May 2017
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We are at war! And we are losing! Still, who cares? Not our rulers!

Question: “How do you fight a war if you don’t admit you’re at war?”

Answer: “Badly – in fact, you lose”

Hopefully, following the Manchester massacre, all my readers know the proper procedure for reacting:

Step 1: Treacherous Izlumophiliac politicians and police quickly get on TV to announce “our thoughts and prayers are with the […]

The Manchester murderers – first pictures?

The police claim to be hunting for anyone responsible for the Manchester massacre.

They’ll no doubt try to look incredibly busy for a few days. They may even invite the TV cameras and press photographers to film them dramatically arresting a few people (before quietly letting them go a couple of days later). And after […]

Manchester……..What can I say?

How to react to yesterday evening’s Manchester attack?

From our rulers expect:

“Our thoughts are with the victims and their families” “This had nothing to do with Izlum” “Izlum is a religion of peace” “The bomber was a ‘lone wolf’ with psychological problems” “We are united and terrorists will never succeed in dividing us” “British […]

Ramadan – will 2017 be a record year?

Three small bits in today’s blog:

1. Two new books

There are two books which have recently been published daring to claim that the West is committing cultural, economic and civilisational suicide by importing millions of violent, illiterate, unemployable, intolerant, low-IQ, Third-World scum.

In Britain there’s Douglas Murray’s THE STRANGE DEATH OF EUROPE: Immigration, Identity, […]

Hey cousin! Let’s marry and produce dead babies or morons!

One London borough has just found (to their astonishment) that more than 20% of infant deaths between 2008 and 2016 were due to the parents being closely related.

A never-spoken-about problem with our ‘Asian’ friends is their inbreeding as a result of their long and deeply-ingrained practice of marrying first cousins — a practice that […]

Borrow, borrow, borrow!

Phew! What an exciting week it has been! We’ve had the main political parties launching their election manifestos. You can’t get much more exciting than that, can you?

And look at the enormous differences between the parties’ empty promises! It’s all so incredibly thrilling!

Still, at least there’s one certainty with today’s politicians – they […]

Welcome to Pakladesh! The world’s fastest growing ‘country’

I was so surprised by the figures I came across while researching yesterday’s blog about Pakladesh, that I’d like to continue the Pakladesh theme today.

You thought Africa was a basket case?

I’ve written previously that there is absolutely no need to send any aid to Africa. Why? Three main reasons:

Corruption – the organisation […]

Is Corbyn’s Bradford still part of Britain? Or part of Pakladesh?

Where is Bradford?

Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn chose the wonderful city of Bradford to launch the much-leaked Labour Party 2017 election manifesto.

My first reaction watching the launch was one of admiration. As some ridiculous Labour woman earnestly introduced barnstorming Jeremy as “Britain’s next Prime Minister”, I wondered how both she and the Corbyman could keep […]

Islamification is NOT happening! Pope is NOT Catholic! Bears do NOT s……………!

Successful integration?

Here’s a nice picture of successful racial integration from Holland:

Bezoek OBS vinkenbuurt aan moskee Zwolle

Aww, how sweet to see Western children adapting so effortlessly to the future.

And here’s an even nicer picture of successful racial integration from the UK:

It seems that our children are now […]

“Palestinians want peace!” Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

I just don’t know what the Israelis are so worried about. During his recent visit to the White House on May 3rd to meet President Donald Trump, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said: “Mr. President, I affirm to you that we are raising our children and our grandchildren on a culture of peace.”

There you […]