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Hey universities – time to sack some useless professors?

(Sunday/Monday blog)

At the moment I’m wasting many hours in what is turning out to be a totally pointless activity. I’m emailing professors and teachers in university education departments to tell them about my latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON and to suggest that my book could be recommended reading for students studying education.

The reaction has been incredible. Following over 200 emails I sent personally to academics at around 20 universities, just one copy of my book has been sold. Yup, 99.5% of those academics I contacted showed absolutely no interest and no curiosity. They didn’t want to know about my book, they didn’t want to read my book and they certainly didn’t want to recommend my book to their students:

But, while collecting the names and email addresses of professors and other worthies teaching education at our universities, I started to wonder about several things. In particular, I wondered why there were so many of the buggers. After all, British schools are widely recognised as failing. So, what are we paying all these genius professors of education for?

Every three years there’s an international study of school standards – the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) survey. In reading, the UK fell from 7th in the rankings in 2003 to 17th in 2006 to 22nd by the latest survey in 2015. Maths was even worse – from 8th in 2003 to 24th by 2006 to 27th by 2015. And the UK’s ranking in science wan’t too chirpy either – from an impressive 4th in 2003 to 14th by 2006 to 15th by 2015.

So, what exactly are all our professors of education doing for us and for their big salaries, easy lives and generous pensions?

Let’s just take Nottingham University Education Department as an example. There are plenty more university education departments with a similar profile to Nottingham.

How many professors of education do you think there are at Nottingham University Education Department? Ten? Maybe even twenty? Or could there possibly be as many as thirty of these august, highly-qualified, impressively-titled, well-paid individuals? I know thirty professors seems a lot. But perhaps it’s possible that Nottingham University Education Department thinks it needs as many as thirty professors?

Actually, there are no fewer than 72 professors just in the Education Department at Nottingham University. Seventy two!

But Nottingham University Education Department apparently can’t deliver its amazing high-quality education with a mere 72 professors. In addition to its 72 professors, Nottingham University Education Department employs a further 30 teaching staff. In fact, I wonder how many people working for glorious Nottingham University – from car park attendants to toilet cleaners – who isn’t a professor?

Of course, a pig-ignorant pleb like me doesn’t know much about how a university education department runs. But having worked in around 100 organisations in fifteen countries, I can recognise massive over-staffing when it hits me in the face. FFS – how can the Nottingham University Education Department possibly need 72 professors?

Given how badly our schools are performing as they churn out thousands of school-leavers who cannot even read, write and do simple arithmetic after twelve years of classroom ‘learning’, why don’t university education departments sack half their proliferation of professors and send them off into schools to do some real work? After all, if these professors are so f**k**g brilliant at education, surely they would do more good for our country’s failing education system by getting in front of a class of unruly, learning-allergic, undisciplined, social-media-obsessed children instead of hiding away in the safety of universities like Nottingham?

So, come on university education departments. Do something useful. Fire half your teeming crowds of puffed-up, self-important, overpaid, over-pensioned, under-performing professors and let’s see them earning their living for a change!

Though, they might get a shock if they ever had to enter the real world of education!

So many stories the UK media “forget” to report

(weekend blog)

Who is more popular? Trump or May?

We’re constantly told how unpopular democratically-elected president Donald Trump is. And the BBC and C4 News wet their expensive designer knickers every time there’s an anti-Trump story. But we’re never told that Trump is constantly holding rallies for his supporters:

And we’re never told he is so popular that the organisers often have to erect large TV screens outside the venues as there’s not usually enough room for all those supporters who want to attend as they had to do in Missouri last week

I wonder how many people would turn up if Theresa May were to hold a rally at say Wembley? Ten? Five? Or possibly fewer?

Free speech banned in France?

Meanwhile in France – supposedly the home of liberté, égalité and fraternité – the leader of the only patriotic political party has been ordered by a court to undergo a psychiatric examination for posting 3 images on Twitter of an ISIS beheading:

There’s no outrage by the French authorities at the beheadings. In fact, French rulers seem to welcome back ISIS fighters into their country without the slightest attempt to prosecute them. But should any French citizen try to warn the French public of the dangers of Izlumic fanaticism, then the French authorities desperately try to silence them. After all, Macron and Soros and their band of West-hating, globalist, supposed progressives wouldn’t want people getting the wrong idea about our favourite religion.

Free speech banned in Britain?

Meanwhile back in Britain, our Moozerlum Home Secretary seems to be behind a move to drag Tommy Robinson back to prison where, no doubt, the plan is that he’ll be murdered by our friends from the great religion. (Hey, we still haven’t had the autopsy results on how Kevin Crehan died. Odd that?)

