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Does Feminism make you Fat?

(Weekend blog)

There really is some rubbish floating around on the Internet. And here’s just one example:

It’s Paul Joseph Watson claiming that most feminists are feminists because they’re fat, lazy and ugly and don’t bother looking after themselves. That most feminists are “quadruple baggers” or worse.

Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous in your life?

I, of course, being one hundred million percent politically-correct at all times, totally disagree with everything mentioned in the video.

Enjoy your long weekend – even if you’re an angry, expletive-spewing supposed ‘feminist’:

‘Peaceful’ Rohingas do a bit of slaughtering too

(Friday blog)

I suppose that the main purpose in writing a blog like this is to bring my small but exclusive band of readers stories, facts and figures that the politically-correct mainstream media wouldn’t touch with a well-sterilised bargepole.

So, here’s one that you definitely won’t see on the BBC or C4 News. And this isn’t fake news, it’s a report by none other than lefty libtard Amnesty International.

Maybe the Rohingas aren’t quite as peaceful and lovely as our mainstream media likes to claim?

YANGON: Rohingya militants massacred Hindu villagers during last year’s uprising in Myanmar’s RakhineAmnesty International said today in a report that sheds fresh light on the complex ethnic rivalries in the state.

The killings took place on August 25, 2017, the report said, the same day that the Rohingya insurgents staged coordinated deadly raids on police posts that tipped the state into crisis.

Myanmar’s military responded to the insurgent raids with harsh reprisals that forced some 7,00,000 Rohingya Muslims out of the mainly Buddhist country where they have faced persecution for years.

The UN says the army crackdown amounted to “ethnic cleansing” of the Rohingya, with soldiers and vigilante mobs accused of killing civilians and burning down villages.

But the Rohingya militants have also been accused of abuses. Those include the mass killing of Hindus in the far north of Rakhine, where the military took reporters — including AFP — to witness the exhumation of putrid bodies from a grave in September.

The militants, known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), denied responsibility at the time.


But Amnesty International said today that a new investigation had confirmed the group killed 53 Hindus “execution-style” — mostly children — in the Kha Maung Seik village cluster in northern Maungdaw.

“Our latest investigation on the ground sheds much-needed light on the largely under-reported human rights abuses by ARSA during northern Rakhine state’s unspeakably dark recent history,” said Tirana Hassan, crisis response director at Amnesty International.

“Accountability for these atrocities is every bit as crucial as it is for the crimes against humanity carried out by Myanmar’s security forces in northern Rakhine state,” she added.

Citing interviews with eight survivors, the rights group said dozens were rounded up, blindfolded and marched out of town by masked men and Rohingya villagers in plain clothes.

“They slaughtered the men. We were told not to look at them… They had knives. They also had some spades and iron rods,” 18-year-old Raj Kumari told Amnesty.

He said he hid in the bush and watched as his father, brother and uncle were killed.

The report said that in a separate village nearby called Ye Bauk Kyar, 46 Hindu men, women and children disappeared on the same day. It cited information from local Hindus who believe they were killed by ARSA.

While Rakhine was home mainly to Buddhists and Muslims before the crisis, it also boasts a small but longstanding Hindu minority — many of whom were brought in by British colonisers looking for cheap labour — as well as several other smaller ethnic groups.

Myanmar has faced a flood of international condemnation for the its persecution of the Rohingya, who are stateless and have been targeted by bouts of communal violence.

The government denies any widespread abuses and has accused rights groups of a pro-Rohingya bias, while highlighting the suffering of other ethnic groups swept up in the violence. 

I bet you didn’t know about the 2018 Marrakesh Declaration!

(Thursday blog)

Trying to finish proof-reading my next book, so I don’t have time to research and write a blog. But I can still mention something I bet the BBC and C4 News ‘forgot’ to tell you about. It’s the May 2018 Marrakesh Declaration.

What? Didn’t you know about it? Did the mainstream media ‘forget’ to mention this? Omg, omg, omg I am so surprised!

Here’s a link to the actual document just to prove I’m not making this up:

It’s just a load of bureaucratic gobbledigook. Even if anyone actually read it, they probably wouldn’t understand much of it.

