August 2019

The 4 cultures of mankind – a glimpse into our future?

(Friday/weekend ‘Brexit-free’ blog)

The four cultures?

I recently received a comment sent by a reader which I didn’t publish because of my fear it could be considered ‘racist’ by my local plods. However, it did get me thinking about whether one could class humans into some clear and simple cultural groups. After all, while […]

Suck my Remoaner cock! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Moan! Moan! Moan!

(Thursday blog)

Oh happy day!!!!

Oh what a glorious day yesterday. While the (IMHO) lying, devious, treacherous, europhiliac scum like Grieve and Hammond and Gauke and others of their ilk were plotting to keep Britain in their beloved EU, Boris Johnson seems to have blind-sided them all by proroguing Parliament. Brilliant! Wonderful!

And what pleasure […]

Mall of America or “Mogadishu Mall”?

(Wednesday blog)

Don’t mention birth control you racists!

First, two small points about yesterday’s blog on the burning of the Amazon rain forest:

Every report I saw on TV yesterday evening blamed the West’s supposed greed for ever more beef for the burning of the Amazon rain forest. Not a single report mentioned the fact […]

Let’s all grovel to the Greenies

(Tuesday blog)

C’mon baby light my fire

Aaaarrrggghhh!!! The Amazon rain forest is burning! The Earth is on fire! The Earth’s lungs are being destroyed! We’re all going to die!

And it’s all our fault ‘cos we in the West are eating too much beef. Thus spake a greeny eco-loon from Greenpeace […]

Who dares criticise Saint Greta?

(Bank holiday weekend blog)

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So here, instead of a thousand words, is a picture (well, actually two pictures):

You have to admire the genius of the eco-fascist Nazis. They’ve tried to terrify us into submission by warning of supposed “Man-Made Global Warming“. […]

Mrs/Ms Abubaker – you want a home? Stop sponging and start earning?

(Friday blog)

Running late today. So I thought I’d just bring you this short video clip from Sky News.

It features a woman, apparently from the Religion of Successful Integration, explaining why she and her four or five or six or however many children should be provided with a nice large home at British taxpayers’ […]

Will battling Boris biff and bash the useless HS2?

(Thursday blog)

Nein, nein…….vielleicht

Remoaners must be tearing their hair out. Boris was in Germany with Merkel yesterday and the sore loser Remoaners (plus the europhiliac BBC and snarling, UK-hating idiots at C4 News) expected Merkel to give Boris a very firm “nein, nein, nein” when Boris insisted the Irish backstop must be scrapped. But, […]

Poor, oppressed Palestinians get ……….. a fantastic new shopping mall!

(Wednesday blog)

A question for you

Here’s a shiny new Western-style shopping mall which opened just a couple of months ago:

It’s called the Lacasa Mall. But can you guess in which peaceful, prosperous town it has been built?

Yup, you’re right. It’s in Ramallah on the West Bank.

The lefties keep […]

They’re just as civilised as we are – aren’t they?

(Tuesday blog)

Anyone who suggests that certain groups of people in the Third World are less civilised than we are in the West is clearly an idiot and a waacciiisssttt. Of course, many countries have different customs than us. But this is just ‘diversity’ and is something that should be celebrated.

So, today let’s visit […]

Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is……

(Monday blog)

I want you all to start repeating the obvious truth – “diversity is our strength!” If you repeat this often enough, you might start believing it?