The government is alleging that Tommy prejudiced a Muslim paedophile rape gang trial by filming outside the courthouse in May. The UK authorities claim that Tommy could have wrecked the case, and set those accused rapists free. But that’s a lie, he didn’t prejudice the trial, the trial concluded successfully. That’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a fact.

So, now they are trying to put Tommy away again and the trial is happening on Thursday, September 27th at the Old Bailey central criminal courts. The charge against him is ‘contempt of court’ which is not a crime, and until now, always results in just a fine. Moreover, to try to puff up the importance of the case, they’re putting him on trial in a court usually reserved for murderers and the like.

Canada – dangerous for Asian girls?

Here are a couple of photos of a lovely Chinese/Canadian girl – Marrisa Shen:

Marrisa was only 13 years old when she was murdered (I assume after being raped) by Syrian ‘rapefugee’ Ibrahim Ali, 28, who had only been in Canada for three months before he decided to rape and murder Marrisa Shen. Superintendent Donna Richardson, the officer in charge of the investigation, called for the public to remain calm and not make generalisations about the revelation that Ali was a refugee. “By and large, our refugees that come to the country are hardworking citizens who are very happy to be in Canada. I hope that we look at this incident for what it is: a one-off situation,” she said at a press conference on Monday. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! They do have a sense of humour these Canadians.

Women do have penises

And finally a story of our world going mad which was picked up by the British media. A student editor at free-speech-hating Durham University has been fired for supposed “transphobia” after he tweeted an article from the Spectator Magazine titled ‘Women don’t have penises’.

Angelos Sofocleous, assistant editor at Durham University’s philosophy journal ‘Critique’, was sacked from his post after just three days for writing a tweet deemed ‘transphobic’ by fellow students.

Well, I’ve been doing a bit of research and realised that I was wrong and I was “transphobic”. Yes, I found out that women do, in fact, have penises:

No wonder the guy was sacked. Repeat after me “Women do have penises. Women do have penises. Women do………”

And if you don’t believe that women have penises then you too are clearly ignorant and guilty of “transphobia”.

Yippeee! We’re all going mad!

Lots of Christians killed this week – silence from the useless Pope and Christian-hating media

(Friday blog)

It’s been a busy few days for our friends from the Religion of Peace. Busy in terms of murdering Christians.

In the Central African Republic, members of the world’s favourite religion hacked around 42 Christian women to death with machetes. Of course, they could have just shot them. But that wouldn’t have been as much fun, would it?

Moreover, I reckon that close to 100 Christians have been slaughtered in several attacks in Nigeria including 35 women who drowned while trying to escape from Religion of Peace murderers.

And, of course, there have been a few churches attacked and burnt down (usually with Christians inside – much more fun, you see) in several of the usual countries.

But today, I’d like to highlight the story of Faraz Ahmed Badar who, unfortunately for him, was an educated Christian in that backward, primitive, excrement-covered Religion of Peace hell-hole Pakistan.

Faraz Ahmed Badar was a 26-year-old pharmacist. He worked at the DHQ Hospital in Gujaranwala somewhere in Crapistan. He was harassed by a Muslim colleague who did not accept the fact that a Christian could hold a position higher than his own:

The 26 years old Christian, who had recently graduated in pharmacy, had been working for about two years as a manager at the DHQ Hospital in the city of Gujaranwala.

On 5 September, while he was ending his shift around 2 am, he was attacked with acid by a man with a covered face, who is still untraceable. He was found and transported first to a private hospital, then to the Mayo Hospital in Lahore, where he eventually died on 15 September after 10 days of agony.

Both hospitals could not do much to save the young life of the Christian. In addition to very serious burns on his face, the doctors found signs of earlier torture on his body. His father Badar Masih told the British Pakistani Christian Association (Bpca) that it was not the first time that Faraz had been attacked. “There was a lot of jealousy at work” he said. “We live in a culture without mercy where Christians often become victims because of their vulnerable status “.

Badar’s father told of repeated episodes of religious discrimination: “He was regularly harassed by a M*sl*m colleague who did not accept the fact that a Christian could hold a position higher than his own. Ours is a bigoted country and many M*sl*ms believe that all Christians should be scavengers, not managers. They call us ‘Chura’, which means ‘untouchable scavengers’ “.

