June 2019

It’s hot! It’s hot! We’re all going to die!

(weekend blog)

I’m obviously not a ‘climate scientist’. So I don’t get huge grants for claiming that humans are responsible for Global Warming or Climate Change or Climate Crisis or Climate Breakdown or Climate Extinction or whatever it’s called this week.

What I have understood is that when it’s unusually cold – like when we […]

Raughing Chinaman hab velly good leason to raugh

(Friday blog)

Here’s a nice photo. It shows China’s boss for life Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vlad “the Impaler” Putin:

They are both laughing. I wonder what Mr Jinping is saying to Vladimir? Maybe it’s something like: “Look, clazy West commit incledible suicide!”

If that’s what Mr Jinping is saying, […]

Why do they want to change our countries into the sh*t-holes they came from?

(Wednesday blog)

I’ve reworked something a reader sent me:

—-They’re Not Happy!—-

They’re not happy in dirty, impoverished, over-populated Gaza .. They’re not happy in dirty, impoverished, over-populated Egypt .. They’re not happy in war-ravaged Libya and want to get out of there .. They’re not happy in backwards, filth-covered Morocco and want to get […]

Selling sh*t to suckers – like your council?

(Wednesday blog)

Some readers will find today’s blog a bit boring. But it’s quite important so I’ll do it anyway.

Offloading sh*t to suckers – Lloyds

One of the best examples of insiders offloading sh*t to suckers came in the 1990s. Insiders in the London Lloyds Insurance Market realised in the late 1980s that they […]

Why won’t the BBC tell us about the joys of multi-culturalism?

(Tuesday blog)

I’m always amazed (not) that the Izlumophiliac BBC and C4 News and other mainstream media ‘forget’ to bring us stories about the success of multi-culturalism in other European countries. Today, let’s focus on Germany:

Train train – running off the tracks

A regional express train was travelling at approximately 100 km per hour […]

Bojo – you’ve blown it! You should have attacked!

(Monday blog)

Has Boris blown it?

You’re probably all fed up with the press articles and comments about the latest Boris Johnson shenanigans. But I’ll still add my uninformed contribution to the issue.

I reckon Boris has just blown his chances of becoming PM. Not because of his little altercation with his latest girlfriend. But […]

Mentally-deranged socialists – why Trump will probably win again in 2020

(weekend blog)

Here she is – the main reason Trump will probably win another four years in the White House in 2020. This is Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (popularly known as AOC):

While the main Democrat presidential candidates try to sound reasonable and middle-of-the-road and electable, swivel-eyed lunatics like AOC are dragging the Democratic Party ever […]

Hooray – it’s “Refugee Week”! Britain will take in more than any other country!!!!

(Friday blog)

I wonder how many of you knew that this week – 17 June to 23 June 2019 – is “Refugee Week”?

Anyway, to celebrate this important event, here’s an inspiring 40 second video produced by the Home Office committing Britain to many more years of taking in more supposed ‘refugees’, rapefugees and gimmegrants […]

We must welcome the murdering scum, but you’re prosecuted if you show what they’ve done

(Thursday blog)

I cannot show you the truth

Today I thought I’d build my blog on a link to an ISIL video showing the execution of three young men. The men’s crime was to have been caught writing anti-ISIL grafitti on a wall with spray paint cans. The punishment, of course, was death. In this […]

A damp squib and Merkel’s Mad Cow Disease

(Wednesday blog)

A damp squib?

The BBC really hyped last night’s “Britain’s next PM” debate. So did much of the mainstream media. We were told there would be a “bash Boris” bust-up. But as the other four candidates all want nice important ministerial jobs in Boris’s government with big, shiny official cars and armies of […]