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Is ‘Hockey-stick’ Mann a hero or a fraud?

(Friday blog)

I don’t have a story today as I have other stuff to do. But I’d like to present this video from Tony Heller.

At 15 minutes, it’s much longer than the videos I usually recommend. But it could be quite interesting to some people who haven’t seen it.

The video is perhaps topical as today there will be demonstrations against supposed Climate Change across the world. And, of course, crazy Saint Greta is doing the rounds in the USA as she earns enough woke points to get her very own Nobel Peace Prize just like that other great climate warrior – multi-millionaire, jet-setting Al Gore.

In the video, Tony Heller accuses Michael Mann – the developer of the famous ‘hockey stick’ graph supposedly proving catastrophic Global Warming of making three possibly questionable claims:

Possibly questionable claim 1 – Mann claiming he was part of the team which won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize – a claim denied by a member of the committee that decided the Peace Prize

Possibly questionable claim 2 – Mann claiming that global temperatures have risen during the 20th Century when, in fact they fell so much between 1950 and 1970 that most climate scientists were warning of a new Ice Age

Possibly questionable claim 3 – Scientists, including Mann, removing the Medieval Warm Period from their historical graphs in order to make today’s temperatures appear as alarming as possible.

I have no idea who is right – Heller or Mann. But one could be forgiven for being a little worried by the evidence presented by Heller:

5 comments to Is ‘Hockey-stick’ Mann a hero or a fraud?

  • Stillreading

    Thank you. Saint Greta should try to get her (somewhat limited) intellect around this. As should the thousands of youngsters currently being indoctrined by their abysmally scientifically ignorant teachers into the new religion of “man made climate change”. What is so alarming is that any genuine discussion of the scientific bases for or facts governing climate variability is rapidly becoming as unacceptable in our so-called “free” society as is discussion of bases and facts governing other religious beliefs. And we all know how damaging to the world religious conflict has been and still is. To paraphrase Voltaire, whom you have quoted at times, “to know who is controlling us, we need only to look at those whom we are afraid to criticise”. So who, or what hidden global agenda created by “world leaders”, is behind this climate change hysteria? Are those with governance over us ignorant plebs truly themselves so ill-informed that they have bought into this hysteria wholesale and in their ignorance are merely egging each other on, or are we being systematically manipulated for reasons as yet unrevealed to us? I rather suspect the latter. The great unwashed (that’s us) have to be controlled somehow. If it’s difficult to control them physically, then manipulate their minds. “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad”.

  • A Thorpe

    My money is on Heller. There is a lot of information about Mann’s work which is mainly about his statistical analysis. You can look up McKitrick and McIntyre who exposed the fraud. Mann refused to supply information about his work. There are several books on the subject for anybody who wants to follow this up. There was also a court case in the USA between Mann and Mark Steyn, who has written a book about Mann’s work – A disgrace to the profession, which I haven’t read. Steyn also has videos on YouTube. It is a complex issue and not easy to follow the details because of the statistics. Basically I think the issue is that tree ring data has been used a proxy for temperature and such data is notoriously unreliable. Tree growth depends on rainfall, carbon dioxide and soil conditions, as well as temperature. Mann seems to have selected data to get the result. The data was from the USA and was said to be representative of the earth and this is the case with the Little Ice Age and Roman Warm Period. After all the arguments there has been an attempt to make these periods as “local” European events not world wide, but there does seem to be evidence from sediments to suggest they were not local. Mann has certainly made a good living from it, if nothing else. As always, everything has to be taken into account.

    Stillreading makes valid points about scientific discussion being closed down by the climate alarmists. It is impossible to make comments on their websites without getting a stream of insults. This is not how scientists work. Science is never settled as claimed by the alarmists. This is how they have moved the debate from their fraudulent science to climate alarm. It is astonishing that we now have something akin to religious fundamentalism. Stillreading’s last sentence is spot on. I cannot see a good ending to this. It really is mass insanity.

  • William Boreham

    I see Michael Mann has recently lost a court case against climate change sceptic Dr Tim Ball, who also wrote that Mann belongs in the state pen, not Penn State. His lawsuit against Mark Steyn is in its eighth year and I bet Steyn is licking his lips in anticipation as to when he has his day in court as he will make mincemeat of Mann. I see at the UN Climate Change Summit, Japan, South Africa, and Australia have been denied a platform to speak because of their support for coal contradicts the UN’s drive for a global emergency on climate change. But the hypocrites have given special leeway for some coal-loving countries such as China and India, the world’s two biggest builders of new coal stations and they receive the blank cheque for CO2 emissions as they are ‘emerging economies’! No wonder Trump pulled the USA out of all this nonsense.

  • A Thorpe

    @William The trouble with Trump is that he doesn’t really understand the science. I haven’t seen a detailed reason for his action but I suspect it is based on China and India ignoring it all. He wouldn’t be able to explain why it is nonsense. We need a senior politician who is willing to stand up against the alarmist. If there is one, they will remain silent because votes matter more to them than the truth. This shows how dangerous this situation has become. I cannot see any way back from it unless there is dramatic cooling of the climate, which I do not see happening. I know the claimed science is wrong, but I have no idea what the future climate will be. We are around the peak of an interglacial but climate change is slow. Significant cooling could be thousands of years away.

  • Hardcastle

    I find the assumption that we mere mortals ,in the very brief time we have existed on this planet,should have any effect at all on climate,the height of arrogance.We who had a formal education before it all went it’s up know enough physics,earth science to see through the superficial,emotional and hysterical claptrap.Having said that,quite a few of my educated acquatances have accepted it all without question.It is only by reading the comments from those above that I maintain my sanity.Breibart also has some learned and highly informed contributers on the subject.I have noticed that the climate change hysteria has also managed to conflate other legitimate environmental concerns into the mix as if plastics and conservation of resources etc are linked.Clever that.Our local Mayor managed to connect the noticeable decline in insect populations to climate change in his recent press release.

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