Badar’s family reports that a few months ago the young man had been the victim of another episode of violence. Encircled by a group of men wearing masks, they had stuck their boots in his mouth, claiming that “a Christian is not even able to lick their shoes”. His father adds: “They threatened to kill him unless Faraz left his job. They said that his spiritual impurity contaminated the health of ‘pure Muslims’ “.

“We have informed the police of the incident but they have ignored us because we are Christians”,  the father concluded.

I had thought that the Pope was a Christian. But he doesn’t seem to give a damn about what happens to Christians. He’s too busy grovelling to members of the Religion of Peace:

As for the BBC and C4 News – they’re only interested in stories of supposed right-wingers saying rude things to women dressed as Darth Vader on a bad hair day. They’re not interested in reporting the genocide of Christians across the Third World.

Is it really worth going to university?

(Thursday blog)

Here’s an article I had published on the Internet yesterday and following the article is a short musical video of my latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON

About thirty years ago, there were around 800,000 students in UK higher education (HE). Now there are more than 2.3million. In the 1980s, fewer than one in six school-leavers went on to HE. Now about half will go to university or a HE college. Moreover, a survey conducted by the Institute for Education found that 97 per cent of parents wanted their children to go to university. But is a Uni education really the best decision for so many school-leavers?

Since the 1960s, it has been the policy of successive governments that the more young people who went on to HE, the more our country would benefit. However, despite a tripling in the number of university graduates since the 1980s, many UK employers have been struggling to find qualified job applicants, especially in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects, and have increasingly been forced to recruit from abroad to fill their more skilled positions.

As for university students, a massive surplus of graduates flooding on to the jobs market has made it increasingly difficult for them to find the graduate jobs they were as good as promised by the universities’ glossy marketing materials. In one year, there were more than 15,000 psychology graduates but only 720 training places available. Similarly, universities were educating around 8,500 forensic science students in the UK and yet there are only around 2,000 people working in the sector. A typical forensic science job may have over 1,000 applicants. One police chief described forensic science degrees as ‘a savage waste of young people’s time and parents’ money’. Even in law, a subject where a student might have a reasonable expectation of a job and a career, our universities are churning out over 17,000 law graduates a year for only 5,400 training places. More than one in ten childminders now have degrees, as do one in six call-centre staff and about one in four air cabin crew and theme park attendants.

There are at least two problems with the way our universities have expanded. Firstly, to find enough school-leavers to fill their courses, many universities have significantly lowered their entrance requirements. Recent figures show that 51 per cent of school-leavers were accepted into university with 3 Ds or lower at A-level. One university had a staggering 97 courses available for students with just 2 Es.

A second issue is that much of the universities’ expansion has occurred in subjects where there is no clearly identifiable need in the jobs market. Despite a tripling in the number of HE students since the early 1980s, the number studying engineering, pure maths, chemistry and architecture fell. But there were massive increases in the numbers studying psychology, social sciences, media studies, photography, forensic science, gender studies and creative arts and design.

Since 2012, universities have been able to charge students up to £9,250 a year plus inflation. The results are striking. Average student debt shot up from around £19,000 before the fees increase to about £59,000 in 2018. Latest estimates from the Institute of Fiscal Studies are that 83 per cent of students will be unable to repay their debts in full. Other calculations suggest that less than half the money loaned to students by taxpayers will be repaid. As for the hundreds of thousands of students who will graduate with little to no chance of ever finding a graduate job, much of their working lives will be blighted by their massive debts which will hinder their chances of achieving the rites of passage young adults expect – moving away from home, buying a property, getting married, having children.

Meanwhile the universities seem to be drowning in money since the fees increase. In just a few years, total university reserves have shot up from around £14billion to more than £44billion. This has led to a building spree as they splash the cash on new facilities and campuses in the expectation of ever-rising student numbers.

However, as ever more graduates flood on to the jobs market with huge debts and little chance of a job enabling them to repay those debts, disillusionment in a university education may spread. People will realise that the universities and the politicians have mis-sold the benefits of their increasingly dumbed-down and often worthless degrees. Students and parents will be livid when heavily-indebted graduates cannot find graduate jobs and they understand that billions have been paid to universities for little in return. Already we are seeing students suing their universities for misleading them into taking courses that had no chance of ever living up to the golden promises in the universities’ marketing prospectuses, and several universities have been forced by the Advertising Standards Authority to withdraw inaccurate claims in their marketing material.

Of course, university is the right choice for school-leavers intending to study serious subjects at reputable institutions. But school-leavers and their parents need to consider seriously whether a degree in cultural studies from the University of Nowhere really is worth three years and £60,000 in tuition fees and living expenses.

