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BBC and C4 News refuse to report the most important story of the last 30 years

(Weekend blog)

The climate king has no clothes

This week, the thoroughly politicised and discredited IPCC produced yet another of its ‘doom and gloom’, ‘the world is about to end’ ‘Climate Catastrophe’ reports. This latest prediction of disaster was widely reported in all the UK mainstream media. The UK mainstream media also devoted considerable time to reporting the latest rantings from Mad Greta the Absurd and the fact that our very own climate expert and hen-pecked husband of the year, Harry Windsor, fully supported all the apocalyptic warnings the psychologically-damaged Saint Greta spewed out.

But, of course, there was one story all the British mainstream media chose to ignore – the fact that around 500 climate experts have just written to the UN Secretary-General claiming there is no climate emergency as the ecofascists’ models and predictions are fatally flawed. Here’s the letter:

Given the importance of this letter, you might have thought it would get a mention in the British mainstream media. After all, if the human race is not about to be wiped out in a climate catastrophe within the next twelve years, that’s a pretty important story. But no mention of this by the worthless BBC or C4 News ecofascist alarmists.

Shame on them – lying, dishonest, self-serving, lefty, progressive libtard scumbags.

Australia not drowning – but don’t mention this!

Here are some nice pictures of Fort Denison in Sydney harbour (Australia) over the last 140 years:

Fort Denison, part of the Sydney Harbour National Park, is a protected national park that is a heritage-listed former penal site and defensive facility occupying a small island in Sydney harbour.

And here is a graph of sea level ‘rise’ in Sydney harbour:

Phew. No need to panic yet about rising sea levels and flooding of coastal cities in spite of the warnings from the garbage-spouting IPCC.

What about the hosepipe ban?

What a miserable summer we’ve had. Yes there were a few warm days and then a bit of an Indian Summer at the start of September. But apart from that, it has been a bit of a washout. So you might have forgotten that, at the start of June, a group of environmental organisations in the UK wrote to the Environment Agency’s chief executive demanding an immediate hosepipe ban. Here’s part of a report from the Independent newspaper:

Rivers in the south east of England are reaching “crisis point” and must be saved with an immediate hosepipe ban, campaigners have warned. Several groups have written to the Environment Agency’s chief executive, Sir James Bevan, warning that falling water levels are putting wildlife at risk after last summer’s heatwave and a dry winter. They urged him to force water companies to implement “restrictions and temporary use bans” now rather than wait for further damage to be done

Since then, the rain has bucketed down and we’ve even had several rivers flooding. But we haven’t had an apology from the campaigners who, like all alarmist ecofascists, always get it wrong and never apologise.

Saint Greta’s ‘lost childhood’?

Brainwashed ecoloon Saint Greta, wanders around the world sailing in luxury yachts, speaking at international conferences, being showered with slavering adulation by virtue-signalling politicians and celebs and picking up enough libtard points to get a lucrative Nobel Prize while she claims her childhood has been lost because we’re all going to die soon in a Climate Catastrophe. Here are some children whose childhoods really have been lost as they’re forced to mine cobalt to make the solar panels the ecofascists demand we use to replace fossil fuels:

What about mentioning their childhoods, Greta, patron saint of hypocrites?

5 comments to BBC and C4 News refuse to report the most important story of the last 30 years

  • A Thorpe

    I made a reference to the UN letter on a climate blog and the response was that they are just a group of deniers and it has all been heard before, the science is settled, etc. One even said that a list of 500 names did not mean they had a valid argument. But it is OK when 97% of scientists (unnamed) claim to support human caused global warming. Consensus, which is not science, apparently only applies in certain cases. However, it is a pity the full list of names has not been published yet which does leave them open to criticism.

    I’m pleased you pointed out that Harry has suddenly become an expert on science after dropping out of education when he left Eton.

  • William Boreham

    “What a miserable summer we’ve had. Yes there were a few warm days and then a bit of an Indian Summer at the start of September.” I wouldn’t exactly call it a ’miserable’ summer up my way, but I see they used the so-called ‘all time highest’ recorded temperature of over 101 degrees in Cambridge in July as yet more evidence of global warming, claiming the last ten years have been the hottest period ever in the UK. Personally, I don’t feel the weather has changed that much since I was a nipper in the 30’s, the hottest summer I recall, that of 76. Remember when they were giving us advice on how to grow tropical plants, grapes, oranges, lemons, etc in our gardens when the anticipated Mediterranean climate arrives? I wish, millions still have to fly off south seeking guaranteed sunshine to this day. So now, conveniently, global warming became climate change, a catch-all term meaning whatever you want it to be.

  • A Thorpe

    If anybody is interested in looking up the analysis of past temperature records, which Tony Heller does in his videos, I recommend looking up papers by Darko Butina. Here is a link to one of them

    I’m just starting to read his work, and this is what he says: “What is fundamental to understand is that our planet is a very complex network of local temperatures and before we can make any statements about global temperature patterns, we must first understand the local temperature patterns. Only if every single local pattern moves in the same direction, either heating up or cooling down, can one describe those trends as “global”.” I haven’t seen the issue expressed so clearly before and it surely is so obvious that even Greta would realise she is wrong.

  • David Craig

    I worry that he has spelt warming – “worming”. While obviously not a scientific error, it is careless and undermines his credibility.

  • David Crete

    IF global warming really was an issue, and I agree I don’t believe it is, then we would have to accept the real and only cause is an excess of human beings on our planet using up, chopping down, burning etc. NO POLITICIAN from any country in the whole world has dared to say we must control our populations. Imagine the outcry. People see it as a right to reproduce.
    Now do these climate change protesters want to discuss and implement mass sterilisation policies to get the number of people back to a sustainable level? I thought not!

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