August 2014

Scotland’s oil wealth – bluster, lies and a few facts

I have to confess I really enjoyed the sight of podgy, Toad look-alike Alex Salmond mauling the hapless Alistair Darling in the second Scottish independence debate last week. Particularly impressive was the way Salmond asked Darling questions and then answered them himself not even giving the bumbling Darling the chance to respond.

One of the […]

Britain’s bloated charities – I apologise, I was wrong – very wrong

Regular readers will know that I’m currently researching and writing a book attacking what I believe to be huge amounts of waste and greed within Britain’s bloated charity sector

Britain has over 195,289 registered charities. In my humble opinion, that’s at least 150,000 too many. These registered charities employ over one million people – […]

We’re cutting, ooops I mean increasing, the deficit

With MPs away on holiday for two months, we haven’t heard much recently from our podgy useless economically-illiterate, financially incontinent chancellor George Osborne about how he’s successfully saving our economy by cutting the deficit.

Just as well he’s away as Government financial statistics were released at the end of last week, showing that public sector […]

Soon the politically-correct will be punishing us for our thoughts

(Today’s blog is adapted from a newspaper website reader’s comment, which I found very powerful)

In recent months, we’ve seen broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson and some football manager or other hounded by the politically-correct for some comments they made that were supposedly “waaaaccccciiiisssstttt!!!!” And a couple of football commentators lost their jobs for remarks (“get them […]

How do you run a Third World hell-hole?

As our politicians make an even bigger mess of the Middle East and Africa, here are a couple of simple foreign-policy multiple-choice questions to make our rulers’ jobs a little easier:

Q.1 How do you run a Middle East country full of backward savages who all hate each other?

a) A strong dictator, preferably with […]

Oh dear, my book exposing Britain’s bloated charity industry bites the dust

Recently I’ve been researching and starting to write a book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL aimed at exposing the lies, greed and waste in Britain’s bloated 195,000-strong, 950,000-employee charity industry.

Now I’ve got my agent’s reader’s report on my book proposal – it’s not hugely complimentary:

“The sample material is rushed and under-researched, […]

Keep giving your money to the lucky, well-paid ‘Lords of Poverty’

As regular readers will know, I’ve started writing a new book, possibly called THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL exposing the massive waste of Britain’s almost unbelievably huge charity industry. I don’t yet know if any publisher will take the book or whether I’ll have to resort to something like crowdfunding to get the book out.

A politically-incorrect reaction to starvation in Africa

Oxfam were at it again. Yesterday evening they were appealing for more of our money to feed the good people of the Sudan where the population doubles about every 20 years:

So, here’s an extremely politically-incorrect article from the Irish Independent suggesting that constantly doubling the population of the poorest, most-infertile, most […]

Oh, sweet charity

Not every blog on this site can deal with big, important world events. But sometimes, looking at a seemingly small issue can expose much larger areas of concern.

Britain has 195,289 charities. In my humble opinion, that’s at least 150,000 too many.

In the Sunday Times yesterday, there was a worrying article “Legal highs set […]

The other truth about the ‘innocent’ children of Gaza

(My thanks to a reader for this)

We’ve all seen the tragic film and photos of wounded and dead Palestinian children – the kind of film and photos the Israel-loathing, Islamophiliac media like the BBC, ITV news and Channel 4 love to show. The kind that get people such as the (IMHO) loathsome, self-serving, holier-than-thou, […]