September 2017
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I’m off to talk to Plod

You’ve probably seen the story. Following a US air attack in April on ISIS militants, a university student – a white male – wrote on his blog or FaceBook or whatever: ‘I’m glad we could bring these barbarians a step closer to collecting their 72 virgins’. The student had previously written other comments on social […]

Now I understand what they mean by having 4 wives

(weekend blog) Here at snouts-in-the-trough our aim is to enlighten and educate our readers to the many wonders of the world we live in. In particular we feel it’s important to increase cross-cultural understanding to break down barriers and ensure we all live happily ever after in the diverse, multi-cultural paradise our rulers are creating […]

Pat Condell has invaded my “safe space”! Again! Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

(There were some interesting comments on my blog about Woofie yesterday. To read them just click on the title of yesterday’s blog)

He’s back. Yes, after months of silence Pat Condell is back. And he’s saying horrible things. As usual. He’s saying things that upset me. As usual.

I want diversity! I want multi-cultural enrichment! […]

Watch out dog-owners! Woofie could be the next thing banned in multi-cultural Britain!

As Britain becomes a much more inclusive, much more diverse, much more Third-World country, we need to change many of our long-held traditions and customs to make the ‘new Britons’ more welcome in our once great country.

There are many disgusting customs we have which upset the hordes pouring over our uncontrolled borders – free […]

You’d have to be pretty stupid to claim ***** is more violent than any other religion

I’m getting fed up of people claiming that there is one religion that is slightly more violent than all other religions.

After all, look at how few people have been killed and maimed by our favourite religion over just the last 7 days.

Only around 15 people a day are getting killed and around 10 […]

Instructional videos for all the family – from Al-YouTube

As our rulers push on with their policy of race replacement to move Britain ever further towards the wondrous multi-cultural society the lefties and libtards and BBC and C4 News etc want to impose on us, the world’s favourite website, Al-YouTube, has some great instructional videos to help you and your family adapt to life […]

Myanmar – Who are the victims? Who are the oppressors?

If I were to ask you which of the world’s religions was the most peaceful, I think your first choice (if you’re being serious) would be “Buddhism”. Yet the whole British mainstream news media is currently peddling a narrative about how “evil” Buddhists are massacring innocent Rohinga Moozerlums in Myanmar.

It’s all very odd.

But […]

The Drunk and the Skunk – why we should worry

Last week was quite a good one for the British Brexit negotiators. Apparently a junior UK official made a Powerpoint presentation to the two negotiating teams in which he showed that the EU’s demand for up to £90bn in divorce payments from Britain was a total pile of crap with no financial or legal justification.


How to be a progressive feminist

I am a progressive feminist. This man has hurt my feelings. This man has offended me. This man should be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for speaking the truth and offending people like me: