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Blacks’ Lies Matter

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Yes, you read the headline correctly. “Blacks’ Lies Matter” and not “Black Lives Matter”. All the lies our coloured friends and their (IMVHO) weirdly mentally-deranged, mouth-frothing BLM-fascist supporters spew out about our supposed oppression of Blacks do matter. They matter because they are causing mistrust, division, conflict and violence in our extremely tolerant country.

Maybe Blacks are responsible for their own underachievement?

I have previously shown how an astonishing 75% of African Americans live in one-parent families:

And I have pointed out that it was the great Nobel-Prize-winning Saint Obama himself who warned that children from one-parent families were:

  • 5 times more likely to live in poverty
  • 9 times more likely to drop out of school
  • 20 times more likely to end up in prison

than children from two-parent families.

You can’t blame supposed ‘institutional racism’ for that!

What do you say about that, world-acclaimed historian and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and Prince Harry the bandwagon-jumping Hypocrite and all the other ultra-woke BLM supporters? Was Saint Obama lying? Please tell us. We really want to know.

We see a similar pattern in Britain to the US, though we are still far from US levels of single-parent families. But black British children are two and a half times more likely to live in single-parent households than white children.

The single parent statistics published on the site in 2019 show what percentage of different ethnic groups were lone parents according to the 2011 census. Within each ethnic group monitored, the percentage of family types which are single parents are as follows: black (24%), mixed (19%), ‘other’ and white (both 10%) and Asian (8%).

You can’t blame supposed ‘institutional racism’ for that!

Black Wives Fatter?

Then I looked at another indicator of societal under-performance – obesity levels by ethnic group:

A slightly greater percentage of white men are obese than black men in the UK. But a massive 32% of UK black women are obese compared to just 19% of white women and 17% of Asian women:

You can’t blame supposed ‘institutional racism’ for that!

I know these are just two sets of figures. But I could list many more pointing to the same conclusion – our coloured friends are largely responsible for their own under-performance. But they keep blaming us and our supposed ‘institutional racism’

Maybe Blacks are doing better than BLM admit?

There’s one big lie repeatedly vomited at us by the BLM fascists – Blacks fail to achieve high levels of education due to supposed ‘institutional racism’. Here’s a typical quote from some (IMHO) pig-ignorant, worthless, lefty teacher or lecturer: “The fact is, as anybody who works in higher education, as I do, will tell you. Higher education in this country is blindingly white and it is blindingly middle-class.”

But let’s take a moment to look at what is really happening.

Here are the achievement figures at age five by ethnicity:

The standard narrative is that British Blacks start their education at a massive disadvantage to us ghastly racist Whities. But these figures come from a lefty think tank and suggest that there isn’t that much difference by ethnicity at age five.

Now let’s look at what happens by age sixteen:

By age sixteen, both us supposedly ‘racist’ Whities and British Blacks have fallen much further behind other ethnic groups.

And then (if you can cope with yet another graph) here’s what happens with higher education:

Ooops! A greater percentage of black six-formers go on to higher education than white six-formers. How is that possible given the UK’s supposed ‘institutional racism’?

What I suspect is happening is that the black British community is splitting. Many black British realise there is no institutional racism (especially in education where the majority of teachers are lefty, progressive, UK-hating, democracy-loathing, Guardian-reading, EU-adoring dickheads who believe their main job is to indoctrinate children to hate their culture, their country and their history and to bow down to the false gods of supposed Man-Made Global Warming and supposed Institutional Racism). And so these black British are adopting the dominant culture of the UK that it’s best to get an education, get a decent job and raise a successful family.

But unfortunately there are many black youths who prefer the Third-World gangsta, rapsta culture of crime, drug-dealing, gang warfare and violence rather than getting a decent education and a decent job. They would rather spend their lives as worthless, uneducated, violent, criminal subhuman excrement causing utter misery for their (usually one-parent) families and for every single unfortunate person they come into contact with. After all, they can always blame supposed ‘institutional racism’ for their own failure to make any contribution whatever to society. And they’ll be enthusiastically supported in their claims of victimhood by the BBC, C4 News and the Guardian.

Blacks’ Lying Massively?

