and lies surrounding the Grenfell Tower disaster, Friday’s blog will be longer than usual. And I may also leave it up both for Friday and for the weekend because I believe it’s important for the true facts to be revealed and the politicians’ and […]

Wild Bill for America and Canadistan’s fascist police

(Why oh why, does my website only attract the tight-fisted who absolutely refuse to buy my books to show any support for the work I do and the money I spend running the blog? I suppose all the normal people are reading Breitbart)

First, three pieces of good news from America.

Most readers will know […]

Get Trump! Destroy Trump! They’re going to impeach, but are still trying to find a crime!

One of the most alarming attacks on democracy at the moment is happening not in North Korea, not in South Africa and not even in Zimbabwe. They’re all hopeless, worthless basket-cases anyway.

This attack on democracy is happening here in the West, in the USA.

When Trump was elected, the lefty, libtardish Clintonistas couldn’t believe […]

Grenfell Tower and will Corbyn be Prime Minister within a year?

(Weekend blog) In this blog I’d like to explain why I’m thinking of betting all of the £5 to £6, I’ve earned from pitifully and embarrassingly few readers being willing to buy my latest book (Forget the Foreplay), on Jeremy Corbyn being the UK’s Prime Minister within a year.

Here are the main pieces of […]

You won’t believe how stupid most libtards are

The stupidity of lefty libtards

I imagine many people reading this and better websites (breitbart, thereligionofpeace etc) are reasonably sensible. So they probably can’t imagine the extent of the stupidity of the ever-outraged, ever-complaining, ever-twitterstorming lefty libtards who hate the West and are working to destroy Western civilisation.

So, I thought I’d help. Here’s […]

Cowardly Britain commits suicide

There’s really not much to say is there?

Britain has voted – for its own destruction:

Last year Britain had the courage to defy the globalist elites by voting for independence. That courage has now evaporated. Yesterday Britain voted for:

more immigration no control over our borders staying in the undemocratic corrupt, […]

Are Britain’s “poor” really poor?

(Weekend blog – I’m afraid this one may be ‘politically incorrect) Since 2010, the amount of British taxpayers’ money ladled out in welfare to the supposed “deserving poor” has risen from £111bn a year in 2010 to £113bn in 2016. It is expected to remain at around £113bn this year.

This is extraordinary. Why? Because […]