July 2014

The Israelis are making a mess, but the real war criminals get away with much worse

Oh dear, the Israelis are making a complete hash of things. International opinion seems to be firmly on the side of the Palestinians and I fear we may have reached what is fashionably called a ‘tipping point’. If the apparently one-sided carnage in Gaza continues, the world will become ever more anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian. The […]

House prices are too high. No they’re not. Yes they are. No. Yes. No. Yes

We seem to get an almost unending stream of articles in the press about house prices. Some ‘experts’ claim we’re in a house-price bubble and are heading for a crash. Others maintain housing is affordable pretty much everywhere apart from London and some parts of the South East.

So, who is right? The ‘bubble brigade’ […]

What’s the difference between “Man Cuts Off Own Penis” and “Britain’s Energy Policy”?

There was a story in the press a couple of months ago about a man with mental health problems cutting off his own penis and then jumping off a balcony in Los Angeles

I was reminded of this when I saw the demolition of the three cooling towers at Didcot power station a couple […]

Can Hamas’s “One State” solution bring peace to the Middle East?

It’s the weekend, so I’ll keep it short. For years, so-called experts have been wittering on about the need for a “Two State” solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The “Two State” solution, of course, envisages two countries – Israel and Palestine – living in peace beside each other with agreed borders.

But what these […]

We all like some nice holiday snaps

Today I wanted to show some ‘lovely’ holiday snaps taken by British, Australian, German and other nationalities currently on holiday in a couple of countries which are quite sunny.

These are not the sort of photos the BBC or our leaders tell us about.

Only for people with strong stomachs:….0…1ac.1.49.img..0.4.326.fN1VMSnUT34#hl=en&q=isis+beheading&tbm=isch


We all helped make these men very very rich – is that why they’re smiling?

Here are some happy, smiling and very rich men (click to see more clearly)

You probably don’t know who they are. But I do. I worked with a few of them when I was helping sell second-hand consultancy projects and often dud computer systems for the huge 140,000-employee IT firm Capgemini.

But […]

“Come on chaps”, said Dodgy Podgy Dave Cameron, “let’s start another World War”

Dodgy Dave isn’t having much success in Brussels of late. Dodgy keeps claiming that being in the EU lets Britain “punch above our weight” in world affairs. But Dodgy Podgy got outvoted 26 to 2 when he tried to stop the (IMHO) repulsive, greedy, corrupt, self-serving, euro-fantasist Jean-Claude Juncker become president of the European Commission.


Don’t believe Oxfam’s (IMHO) ‘lies’

Oxfam must be hoping to have raked in a few quid yesterday and today. Yesterday evening, Channel 4 showed an episode of Undercover Boss featuring some (IMHO) rather clueless dope who turned out to be Oxfam’s CEO (£108,775 a year plus £35,000 expenses). This allowed Oxfam to use the ad breaks to broadcast an appeal […]

Will the Dutch rabbits really threaten the Russian rhino?

I worked in Holland for a few years and enjoyed working with the Dutch. But the Dutch are, and always will be, abject cowards.

In the run-up to the Second World War, criticism of Nazi Germany in the Dutch media was censored in order to preserve Holland’s trading relationship with the Nazis. And in 1940, […]

Who will the Lefties blame if Israel is destroyed?

Israel has not been making too many friends over the last few days. And this weekend, the usual helpful fools were out demonstrating in support of the Palestinians and against ‘Israeli brutality’. The demonstrators didn’t seem worried about the fact that new Islamic State (IS) has slaughtered hundreds of innocents in cold blood by shooting, […]