Claiming that “Racist police aren’t just in America” an apparently famous black British athlete called Linford Christie wrote this week:

The Met Police responded to Christie’s allegations with a lengthy statement with a quite different version of events than that given by Mr Linford Christie:

It said: “At around 1325 on 04/07/2020, officers from the Territorial Support Group were patrolling in the W9 area in response to an increase in youth violence involving weapons.

“A vehicle with blacked out windows made off at speed from the officers, travelling the wrong side of the road. The officers eventually caught up with the vehicle which was stopped in Lanhill Road W9. The driver initially refused to get out of the vehicle. The occupants, a 25 year-old man and a 26-year-old woman, were informed that they were being detained for the purposes of a search under Section 1 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

“After a search was conducted on the persons/ vehicle, no arrests were made and the occupants were allowed on their way. Each stop is dealt with on its own merits at the discretion of the individual officers involved taking into account various aspects including behaviour and compliance”.

Of course, we don’t know what really happened. Mr Christie blames ‘institutional racism’ for the athletes being stopped. I would humbly suggest that issues like ‘blacked-out windows’, making off at speed, travelling on the wrong side of the road and refusing to get out of the vehicle when asked might have had more to do with the police’s suspicions of wrongdoing and subsequent actions than supposed ‘institutional racism’. But no doubt the apparently world-famous Linford Christie would disagree with me.

As for Linford Christie himself – from what I can see, his son was jailed for 15 months in 2012 for allowing his flat to be used for drug dealing and then jailed again for 4 years in 2018 for dealing heroin and crack cocaine. Just thought I’d mention that as it might be relevant to Mr Christie’s attitude to the police? Or it might not?

Blacks’ Lies Matter

I think a lot of people are getting fed up with the continuous barrage of claims about the British being “institutionally racist” when we know it’s a pack of lies.

Here’s a rather wonderful interview from Sky TV where the interviewer (a very fat Adam Boulton?) is completely confused when the interviewee, a former police officer, dares blame black British youths from one-parent families for the violence and poverty in British black communities. So Boulton seems to cut the interview short to censor the policeman’s ‘politically-incorrect’ views :

Enrichment and Covid-19 – are they by any chance related? Of course not!

(weekend blog)

What’s happening in Leicester?

As you’ll all know a lockdown has been reimposed in the lovely, multi-cultural city of Leicester. The BBC and C4 News have had plenty of interviews with the good citizens of Leicester insisting they’re victims of the Government failing to act fast enough while at the same time claiming that the new lockdown is unnecessary. But given that nobody is ever responsible for their own actions nowadays, it’s obvious that the Government is somehow to blame for the fact that Chinese Covid-19 Kung Flu infections in Leicester are rising about three times faster than anywhere else in the country.

One thing I don’t think the BBC and C4 News have mentioned is a strange correlation between the level of multi-cultural enrichment in Leicester and the level of Kung Flu infections.

In England as a whole, white ethnic Brits – those are the ones whose lives don’t matter according to an Indian professor at my college when I was at Cambridge University – make up around 86% of the population:

Our friends from South-East Asia made up only 3.5%.

These figures are from the 2011 census. So the percentage of white British would have fallen a bit since then and the percentage of our South-East Asian friends would have risen.

But in thoroughly-enriched Leicester, the ethnic breakdown is stunningly different:

In Leicester, white Brits are in a minority at around only 45% of the population while our friends of South-East Asian heritage are now probably well over 26%.

A local newspaper reported on the conditions in the city’s 1,000+ clothing sweatshops in sunny Leicester:

“We have also heard of workers – positive for Covid-19 – being required to work throughout their sickness in order to fulfil orders.”

Several local media have said they had “received reports that workers have been told to come into work – even when they showed symptoms of Covid-19 – otherwise they would lose their job”.

“We have heard of several incidents whereby workers who had tested positive were told to come into work, and of managers telling workers not to tell anyone else about positive cases”.

“We have received information which details numerous reports of furlough fraud, workers being forced to come into work while sick with Covid-19, workers wishing to isolate being denied pay, factories operating illegally throughout lockdown and of workers being forced to work in conditions of modern slavery.”

How nice it is that our friends from South-East Asia have enriched our formerly boring, mono-cultural country with their much more flamboyant business practices.

But anyone daring to suggest that there is any connection at all between Leicester’s Kung Flu infection rates and the city’s level of multi-cultural enrichment must be a racist and therefore must be cancelled and destroyed.

