March 2017
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Our leaders and Izlum’s leaders want the same thing. Yippeeee!

I was struck by a few small things this week:

1. A curious symmetry

There seems to be a curious symmetry between what our leaders and their brain-dead, virtue-signalling libtard supporters want and what the leaders of the Religion of Tolerance, Hatred, Rape and Peace want.

Western leaders feel shame and guilt for having had […]

“Seventeen years old?” Pull the other one!!!

Here’s a picture of an article from a German newspaper. According to the caption, it features a supposedly “17-year-old” Afghan child refugee called Ahmad Shah Hussein phoning his mum back in Afghanistan. How touching. See, these child refugees really need our help.

Hold on a minute! How stupid do the journalists and politicians think we […]

This one is for the feminazis

Hello feminazis.

I’d like to wish you all a very merry International Women’s Day.

How are you today? Still furious that Crooked Hilary Clinton lost? Still trying to overturn the vote of the American people?

Do you think you might have a moment free from your pathetic protests against the elected US President Donald Trump?


“You want to sit next to the fat lady?”

Today I thought I’d take a brief break from writing about Western civilisation’s crazy suicide and instead recount a boring little story of how people’s obsession with being politically-correct actually helped me.

At the weekend, I took a long-haul flight from an Asian country (the land of the RFFMs, since you asked) back to Londonistan […]

Police visit my home to ‘interview’ me about my blog

(Weekend blog) Two short pieces today

1. Police try to ‘interview’ me about my blog

Apparently two members of our brave constabulary tried to visit me in my home recently to ‘interview’ me about something I had written in a blog a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, I was abroad at the time and so […]

Trump is right about media bias

Did you hear about the M*sl*m immigrant who cut off the heads of two Christians in New Jersey? Didn’t think so. The story didn’t make it past the local New York/New Jersey media, which is President Donald Trump’s point about all the M*sl*m terrorist attacks that don’t get national media attention.

Yusuf Ibrahim (above), […]

“When I’m punching Nazis”

Giving myself the day off today.

But here’s a reasonably good new video by the person(s) who brought you the utterly brilliant YouTube video “Join Islam”


Can you ever talk sense to a libtard woman?

Feel sorry for the guy in this short video.

He tries to talk sense to some crazy woman protesting against Trump.

Hey, Big Joe, you did your best. But some things are just impossible – like talking sense to a libtard, ‘Hilary-really-won’, raging, ‘M*sl*ms-are-good’, ‘all-white-men-are-rapists’, ranting modern American woman.

Fortunately, Big Joe is self-evidently NOT […]

Ladies, you can’t really be that stupid, can you?

I have always had the greatest respect for women. Most I have known (sadly there haven’t been that many) have been more talented, more intelligent and much more successful in life than me. But over the last few days, either millions of females have taken leave of their senses or else they are desperate to […]

What really terrifies the snowflake libtards? Success!

The holier-than-thou, self-righteous, we-know-what’s-best-for-you libtard snowflakes are on the defensive.

The libtards thrive on things going wrong because that gives them the excuse to demand ever more government intervention and, of course, ever more government control.

Are your children lazy, obese lumps of flatulence? It’s not your fault, cry the libtards, it’s the evil food […]