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How best to beat your wives?

(Thursday blog)

Trump and migrant crackdown

As usual Donald Trump is receiving the usual lefty libtard dishonest abuse over the separation of children of illegal migrants from their parents. But it’s my limited understanding that, originally children of illegal migrants were incarcerated with their parents while their cases were reviewed. Then the lefty progressives protested and started legal proceedings against the US Government. In 2008, in response to the incarceration of illegal migrants’ children, the US Supreme Court decided that it was better for the children to be separated from their parents so the children would be looked after by foster parents or social workers while the parents were incarcerated and their applications to stay in the US were decided.

As Trump has started getting the US Border Force to apply US law, naturally the Border Force were obliged by law to separate children of illegal immigrants from their parents. This is why Trump has protested that this practice had nothing to do with him. Thankfully, Trump has seen what a disaster this is and has acted to stop the practice.

So, despite the manufactured howling and outrage from the progressives, it was actually the progressives who forced the US Border Force into separating children of illegal migrants from their parents from 2008 onwards.

You won’t hear the BBC nor C4 News nor any mainstream British media explaining this as it would detract from their constant abuse and vilification of Trump.

How best to beat your wives?

As we adapt to the culture of those who are taking over our country and as women increasingly become second-class citizens – property of their husbands – we’ll all have to change the way husbands and wives interact. This brings up the question as to which is the best way to beat one’s wives so they understand who is the boss.

Should you drag your wife around by the hair while making phone calls to your chums?

Was it something she said?

Or should you just give her a good thump on her head to knock some sense into her?


Or should you give her the full treatment of punches, kicks and stomping on her?

I don’t know which is the best way to ensure marital harmony in compliance with the Sharia Law which will soon be widespread in Ukistan. But it’s something we all need to think about if we’re to successfully adapt our culture to suit those who intend to take over our once great country.

Perhaps some readers will have their own suggestions on the best way to discipline a man’s many wives? If so, please click on the title of the blog and share your wisdom.

Harsh laws for us – no laws for them?

(Wednesday blog)

Here’s a picture of a wonderful gentleman who apparently is making an immense contribution to diversity, multi-culturalism and vibrancy in today’s no-longer-British Britain:

According to a local (not national) newspaper report, his name is (surprise, surprise) Omar Mohamad. I’m not sure any national media saw fit to report Omar Mohammad’s story. Omar Mohammad reportedly hit a police officer with his walking stick in an attack on supporters of Tommy Robinson at a rally in Hyde Park in March 2018.

Omar Mohamad, 62, scuffled with Sergeant Guy Rooney and left him with a severely bruised face at a counter protest in Hyde Park in March 2018. The officer suffered from post traumatic stress and his injury was so bad his children refused to walk to school with him.

So, what punishment do you think Omar Mohammad got for hitting a police officer with a stick? A year in prison? Or just six months? Maybe three? Nope, Omar Mohammad has escaped with just a 26-week suspended sentence. No prison for him, then.

Now, can you imagine how a white Tommy Robinson supporter would have been treated by the police and the courts if they had hit a policeman with a stick? They definitely would have been thrown in jail. For a very long time.

Or, what about if Tommy Robinson himself had hit a policeman with a stick or just punched one in the face? Three years in jail? Or maybe five? After all, just by standing peacefully outside a court live-streaming a trial, Tommy Robinson was locked up for 13 months and has now been moved to a prison where our new Home Secretary and the authorities probably hope that the multi-cultural enriching inmates will do a ‘Kevin Crehan’ on him. Kevin Crehan was the man who was locked up for a year for leaving a bacon sandwich outside a mosque and mysteriously died in prison.

Talking of Kevin Crehan – he got a year in prison for leaving a bacon sandwich outside a mosque. But Omar Mohammad remains a free man despite hitting a policeman with a stick.

Harsh laws for us – no laws for them?

Carry On Raping!