Here are the people of Leicester and the mayor of Leicester and a couple of ‘experts’ bleating and moaning and all blaming the Government for Leicester’s massive increase in Chinese plague infections.

After all, it can’t be Leicester’s multi-culturally enriching citizens who are responsible for their Kung Flu situation, can it?


Dear Lewis Hamilton “Do Jewish lives matter?”

(Friday blog)

Do Jewish lives matter?

It has just been announced that F1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton will wear black clothes and drive a black car reportedly to show support for Black Lives Matter (BLM):

I believe that Lewis Hamilton gets paid over £50m a year by Mercedes. Just 80 years ago, Mercedes used around 40,000 slaves from German concentration camps. Many of these slaves would have been Jewish. Many died due to over-work, brutality and starvation. Towards the end of WWII Mercedes tried to gas those concentration camp slaves who had survived in order to cover up Mercedes’s crimes against humanity.

Mr Hamilton has reportedly called for the removal of all symbols of slavery which happened hundreds of years ago:

I therefore find it surprising that Mr Hamilton appears more than happy to take huge amounts of money from a company which made a lot of its money from using and murdering so many slaves just 80 years ago.

Perhaps Lewis Hamilton would like to make a statement about Mercedes’s use and abuse of concentration-camp slaves?

Harry the Nazi jumps on the BLM bandwagon

Meanwhile here’s the latest news from Tinsletown. It concerns a former member of the British Royal Family who is perhaps best known for dressing up as a Nazi:

This noble, Nazi-uniform-wearing prince has decided to jump aboard the Black Lives Matter (BLM) bandwagon and lecture us disgusting, pig-ignorant plebs for supposedly all being “unconscious racists”.

The words pot and kettle do spring to mind. But I could never use the full expression as that would be “racist”.

Though perhaps we should forgive Harry. He might be getting bored in his luxury Los Angeles mansion as the Chinese Covid-19 plague has prevented him from flying around the world on private jets to lecture us worthless working people on using too much fossil fuel. So Lord Harry has to find something else to criticise us for to keep in the news and demonstrate his moral superiority and the BLM bandwagon is really in vogue for bandwagon-jumping, third-rate celebs at the moment.

HMRC don’t seem to have a sense of humour

And to cheer us up here’s a small article from a local newspaper:


What the hell is going on in the world now?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Hey Gweilo! Wanna buy Chinese gord? Velly cheap! Velly good quarity!

First a rather amusing story from the land of plagues and fake goods. There’s lots of gold in filthy, corrupt, disease-spreading China. But not all of it is velly good quarity. In fact, like most things that come out of China, a whole pile of Chinese ‘gold’ has turned out to be fake. It wasn’t gold at all. It was just copper or tungsten covered with a bit of gold:

Gold costs about $46m a ton. And our disease-spreading Chinese friends have just found that at least 83 tons of Chinese ‘gold’ was just gold-wrapped copper. This supposed ‘gold’ was used by several companies as collateral against loans. So the Chinese banks which gave the loans are now sitting on about USD $3.8bn of supposed’gold’ which is actually worth around $300,000.

This is filthy, corrupt China’s largest gold-loan fraud case since 2016 when regulators found adulterated gold bars in about twenty lenders’ coffers backing 19 billion yuan of loans, or about USD $2.5bn. In that case, a lender seeking to melt some of their gold collateral found black tungsten plate in the middle of the ‘gold’ bars.

When the lying, corrupt, counterfeiting Chinese soon claim to have found a vaccine for the Chinese Covid-19 plague, I would humbly suggest that what we’ll really get is hundreds of millions of doses of Chinese counterfeit crap. There’s a rather enlightening book called BADLY MADE IN CHINA which helps explain why almost everything that comes out of filthy, corrupt, counterfeiting China will inevitably be fake and crap.

If you are offered the Chinese ‘Covid-19 vaccine’ my advice would be to avoid President Xi Pingpong’s Chinese Covid-19 supposed ‘Covid-19 vaccine’ like the plague. You never know what the lying, cheating, corrupt, counterfeiting Chinese will really have put into it.

What the hell is going on in the world now?

One of the most insightful commentators on the madness infecting the West is Douglas Murray. He’s the author of THE STRANGE DEATH OF EUROPE which examines why we are surrendering our continent to the invading hordes from our favouritest most most peacefullest religion and THE MADNESS OF CROWDS which looks at the lunacy of identity politics and political correctness which seems to be hell-bent on destroying free speech and Western democracy.

Unfortunately most of the videos on Youtube featuring interviews with Douglas Murray tend to be quite long. Part of the fault may be that when you’re as smart as Douglas Murray, you have a lot of interesting things to say. And part of the fault is that the interviewers often seem to be rather intent on demonstrating that they are just as clever as Douglas Murray, which they usually aren’t.

But here’s a short recent video in which Douglas Murray is interviewed by Sky News Australia. So we don’t get all the long-winded, self-flattering, pompous borrox you’d get from most pseudo-intellectual British interviewers.

In this interview, Douglas Murray answers the typically blunt Aussie question: What the hell is going on in the world now?

Is this the worst decision our useless police have ever made?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Kissing ass doesn’t get respect

Many readers may have watched in admiration/astonishment/horror (delete as appropriate) the development/collapse (delete as appropriate) in British policing over the last 10 to 15 years.

The first signs of the rot probably came with those idiotic police officers who thought their job included dancing with multi-cultural enrichers at the London Notting Hill carnival:

Clearly the police were unaware that if you kiss someone’s ass, then they’re unlikely to respect you. Likewise, the police seemed to be unaware that if you acted like f**king idiots, you might also lose the public’s respect:

Naturally, every single Notting Hill carnival ended in violence, stabbings, muggings and looting:

No doubt this surprised the police who apparently felt that doing stupid dances with the crowds would ensure everybody would be nice and kind and peaceful etc etc.

Then came the police’s attempts to suck up to the LGBT (IMHO) freaks:

I guess politically-craven police bosses thought officers nail-painting and wearing high heels to grovel to the LGBT++ mobs would gain their respect. I think the rest of us concluded the dumb-ass plod bosses had completely lost the plot.

Much more recently, our police appear to believe their job is to kneel in submission to hate-filled, fascist rioting mobs:

Or, even worse, at many violent protests, the police don’t bother turning up at all in case there’s violence:

To be or not to be a graduate?

I must admit, I’m not sure about the next bit of today’s blog.

In 2016, the College of Policing proudly and confidently announced that “all new police officers in England and Wales would have to be educated to degree level from 2020. It said the training would help address changes in crime-fighting. Prospective officers can either complete a three-year “degree apprenticeship”, a postgraduate conversion course or a degree. The National Police Chiefs’ Council said the changes would ‘help modernise the service”‘.

No doubt our police chiefs concluded that a Degree in Diversity and Gender Studies would be essential for modern crime-fighting. This may have been the worst decision our useless police bosses have ever made.

However, I have a feeling that our pathetic police bosses may have now decided that this decision was a step too far, even for people as stupid as them. Googling what you need to become a police officer now, I found  “The College of Policing really wants to emphasise that you do not need a degree to become a police officer. However, under the new Policing Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF), you will have to gain a degree if you join through the new Degree Apprenticeship Programme


Has the damage already been done?

So, you may or may not need a university degree to become a policeperson. It looks like this requirement may have been quietly dropped when police bosses realised that up to £50,000 of debt might dissuade potential candidates. Or, more likely, when the Government committed to recruiting an extra 20,000 policepersons, even our dumb police leaders understood that the requirement of a university degree might make the recruitment task ever so slightly more difficult.

But maybe the damage has already been done? Here are Britain’s two top cops Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick and Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu:

I’m sure they’re wonderful people. Cressida Dick has lots of impressive academic qualifications and has held lots of important roles including head of the Diversity Directorate from 2001 until 2003. She is also (I believe) a lesbian living with a female partner. So, if she is female and a lesbian, she ticks two important diversity boxes. It’s just a pity she’s not a person of colour.

But don’t worry, that’s where Neil Basu comes in useful. Neil Basu has a BAME background – another diversity box ticked – and has also held lots of important jobs including the National Police Chiefs lead for counter terrorism policing. From what I have seen, Mr Basu has frequently warned us about the (IMHO) almost non-existent dangers of right-wing terrorism and has (IMVHO) slightly downplayed the real dangers of Religion of Peace terrorism.