So, what’s it all about? It’s all about increasing the number of (IMHPCO)* definitely not inbred, definitely not low-IQ, definitely not illiterate, definitely not violent, definitely not backward, definitely not unemployable, definitely not deeply criminal, definitely not subhuman, definitely wonderful human beings from countries that are (IMHPCO)* definitely not total sh*th*les into Europe.

*(IMHPCO = In My Humble Politically-Correct Opinion)

Here’s Black Pigeon explaining what’s really going on. Small wonder that our rulers and their sycophantically obedient mainstream media decided to not mention the Marrakesh Declaration 2018 to us.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Britain was one of the signatories of the 2018 Marrakesh declaration, Hungary refused to sign!


The anniversary we should be remembering?

(Wednesday blog)

Yesterday was 22 May. Yup yesterday we were all told to remember an important anniversary. Which anniversary? Well, the one-year anniversary of the Manchester bombing, of course. And our TV screens were full of stories of victims and survivors and suchlike and church services and sad-looking politicians and royals and whatnot. Though, in all the TV reports I saw, nobody mentioned the religion of the murderer and nobody mentioned his motives. I wonder why not?

Of course we should remember the Manchester dead. But what I found most nauseating were all the “we’ll never give in to hate” posturing of the various speakers. Why nauseating? Because the suggestion is always that our society is ridden with supposed ‘hate’. But it isn’t. The Buddhists aren’t full of hate. Hindus aren’t full of hate. Catholics aren’t full of hate. Sikhs aren’t full of hate. Chinese Confucians aren’t full of hate. In fact, most people in these groups work hard, look after their families, ensure their children are educated and try to fit in with British society. There’s only one group that is full of hate – but nobody dares name this group because that would be a ‘hate crime’.

However, there was another anniversary yesterday. Given the silence of our politicians and media, you might have forgotten it. Perhaps it slipped their minds too? Or perhaps they don’t want us to remember it?

Yesterday, 22 May 2018, was the fifth anniversary of the brutal murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby on a London street. Oh, did nobody mention that? Didn’t the BBC and C4 pay tribute to Lee Rigby who was slaughtered and almost beheaded by two members of the Religion of Peace? Nope. As far as I know, there was no mention in the mainstream media of Lee Rigby.

You forgot about that, didn’t you? I imagine that, five years ago, when Lee Rigby was hacked to death, our politicians claimed “our thoughts and prayers…blah blah blah” and “he will always be remembered…. blah blah blah”. Yet, yesterday, on the fifth anniversary of his death, Lee Rigby, who would “always be remembered“, was rather conveniently forgotten.

The attitude of our rulers to Lee Rigby rather reminds me of Rudyard Kipling’s poem – Tommy Atkins. People like Lee Rigby are useful to the elites when there’s fighting to be done, but are seen by the elites as an embarrassment at all other times.

Shame on our Izlumophiliac leaders and the craven Izlumophiliac media for trying to erase Lee Rigby from history by deliberately ignoring the fifth anniversary of his slaughter.

Let’s congratulate Grenfell Tower’s greatest survivor?

(Tuesday blog)

As the Grenfell Tower public inquiry swings into action – for the many well-paid, parasitic  lawyers who will become multimillionaires by the time the farce is over – I would like to salute the person I believe to be one of Grenfell Tower’s greatest survivors. The person in question is Labour MP for the ward – Emma Dent Coad who won the seat by around just 20 votes in the last General Election

Emma Dent Coad has (as far as I’m aware) been one of the most vocal critics of the Council and made her maiden speech in the Commons about the Grenfell Tower fire. Emma Dent Coad has accused Tory-led Kensington and Chelsea Council of failures that led to the blaze, claiming “poor-quality materials and construction standards have played a part in this hideous and unforgivable event”.

The fragrant Emma Dent Coad seems to be a good chum of Jeremy ‘Lenin’ Corbyn:

Emma Dent Coad is possibly the person who has screamed loudest in attacking the Conservative-run council for the 72 deaths in the Grenfell fire. But here are some (inconvenient for Dent Coad) facts:

1. The Tory council was not responsible

The block of flats was run not by the Council, but by Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO).

In the early 1990s, the tenants and leaseholders of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea decided to pursue their legal right to manage their own homes. Following two separate ballots in 1994 and 1995, the KCTMO was established on 1 April 1996 and the responsibility for managing 9,760 properties passed from The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to the KCTMO.