So, once again we have clear proof of there being harsh laws for white indigenous Brits, but no laws for multi-cultural enrichers.

There’s no way grooming gangs of white men would have been allowed to get away with raping tens of thousands of underage daughters of multi-cultural enrichers for five minutes, let alone fifteen years. Yet, when grooming gangs of multi-cultural enrichers rape tens of thousands of underage white girls, the police and the authorities and the politicians look the other way. After all, the gang-rape, gang-sodomisation and gang torture of tens of thousands of underage white girls is a small price to pay for the diversity and enrichment uncontrolled Third-World immigration is bringing to our once great country.

And to end today’s blog, here are some police happily prostrating themselves at the feet of their new rulers as they celebrate Ramadan:


“Brexit means….. um…….. Brexit means……… um….. Remain!”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

If you’ve got a reasonable memory, you might remember that on 23 June 2016 we had a referendum on whether to leave the EU or stay in. And we voted “LEAVE!”

But, hold on a minute – 2016? That’s, like, almost 2 years ago. Yes, it’s almost 2 years since we voted to leave the corrupt, oppressive, German-run, undemocratic EU. And what’s happened in those two years? The square root of diddly squat. That’s what.

After 2 years of prevarication, delay, betrayal and deliberate sabotage by our overwhelmingly Remoaniac ruling elites, we don’t seem any closer to leaving the iron grip of the Fourth Reich (also known as the EU) than we were on 23 June 2016.

Have you ever wondered why so little progress has been made under Theresa “Brexit Means Brexit” May’s pathetic excuse for leadership? Well, to help you understand, I’ll give you a few extremely subtle hints:

Extremely subtle hint 1 – May is actually a Remoaner:

Extremely subtle hint 2 – May is actually a Remoaner:

Extremely subtle hint 3 – May is actually a Remoaner:

Extremely subtle hint 4 – May may actually be a lying, two-faced, treacherous traitor who wants Britain to remain forever under German rule:


As May prepares to betray our country  and the majority who voted “Leave”, here to cheer us all up as Britain humiliatingly bows to the German jackboot is a little song about that great persecuted English patriot – Tommy Robinson.

(It’s interesting that, when I was young all the best protest songs (Dylan, Baez etc) were for peace and love and all people and cultures being equal etc. The best protest songs were ‘left-wing’. But now we’ve realised that all people and cultures are not equal, the best protest songs come from patriots trying to warn us that Western civilisation is in danger of committing suicide. Now the best protest songs are ‘right-wing’.)

Happy Eid Mubarak! – from Theresa May

(weekend blog)

Here’s Theresa wishing us all a happy Eid Mubarak.

I imagine she censored …………  censored………….  censored………..  censored………..  censored…………..  censored by the Thought Police.



In fact, when dealing with this particular subject, there’s very little I’m now allowed to say and there are very many photos I’m not allowed to show.

Still, I bet you never realised Theresa was such a comedian!!

How to make a snowflake?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

You’ll all have seen pictures of the usual lefty, libtard, progressive, snowflakes proudly marching with their “Refugees Welcome” banners:

But have you ever wondered? Have you ever wondered how anyone could be so stupid as to welcome these people? Have you wondered how Europeans, especially women, can welcome the rapefugees:

After all, women will be the main victims of mass migration:



We used to be taught that all snowflakes are unique and different. But actually, I think they’re all the same.

Anyway, have you ever wondered how to make a lefty, libtard, progressive snowflake?

Not being a snowflake, you might suspect that:

  • Most of these supposed ‘refugees’ are just illegal immigrants
  • Most of the ‘unaccompanied children’ are actually in their mid to late twenties
  • Most (according to scientific evidence) have an IQ level that is too low for them to function in an advanced Western society
  • Most are backward, illiterate, unemployable violent parasites who will live off welfare and criminality
  • We can better help these people in their own countries if we could cut corruption and misrule
  • Migrant-welcoming Sweden is descending into chaos because of the number of illegal migrants
  • What we are seeing is not migration but an invading army of millions that could destroy Western civilisation

Given all this, how can anyone in the West welcome what is happening? How can anyone believe we can solve the Third World’s problems by bringing the Third World into the West?

