June 2017

Grenfell Tower – will the truth ever survive the politics?

(Given the level of hysteria and the deluge of false claims and lies surrounding the Grenfell Tower disaster, Friday’s blog will be longer than usual. And I may also leave it up both for Friday and for the weekend because I believe it’s important for the true facts to be revealed and the politicians’ and […]

Liverpool football fans are never responsible for anything

So, the Hillsborough inquiry finally reaches a conclusion of sorts after spending over £100m of our money.

And the result – all Liverpool football fans are angels who would never touch alcohol and the rival fans, authorities and police are dastardly criminals. And this is the narrative being obediently pushed by all the mainstream media.


Wild Bill for America and Canadistan’s fascist police

(Why oh why, does my website only attract the tight-fisted who absolutely refuse to buy my books to show any support for the work I do and the money I spend running the blog? I suppose all the normal people are reading Breitbart)

First, three pieces of good news from America.

Most readers will know […]

Phew, a really really peaceful Ramadan this year

Well, that’s Ramadan over for this year. But I expect you’re all wondering what the final score was in terms of the number of people killed in religiously-inspired attacks by our friends from the religion we all love and admire.

Well, here’s the Ramadan 2017 final score:

Yes, I know, utterly pathetic. […]

Another triumph for Trump – slashing immigration

We all know that everything elected US President Donald Trump says or does will be greeted with howls of scorn and derision by the political elites and their sycophantic mainstream media. After all, our rulers’ worst nightmare is that Establishment outsider Trump actually turns out to be a successful president. Especially a president that is […]

La belle France – sadly it’s “adieu” and not “au revoir”

Now that most of my former readers will have stopped visiting, I’ll try to slowly build up a new base of readers who will hopefully not be as miserable, selfish and tightfisted as those who used to read this blog.

France – before and after

France before the invasion of low-IQ, often inbred, violent, […]

“That’s all folks!”

I promised that I would stop boring people with my blog unless readers bought 50 copies of my latest book “FORGET THE FOREPLAY”.

Only 12 people bought a copy. That’s worse than pathetic.

Given this lack of support from readers, I’d look a total prat if I carried on blogging.

So, as they used to […]

Is European civil war inevitable?

I attach below an excerpt from a Paul Weston article written just over 10 years ago (in March 2007) and a link to a recent Paul Weston video explaining how he thinks a European civil war will develop.

Dear PC Plod, I am not advocating violence or civil war or waacissm or hate crimes. I […]

‘Sir’ Simon Cowell fleeces the shallow snowflakes yet again?

(Yipee! I’ve sold some books! Four copies of FORGET THE FOREPLAY yesterday to be precise. Ohhhh. Just four copies in spite of almost a thousand people visiting the site yesterday. So, I don’t think I’m ever going to get to the 50 I was hoping for. Still, I might as well struggle on for another […]

That’s it! I’m beaten! I give up!

About a week ago, I asked readers to show their support for the work I’ve put in over the last 5+ years running and writing this site.

All I wanted was for some readers to buy copies (either paperback or Kindle) of my latest book FORGET THE FOREPLAY. I don’t care if people read it, […]