The Council still owns the properties and retains responsibility for strategic housing policies and homeless people. The relationship between KCTMO and the Council is governed by a Management Agreement, which covers all areas of the landlord business. Whilst KCTMO still enjoys a close working relationship with the Council, it is a completely separate company.

In 2002 KCTMO took over the responsibility for major capital works from the Council to access extra resources and funding to enable KCTMO to bring the properties up to the Decent Homes Standard.

KCTMO is managed by a Board of Directors comprising of 8 elected tenant and leaseholder members, 4 appointed Councillor members and 3 independent appointed other members.

Shall I repeat that? KCTMO is managed by a Board of Directors comprising of 8 elected tenant and leaseholder members, 4 appointed Councillor members and 3 independent appointed other members.

This means that the majority of people running the KCTMO accused of “not listening to tenants” were tenants and/or leaseholders!!!!!

So, if Labour or Corbyn or John McDonnell or Khan or the BBC or C4 News are looking for their “Grenfell Tower murderers”, they can find them among the people responsible for running the KCTMO and not the Council.

When the much-maligned head of the Council stated something like “the tenants didn’t want the disruption of installing sprinklers” he was probably correct in that it would have been the KCTMO, majority run by tenants (and not the Council), that took the decision not to spend an additional £138k on fitting sprinklers.

Of course, the Council’s response to the fire was dismal. Probably, most of the councillors are pompous, self-important, self-serving, verbally-flatulent, incompetent buffoons (as are most people serving on councils – Labour and Tory). But legally and morally, responsibility for management of social housing lay with the KCTMO and had the Council tried to interfere with the KCTMO’s work, there would have been the usual lefty libtard howls of outrage against the supposed privileged ruling classes denying council tenants the right to manage their own homes.

Guess who was one of the 3 appointed Councillor members (from 2008 to 2012) of the KCTMO, that was responsible for the building works and accused of “not listening to tenants”. Yup, you guessed, it was (I believe) none other than Labour MP and former Labour councillor for many years Emma Dent Coad.


Given that it takes a few years to plan a large refurbishment like the one done at Grenfell Tower and given that the disastrous Grenfell Tower refurbishment took place between 2014 and 2016, it would seem that Emma Dent Coad would probably have been involved in the planning and budgeting for the works.

Doube ooops!

2. Emma Dent Coad was also responsible for lots of other things

As a councillor (I believe since since May 2006), Emma Dent Coad was (I believe) on Kensington and Chelsea’s Housing and Property Scrutiny Committee, which oversees “community safety issues”, until May 2014. A 2014/15 report, in which she is named, says the committee scrutinised work on Grenfell Tower.

Triple ooops!

Moreover, Emma Dent Coad has been active in deciding building matters for many years as she was also (according to Wikipedia) on the Council’s Major Planning Development Committee.

That makes quadruple ooops!

3. Labour introduced the legislation empowering tenant management organisations

The laws laying down the rights of tenants to create Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMO) such as the KCTMO were made under the Right To Manage legislation passed in 2002 as part of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act.

This was put in place to give leaseholders and tenants stronger and well-defined legal rights to a greater say and the ability to self manage (which in some circumstances has clearly proven to be flawed).

Who was in a charge when this law was passed? It was Blair’s New Labour.

Moreover, as far as I  understand, many of the buildings now being found dangerous – due to flammable cladding, defective fire doors, inadequate sprinklers etc – (such as the Chalcott Estate high rises re-clad in 2006) were refurbished during Blair and Brown’s period in power from 1997 to 2010, not during supposed “Tory austerity”.

And which political party do you represent, Emma? Yup, Labour who set up the arrangement separating management of social housing from council control.

Quintuple ooops!

4. Labour and Dent Coad are responsible for the ‘under-funded’ London Fire Service

London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan has made lots of political capital by claiming that London’s Fire Service was underfunded and that the Fire Service’s advice for people to stay put was responsible for so many deaths.

But who is in overall charge of London’s fire service? Labour London Mayor Sadiq Khan!

Moreover, Sadiq Khan as mayor of London produced a report to say that the fire service did not need further funding. And I suspect Mr Khan has been extraordinarily generous with taxpayers’ money when it comes to funding Religion of Peace community groups giving them millions that could have been spent on better equipment for the London Fire Service. Moreover, I seem to remember that just after being elected Khan spent several hundred thousand pounds of London taxpayers’ money setting up a special police unit to investigate supposed ‘hate crimes’ and ‘hate speech’. Perhaps Mr Khan’s priorities were slightly misplaced?

