April 2017
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There’s no famine in Africa – just overpopulation, corruption, backwardness and violence

Here we go again. Yawn! Yet another supposed famine in Africa. And the useless, corrupt, Islamophiliac UN is claiming that the world is possibly facing “the greatest humanitarian disaster in 60 years”.

So, prepare yourself for endless BBC and Channel 4 reports showing starving children and endless charity TV ads featuring multimillionaire, tax-avoiding, virtue-signalling celebs […]

Drought in Ethiopia? It’s all a pack of lies!

I wanted to stick with Africa for my weekend blog as I had some thoughts that may be relevant to the perpetual appeals we get to give money to starving, drought-hit Ethiopians and Eritreans and other primitives who live in the Horn of Africa.

Firstly, there have been supposed ‘droughts’ in the Horn of Africa […]

Remember those starving African babies we saved?

Like me, you’ve probably been giving money to charities for years to save starving African babies. And like me, you were probably bombarded over the Christmas period by appeals for money to (yup, you guessed it) save starving African babies.

So, why are African babies still starving?

When most people think of foreign […]

The problem is – there are too many Syrians (and Yemenis and……………..)

Rejoice! Rejoice! Assad is winning! Obama is losing!

Be happy! Be overjoyed! There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation. The Western-educated, religiously-tolerant Syrian president Bashar ‘Basher’ Al-Assad finally seems to be making military progress against the crazy, inbred, IQ-deficient, West-loathing, rape-obsessed, bearded morons so eagerly supported by Hussein Obama […]