In 2019, Basu wrote an open letter about the role of the media and the Internet in influencing terrorism. In this letter, Basu (who was the UK’s counter terrorism lead) mentioned just two terrorist attacks – the mosque shootings in New Zealand and the attack on Finsbury Park mosque in London in which one person died probably from a heart attack.

Both these attacks were carried out by white right-wing extremists against our friends from our favouritest religion. But in writing about terrorism, the great Basu saw no need to mention the London underground bombings, the Manchester Arena slaughter, the London Bridge attacks, the police officer murdered by a Muslim outside the Houses of Parliament, the Bow Market attack, Lee Rigby or any other terrorist attack carried out by our religion of wonderfulness friends.

Though maybe Dick and Basu are an improvement compared to the (in)action man they replaced? If I remember correctly, the previous top cop was affectionately known as “Commander Coward” when he locked himself in his car reportedly to protect his own life and generous pension as one of his unarmed police officers was stabbed to death by a Religion of Peace terrorist just yards away from his car:

Why is Africa going backwards into tribal chaos?

(weekend blog)

Two small remarks before the main part of the blog.

Remark 1 – A ‘Glasgow man’ stabs 6 at a hotel

BBC Breakfast reported on yesterday’s Glasgow stabbings by claiming that  “a Glasgow man stabbed 6 at a hotel”. That’s not quite how I would have described what happened, For a start, the supposed “Glasgow man” was actually from Third-World hell-hole the Sudan. I suspect he was more likely to be called Mohammed than Jimmy. Moreover, the supposed “hotel” may have been a hotel in the past and may be a hotel in the future. But at the moment it is  being used to house Third-World illegal invading multi-cultural enrichers.

Remark 2 – Take a BLM banner to the beach

One of the funniest reader comments I saw yesterday concerned the supposed ‘overcrowding’ on Bournemouth beach. The reader suggested: “Why doesn’t anyone going to the beach just take a big BLM banner with them? The police will leave them alone, and may even feel compelled to take a knee nearby before withdrawing. Could even use it as a windbreak, so double bonus”

Why has Africa regressed while other countries have progressed?

There’s a rather interesting (possibly politically-incorrect) article on Zero Hedge. It points out that the only countries in the world that have progressed in the last 50 or so years are those which have tried to adopt Western values. Here are a few extracts from the article:

The only region in the world that has proactively tried to incorporate western culture in its societies is East Asia — Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. China, which was a grotesquely oppressed, poor, Third World country not too far in the past, notwithstanding its many struggles today, has furiously tried to copy the West:

Western culture, which developed organically over at least the two and half millennia, starting from Greco-Roman philosophers, is not easy to duplicate. This culture requires thrift, honesty, hard work, liberty, individuality, dispassionate reason, objective justice, loyalty, honor, stoicism, a desire to rise above oneself, and many other factors that perhaps cannot be seen or isolated but must be absorbed subliminally in all their complex interactions. These are reflected in social, religious, and political structures of the West — the three independent branches of government, the rule of law, compassion for others, charity, family system, etc

Over several centuries of western colonization and missionary activities, an attempt was made to infuse Western cultural factors into the Third World. It was only a marginal success.

Since the third world countries achieved political independence, without constant Western involvement, all has been lost.

European colonization provided a rational system for the Third World to operate in. Christian Missionaries tried to infuse reason among the inhabitants. All these attempts made only a marginal difference.

Departing European colonizers transferred Western tools — technology, institutions, etc. — to the democratically elected bodies of the Third World. The tools were subverted and used for tribalistic purposes. And democracy enabled the most irrational, base elements to rise to power:

Since the departure of European colonizers, the Third World has been culturally and institutionally regressing to its pre-European dark ages. None of these societies are sane, stable, or sustainable by themselves:

The contribution the West has made to Africa — which for all practical purposes did not have a written language, technology of farming, or tools before the arrival of Europeans — is immense. Unfortunately, these gifts have mostly gone unused.

In the Third World, girls in school-uniforms carry water buckets on their heads. Despite the concept of the wheel having been offered on a platter, they haven’t figured out its use. They have been taught English for centuries by now, but what they have is pidgin, a simple, non-nuanced, lacking-in-grammar language. This predicament had to happen for complex language can only be retained if the society has an interest in ideas, planning, and issues outside immediate needs.

For most in the Third World, “tomorrow” is too far in the future.