Anyway, moving on guess who was a member of Mayor Khan’s London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority – surprise surprise it’s none other than our favourite Labour Councillor and now Labour MP Emma Dent Coad.

It seems to an ignorant, imbecile like myself that Emma Dent Coad has been very busy indeed with building management and fire safety issues both in the borough and throughout London until things go wrong! Then she launches her (IMHO self-serving?) tirades of criticism at the bodies of which (as far as I understand) she was a leading and influential member.

Of course, all this is just my opinion – the opinion of an obvious ignoramus.

But if I am right, I believe we should salute Grenfell Tower’s most successful survivor – Labour MP Emma Dent Coad – who has managed to escape any blame for the disaster despite being (in my ignorant and humble opinion) deeply involved in almost all aspects of the management and performance of the KCTMO, the council’s planning and building, London’s fire service and Grenfell Tower’s disastrous refurbishment.

Well done, Emma!

As for the mainstream media coverage of the inquiry – one thing we can be absolutely sure of is that nobody will mention MP Emma Dent Coad’s involvement in so many groups relevant to the fire. In fact, the BBC and C4 will probably make great efforts to give Emma Dent Coad a platform to keep on blasting the ‘evil Tories’ running the Council.

Are nurses really underpaid angels?

(Monday blog – slight change of subject from the usual)

Today I’m going to commit heresy (yet again). Today I’m going to suggest that nurses are actually rather well paid.

We’re all constantly being told by the mainstream media that nurses are horribly underpaid angels sacrificing themselves selflessly for our health.

At least, that’s what I believed and thought till I did a bit of research yesterday for a new book I’m writing. Then I got a bit of a shock.

Nursing is really quite well paid. In fact, maybe it’s very well paid?

I admit I don’t know the differences between the different levels in nursing. But here’s what I think I found out:

There are quite low salaries for ‘nurses’ in pay bands 1 to 4. But these are mainly healthcare assistants rather than qualified nurses with diplomas or degrees. Qualified nurses seem to start at ‘Band 5’.

(The list below comes from the Royal College of Nursing website – so they’re not figures that I’ve made up or misunderstood)

Staff nurses – this is the initial grade of a qualified nurse, and will be at a Band 5 salary which is £22,128 to £28,746

Senior staff nurses – these are more experienced nurses, and are likely to be at a Band 6 salary which is £26,565 to £35,577.

Deputy ward manager – starting at a Band 6/7 salary, this position brings with it more responsibility for the overall daily running of the ward, salary £27,565 to £41,787

Ward manager – this nurse has control of the budget of the ward, and is responsible for local management. This position usually starts at Band 7, salary £31,686 to £41,787

Senior ward manager – in larger wards there may be a need to have multiple managers, with one senior. This is usually paid between Bands 6-8c, salary £26,565 to £69,168

The top salary for a nurse seems to be something called ‘Band 9’, obviously quite a senior position, with a salary of £79,415 to £100,431. Let me repeat that – with a salary of £79,415 to £100,431. I thought salaries of over £100k were what surgeons got after 6 or 7 years of a tough slog through medical school. I didn’t realise that a top nurse – basically an administrator or penpusher – could also pocket a six-figure salary.

These salaries are, of course, before overtime and all kinds of special shift allowances.

I found this quite interesting and it disabused me of the idea that our nurses are terribly exploited by being forced to work in a cash-starved NHS for subsistence-level salaries.

We’re always being told by the mainstream media that the reason for the NHS’s financial difficulties is that old people are living for far too long. And the sooner the greedy baby-boomer generation, who have worked and paid taxes all their lives, die the better it will be for everybody. What’s never mentioned is whether uncontrolled immigration – millions of gimmegrants grabbing all the free stuff they can – might be overburdening our NHS.

Nor does anyone in the mainstream media ever dare suggest that it’s the extremely high salaries of nurses, doctors and NHS managers which are bankrupting the NHS and not Britain’s baby-boomer pensioners who are probably more active, more mentally alert and healthier than any previous generation of pensioners.

Perhaps some readers might also find the above salary figures as surprising as I did?

