June 2019
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Ramadanadingdong is over – but the murders still continue

(Monday blog)

In my blog of 6 June 2019, I wrote about how disappointing Ramadanadingdong 2019 had been compared to some previous years. In the 2019 Ramadanadingdong murder-mania only around 821 innocents were killed (27 every day). This was similar to Ramadanadingdong 2018 when 854 innocents were murdered (28 a day) but well down on […]

Two subjects today – the Met Office and the 400+ million who live to hate

(Friday blog)

The useless Met Office

The Met Office are very proud of their £97m shiny new computer. Apparently it’s the world’s largest computer dedicated to predicting the weather. So, what did the Met Office with their great big expensive computer predict for April/May/June this year?

What does the current outlook for April-May-June 2019 say?


Ramadanadingdong 2019 – final score

(Thursday blog)

I’m sure many readers are avid sports fans and so will be gasping to hear the final score for the 2019 Ramadanadingdong murdermania.

Here it is:

Only 163 attacks in the name of the Religion of Wonderfulness and Tolerance and a mere 821 dead.

The 2019 results were disappointing, but pretty much […]

It wasn’t Jean-Pierre wot did it! It was Mo…………….

(Monday blog)

Perhaps I just haven’t been paying attention? But it seems to me that there has been very little news coverage of the aftermath of the Friday 24 May 2019 Lyon bomb attack. By ‘aftermath’, I mean – who was responsible, have they been arrested, have they been charged?

Had the bomber been a […]

Paddy O’Plod protects Jew-haters

I wanted to provide you a link to a short video of some Irish gentlemen claiming that the only mistake Hitler made was not killing enough Jews.

“The only mistake Hitler made was not killing enough Jews,” say pro-Hamas, non-Muslim useful idiots in Ireland

But YouTube have, thankfully, taken the video down.

However, I’m […]

Who is the most Islamocoolest bearded mass-murdering maniac?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Who is the Islamocoolest of them all?

Here are some really Islamocool dudes:

And Britain has produced a couple worthy competitors for the Islamocoolest lunatic in the world:

But when it comes to being the most Islamocoolest of them all, most people would have thought that Osama Bin Laden could […]

Notre Dame fire – clearly an unfortunate accident?

(Tuesday blog)

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I believe that incompetence is the likely cause of the Notre Dame fire:

It does seem that the fire was caused by an accident during restoration work. Probably some dopey Froggy workman called Gaston throwing away a half-smoked Gauloise or something like that.

However, it may be […]

Enjoy the “Age of Decadence” – while it lasts!

(Monday blog)

I wanted to write something profound today about the era of sefishness, self-obsession and decadence which we are in.

We see the signs of this all around us – the glorification of shallow media personalities, the obsession with sexual identity, the complete loss of a moral code, the weakness of our leaders, the […]

Convert, submit or die – you choose

(Thursday blog)

First let me say that I have no opinions about today’s blog. To dare to express an opinion might risk being considered as a criminal offence by our UK-hating Plods. So I am merely quoting what a revered cleric from our most favouritest religion says.

This distinguished, peace-loving, tolerant gentleman makes it very […]

This time Britain cravenly surrenders to the German Fourth Reich

(weekend blog)

Let’s leave the EU?

Being a realist, I know that our rulers are never going to allow us to leave the EU. With the useless Theresa May playing the role of Neville Chamberlain and the self-aggrandising Dominic Grieve playing the role of 1930s Hitler admirer and appeaser Lord Halifax, we’re going to get […]