October 2018

From tribalism to Democracy back to tribalism?

(Wednesday blog)

The escape from tribalism

Lots of clever people – much cleverer than me – have written endless scholarly works about why the West has been so successful, while most of the countries in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America are total sh*tholes. Although, of course, all these smart people wouldn’t use the […]

Underage girl enriched by over 100 ‘Asians’ – but it’s worth it!

(Tuesday blog)

I wanted to do a different story today. But it seems I should mention what looks like a competition among our ‘Asian’ friends to see how many can rape each white British girl they can get hold of. The latest record appears to be a young lady who was sexually abused by over […]

For Europe’s vanishing countries, the writing is on the wall

(Monday blog)

Today’s blog will be short, but maybe not sweet.

There’s lots of heat and noise being generated about Brexit and the EU. One of the main arguments put forward for leaving the EU is that it’s developing into an undemocratic, German-controlled superstate, run by an unelected, corrupt, self-serving hereditary bureaucratic elite. And being […]

Civil war in Europe? That could NEVER happen! I mean we’re all………..

(weekend blog)

Ridiculous! Totally ridiculous! There are some people – idiots, bigots, fascists, waaaccciiissssttts etc – who believe that, as Europeans become minorities in their own countries, civil war might break out when ‘new Europeans’ rise up to take over our continent.

So stupid! How could anyone be so stupid?

As for me, do I […]

Ladies – what kind of future do you want for your daughters and grand-daughters?

(Friday blog)

Here they are – the usual lefty, progressive, liberal, virtue-signalling idiots:

And here:

They always seem to look so self-satisfied with their own smug, holier-than-thou liberalism.

And here are more of them:

But what sort of future do they want for Western girls? This?


The stupidest man in Europe?

(Thursday blog)

How the EU defeated Naziism?

Did you know that it was the EU which defeated both German Naziism and Soviet Communism? No? Well then I think you should thank President of the European Parliament – Italian (IMHO) cretin Antonio Tajani – for helping us all better understand history. In a speech yesterday to […]

“Massive Obama rally” – lies and lies and lies…….

(Wednesday blog)

Lying for Obama

If you watch the news, you probably noticed that the UK mainstream media – particularly the BBC and C4 News – started wetting their knickers with excitement yesterday as former US President Saint Obama gave a speech in Nevada in support of the local Democrat candidate in the mid-term elections. […]

Why does YouTube encourage anti-semitism?

(Tuesday blog)

I wanted to do a totally different story today. But then I came across this utterly disgraceful one-minute video on YouTube.

The video features part of a sermon made by a Religion of Peace preacher to an audience of Palestinians. The video seems to encourage violence against Jews.

Why has YouTube not deleted […]

From ‘Pocahontas’ to ‘Fauxcahontas’ to ‘Jokahontas’

(Monday blog)

There’s a story from the USA which neatly sums up why the lefties are going increasingly mad with outraged frustration

Blunder + blunder + blunder

As readers will hopefully know, centre-left political parties like the Democrats in the US and Labour in the UK have abandoned what we could call ‘class politics’ and […]

Let us give thanks to our many multi-cultural enrichers!

(weekend blog)

I would like to dedicate this weekend’s blog to those wonderful people who have selflessly left their own countries and endured so many personal sacrifices in order to travel to Britain and enrich our life here in once boring, safe, peaceful mono-cultural Britain.

Here are some multi-cultural enrichers from Rochdale: