October 2013
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The “nobody has that much bad luck” lie detector

On my blog, I try to bring new information in the form of charts, graphs and pictures that readers may not have been aware of. And I try not to get lost in self-indulgent drivel or just repeating what others have written elsewhere. However, today after two days of grim blogs about the religion of […]

Welcome to hell

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, one historian wrote a book called “The End of History”. I haven’t read it, but believe that the premise was that once the possibility of conflict between the Soviet Union and the West disappeared, there wouldn’t be any major wars again. As the book’s blurb says: “With the […]

Perhaps Cameron should watch a few beheadings before deciding who are our friends and who are our enemies?

I have been hesitating before writing today’s blog. But I suppose someone has to write about the things the mainstream media choose to ignore.

A couple of weeks ago, there was the usual media-stoked outrage when it was revealed that Facebook was allowing people to post videos of beheadings. My knee-jerk reaction was to agree […]

Will Cameron’s “recovery for the rich” let Miliband win the next election?

This week the Tories have been having multiple orgasms because our GDP supposedly grew by 0.8% in the latest quarter. Cameron, Osborne and their chums hope this “good news” will carry them through to an election victory in 2015. But their intense delight at Britain’s supposed economic recovery has been rather spoilt by 8% to […]

Who really runs Britain?

As it’s the weekend, I thought I’d lighten up a bit from the usual doom and gloom and set a quiz that has no real answers. Below are some photos of (IMHO) rather unsavoury characters from the periods in office of two former, one current and one future prime minister. I was just wondering which […]

Criticising the EU is “dangerous” – will it soon become a criminal offence?

I’ve just read one of the most chilling articles I have ever seen. It was in the international (English language) version of the German magazine Der Spiegel. The headline was “Fanning The Flames of the Euro Crisis: Europe’s 10 Most Dangerous Politicians”. The article included a “rogues’ gallery” of Europe’s 10 supposedly “most dangerous politicians“.


Are all African leaders incompetent, corrupt and brutal? Yup, even Africans think so.

If you despair of the fact that idiot Cameron has just (in April 2013) increased our foreign aid by £2.6bn from £7.9bn a year to £10.5bn a year, then this story may make you weep. Apparently the world’s most valuable individual prize – the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Good Governance in Africa – has […]

Are Jonathon Porritt and the Greens honest? Or are they liars and/or fools?

Two days ago on my car radio I heard Jonathon Porritt being interviewed on World At One by a sycophantically grovelling and depressingly ill-informed BBC supposed “journalist” about the Government’s decision to build a new nuclear power station. Porritt is a supporter of the Green Party, was formerly Director of Friends of the Earth and […]

My wonderful new vice – tribute bands

Some readers have contacted me to say that some of my posts are so negative that readers lose the will to live. I apologise for this, but the purpose of this site is to expose the greed, stupidity, incompetence, lies and corruption of our rulers. So, it’s quite difficult to come up with positive stories. […]

Don’t believe the Government’s inflation lies

Our masters in Westminster claim that they have a target to bring inflation down to around 2%. But I’ve been flicking through the laughably-named Office for Budget Responsibility’s (OBR) 189-page Economic and Fiscal Outlook and found a very different story.

There are two main measures of inflation RPI (Retail Price Index) and CPI (Consumer Price […]