Our useless leaders have just “stolen” £100,000 from me, probably from you and from millions of others – but nobody seems to have noticed

For over 30 years, I have paid National Insurance (NI) contributions. Like millions of others, I have paid these on the understanding that I would be entitled to a full state pension and that my wife would be entitled to 60% of the state pension because of my NI payments. I realise that there has […]

Would you buy shares in Great Britain Ltd?

Let’s imagine a friend or financial adviser called you up and suggested you invest your life savings in a company called Great Britain Ltd (GBL).

Your first question might be, “could you tell me a bit about GBL’s management?”

“Well”, your contact replies, “the CEO used to work in the PR department and has never […]

Look at all the benefits we give in Benefits Britain! We’re so generous, it makes you want to weep

As our useless Government pretends to be making an effort to cut our completely unaffordable benefits bill, let’s look at the huge amounts we shower on people who come to the UK and British people who have never contributed anything.

Even if you’ve never worked in Britain and have never paid a penny in National […]

Want to bring your Asian relatives to Benefits Britain? BBC advises you to use the “Surinder Singh” route

– Is your family originally from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh?

– Do you have relatives still there who’d rather like to come and live in Benefits Britain?

– Are you a bit worried that even Britain’s hopelessly relaxed and rarely applied immigration rules might be a problem?

Don’t worry. The BBC’s Asian Service can help. […]

Our leaders’ great plan – give guns to the people who hate us

I’ll keep it short today.

Here’s a brief (1 min 30 secs) YouTube video of some Syrian “freedom fighters”. No, this time they’re not eating internal body parts of dead government soldiers. Here they’re celebrating the 9/11 attacks and the large number of Americans and others killed in the attacks.

These are the people […]

What will you get for your lifetime’s NI payments? A state pension? Or nowt?

A few years ago, the Government reduced the number of years NI payments needed to qualify for a state pension from 40 years to 30 years. This was intended to help many women, who might have taken a few years off work to bring up a family, still be eligible for a pension.

But now […]

What explains Miliband’s and Balls’s sudden conversion to fiscal discipline? Could it be that pesky EU?

A few weeks ago, our useless (obedient) journalists were all giving their “valuable” opinions about whether or not single-sex marriage (SSM) should be allowed. What none of them dared tell us (presumably under orders from their bosses) was that the reason SSM was being hurriedly legalised in Britain and France was due to a ruling […]

For legal reasons I must be careful what I write about Charles Saatchi

Obviously, one has to be very careful when writing about a very rich individual. So I will be very careful as I’m very poor and don’t want to become even poorer – if that’s possible.

We now know that Mr Saatchi has accepted a police caution over what he called a “playful tiff” that was […]

Shock! Horror! Surprise! Amazement! Could the sun be responsible for global temperatures?

(My thanks to one of my readers for pointing out the stunningly obvious that none of the “experts” seem to have noticed)

If you put your sunglasses on and look up at the Sun, you’ll see it’s quite small. Smaller even than your finger nail. But the Sun is actually rather big – 1.3 million […]

Why are British voters so stupid?

Here’s a brief explanation of how the British political system works:

Voter votes for politician.

Politician says to voter, “You were paid £600 this week – give me £300”.

Voter: “Why should I?”

Politician: ” Because I’ll give you lots of wonderful public services. And think of all the underprivileged people you’ll be helping. […]