February 2024
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Today’s blog – censored!

(Wednesday blog)

There’s really only one possible subject for today’s blog – the decision by the Supreme Court to usurp a (IMHO) totally legal Government decision. Remember, the prorogation of Parliament was perfectly legal and normal practice during the conference season and prior to a Queen’s Speech. What the judges have done is to declare the prorogation illegal by imputing a motive to Boris Johnson for proroguing Parliament when he denies that motive and when there is no evidence supporting the judges’ interpretation of that motive

But writing about the case is a problem for me. Legal action taken against me and enforced by my useless, local, politically-correct plods prevent me making any comment about many aspects of the case.

So, here’s my very limited assessment of yesterday’s disaster for democracy.

1. The people bringing the case

All I can write about this is:


2. The judges’ decision

From the little I understand about the situation, the prorogation of Parliament in itself was perfectly legal. But the trick used by the people bringing the case and the judges was to impute a motive to the prorogation which may or may not have been there. Moreover, in 2016, an article in the Times claimed that Lady Hale was not a ‘fit person’ to head up the Supreme Court because, as far as I understand, of her pro-EU sympathies. But given the fact that she was the only female member of the Supreme Court, cynical people (but not me) might wonder if she she got the job due to positive discrimination rather than ability.

3. The implications

It would seem that the judges’ decision is a massive victory for the privileged Establishment elites. In the future, if we ordinary plebs ever vote the ‘wrong’ way, then those with money will be able to challenge the election results in the courts and probably manage to overturn those election results. Moreover, if any future government tries to implement any policy the elites disagree with, then the elites can challenge that policy in the courts by imputing an illegal motive to that policy however legal that policy actually is. In one fell swoop, the courts have usurped democratically-elected governments. A truly disastrous day for Britain.

4. Boris Johnson’s future

I imagine Boris Johnson’s popularity will increase even more after this Remainer Establishment elitist coup against the 2016 Referendum result. That means Labour and Jo Swinson’s rabble will never risk an election even though they keep demanding one. Instead they have to hold Johnson captive in Downing Street, block him at every turn, prevent him calling an election and destroy him cut by cut. Then with him humiliated or even gone and replaced by some characterless nonentity, Corbyn and Swinson will make their move. Never in British history have we had such a bunch of cowardly, dishonest scum ruling over us.

As for the EU, they have no incentive to offer anything to Britain. Instead they can sit back, watch Johnson being destroyed by UK-hating traitors in our Parliament in the sure knowledge that with Johnson gone, our Remainer Parliament will revoke Article 50 and keep Britain as a vassal of the German-controlled Fourth Reich.


Please don’t try making any comments today as for legal reasons I am unable to accept these. As Voltaire warned us:

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