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Would German-run Europe be delighted if Israel was wiped out and all the Jews slaughtered?

(Weekend blog)

Germany has always been a good friend to the Arabs. Germany made a lot of money by exporting nuclear technology to Iraq and then Iran. Germany also started the extermination of the Jews. Maybe the Germans are rather hoping the Arabs will finish the job?

As Donald Trump dares stand up to the Iranians, Europe’s leaders – under German control – have gone grovelling to the Arabs. After all, there are about 700 million Arabs and only a few million Israelis. So clearly, future business prospects look much better with the huge and growing Arab populations than with tiny theatened Israel:

In fact, the German-run EU sees Israel as a kind of embarrassment and believes that the Middle East would be much more peaceful if Israel was obliterated and Israel’s small sliver of land was handed over to the Arabs to be turned from a successful modern, technologically-advanced democratic state into the usual impoverished, excrement-covered, backward Arab sh*th*le.

The day after the US left the nuclear agreement with Iran, Merkel’s French poodle French President and world-famous granny-buster Macron called Iranian President Rouhani on the phone with the aim of “continuing to implement the nuclear agreement and to maintain regional stability”. That’s diplomatic speak for helping Iran wipe out Israel.

But then the cowardly spineless French have a long history of appeasing Arabs and sacrificing Jews:

  • in World War II, the French were probably the most enthusiastic country in rounding up the Jews, stealing their possessions and helping send them to their deaths

  • in 1967, (the 6-Days War) when Israel was attacked by Egypt, Jordan and Syria, De Gaulle sided with the Arabs who were trying to wipe out Israel and applied an embargo to Israel
  • during the Intifada, when the Israelis were slaughtered on buses, the French ambassador in London Daniel Bernard called Israel “that little country of s….t”
  • with Saddam Hussein, France ran to sell him missiles and nuclear technology
  • Arafat, treated like a king by Mitterrand and who died in Paris:
  • Valéry Giscard d’Estaing granted asylum to Khomeini in Paris
  • whenever Jews are killed in the French suburbs by “I-love-my-snackbar” screaming fanatics, the French authorities always try to cover up the murders and deny they are ‘hate crimes’
As for the European mainstream media – a couple of days ago it was full of horror stories about the supposed indiscriminate Israeli slaughter of supposed ‘unarmed, innocent’ Palestinians. Now that Hamas has proudly claimed that over 90% of those killed were active, well-armed Hamas fighters, there has been total silence from Europe’s media. It wouldn’t do to let the ignorant masses know the truth! It wouldn’t do to let the ignorant masses know that Israel was actually defending itself against armed and dangerous Arab aggression.

In case of war with Israel trying to protect itself from being over-run by Iran or Iran’s proxies Hezbollah, what will Nazi-run Europe do? Will it stand against America and Israel and in favour of the Iranian aggressor? At this time, it seems it will. Will it even cheer Iran (and/or Hezbollah) on from the sidelines? Most probably.

The foreign ministers of France, Great Britain and Germany are already meeting the Iranians to work out how to get around US sanctions and help huge Iran (population over 80 million) against tiny Israel (population 8 million):

One might be tempted to ask how low German-run Europe will abase itself just to do a bit more business with the Arabs. As one Israeli journalist recently wrote: “This Europe of pacifist freeloaders who owe their security to the United States….would sell its own mother to sell some more toasters and pots on the market“.

At the end of the Cold War, the Europeans contributed one third to the expenses of NATO. Today only 20 percent (with much of that coming from Britain). One American military commander described European armies as “fat, obsolete and redundant”. And the situation will only become worse for Israel as uncontrolled immigration into Europe and high Religion of Love and Peace birth rates mean no Western politician or political party will soon be electable unless they abase themselves to get the block Religion of Progress and Peace vote.

Israel has just celebrated 70 years of its existence. Given the German-run EU’s cowardly policy of appeasement to the Arab countries, I really wonder if Israel can ever reach 100?

How to not get shot by an Israeli soldier – advice to Palestinians

(Friday blog)

Gradually we’re finding out that at least 53 of the 60 or so supposedly “innocent civilians” shot by Israeli troops the other day were actually armed, trained, murderous Hamas combatants. But I doubt the BBC and C4 News will bother to tell us that. We all know that the BBC and C4 News loathe the Israelis and would gladly see all Jews slaughtered by the BBC’s and C4’s Arab friends.