The tools of Western technology have been corrupted for tribal purposes — steel instead of being used for constructing bridges and factories has been more commonly used for making machetes in Africa:

The West and East Asia, including China, comprise a mere 2.5 billion people. “The Rest,” the Third World, comprises 5 billion out of 7.5 billion people on the planet.

A society of irrational people, particularly in a democratic system, where the most tribal, least-competent 50% people decide on who rules, eventually has to disintegrate into tribal units, who will then enter into never-ending wars. This is what will happen to 5 billion people living in the Third World, a humanitarian catastrophe never seen before. Hundreds of millions, perhaps billions will perish, once their problems have become too large for the West to contain.

Just to add one final remark. The actions of what the BBC calls a “Glasgow man” (actually a POS from the Sudan) yesterday, should be yet another warning that our friends from the 5 billion Third-Worlders, who are invading the West, will never be able to adapt to Western society and risk destroying everything we have created:

Stabbings at Reading park “largely peaceful” say police

(Friday blog)

It’s too hot to write a blog today. But here are a couple of very short videos readers might not have seen and which readers might find mildly interesting

Stabbings at Reading Park “largely peaceful”

Here’s link to an ‘official’ police announcement about the recent murderous stabbings at a park in Reading. You have to click on the link below and then click again where it says video-2020-06-22-17-44-57 to bring up the video file. Then you have to click again on the file to play the video

MUST SEE (funny) update from UK police on terrorist attack by Libyan Muslim asylum seeker

Brixton riots – police run away as usual

And here’s a brief piece from the latest Brixton riots.

As usual, when faced by a mob of multi-cultural enrichers, the great British police run away in panic. We haven’t had any explanation from those two great leaders Met Police Commissioner, Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick, or Assistant Police Commissioner, Neil Basu. Perhaps they were too occupied trying to find the right-wing terrorists they keep warning us about to have time to do their day jobs – keeping our streets safe?

If I were a cynic, I would liken the gentlemen leaping up and down on the police car while screaming and smashing the car in the video to a bunch of crazed apes. But that would be ‘racist’ so I won’t make any such comment:


Do’s and Don’ts in the new woke, fascist BLM Britain and USA

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Given some recent events, some readers may be getting confused about what is permitted and what is forbidden in the new, exciting, woke, Orwellian, politically-correct, fascist Black Lives Matter Britain and USA. So, snouts-in-the-trough is pleased to provide a new guide to what is acceptable and what will get you cancelled, reviled, sacked and probably imprisoned.

Banners and logos

Carrying a Black Lives Matter (BLM) banner or displaying a BLM logo is politically-correct and strongly encouraged. In fact, if you’re any type of sportsperson, failing to wear clothes which don’t carry a BLM logo will get you fired and your career destroyed. Displaying a White Lives Matter banner or logo means you’re a violent racist and will result in a police investigation for stirring up racial hatred and probably get you sacked from your job.

Statues and monuments

Attacking statues or defacing monuments because you are historically-ignorant and are offended by things which happened hundreds of years ago shows your courage and virtue and is strongly applauded and encouraged by the West-hating, democracy-loathing mainstream media – especially the BBC and C4 News in the UK and CNN and MSNBC in the USA. Trying to prevent raging fascist BLM mobs from destroying statues or defacing monuments proves you’re a pig-ignorant, racist thug

Demonstrations and protests

A huge BLM protest march in which more than 20 police are injured is described by the mainstream media as ‘largely peaceful’. A tiny group of people trying to protect statues of admired historical figures like Winston Churchill or President Andrew Jackson is a violent, thuggish mob even though no police are injured

Social distancing

To beat the Chinese Covid-19 plague deliberately sent to the West by China’s president for life Xi Pingpong, you have to stay locked up in your home for a couple of months and then keep at least two metres away from other people. The only exception is if you want to join a BLM protest and riot. Then social distancing no longer applies and the more people who turn up and the more property that is destroyed by baying, hate-filled mobs, the better

Small businesses

If you have a small business, you’re not allowed to fully open it yet even though you may be going bankrupt and may have to fire all your staff. But you are allowed to go out and smash, loot and destroy other people’s businesses and ruin their livelihoods

Parks and recreation spaces

To reduce the spread of the Xi Pingpong plague you are only allowed to visit parks and recreation spaces in small groups of fewer than 10 people and you must try to social-distance your group. Of course, should there be a statue of a historical figure in the park or recreation space, you’re strongly encouraged to ignore social distancing in order to spray-paint slogans like “racist scum” and “fascist murderer” on the statues’ plinths while trying to tear the statues down

