May 2016
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Hey, young people! Vote “Remain”! Vote for a life of unemployment!

(Monday/Tuesday blog) Most polls show that young people – aged 18 to 25 – are much more likely to vote to stay in the corrupt, undemocratic EU than those with a bit more experience of life.

But, young people, you need to understand that the more migrants that flood into Britain, the more competition there […]

Farage in full flow

(Weekend blog). I don’t normally recommend videos that are more than 3 minutes long. However this 15-minute speech Nigel Farage gave in Bolton this week is maybe worth watching.

Farage is great. Though his audience seem a bit slow on the uptake of his jokes:


Trump has Greenie Guardianistas pissing in their eco-friendly underpants

I loved this article from the Grauniad today. It reports from an energy conference in the USA where Donald Trump pledged to scrap the Paris ‘Climate Change’ deal and build a nice big pipeline to transport shale gas from Canada to the USA.

Reading it would have useless Greenie Guardianistas chortling in rage and pissing […]

Israel shot down the Egyptian passenger plane! You read it here first!

Here’s a prominent Egyptian commentator explaining that every Egyptian knows that the “filthy Zionist entity” (Israel) shot down the Egyptian plane that crashed a few days ago:

So, the crash had nothing to do with lousy maintenance by a bunch of incompetent, lazy, barely literate, mumbo-jumbo chanting idiots who never get any proper work […]

Brexit – the movie

Hopefully you all know about the new Brexit movie.

Here’s a 3-minute version;

And here’s the full version:

Austrians cave in to Brussels-backed M*sl*m invasion. Only Britain can liberate Europe

Oh dear. A patriotic Austrian who wants to protect his country’s civilisation from the invading *sl*mic hordes is narrowly beaten in a presidential election by a candidate who wants to obliterate Austria as a country, hand over sovereignty to the corrupt, wasteful, unelected Eurocrats and flood his country with Third-World detritus.

In September 1683, at […]

Blackmailed by Erdogan the goatbusting Turk

One hot issue in the EU referendum campaign is whether Turkey will be allowed to join the EU thus giving 76 million mostly impoverished, M*sl*m Turks the freedom to live and claim generous benefits anywhere in the EU.

So, where will the Ottoman millions head for? Bulgaria? Probably not. Latvia? Again, probably not. Anyone got […]

Erdogan and the goat – more sublime poetry (illustrated)

(weekend blog) Yesterday I graced you with a little limerick I had written about Turkish President Erdogan’s amorous adventures with a goat:

Let’s all insult Erdogan the Turk Who is a totalitarian jerk He f*cked a goat Vagina, anus and throat That Turk’s a nasty piece of work

A reader then sent me a few […]

Erdogan the ‘goat-molesting’ Turk

As you may know, the (IMHO) increasingly Islamo-fascist, corrupt, idiotic ruler of Turkey, Abdul (or something like that) Erdogan, has demanded that a German comedian be prosecuted for suggesting he had an amorous encounter with a goat. Desperately trying to stop the flood of refugees from Turkey, Hitler’s daughter Merkel ignored the comedian’s human right […]

Is the German government encouraging migrants to rape German girls?

Here from an on-line sex manual for migrants produced by the German Government are some helpful explanations to teach migrants how to have sex in Germany.

Once you’ve clicked on a few of the links below, please ask yourself the question: Are the millions of migrants from the Religion of Rape, currently invading Germany, more […]