Today is Friday, so we can expect tens of thousands of I love my snackbar-screaming low-IQ, inbred, illiterate, unemployable, religious fanatics to once again try to storm the Israeli border, when they’ve finished raising their farting arses into the air as they pray to their wonderful god. Their aim – to break into Israel and do the bidding of Hamas leaders (far away from all the trouble) and tear the hearts out of the Israelis:

So, I thought it might be useful if I was to plagiarise someone else’s idea for an article and give some tips to the screaming, mouth-frothing, deluded, moronic Palestinian hate machines about how to avoid getting shot by an Israeli soldier:

  1. If you attack an armed man or woman in a uniform, they will very probably shoot you
  2. If in doubt, see Point 1 (above)
  3. If you carry a weapon in order to kill an Israeli soldier, they will probably shoot you
  4. If in doubt, see Point 2 (above)
  5. If you try to stab or behead an armed Israeli soldier with your ‘knife of peace’, they will most probably shoot you
  6. If in doubt, see Point 4 (above)
  7. If you throw rocks at an armed Israeli soldier with your ‘sling of peace’, they will most probably shoot you
  8. If in doubt, see Point 6 (above)

9. If you try to breach the border fence with Israel in order to tear the heart out of any Israelis you find, you will most probably get shot

10. If in doubt, see Point 8 (above)

11. If you don’t want your children to be injured or killed in the attempted invasion of Israel, then what about staying at home and watching Al Jazeera or the cursed infidel Disney Channel rather than joining the attacking mobs?

12. If in doubt, see Point 10 (above)

13. Most Israeli soldiers have nothing against you personally. They just want to get home alive and well at the end of the week or month to be with their families again. If you in any way threaten their lives, then they will probably shoot you:

So, why not just leave them alone?

Dear mouth-foaming, hate-filled, violent, worthless Palestinians – it’s really not that difficult to not get shot by an Israeli soldier. Yet hundreds of you still manage to get shot. How stupid are you? If you just follow the simple advice above, you won’t get shot.

Oh and should you ever see any of your leaders – the raging, hate-spewing old men who love sending you to pointless injury and/or death – why not ask them who stole all the tens of billions in aid the Palestinians have received over many years from the gullible West? Why not ask your leaders why there are no new schools, hospitals, factories, power plants, desalination plants, universities, roads, sewage works etc etc?

Why not ask your leaders why, seventy years after the founding of the State of Israel, you still all live in a filthy, stinking, cess-pit sewer of a sh*thole when you could all be living in a prosperous, clean, modern, advanced, democratic country – you know, a country like Israel?

Dear Palestinians – if only you weren’t (IMHO) a bunch of low-IQ, inbred, almost catatonically-stupid morons, you’d realise that your real enemies are the hate-spewing, corrupt old men who rule you and NOT the Israelis.

Third-World Britain needs more police and real police

(Thursday blog)

Some of you may have watched Panorama last night. If so, you were exposed to sixty minutes of police bosses moaning that they didn’t have sufficient policepersons (is that the acceptable gender-neutral word?). And it’s true that under Home Secretary, Theresa “Dithering Doris” May, police numbers were drastically cut.

But let’s not exaggerate the effects of the cuts too much. In 2000, just before New Labour went on a massive public-spending blow-out, there were 124,170 policepersons in England and Wales. (I don’t know how many there were in Scrotland and don’t really care). Then, under Blair and Brown, the police went on a huge recruiting drive (usually hiring some of the fattest females around?) and by 2010, the number of policepersons had risen by 19,630 to 143,800. Then came supposed ‘austerity’ and police numbers were reduced to 128,800 by 2015:

There are now 123,142 in England and Wales. So, although there was much bleating and moaning by senior cops on Panorama last night, actually the number of policepersons is only 1,028 below the 2000 level.

So, why is there such a big rise in crime and such a huge drop in solved crimes?

There are probably two main reasons:

Third-World invasion

Every month around 46,000 people arrive in Britain and 20,000 leave. It’s likely that most of those arriving here have low IQs, low educational levels and few prospects of gainful employment. In addition, many will come from Third-World countries where violence and criminality are more usual than honest hard work.