Even the UN admits Sweden is f****d

(Wednesday blog)

The UN is working on producing something called the Human Development Index (HDI). The HDI classes countries according to quality of life factors such as healthcare, education, employment, housing, crime levels etc.

One group of countries in the UN HDI are those considered to have a very high HDI. You can see a list of those countries here:

This list shows the actual positions for countries in 2010 and 2015 and the projected positions of those countries in 2020, 2025 and 2030. Most countries stay at around the same position in each of the lists. But there are two glaring exceptions: Sweden and Belgium.

Here’s Sweden’s position: 2010 – 15, 2015 – 25, 2020 – 25, 2025 – 36, 2030 – 45

And Belgium’s position: 2010 – 17, 2015 – 24, 2020 – 24, 2025 – 31, 2030 – 40

Here’s the bottom part of the HDI list for countries with a high HDI in 2030. Sweden, once wealthy, developed, civilised, peaceful, successful Sweden is forecast to provide a lower quality of life for its citizens than countries like Cuba, Argentina, Mexico and Libya:

30  Poland 943
31  Qatar 941
32  Cuba 939
33  Latvia 936
34  UAE 934
35  Lithuania 934
36  Portugal 933
37  Mexico 923
38  Bahrain 921
39  Costa Rica 920
40  Belgium 920
41  Bulgaria 918
42  Kuwait 909
43  Argentina 908
44  Libya 907
45  Sweden 906

I wonder if the dopey, lefty, rapefugee-loving Swedes are aware of their bright future?

Of course, this is just a forecast, but it’s telling us something.

So, what do Sweden and Belgium have in common? Ummm, well. I can only think of one thing – they both have massive and rapidly increasing immigrant populations, they both have large areas of their main cities that are filthy, violent, sh*t-hole Third-World no-go areas.

This gives me an excuse to show some Swedish totty:

And the reality Swedes now have to face:

This is quite ironic really. On the one hand, the virtue-signalling, progressive, libtard UN is forever preaching to us that we need more immigration and more multi-cultural enrichment:

Yet, on the other hand, the UN’s own figures are telling us that the higher immigration is to a country, the lower will be the quality of life in that country.

As for the stupid, cowardly Swedes and Belgians they keep voting for ever more diversity and ever more multi-cultural enrichment. So they’re getting what they wanted – the transformation of their countries into Third-World hell-holes:

The worst fake Climate Change news report ever?

(Tuesday blog)

The Greenies and the lefties and all the other supposedly progressive, caring, Trump-hating Warmies will go to huge lengths to try to con us into believing their Climate Change (or Global Warming or whatever it’s called this week) lies. But with this example, surely even they have gone too far?

Click on the picture of the storm cloud below and it will take you to a report from the Weather Channel on Hurricane Florence.

There are only a couple of problems with the report:

  • the TV reporter is pretending to be battling against fearsome, life-threatening hurricane winds, but in the background you can see some people wandering past wearing light jackets and shorts
  • the wind is actually coming from behind the supposed reporter, yet he’s pretending to be bravely trying to face into the wind

Disappointingly for the mainstream media, by the time Hurricane Florence reached land it had been downgraded to a “tropical storm” – absolutely not the news the Warmies wanted to report! The Warmies wanted stories of massive destruction to frighten us all into believing their dire predictions of imminent climate catastrophe. Especially as some US media are already blaming Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change talking shop for Hurricane Florence.

How low will the greeny, warmy, brain-dead, progressive, lefty, libtard fascists sink when peddling their utter lies?

We’ve already had the idiot Greenies twice getting stuck in ice while trying to prove the polar ice caps were melting.

Now enjoy the Greenies once again making fools of themselves:

Fake News is Unbelievable – When is Enough going to be Enough

Time to investigate the investigators for collusion?

(Monday blog)

Here we go again – BBC News and C4 News are having orgasms while reporting the latest attacks on Trump. Last week the attacks included yet another book (this one by some journalist who was famous forty years ago) and an anonymous source in the White House supposedly writing a letter op-ed piece for the Trump-hating, Obama-loving, Clinton-arselicking New York Times which (surprise surprise) just happens to be run by (IMHO) former lefty, progressive, perpetually-baised, rapefugee-hugging, Europhiliac BBC boss Mark Thompson.

This week we hear that Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is to cooperate with the Mueller investigation. This news has the Trump-loathing media squealing like emotionally-incontinent 10-year-old girls at a Justin Bieber concert and once again predicting that Trump is finished.

But, given how biased our media are, are we being tricked into believing that Trump is really in trouble?

