May 2016

Hey, young people! Vote “Remain”! Vote for a life of unemployment!

(Monday/Tuesday blog) Most polls show that young people – aged 18 to 25 – are much more likely to vote to stay in the corrupt, undemocratic EU than those with a bit more experience of life.

But, young people, you need to understand that the more migrants that flood into Britain, the more competition there […]

Farage in full flow

(Weekend blog). I don’t normally recommend videos that are more than 3 minutes long. However this 15-minute speech Nigel Farage gave in Bolton this week is maybe worth watching.

Farage is great. Though his audience seem a bit slow on the uptake of his jokes:


Trump has Greenie Guardianistas pissing in their eco-friendly underpants

I loved this article from the Grauniad today. It reports from an energy conference in the USA where Donald Trump pledged to scrap the Paris ‘Climate Change’ deal and build a nice big pipeline to transport shale gas from Canada to the USA.

Reading it would have useless Greenie Guardianistas chortling in rage and pissing […]

Israel shot down the Egyptian passenger plane! You read it here first!

Here’s a prominent Egyptian commentator explaining that every Egyptian knows that the “filthy Zionist entity” (Israel) shot down the Egyptian plane that crashed a few days ago:

So, the crash had nothing to do with lousy maintenance by a bunch of incompetent, lazy, barely literate, mumbo-jumbo chanting idiots who never get any proper work […]

Brexit – the movie

Hopefully you all know about the new Brexit movie.

Here’s a 3-minute version;

And here’s the full version:

Austrians cave in to Brussels-backed M*sl*m invasion. Only Britain can liberate Europe

Oh dear. A patriotic Austrian who wants to protect his country’s civilisation from the invading *sl*mic hordes is narrowly beaten in a presidential election by a candidate who wants to obliterate Austria as a country, hand over sovereignty to the corrupt, wasteful, unelected Eurocrats and flood his country with Third-World detritus.

In September 1683, at […]

Is the German government encouraging migrants to rape German girls?

Here from an on-line sex manual for migrants produced by the German Government are some helpful explanations to teach migrants how to have sex in Germany.

Once you’ve clicked on a few of the links below, please ask yourself the question: Are the millions of migrants from the Religion of Rape, currently invading Germany, more […]

Nine things Germans do to appease M*sl*ms

I weally weally hate waaacccciiiisssstttt videos like this one.

I think videos like this one should be banned! Don’t you agree?

Brilliant article by Boris Johnson on why the rich want to keep us in the EU

I have previously written (7 March 2016) about how the EU referendum is a battle between the elites and the rest of us. The elites want us to stay in the undemocratic, wasteful, corrupt EU where they have their snouts deep in the trough of our money and where they can manipulate the rules in […]

“Let Turkey join – the EU should not be a Christian club” Sadiq Khan

Multi-culturalism. You ain’t seen nothing yet if the new London mayor Sadiq Khan gets his way:

And here are some of Sadiq’s supporters celebrating his victory over the “Jew”:

And now some people are even talking about Khan becoming Labour leader after he’s been […]