October 2018
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Rejoice!!!!! Trump cuts all aid to the corrupt, barbarous, hate-filled Palestinians

(weekend blog)

The latest wonderful news from the US will have the progressive, Izlumophiliac libtards at the BBC and C4 News foaming at the mouth.

First President Trump froze $125 million in aid to UNRWA. (The full name of the UNRWA is United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East). […]

How our lying charities perpetuate poverty

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Readers will all be aware of the current wave of scandals hitting our politically-correct, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, greed-driven charities. It appears that many charity and aid workers with big salaries and even bigger expense accounts – the Lords of Poverty – sent to poor countries and disaster zones were exploiting their positions of wealth […]

Zimbabwe – an ‘African Spring’? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

The ‘Arab Spring’ (sorry, I meant ‘Arab Winter’)

Remember the ‘Arab Spring’? Remember the BBC and C4 News and the rest of the mainstream media hyperventilating about a “new era” in the Arab world, about people just like us wanting freedom from their ruling dictators, about democracy sweeping across the Middle East?

Nobody talks much […]

Give generously! The world’s David Milibands need your money!

Please, please give generously. Charity bosses like David “multimillionaire” Miliband desperately need your money.

I’ve just been subjected to yet another charity TV ad bleating about how we need to give money. This one seemed to suggest that we had a moral duty to hand over our money to some Moozerlum sh*thole, “Yemen”, where Sunnis […]

The great “Africa needs more money” lie

The invasion and the lies

The invading hordes from Africa continue to pour into Europe at a rate of at least 20,000 a week (over one million a year):

At first we were told that it was our humanitarian duty to ‘rescue’ them from drowning. But slowly we’ve started to realise that […]

Welcome to Pakladesh! The world’s fastest growing ‘country’

I was so surprised by the figures I came across while researching yesterday’s blog about Pakladesh, that I’d like to continue the Pakladesh theme today.

You thought Africa was a basket case?

I’ve written previously that there is absolutely no need to send any aid to Africa. Why? Three main reasons:

Corruption – the organisation […]

There’s no famine in Africa – just overpopulation, corruption, backwardness and violence

Here we go again. Yawn! Yet another supposed famine in Africa. And the useless, corrupt, Islamophiliac UN is claiming that the world is possibly facing “the greatest humanitarian disaster in 60 years”.

So, prepare yourself for endless BBC and Channel 4 reports showing starving children and endless charity TV ads featuring multimillionaire, tax-avoiding, virtue-signalling celebs […]

Drought in Ethiopia? It’s all a pack of lies!

I wanted to stick with Africa for my weekend blog as I had some thoughts that may be relevant to the perpetual appeals we get to give money to starving, drought-hit Ethiopians and Eritreans and other primitives who live in the Horn of Africa.

Firstly, there have been supposed ‘droughts’ in the Horn of Africa […]

Remember those starving African babies we saved?

Like me, you’ve probably been giving money to charities for years to save starving African babies. And like me, you were probably bombarded over the Christmas period by appeals for money to (yup, you guessed it) save starving African babies.

So, why are African babies still starving?

When most people think of foreign […]

The problem is – there are too many Syrians (and Yemenis and……………..)

Rejoice! Rejoice! Assad is winning! Obama is losing!

Be happy! Be overjoyed! There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation. The Western-educated, religiously-tolerant Syrian president Bashar ‘Basher’ Al-Assad finally seems to be making military progress against the crazy, inbred, IQ-deficient, West-loathing, rape-obsessed, bearded morons so eagerly supported by Hussein Obama […]