How can anyone be a lefty, libtard, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling snowflake?

Well, here is somebody much more intelligent than me explaining how to make a snowflake:

Are our policepersons ever ashamed of their uselessness?

(Wednesday blog)

I’ll not write about the Trump/Kim meeting. Enough rubbish has already been spoken and written.

The only comment I’d like to make was the utterly disgraceful way the BBC and C4 News tried to ridicule the whole event and tried to make Trump into a laughing stock who had supposedly been outwitted by Kim. (I’d better mention that I’m writing about Kim Jong-un, not Kim Kardashian in case I have any younger readers who are not totally up to date with world events).

Had it been O’Bummer who was meeting Kim, the British mainstream media would have been creaming themselves in ecstasy at O’Bummer’s great statesmanship and brilliant negotiating and wonderful peace-making etc etc and demanding a few more Nobel Prizes for the ‘great man’. But instead, it was Trump in the limelight and the progressive pillocks at the BBC and C4 news could hardly contain their fury at the hated Trump’s success.

But let’s move on.

Britain’s once admired, but now despised, police

Here’s a nice photo. It’s a British policeperson:

As you’ll see, this policeperson is both female and apparently from the BAME community. So, no doubt she’ll soon be heading up the Met or have some other equally senior position.

The policeperson is wearing brightly-coloured epaulettes to show her solidarity with the LGBTXYZ  or whatever community and any other supposedly ‘oppressed’ minorities.

And here are some Met police enjoying the LGBTXSTY march:

Well, given that there’s no crime in London, why shouldn’t Met policepersons relax and have some fun?

Here’s a policeperson, with a clown:

Though it’s difficult to identify which is the policeperson and which is the clown.

I can’t call these individuals ‘police officers’ as the words ‘police officers’ suggest people with some sense of duty and some authority effectively dealing with crime rather than spending their time and our money showing how progressive and liberal and libtard and diverse and inclusive etc etc they are.

Some of us old-fashioned, bigotted, Little-Englanders might feel that these policepeople’s time and our money would be better spent hunting down the baddies and reducing the anti-social behaviour and crime blighting our cities and towns rather than in promoting identity politics.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a comment made by a former police officer (yes a real one, not a ‘policeperson’) in the comments section of a national newspaper:

“As a retired police officer with 22+ years of exemplary service (all of it on front line and terminated by injury), I feel compelled to enter into the conversation relating to the current state of the British Police Service.

The definition of the duties of a Police Officer when I joined was as follows;

The primary functions of a Police officer are:
– The protection of life and property,
– The prevention and detection of crime and,
– The prosecution of offenders against the peace,”

What happened ?

Nowadays, the Police Service in which I was once so proud to serve, seem to have given up on the majority of its founding responsibilities and duties to involve itself in identity politics and the investigation of `undefined offences` of a questionable nature and origin. In doing so, and abandoning the once accepted and proven patrol responsibilities and practices in order to involve quite a large proportion of its officers to `investigate` computerised `hate crime`, seemingly, as defined by various immigrant and minority groups.

The Police Service is now in the process of alienating itself from the public it purports to serve, and many of the law abiding public are becoming ever more critical and less supportive of the police. (As evidenced in the comments pages of almost all news organisations ).

I have my own thoughts regarding the way the British Police Service has arrived at this sad state. But I will say that the current situation will not be corrected by the use of a desk-bound force of uniformed officers engaged in the detection of `thought crime`. I am confident that a large proportion of serving and retired Police Officers are of the same opinion.

The vast majority of crime is prevented and detected by officers on street patrol, and they need to get back to it ASAP, or this nightmare will not end well for anyone.

Germany to invade America?

