November 2019

Astronauts and real scientists say climate emergency is b*ll*x

(weekend blog)

London attack – you couldn’t make it up

We now know that the London knifeman was 28-year-old Usman Khan. (Any relation to London Mayor Sadiq Khan?) Mr Khan, that’s Usman not Sadiq, was well-known to the police. He was arrested with eight other men in 2012 after plotting to bomb the London Stock […]

Hillsborough – Liverpool fans blameless saints as usual?

(Friday blog)

There have been four major football disasters in Europe in the last 49 years – Ibrox 1971 (fans crushed) 66 dead, Heysel 1985 (fans fighting) 39 dead, Bradford 1985 (fire) 56 dead and Hillsborough 1989 (fans fighting) 96 dead. All of them involved British football fans and, curiously, Liverpool fans have been involved […]

Jihadi weapons training – Lesson One

(Thursday blog)

I believe the first lesson in any weapons training course is something like:

“Never look down the barrel of your own AK47 wondering where the bullet is – you might find it”.

The link below takes you to a 11-second video in which the fine bearded chappie featured seems to have forgotten his […]

BBC loves broadcasting Democrats’ lies and lies and lies and ………

(Wednesday blog)

If we were stupid enough to believe the UK mainstream media, we’d think that the Democrats had a strong case for impeachment and that Trump was toast.

The worst offender in the “get Trump” witch-hunt has, of course, been the BBC, especially a dreadful fake news programme called something like “After 100 Days” […]

A message to our spoilt, self-centered, selfie-obsessed, whining, climate-alarmist brats

(Tuesday blog)

I’m not sure who made this video. It’s clearly from Australia and features a cartoon version of a Sky News Australia TV presenter who has frequently dared question the great Climate Change religious cult.

The video is only about two minutes long – two minutes of absolute delight.

It should be played in […]

The NHS – the truth behind the politicians’ lies?

(Monday blog)

One of the biggest battlegrounds in the upcoming election is, of course, the NHS. In this truth-lite world in which we live, the NHS is above and beyond criticism and reproach and so all politicians desperately promise to pour ever more tens of billions into the black hole that is our NHS – […]

People you don’t want to meet on holiday

(weekend blog)

I don’t have any good stories this weekend. So I’ve ‘borrowed’ and adapted the stuff below from someone else’s blog. I suspect they probably ‘borrowed’ it from some other person’s blog who probably ‘borrowed’ it from yet another blog and so on and so forth. The blogging world is a brutal place.

*Disclaimer; […]

Republican congressman kicks some lying Democrat ass

(Friday blog)

I must admit, I don’t really understand what the Democrats are up to by trying, yet again, to impeach Trump. But anyone following the UK mainstream media would be led to believe that Trump had committed some awful crime.

There are two main reasons for my confusion:

Biden did what they’re accusing Trump […]

Truth is lies. Lies are truth.

(Thursday blog)

Hopefully readers all know how George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four starts:

This prepares us for Doublethink where the Party, run by Big Brother, has decreed that words mean the opposite of what they say. And so the book also has:

The Ministry of Peace oversees war The Ministry of […]

EU boldly fights ‘Afrophobia’

(Wednesday blog)

Our irrational fears

Let’s start with a dictionary definition – a definition of the word “phobia” (which can be used as a word or a suffix). A phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something”.

Now let’s look yet again at the chart I often use in my blog. […]