June 2014

It really is the elderly who are bankrupting the NHS

This weekend there was, I thought, a disgraceful article in the Sunday Telegraph by a Tory trougher, MP Dr Sarah Wollaston, claiming that Britain’s ageing population will bankrupt the NHS. Of course, the good lady didn’t mention the arrival of 7 to 10 million immigrants in Britain since New Labour opened the floodgates in order […]

“A German racket designed to take over the whole of Europe”

In 1990, Tory Nicholas Ridley famously called European Monetary Union, ‘A German racket designed to take over the whole of Europe.” He then went on to say, “It has to be thwarted. This rushed take-over by the Germans on the worst possible basis, with the French behaving like poodles to the Germans, is absolutely intolerable.”


Would ‘three strikes and out’ help solve our crime epidemic?

Britain is in the grip of a crime tsunami. Every year there are at least 9,305,000 criminal offences committed. That’s 178,940 every single week:

That means every week 178,940 innocent people have their lives blighted by a crime. And these are just the crimes the police admit happened. As we all know, […]

Is Britain becoming a “Paradise for Parasites”?

Most societies build their wealth from people producing things either in industry, construction or agriculture. But as societies develop, an ever-increasing army of people – bureaucrats, advisers, accountants, administrators, lawyers, politicians, consultants, brokers etc – realise they can get money for themselves while creating little to nothing of any true value for that society.

These […]

Do you really expect to get a State Pension? Ha-ha-ha-ha!

The cost of paying out the State Pension is around £94bn a year now. When you include other benefits paid to pensioners, the total cost is £110bn a year. The cost of the State Pension and benefits paid to pensioners are expected to more than quadruple in the next 50 years (click to see more […]

The curse of QMV rears its ugly head – Jean-Claude Juncker

I have written before about an absolutely catastrophic (for Britain) change in the way votes are conducted in the EU Council of Ministers after November 2014

Although our politicians are very quiet about this massive change, in November 2014 a huge number of areas move away from unanimity (where any one country can veto […]

All I can do is dream

Here it is, the house I’ve been wanting to buy

But sadly I can’t quite afford it. After all, the paltry £1,200 or so a year I ‘earn’ from writing books just about covers my beer bill.

Now, if everyone reading my blog were to donate £200 each to my ‘buy me […]

Will Britain’s BOOBs ruin us all?

We’ve got NIMBYs, DINKs, MILs, SAHMs, RFFMs and many more acronyms to describe groups of people we may love or loathe. So let me invent another acronym to add to an already rich collection – BOOBs. BOOBs stands for Bungling Over-promoted Over-paid Buffoons.

The BOOB most recently in the news is, of course, England football […]

51 million refugees – who is to blame?

One of the big stories yesterday was that the number of ‘displaced persons’ in the world has hit a record of 51,200,000. As usual the whining, handwringing, over-paid, over-pensioned, job-for-life lefties at the BBC and similar news outlets spun the story as somehow being the fault of the developed West for not doing enough to […]

Education matters

This year I expect we’ll get the usual strikes by Britain’s teachers demanding more money, more pensions, more free time, more everything. But perhaps we should be paying our teachers by their results rather than by how much they shout and scream.

And their results aren’t too impressive. There’s a series of internationals tests – […]