October 2018
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Yawn. Boring. Only 266 killed by the Religion of Peace in the last week

(Wednesday blog)

What a boring week it has been. Only 266 innocents have been murdered by members of the Religion of Peace, Tolerance and Harmony in the name of their religion over the last seven days. That’s a pretty hopeless score compared to the last few years. In 2015, our Religion of Peace friends slaughtered […]

Will you support our soldiers?

(Thursday blog)

Below is an email I just received from Tommy Robinson. Are you prepared to support our soldiers by signing his petition?

A few days ago, I stopped at a service station where four coaches full of British soldiers were taking a break. I said hello to the lads and some of them posed […]

Sweden is lost. Is Germany next?

(weekend blog)

It’s almost OK to murder Swedes if you’re a multi-cultural enricher

Sudanese/Egyptian Suleman Suleman seems to have been doing quite a bit of multi-cultural enriching since he arrived in Sweden.

In 2007 he was convicted for the first time – for car theft. Then a long series of crimes followed – 23 in […]

Hooray! (The Religion of) Peace comes to yet another African country

(Thursday blog)

Africa rising?

As we all know, Africa is a complete hell-hole and pretty much all African countries are corrupt, worthless, impoverished sh*tholes. Moreover, in spite of the $250bn in development aid money that has been given to Africa since the mid-1960s, there are still not many signs of all the water wells and […]

“Bacon”? They should have written “Ham”!

(Monday blog)

1. Get Airmiles Andy to pay

First, I’ll leave this up for another couple of days. It’s not because I’m against the royal family. In fact, I think the Queen is an amazing asset to the country. It’s just a pity that Charles is such a (IMHO) dimwitted, self-absorbed, worthless, gutless, complaining, miserable […]

“Pearl Harbour – nothing to do with Japan” say BBC, C4 News, the Guardian…..

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Last December, Saeed Noori, an Afghan alleged Muslim jihadist plowed his vehicle into pedestrians at one of Melbourne’s busiest intersections:

Passers-by claimed that, as he was arrested by an off-duty policeman, the driver shouted “Allahu Akbar” several times.

At the time, the Australian authorities claimed that the attack was NOT […]

Dear BBC – please keep brainwashing our children so they can grow up to be Labour-voting snowflakes!

(Tuesday blog)

With so many horrible stories being reported (sorry, I meant “being ignored”) by the mainstream media every day, it’s wonderful that our beloved BBC is straining every sinew to brainwash our children into becoming globalist, rapefugee-hugging, Labour-voting, bring-down-the-borders, UK-hating citizens of the future.

After all, who wants to hear about:

Muhammed Mucahid, a […]

So many stories the UK media “forget” to report

(weekend blog)

Who is more popular? Trump or May?

We’re constantly told how unpopular democratically-elected president Donald Trump is. And the BBC and C4 News wet their expensive designer knickers every time there’s an anti-Trump story. But we’re never told that Trump is constantly holding rallies for his supporters:

And we’re never […]

Lots of Christians killed this week – silence from the useless Pope and Christian-hating media

(Friday blog)

It’s been a busy few days for our friends from the Religion of Peace. Busy in terms of murdering Christians.

In the Central African Republic, members of the world’s favourite religion hacked around 42 Christian women to death with machetes. Of course, they could have just shot them. But that wouldn’t have been […]

“Come on Abdul light my fire!”

(Monday blog)

I don’t know whether this short video will still be available when you try to view it or whether it will have been deleted as the Internet giants wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea about our dear friends from our favourite religion.

I believe the video is genuine (and not fake […]