February 2024
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The three technologies from hell?

Monday-Wednesday blog

We didn’t obey our rulers

Hopefully readers have noticed a massive change in the relationship between ourselves and the ruling political, bureaucratic and media elites. In 2016 we were given a real opportunity to vote. But apparently we gave the wrong answer. In Britain we voted for Brexit and in the USA they […]

Sometimes MPs’ stupidity is so monumental, you don’t know what to write

Sunday-Tuesday blog

I started writing this blog a couple of days ago but gave up several times. I just couldn’t find a sensible way to explain the utter madness which is being inflicted on us by the 650 useless, corrupt, self-aggrandising fools and knaves in Westminster and their thousands of advisers, sycophantic supposed ‘experts’ and […]

Hooray. The Davos WEF is going to save us from misinformation and disinformation

Wednesday – Friday blog

Here’s the opening paragraph of Ursula Fond of Lying’s speech to her globalist, jet-setting chums at this year’s Davos knees up:

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Klaus,

Your annual Global Risk Report makes for a stunning and sobering read. For the global business community, the top concern for the next two […]

How they lie to us – the 4 usual tricks

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday blog

I thought it might be worth spending a few moments on the recent Dublin stabbings. I haven’t read or watched much about them, so you probably know more than I do. However, from the little I have seen, I believe they are a perfect example of the 4 usual tricks our political elites […]

The “15-minute City” nightmare is coming for you

Wednesday-Friday blog

I’ve written before about the 15-minute cities our rulers have planned for us.

The adorably diminutive London Mayor Sadiq Khan is the leader of the C40 Cities initiative which is aiming to corral us disgusting, useless-eater, planet-destroying plebs into tiny ghettoes:

And in this wonderful world, which our elites are […]

Get ready for the great British electric car crash

weekend blog

I attach below an article I wrote for a South Korean newspaper. But this is just as relevant for Britain as it is for South Korea. I think this is the 9th or 10th article I have done for them to help promote my climate book:

To summarise, from the […]

How the government became our enemy

weekend blog

I did have a blog I wanted to write this weekend. But then I came across this (IMHO) excellent article from The Daily Sceptic:

The writer puts forward a similar position to the one Neil Oliver presents in his YouTube monologues.

I recommend readers to sign up for The Daily Sceptic daily […]

The lies they tell us

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Whenever we’re given a new supposedly ‘official’ figure by our rulers, it usually is neccessary to do a little detective work to find out if we’re being deliberately lied to.

The EV fires lies

There’s an example of this in my previous blog in which I examined a government spokesperson’s claim that EVs […]

Why your car insurance may soon be unaffordable

Monday/Tuesday blog

An article worth reading in the Guardian?

Something strange happened last week. The Guardian newspaper published an article which was worth reading. It concerned the massive insurance costs owners of electric vehicles (EVs) are facing.

Here’s how the article started: ‘Driving an electric car should be a win-win, saving money and the […]

Why are they doing it? Because they know they can

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Kicking us in the face?

Hardly a week goes by without our rulers showing how much they despise us by acting in a way that increasingly looks like they’re arrogantly kicking us in the face.

Here are just a few recent episodes:

The Financial Conduct Authority issuing a report ludicrously concluding that no […]