October 2011

Pakistanis are taking the piss – but Cameron grovels to them

Now even the craven politically-correct BBC has realised what the rest of us have always known – Pakistan is our enemy. Pakistan supported the terrorist attack on our ally India. Pakistan supplies weapons and training to Taliban fighters who then use them to kill and maim British and US soldiers. Pakistan is at war with […]

China’s leaders have a strategy – ours haven’t a clue

China’s leaders have a very simple strategy for pursuing their country’s interests – keep their currency artificially low and then use low pricing to wipe out most Western industry. This will make Europe and the US dependent on Chinese imports. Once that has been achieved, it doesn’t matter if the Chinese currency rises, because we’ll […]

Guardianistas bleat about Gaddaffi’s death

Thank goodness Gaddaffi is dead. Every day he lived would have meant more bloodshed in Libya. But as usual the spineless Guardianistas are bleating and moaning and demanding an investigation. Gaddaffi was killed like a mad dog as he deserved. Good riddance and ignore the bleating Guardianistas and their pathetic demands for an investigation.

Conned again by Liar Cameron

Following the collection of 100,000 signatures, our thieving MPs are about to debate whether to allow us a referendum on the EUSSR. So what does our lying PM David Liar Cameron do? He instructs his MPs to oppose this brief flickering of democracy. After all, the corrupt, lying, self-serving political classes cannot permit the ignorant […]

Merkel, Sarkozy, Barroso – fumblers, bumblers, liars and fools

As the eurozone debt crisis rumbles on, the greedy, lying, self-serving political pygmies who run Europe lie, twist, fumble and bumble around. “Bullshitter” Barroso tries to grab more power for the EU Commission, “Smallcock” Sarkozy tries to get Europe’s taxpayers (rather than France’s) to bail out French banks who made stupid unrepayable loans to the […]

“Liar” Obama defends the banks – he needs their money to get re-elected

Last night “Liar” Obama must have had millions of Americans wanting to vomit at the President’s dishonesty and hypocrisy. Answering a question about why no bankers had gone to prison “Liar” Obama claimed that while many bankers had been greedy and immoral, none had broken the law. This, of course, is a pack of lies. […]

Beware Budget and their deathtrap cars if you want to live

The Hollywood Boulevard branch of Budget rented me a car with the metal on both front tires cutting through the rubber. Had I driven the car any further, my wife and I would probably have been seriously injured or died in a blow-out.

When I noticed the defect, Budget refused to pay for […]

Come on Fritz – hand over the money

Our euroleaders have once again proved to be greedy, incompetent, bungling fools and the world is heading for a massive recession thanks to the completely and utterly bankrupt PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain). There is only one solution. German, Dutch, Swedish and other eurozone taxpayers are about to get thoroughly bilked as their leaders […]

Politicians’ pensions – it’s the same the whole world over

Here in the US, politicians are up to the same tricks as in Britain – claiming they are paid very little while stuffing hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money into their unbelievably generous pensions. State politicians in the US have just hugely increased their pensions by linking them to those of a senior judge even […]