(Tuesday blog)

As democratically-elected US president Donald Trump basks in the world media’s attention in Singapore, I wonder if Nobel Peace Prize-winning has-been, Mr Obama, is sitting in front of his TV screaming with rage because it’s not him who is the centre of attention.

By the way, can anyone remember exactly why Mr ‘all-talk-no-trousers’ Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize? No, me neither. Maybe it had something to do with his progressive, libtard, Izlumophiliac opinions, his excellent suntan and his racial background? And nothing to do with actually promoting peace anywhere?

As for the recent G7 bust-up in Canada, we now hear that our sad excuse for a PM, Theresa the Appeaser, is siding with metrosexual, floppy-haired man-child Trudeau against the US president. So, according to the waste-of-skin May, it’s ok for Canada to impose tariffs of 270% on US dairy products but not ok for the US to impose tariffs of 10% on Canadian aluminium and 25% on Canadian steel.

Apparently there’s an Internet competition to provide a caption for the picture I posted in yesterday’s blog.

Not being creative, this was all I could come up with:


As for our Dithering Doris of a PM – I have a message for this useless, treacherous woman:

Trump kicks ass! Wonderful!

(Monday blog)

How wonderful to see Donald Trump telling the other members of the G7 that they could stick their communique where the sun doesn’t shine:

As the BBC and C4 News report this break with diplomatic convention with horror, they forget to mention that Canada applies a tariff of 270% – yes, that’s 270% – to US dairy products. Oh, didn’t you know that? Did our mainstream media, in their blitz of insults aimed at Trump, forget to tell us that the US actually has a strong case for applying tariffs to Canadian steel and aluminium?

And here are just a few recent Donald Trump tweets. Don’t you wish we had a leader like Trump in Britain? He’d soon tell the greedy, undemocratic, corrupt, Soros-paid, treacherous, Izlumophiliac EU political pygmies to take their EU superstate and shove it!

  1. Sorry, we cannot let our friends, or enemies, take advantage of us on Trade anymore. We must put the American worker first!

  2. Great to be in Singapore, excitement in the air!

  3. ….Germany pays 1% (slowly) of GDP towards NATO, while we pay 4% of a MUCH larger GDP. Does anybody believe that makes sense? We protect Europe (which is good) at great financial loss, and then get unfairly clobbered on Trade. Change is coming!

  4. ….And add to that the fact that the U.S. pays close to the entire cost of NATO-protecting many of these same countries that rip us off on Trade (they pay only a fraction of the cost-and laugh!). The European Union had a $151 Billion Surplus-should pay much more for Military!

  5. Why should I, as President of the United States, allow countries to continue to make Massive Trade Surpluses, as they have for decades, while our Farmers, Workers & Taxpayers have such a big and unfair price to pay? Not fair to the PEOPLE of America! $800 Billion Trade Deficit…

  6. Fair Trade is now to be called Fool Trade if it is not Reciprocal. According to a Canada release, they make almost 100 Billion Dollars in Trade with U.S. (guess they were bragging and got caught!). Minimum is 17B. Tax Dairy from us at 270%. Then Justin acts hurt when called out!

  7. PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild during our meetings only to give a news conference after I left saying that, “US Tariffs were kind of insulting” and he “will not be pushed around.” Very dishonest & weak. Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy!

  8. Based on Justin’s false statements at his news conference, and the fact that Canada is charging massive Tariffs to our U.S. farmers, workers and companies, I have instructed our U.S. Reps not to endorse the Communique as we look at Tariffs on automobiles flooding the U.S. Market!

The biggest lie you will ever hear?

(Weekend blog)

At the end of 2016, just after his election as UN Secretary General, António Guterres said:

“We must convince Europeans that migration is inevitable and that multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies create wealth”.

Could this be the biggest lie you will ever hear?