On the other hand, it is likely that most of those leaving are highly-educated, law-abiding professional people who can get a proper job in the countries they are going to. As part of our government’s policy of race replacement we are losing some of our best people and bringing in some of the Third-World’s deeply criminal, dangerous garbage.

No wonder crime – especially violent crime – is shooting ever upwards. No wonder our police have lost control of our streets


Then, of course, there’s political correctness which has led to thousands of policepersons being taken away from frontline policing to trawl the Internet in search of supposed ‘hate crimes’ by bloggers and twitterers and suchlike. I know. When I made some disobliging comments on my blog about a (IMHO) publicity-seeking public figure, no fewer than 3 useless plods were assigned to visit me to bully me into ‘ceasing and desisting’. Unfortunately, I was writing my blog from abroad at the time so I believe (from what my neighbours said) the dopey plods had to make several visits to my home wasting much policeperson time.

Moreover, by ignoring the gang rape, gang sodomisation and gang torture of over 50,000 white girls over decades by ‘Asians’, by trying to prosecute dead politicians, by threatening to prosecute anyone criticising the police and by indulging in stupid stunts like male officers painting their nails and walking around in high heels to show their solidarity with the LGBTWXPHR (or whatever they’re called today) community while there are almost daily gang stabbings and shootings on our streets, the police have turned themselves into a laughing stock.

Here’s a link to a Met police website where they proudly boast about the 900+ specialised policepersons assigned to “dedicated hate crime Community Safety Units” supposedly ‘fighting hate crime’. For the (IMHO) utterly worthless Met police under Cressida Dickless’s ‘leadership’ racist crime and homophobic crime – not burglaries, muggings, stabbings and shootings – “are one of our highest priorities”

Read it and despair:

Murder! Massacre! Or a pack of the usual Palestinian lies?

(Wednesday blog)

We’ve heard it again and again and again and…..from all the mainstream media. Israel has slaughtered 60 innocent Palestinians and injured around 2,400 others. That sounds like a lot of people killed and injured by the cruel bloodthirsty Israelis in just one day.

But how credible are the Palestinians’ claims of 60 dead and around 2,400 injured?

For the past six weeks, Palestinians have been holding Gaza border demonstrations for the return of Palestinian refugees to areas that are now part of Israel. Israel rejects any right of return, fearing that it would deprive the state of its Jewish majority.

Palestinian medics say 106 Gazans have now been killed since the start of the protests and nearly 11,000 people wounded, about 3,500 of them hit by live fire. Israeli officials dispute those numbers. Again, I wonder if Israeli soldiers have really shot around 3,500 people in just a few days. Our Palestinian friends have a long history of slightly exaggerating the numbers killed and injured in clashes with the Israelis.

Of course, we’ll never know the truth – especially not from the laughably biased and dishonest BBC and C4 News. Though our news channels definitely won’t be reporting that at least 10 of the ‘innocent civilians’ killed were actually Hamas terrorists:

Hamas are caught in a bit of a Catch22 situation. On the one hand they have to lie to the gullible international media wildly exaggerating the number of ‘innocent civilians’ killed. But, on the other hand, Hamas must celebrate their martyrs to encourage ever more inbreds to waste their lives to further enrich Hamas’s ruthless, kleptocratic bosses.

But, whatever the truth, the whole thing has been a PR disaster for the Israelis and a triumph for the utterly corrupt multi-millionaires running Hamas. Though one can perhaps understand the Israelis’ tendency to shoot first and ask questions afterwards when Hamas have pledged to swarm over the border, “tear the Israelis’ hearts out” and slaughter every single Jew.

And, of course, no Western journalist ever asks why the Palestinians haven’t used the billions in aid they have been given over seven decades to build better lives for themselves. And why, despite all the billions the West have given them, they all still live in a shit-covered, backwards cesspit.

But back to the claims of the numbers killed and injured by the ‘evil’ Israelis – here’s a very brief video of one of the Palestinians being injured – by his low-IQ, inbred friend trying to hurl a stone at the Israelis:

No doubt, when he turns up at hospital, he’ll blame the Israelis for his head injuries.

And here’s a Palestinian on a stretcher being carried away from the mayhem. But when he thinks he’s no longer being filmed by sympathetic Western, Israel-hating media, he remarkably recovers and returns to the rioting against the Israelis: