April 2017
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UN has sense of humour? No!

Yet another news story the BBC forgot to mention.

The UN has just elected three Religion of Peace and Tolerance countries – Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan – onto an important United Nations Women’s Rights Commission.

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You couldn’t make it up!

Trump was right about this as well. It’s time to cut the UN’s […]

Afghanistan used to be a pretty cool place. So did Iran and Libya.

You’ll probably find this hard to believe, but forty to fifty years ago, in the 1960s and 1970s, countries like Afghanistan, Iran and Libya used to be pretty cool places. Women were liberated and could be educated. There was music and dancing and laughter. People were reasonably free. People were almost behaving like what most […]

The surrender monkeys surrender.

So now we know the result. Merkel’s, Soros’s and the globalists’ man from nowhere, Emmanuel Macron, will be the next French President and will do exactly what his pleb-hating, democracy-loathing, elitist, bosses tell him. The cowardly, testicle-free, invertebrate, cheese-eating, Froggy surrender monkeys did what their rulers commanded and voted for the Establishment candidate and against […]

Dumb, dumber and the Religion of Intelligence

Much has been written about the incredible cultural enrichment that the invasion of millions of violent, unemployable, rape-obsessed folk from the Religion of Peace and Hatred will bring to our tired, defeatist continent.

But little attention has been paid to the enviable intellectual contribution that millions of illiterate, inbred, low-IQ semi-morons will make to our […]

Our Religion of Peace friends taking the piss! Literally!

(weekend blog)

Come on admit it. You didn’t know that the Prophet, blessed be His name and cursed be His infidel enemies, discovered a cure for cancer 1,400 years before we stupid, backwards Westerners started to deal with the disease.

But not only cancer. Apparently the Great Prophet, all praise be unto Him and death […]

BBC “he was a French national, he was a French national, he was a…..”

Here we go again. Another terror attack in France. And the usual reactions from the usual idiots.

The BBC – on this morning’s news the BBC kept insisting that the Paris killer with the AK47 was “a French national” and, of course, made no reference to the gentleman’s name, ethnic background or religion.

The Guardian […]

If the crazies stopped murdering for just one day, that would be news!

Every morning I wake up, have breakfast, take a shower and write my blog.

Yet this never appears in any newspaper stories or TV news.

Why not?

Because exactly the same thing happens every day. So, how can it be news?

Every day crazy, bearded, violent, pig-ignorant, low-IQ, intolerant, “I-love-my-snackbar” screaming loonies slaughter quite a […]

The map nobody would ever dare mention

Here’s a world map you have probably never seen.

It purports to show the average IQ of different countries and thus regions of the world:

Of course, if you dare mention research like this you’ll immediately be howled down by the progressive, we-know-best, immigration-enriches-us, holier-than-thou libtards. And if you have a job […]

Here are supposed “children” – but where are the real children?

(Easter weekend blog) Sometimes you have to laugh at how we are being taken for fools by the pleb-despising ruling elites.

You might remember how, about a year or so ago, the holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, brain-dead, West-hating libtards mounted a campaign to pressure the Government into bringing supposed “child refugees” from the Calais Jungle camp into […]

Happy Easter to the New Europeans!

For my Easter Friday blog, I thought I’d just juxtapose four simple pictures.

The first two show how we welcome the ‘New Europeans’:

The second two show how the ‘New Europeans’ appreciate our welcome:

I’ll leave it to readers to judge whether there might be a small problem between […]