Only some black lives matter

While slavery existed 200 to 300 years ago many blacks were badly treated and hundreds of thousands died. You should be very angry indeed about this. Nowadays around five million black Africans die every year due to poverty, misery, disease and starvation inflicted on them because their own greedy, venal, kleptocrat, incompetent black rulers loot their countries stealing everything they can. This should not make you angry. In fact, you should always pretend this isn’t happening and accuse anyone mentioning this of being a ‘racist’.

Black slavery bad – white slavery ok

As stated above, you should always be very angry indeed about enslavement of blacks which happened several hundred years ago. However, you should never mention the enslavement, exploitation and mass murder of millions of white slaves (many of them Jewish) which happened in Nazi Germany just around 80 years ago. In fact, if you’re a leading racing driver like Lewis Hamilton, you should ensure the media report you bravely speaking out against enslavement of black Africans hundreds of years ago while personally taking hundreds of millions of pounds from a company that enslaved and murdered tens of thousands of white slaves in the recent past. This is no longer considered ‘hypocrisy’

Churches and worship

You cannot attend services in churches as you might spread President Xi Pingpong’s Chinese Covid-19 plague. But it is quite acceptable to attack churches and try to burn them down, especially if you come from our favouritest and most peacefullest religion

Skin colour

If you are white, you are automatically oppressive, racist scum. But if you are a person of colour, you are automatically a victim of oppressive white racist scum. No person of colour can ever be a racist.

Gender and self-identification

You have to accept that there are at least 112 genders and that anyone can self-identify as being any of these 112+ genders at any time they wish. Should you suggest there are just 2 to 3 biological genders with 99.9% of people being either male or female and perhaps 0.1% being androgynous, you deserve to be reviled and cancelled, to have your career destroyed and, should you be an author, have all your books banned and burnt

Submission and subjugation

At all times you must be ashamed of the fact that almost every single scientific, medical or artistic advance the human race has ever benefited from have come from white people. You must constantly apologise for this and must ‘take the knee’ to show your submission to people who have never contributed anything to human advancement and who are hell-bent on destroying everything that mostly white people have created

Personal responsibility

You have no personal responsibility for any of your actions and no requirement to ever use what used to be called ‘common sense’. At all times you must blame the government for everything and never accept that you have some responsibility for what happens in your own life.


These are just a few brief thoughts on the attitudes and behaviours required in today’s woke, Orwellian, wonderful new world.

Follow these rules and you’ll fit in well with the dystopian hell that the nihilistic, woke, fascist, free-speech-loathing, West-hating, anti-democratic Antifa mobs are trying to impose on us.

Great news about your virgins!

(Tuesday blog)

Before I get on to the serious stuff, here are just three small remarks

Remark 1 – Chicago shootings reach record high

Chicago officials report the city’s highest number of shootings in a single weekend this year. From Friday evening to Monday morning, 102 people were shot, 14 of whom have died, five of those killed were minors.

From previous crime statistics from Chicago, I suspect that the majority of those shot were African Americans who were shot by young African American men. Young African-American men make up around 3% of the USA’s population but are responsible for about 50% of the country’s murders.

I doubt the Black Lives Matter protestors will be protesting about that

Remark 2 – Did nobody notice the AK47 medallion?

The mainstream media have been twisting and turning and tying themselves in knots in their attempts to suggest that the Reading murders had nothing to do with our most favouritest religion. For a start the media keep suggesting the murderer had the usual “mental health problems” and keep referring to the murders as an “incident”. I suspect that if a white supremacist had been responsible for killing three multi-cultural enrichers, we would be seeing and hearing words like “slaughter” and “park massacre” rather than the rather mild “incident”.

The media are also making much of the claim that the murderer had converted to Christianity and had a tattoo of a crucifix. That may or may not be true. But what I noticed was that the scumbag had a habit of wearing a AK47 medallion:

As far as I know, an AK47 is not generally considered a symbol of Christianity and peace and love and suchlike. Once again I suspect that had the murderer been a white supremacist killing enrichers, such a medallion would have been used by the media to paint the worst possible picture of the murderer. But as the murderer seems to have been a member of the bestest religion in the world, none of the media seems to have noticed the AK47 medallion and what it might suggest about the murderer’s real beliefs.

