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Hey sexy babe – what’ya got under your burkha?

(Thursday blog)

I hope you all saw some of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox’s performance in the Commons yesterday. Absolutely stunning. If you didn’t, you can probably go on to and search for Geoffrey Cox to see some highlights.

Anyway, in these deadly serious times, I thought my long-suffering readers might need a bit of light entertainment.

So, here are some lovely ladies from the Religion of Shoplifting filling up their sexy flowing robes with oodles of stuff that belongs to the Great One rather than any shop and so they’re perfectly entitled to help themselves. Right?

Let’s start in France:

Then let’s go to Britain – Asda:

A pretty impressive haul, huh?

I don’t know which country this next one is. But all these and many other similar videos have one thing in common – just as it’s Whitey’s fault that most of the stabbings in Sadiq-Khanistan are carried out by members of the multi-cultural enriching community, so it’s obviously all our fault for not giving the ladies featured in today’s videos all the benefits they expected when sacrificing their wonderful lives in their home countries to come and enrich our failing civilisation:

So, if you’re ever short of 50 tins of baked beans or a few packets of washing powder or a few hundred bars of chocolate, just bung on your burkha and help yourself. After all, how may shopkeepers would risk stopping you and then be accused of Izlumophobia and racism and all that other progressive, libtard, virtue-signalling crap?

6 comments to Hey sexy babe – what’ya got under your burkha?

  • Mark

    Amazing how the media and police try and cover up the enrichment crimewave! For years now they have stopped issuing descriptions of suspects or even naming those who get stabbed unless they have an English sounding name. Do they think we don’t have eyes or will they made illegal soon and only allowed by the liberals?

  • loppoman

    Isn’t that why Crimewatch was taken off air?
    Great speeches from Cox and Bojo.
    Hope he can keep going because, honestly, the others have nothing to offer except misery.

  • brian rodney harwood

    We all know the reason why ‘Crimewatch ‘ was taken off the air, but what is more shocking is the sheer arrogance of the TV executives in thinking that the general public are too dim to see it.

  • A Thorpe

    Cox and Co will get nowhere against Bercow and his Marxists mob.

  • martin

    Do not expect many of them to be caught when so many ******s are employed as ‘security’ at stores.

  • …seems to be that many of those Horrordressed figures are doing this as a “job” – paid by themselves.
    After done it – they’re quick running to the mosque and praying to their “*****”…, afterwards they feel clean again and the same story goes on and on and on!
    Yeah-yeah-yeah – change completely the dresscode for such provocating women – everywhere in our western World!
    What lying gangs under “their *****”!

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