March 2017
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London attack – guilty man named!

Here he is – the man guilty of the Westminster attack:

Yup, it’s Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) – a man already known to both the police and security services for being a recidivist liar, war criminal, mass murderer, religious fanatic who was radicalised by his (IMHO) repulsive money-grabbing […]

London attack – Stop the crocodile tears! And stop the lying!

Here we go again. Yawn! Another terror attack in a European city by a member of the Religion of Hatred and Peace. And out come all our rulers solemnly parrotting the usual “we’re horrified” and “our thoughts are with the injured and families of the dead” and “we will never allow terrorism to interfere with […]

Our leaders and Izlum’s leaders want the same thing. Yippeeee!

I was struck by a few small things this week:

1. A curious symmetry

There seems to be a curious symmetry between what our leaders and their brain-dead, virtue-signalling libtard supporters want and what the leaders of the Religion of Tolerance, Hatred, Rape and Peace want.

Western leaders feel shame and guilt for having had […]

Do you know how many innocents have been slaughtered for religious reasons in the last 10 days?

Do you know how many innocent people have been slaughtered in the last 10 days by the Religion of Tolerance, Hatred and Peace?

What do you think? Ten? Fifty? One hundred? Come on, take a guess.

The answer is at least 301 killed and another 472 injured.

That’s quite a lot of dead and injured […]

There’s no famine in Africa – just overpopulation, corruption, backwardness and violence

Here we go again. Yawn! Yet another supposed famine in Africa. And the useless, corrupt, Islamophiliac UN is claiming that the world is possibly facing “the greatest humanitarian disaster in 60 years”.

So, prepare yourself for endless BBC and Channel 4 reports showing starving children and endless charity TV ads featuring multimillionaire, tax-avoiding, virtue-signalling celebs […]

This one is for the feminazis

Hello feminazis.

I’d like to wish you all a very merry International Women’s Day.

How are you today? Still furious that Crooked Hilary Clinton lost? Still trying to overturn the vote of the American people?

Do you think you might have a moment free from your pathetic protests against the elected US President Donald Trump?


Women of Europe – why are you voting to be raped, beaten and even murdered?

Apologies for yesterday’s blog. It wasn’t particularly profound. But it’s actually quite difficult sometimes to find a subject to write about every day that isn’t already covered in the mainstream media. In my defence, I’d say look at the blog I wrote at the weekend about the Battle of Vienna and history about to rhyme […]

Important news? Foxtrot Oscars!!!

Phew, what a few days! What excitement! What drama! What bathos! What pathos! I’m exhausted just trying to keep up with the most important news story on the mainstream media.

What am I blabbing about? Well, it could only be one story – the story that has dominated the world’s media. Yes, it’s none other […]

The Battle of Vienna – is history about to rhyme?

The most important battle in history?

Most British people over the age of 30 will know about our country’s great battles – Agincourt, Spanish Armada, Trafalgar, Battle of Britain etc. As for younger people, who knows what history they’re taught? It’s probably all about what nasty, racist, slave-owning colonialists the British were.

But I doubt […]

Will Canadistan become the new Swedistan?

There are a few similarities between the country once known as ‘Sweden’ and the country still (but not for long) known as ‘Canada’.

Both are large northerly countries with rather chilly winters. Both have loads of lakes and fir trees and not too many people: Canada’s population density is 4 people per sq km and […]