February 2015
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Ministry of Defence falls for management consultancy bllx

The Ministry of Defence recently hired a Director of Transformation on about £160,000 a year. But what exactly does a Director of Transformation do? Well here’s a brief description of the MoD’s “Transformation Vision”

“My vision for 2016 [is one] in which users will have information capabilities that are tailored to their mission, location and […]

Britain’s military – defeated by top brass’s incompetence and greed?

I wanted to write about something else today. But as Dave tries to start a war with Russia while handing over our country to *sl*m, a reader sent me this comparison which I thought people might find interesting:

“With reference to your article today, viewing the Russian female figure skaters competing a few weeks […]

Putin gives EU ‘warriors’ a bloody nose for the second time

The EU’s attempted land-grab in the Ukraine isn’t going too well. First Putin annexed the Crimea and now the glorious Ukrainian army is retreating in disarray from the Russian-speaking Donetsk region. But as our great ruler, *sl*mo-Dave Cameron sends British troops to the Ukraine in the hope of starting a pre-election war with Russia, we […]

Fly with them? You’ve Garuda be joking!!!!

Some years ago, before I was blacklisted for writing two books (RIP-OFF! and PLUNDERING THE PUBLIC SECTOR) exposing stupidity, greed and waste in the management consultancy industry, I was sent to a Southeast Asian country to work on a project in the maintenance division of their national airline. I won’t give you the name of […]

“Greekenders” – dramatic new twists in Europe’s best-loved soap

As the EU’s favourite soap – Greekenders – was entering its fifth season, we wondered if the writers had run out of ideas.

Of course, we still had all our favourite characters – tough, tight-fisted housewife Mrs Merkel, miserable old sod Mr Schäuble, suntanned, crocodile-skinned fashionista Ms Lagarde and stylish, suave Italian lothario Mario Draghi:


Pity we can’t have “Japan’s lost decade” in Britain

One of the examples usually given by the supposed ‘experts’ of the dangers of deflation and economic stagnation is Japan. The economic pundits are forever talking and writing about “Japan’s lost decade”. But do the ‘experts’ really understand what has has actually happened in Japan over the last 10 years or so?

Here are a […]

Don’t believe the ‘experts’ – deflation is actually good for us!

For months, the business and economics sections of the serious newspapers, have been running ‘doom and gloom’ articles about deflation. “Deflation stalks Eurozone” and “UK risks falling into deflation” and “Oil price fall tips world into deflation” are typical of the headlines. In almost all cases, deflation is presented as something terrible which will harm […]

We should give thanks to Tower Hamlets, Rotherham and ISIL

(I’m leaving this post up for a second day as I believe this really is the “big issue” confronting us)

In 2001, there were about 1.6 million M*sl*ms in Britain. By 2011, this had shot up to 2.78 million. By 2014, at 3.2 million, there were twice as many M*sl*ms in Britain as there were […]

I don’t think most outsiders realise how bad things are in Greece

Greece: There are two sides to every argument:

1. Make them pay back the money they’ve borrowed and wasted

The Greeks are only victims of their own corruption, greed, stupidity, nepotism and economic mismanagement.

For decades the Greeks have been siphoning off EU money for crops that never existed, for roads that […]

China cracks down on its mad mullahs

While we in the West grovel every time some bearded lunatic from a primitive death cult masquerading as a religion makes demands on us to give up our traditions and freedoms, the Chinese don’t appear to be as politically correct as us.

There’s a story doing the rounds about a Chinese crackdown on the mad […]