So, here’s a brief piece from Fox News featuring Trump’s lawyer, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. I realise that Fox News is just as biased for Trump as the Clinton News Network is biased against him. But at least this interview gives a side to the Trump story that we would never hear on any UK mainstream media.

Actually it’s quite amusing – the more successful Trump is and the more the US economy grows and the more Trump succeeds with trade deals, the more rabid, demented and furious the lefty Democrats become.

As for collusion – of course there has been collusion, massive collusion. There was collusion between the CIA, FBI and US Department of Justice to get Crooked Hillary Clinton elected. Then, when Trump won, the CIA, FBI and Department of Justice have colluded in trying to destroy Trump by exposing the supposed “Russian Connection”. Yet, after over two years of supposed ‘investigations’, not a shred of evidence of the “Russian Connection” has been found. “Go figure” as the Americans might say

If there’s to be any real investigation, it should be focused on how Mueller and Comey and Clinton and swarms of other establishment insiders have colluded to overthrow a democratically-elected president:

I’m a deplorable, little-Englander, uneducated, thick, waasssiissst, backwards, bigoted moron!

(weekend blog)

The wonderful Pat Condell is back.

Here he explains why people like me – people who voted to leave the corrupt, undemocratic, free-speech-hating, oppressive, failing EU – are considered by the progressive, libtard,virtue-signalling, rapefugee-hugging, holier-than-thou elites who control our politics, media and education system to be deplorable, little-Englander, uneducated, thick, waasssiisssttt, backwards, hate-filled morons.

Here’s Pat Condell – enjoy?

“Her penis was erect and sticking out of the top of her trousers”

(Friday blog)

Here’s a tough question for you

Can you spot anything wrong with the headline of today’s blog:

Her penis was erect and sticking out of the top of her trousers”.

It’s obviously a difficult question as the British prison authorities were unable to find the answer.

So, assuming you’re as stupid as those idiots who run our prisons, I’ll give you a subtle hint:

This story, of course, concerns a self-identifying transgender person convicted of multiple rapes and sexual abuse of a child who carried out sex attacks on fellow inmates within days of being remanded into a women’s prison.

Convicted at Leeds Crown Court of three rapes, Karen White, who was previously known as David Thompson and born Stephen Wood, was sent to HMP New Hall in September 2017 after authorities heard the 52-year-old identified as a woman:

(I’m not surprised he/she is smiling as they get sent to a prison where he/she is the only person with a fully functional penis)

The prison service has apologised after White admitted to two counts of sexual assault against two women while in prison, while a judge ordered two further charges of sex attacks on fellow inmates to remain on file. Personally, I would have thought that he/she would have been the most popular ‘woman’ in the women’s prison given that he/she had a dick. But hey, what do I know?

White, who had previously been jailed for 18 months in 2001 after committing offences of indecent assault and gross indecency with a child, carried out the first attack within days of arriving at the all-women prison, according to prosecutor Charlotte Dangerfield. She told a hearing at Leeds Magistrates’ Court: “The defendant would stand very close to [another prisoner], touch her arm and wink at her. Her penis was erect and sticking out of the top of her trousers.”

Help us Nigel

And in this age of total madness, the first couple of minutes of this video feature the indomitable Nigel Farage lambasting the socialist libtards who run the corrupt, undemocratic EU for the way the EU is treating Hungary and Hungary’s democratically-elected leader, Viktor Orban.

With people like Farage and Orban around, perhaps there’s still some hope for us?

Feeling sad? Quick, call the South Yorkshire police!

(Thursday blog)

Remember the South Yorkshire police? They’re the ones who looked the other way for at least 15 years while ‘Asian’ gangs were raping and brutalising thousands of underage white girls in many towns in their area. Maybe some of South Yorkshire’s Boys (and butch Girls?) in Blue were even enthusiastically participating in the rapes? Who knows?

Anyway, South Yorkshire’s finest apparently have so little crime to deal with that they’re asking the public to contact them about any incident or comment on the Internet or Tweet or blog or whatever – whether criminal or not – which makes them feel “sad” or “upset”.

Here’s the whole story including an interview a clearly exasperated Julia Hartley-Brewer did with South Yorkshire’s wrongly-titled Police and Crime Commissioner. Perhaps he should be called the “Thought Police and non-Crime Commissioner”?

Please read this and weep for your once great country.

As for me, the spineless, treacherous, libtard, limp-wristed, politically-correct behaviour of the South Yorkshire police makes me “sad” and “upset”. Does this mean I should report the South Yorkshire police to the South Yorkshire police?

Here’s a link to the story: