June 2017
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“Diversity is our ” ha-ha-ha-ha- “strength “ha-ha-ha-ha! “Diversity is…” ha-ha-ha

“Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is…………..”

Oh, sorry. I was busy. I thought that, if I repeated something often enough, I would […]

Happy boxers looking forward to a great (lucrative?) weekend

Normally when there’s some big, ‘important’, heavyweight boxing fight the multi-millionaire promoters stage a series of press events at which the multi-millionaire boxers snarl at each other and curse each other and try to hit each other. Sometimes we’ll even be told this is a ‘grudge fight’ and so we should expect wonderful entertainment as […]

Why do we chickens keep inviting more foxes into the henhouse?

(Weekend blog)

There have been many responses to the Muslim London attack. But I think this is one of the best.

I normally don’t recommend any video lasting more than 3 minutes. However, this one – London Has Fallen – is brilliant even though it is about 7 minutes long.

It perfectly describes Britain’s (and […]

Beware the BA ‘Avios’ airmiles scam

Following a comment from a reader yesterday, today I wanted to just give a link to a blog I wrote two years ago.

I’d ask readers to click on the headline and read the readers’ comments and then never fly BA ever again if you can avoid them.

Here’s the link:

Beware the BA airmiles ‘free flights’ scam

Nobody lies quite as well as recidivist liar Obama

Here’s a new video you really should watch – it’s only about one minute. It shows the USA’s second most useless president of modern times (Carter was, of course, the most useless) lying and lying and lying.

In the video, Obummer claims there have been no terrorist attacks on the USA during his eight years […]

Migration – perhaps quality is more important than quantity?

There was the usual huffing and puffing from left and right last week when the latest migration figures were released. These showed that over the last 12 months 633,000 people (12,115 a week) arrived in the UK while 306,000 people (5,885 a week) left giving a net migration figure of 327,000 (6,288 a week):

Apologies for ‘disappearing’

I’ve just tried to move my website from Webage, who were charging me £178 a year, to HostingUK, who charge about £40 a year.

I thought this would be simple. But as I found out from 12 years having to flog second-hand, not-fit-for-purpose IT systems for one of the world’s largest IT systems companies – […]

Afghanistan 2015. But is that 2015 AD? Or 2015 BC?

Here’s a heartwarming (for members of the Religion of Tolerance and Peace) video apparently of a 19-year-old girl being stoned to death for refusing to marry an older man.

It’s claimed that this was filmed in 2015. But would that be 2015 AD or 2015 BC?

Or perhaps the problem is that almost the whole […]

A message from the elites “Russia is our enemy, Islam is our friend”

The globalist elites seem to be panicking. As part of their project of replacing white Europeans and white Americans with inbred, low-IQ, violent, backwards, Third-World, excrement-covered savages they need to distract us plebs from what they’re really up to. In particular, they need to convince us that the invading Third-World locust armies of human filth […]

Turning Japanese, whooping and don’t believe the BBC gloating about France

Just some random thoughts today.

Turning Japanese

Hopefully some readers know what is meant by ‘turning Japanese’. But, apart from male orgasms, there could be another interpretation of the phrase ‘turning Japanese’.

I remember that in the 1960s (I think) there was a TV programme which presented clips from the most absurd TV around the […]