Let’s dissect this lie and some other lies about migration

1. We need migration due to our ageing population

Our rulers claim that because Western populations are ageing, we need to import more young people to work and pay the taxes to support the increasing numbers of the elderly. And it’s true that the number of working age people to every pensioner in Britain, or the “old age support ratio”, is forecast to fall to 2.9 by 2050, from 3.3 in the mid-1970s to 2006. But, and it’s a big but, many more people aged over 65 are in good health and are continuing to work – often not because they need the money, but to keep active and maintain social contact. Moreover, many of the people we are encouraging to flood over our non-existent borders are more than unemployable. They won’t be working and paying taxes, they’ll be living off benefits and criminality and will be a massive drain on our taxes.

And, of course, technological advances mean there will be a diminishing need for workers as many job functions are increasingly automated. In fact, the people we will need will be those of higher capabilities who can operate and problem-solve the automation and not the people who did the many repetitive, low-skill jobs that are being automated.

2. Migration is inevitable

Another claim is that migration is inevitable. Why is it inevitable? Why can’t we close our borders? Instead of providing a luxury free ferry service from Libya’s beaches to Europe, why can’t we turn back the boats and build the fences and walls? All we need is some political will. All we need is people like Viktor Orban in power.

3. Migration helps poorer countries

This is rubbish. The population of the Africa increases by one million a week. Add in a few other sh*tholes and you’re probably close to two million people every week. So, if we take in one million a year, that’s just a few day’s Third-World baby production. If we take in five million a year – that’s just two to three weeks’ Third-World baby production. If we take in more than five million a year, we will destroy what’s left of Western civilisation.

4. Multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies create wealth

This is total bollox. It’s true that when people from Western Europe moved to other countries – America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa – they brought science, learning, education, civil organisation and progress. It’s also true that the countries where westerners stayed (Australia, USA, Canada etc etc) became advanced and prosperous whereas most of the countries westerners left descended into civil war, poverty, backwardness and misery (Zimbabwe, Sudan, Ethiopia etc etc etc). Study after study have shown that the more ‘diverse’ a society is, the less cohesive it is and the greater is the likelihood for criminality and even civil war.

5. Migrants will benefit the West

In Friday’s blog, I mentioned the fact that the US military (see also video below) will not take anyone with an IQ below 83 as there is nothing useful such a person can do either in the military or a modern society. Looking at a world map of IQs and wealth by country we can see a clear correlation between national IQ levels and national wealth:

We are importing people who have created most of the Third-World sh*tholes because of their backwardness, low IQ, tendency to violence and inability to get an education and develop. Probably more than half these people’s IQ is too low for them to function in an advanced country. We are importing prejudice, tribalism, social breakdown and possibly civil war.

We do not need migration. We do not need these people. They will overwhelm us and destroy us.

But you’ll never see the libtard, progressive, hectoring, holier-than-thou mainstream media mentioning any of the above inconvenient truths.

And here’s psychologist Jordan Peterson explaining the problem of what we can do to help people with IQs below 83:

“We all want more and more migration” United Nations

(Friday blog)

Today I present two videos (both only 50 seconds long) with ever so slightly contrasting views on mass migration.

First: the United Nations’ wonderfully moving and convincing promotion of the massive benefits of Third-World migration into the once civilised West:

I guess this is the kind of rubbish that is being promoted by our mainstream media (the Guardian, BBC and C4 News), being spouted by holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling multimillionaire celebs (Lily Allen, JK Rowling, Gary Lineker, Bono, Saint Bob Geldorf and others of their ilk) and is being shoved down the throats of our schoolchildren by their lefty, progressive, libtard teachers.

Second: some naughty people seem to have created their own version of the United Nations’ video:

I leave it up to readers to decide which film represents the views of the privileged, internationalist, well-protected, anti-democratic elites and which film represents the views of downtrodden, increasingly harassed, increasingly threatened ordinary people.

I did note that, while comments were allowed on the second video, they were disabled by YouTube on the United Nations video. I wonder why?????