June 2018
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Joanna Simons – how the elites always look after their own?

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

The big news at the moment is how the Establishment covered up Jeremy ‘Botty-Botherer’ Thorpe’s involvement in a botched attempt to murder one of the men whose botties Thorpe took great pleasure in bothering.

But much worse cover-ups are going on right now. Here’s possibly one of the worst – the shameful protection […]

Why I suppose I must be “far right”

(Sunday/Monday blog)

I would like to recommend a 3-minute YouTube video called “How I*sl*m is destroying Europe” by Dismantle the Matrix from 22 July 2016. But to do that would probably be considered a ‘hate crime’, so I won’t mention it.

I would like to recommend Pat Condell’s video “Europe is killing itself” from 7 […]

This is NOT funny! This does NOT make me laugh! Humour and satire should be banned!

(Thursday blog)

How can someone be so stupid as to make a video like this?

It’s not funny!

Humour and satire should be banned as being ‘hate crimes‘. Thankfully, within a few years, all humour will be illegal as it will be considered racist or misogynist or transgenderist or ageist or yoofist or fatist or […]

Proof Britain is now a police state?

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

Media censorship

I noticed that there were two demonstrations held last week. There was an AfD march against immigration held somewhere in Germany – most of the British mainstream media reported with delight that the marchers were outnumbered by pro-immigration, left-wing activists.

There was another protest of over a thousand people – in […]

Man ………(censored)…………arrested……..(censored)………..

(Sunday/Monday blog)

I don’t quite understand what’s happening or whether we’re allowed to comment as I believe the Government have issued some kind of ban on media reporting.

I believe a certain advocate for free speech was arrested by no fewer than 7 politically-correct plods a couple of days ago, rushed to court, tried, convicted […]

Third-World Britain needs more police and real police

(Thursday blog)

Some of you may have watched Panorama last night. If so, you were exposed to sixty minutes of police bosses moaning that they didn’t have sufficient policepersons (is that the acceptable gender-neutral word?). And it’s true that under Home Secretary, Theresa “Dithering Doris” May, police numbers were drastically cut.

But let’s not exaggerate […]

“Ruddisms” or just ruddy Rudd lies?

(Tuesday blog)

Hopefully all readers know what a ‘spoonerism’ is. A spoonerism is an error in speech (often deliberate in order to be ‘humorous’) in which corresponding consonants, vowels, or morphemes are switched between two words in a phrase. These are named after the Oxford don and ordained minister William Archibald Spooner, who was famous […]

When an invasion is NOT an ‘invasion’

(Monday blog – still cannot move my left hand)

Hungary for freedom?

First the wonderful news – it seems that Hungarian patriot and defender of Western civilisation, Viktor Orban, has won a 3rd election victory by a landslide. How the treacherous, lefty, progressive, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, Izlumophiliac libtards must be choking on their eco-friendly, fairtrade cornflakes […]

Hitler’s fury over the FaceBook scandal

(Friday blog)

1. The Grauniad’s 57bn friends

The Graniaud today is reporting “Before Facebook suspended Aleksandr Kogan from its platform for the data harvesting “scam” at the centre of the unfolding Cambridge Analytica scandal, the social media company enjoyed a close enough relationship with the researcher that it provided him with an anonymised, aggregate dataset […]

Sometimes it can be sobering to hear how others see our once great country

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

1. Our ‘competition

First, thanks to the reader who took part in yesterday’s ‘competition’ and who worked out that there might well have been up to 17 policepersons (several of them extremely obese) involved in trying to deal with one scrawny multi-cultural enricher. The reader also pointed out that 30 years ago, one […]