Remark 3 – “White Lives Matter” is offensive

Apparently some Burnley football fans commissioned a plane to fly over a stadium, where their team were playing, trailing a White Lives Matter banner while all the players and officials were kneeling in subjugation to the fascist Black Lives Matter mobs:

This has been met with outrage from the players, football officials and media. It seems that suggesting “White Lives Matter” is racist and offensive etc etc and Burnley Football Club have threatened to ban the fans responsible for the racist, offensive banner.

Great news about your virgins!

And now to the main subject of today’s blog – some great news about your virgins. I’m sure this will delight readers. Well, maybe just male readers. Well, maybe just male readers who intend to get to Paradise by murdering a few worthless, less than human, infidel non-believers.

Anyway, an Izlumic scholar has spoken out. OK, I realise that the words “Izlumic scholar” may be an oxymoron. And this guy really is (IMHO) a moron. But anyway, Gaza Izlumic scholar Ahmad Khadoura said in a video that was uploaded to the YouTube channel of the Gaza-based Ibn Baz Association on May 8, 2020 that Allah created the virgins in Paradise for the believers. He said: “There will be no menstruation, no childbirth, no saliva, no mucus, no urine, and no excrement.

Moreover, he said that each man will have the sexual strength of one hundred men. That will obviously be useful when you have to service your 72 virgins every day without even a break for menstruation or childbirth or toilet visits:

Here’s the link to this great Izlumic scholar’s words of wisdom:

If this tripe is being produced week after week after week by the leading intellects from our bestest religion, it’s hardly any wonder that a cynic and racist and Izlumophobe might be tempted to conclude that our favouritest religion has made a rather modest contribution to human progress over the last hundred or more years:

Trump predicted the statue attacks three years ago

(Monday blog)

Trump predicted the fascist leftists’ statue destruction

Here’s a very brief piece of video from 2017 in which President Donald Trump virtually predicts that the US-hating, West-hating, supposedly ‘woke’, fascist leftists would start tearing down statues of anyone they chose to disapprove of.

The rest of the world was asleep, totally unaware of the cultural pogrom about to be unleashed. But three years ago Trump could already sense the destructive intolerance of the self-righteous, historically-ignorant, virtue-signalling, free-speech-loathing leftists and anarchists. The leftist, fascist anarchists first hid behind the LGBT, then the Not My President, then the Russian Collusion, then the Extinction Rebellion, then the anti-Transphobia and now the Black Lives Matter banners as they try to impose a Pol Pot type Year Zero on us all by rewriting history, destroying all traces of our heritage and forbidding any opinions except their own.

Once the protesting garbage have torn down the statues, I guess they’ll start burning books. After all, even someone as (IMHO) left-wing and liberal as J K Rowling has become a hate figure for the Antifa mob for daring to suggest that one’s sex was biological and not something one could choose depending on the day of the week. Moreover, some employees at her publishers are refusing to work on her latest children’s book because they feel offended by her supposedly ‘transphobic’ tweets.

And Nigel Farage had to leave radio station LBC apparently for correctly likening the fascist, statue-wrecking BLM mob to the Taliban.

Unfortunately, the leftist, fascist scum are enthusiastically supported by much of the mainstream media. In the UK the BBC and C4 News never take a break from spewing out their anti-West, anti-white propaganda. And in the US there are CNN and MSNBC and the Washington Post and the New York Times and many others pumping out the anti-West message.

Here’s Trump from a 2017 press conference asking whether people would soon start tearing down statues of US founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. At the time, Trump was brutally mocked and ridiculed by the usual mainstream media commentators (including, of course, the BBC) for deranged ranting.

Yet last week, in Portland Oregon statues of both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were attacked, covered in red paint and the George Washington statue torn down because both men were known to have owned slaves:

I doubt any of the mainstream media will now be apologising to Trump.

As our useless government cowers and ‘takes the knee’ in submission to the fascist, free-speech-hating, West-loathing Antifa mobs and as £200,000- to £300,000-a-week Premier League footballers (about 30% of whom are from BAME backgrounds) bleat their support to fighting against supposed ‘racism’, Trump is the only voice of sanity in a world gone mad and is our only hope to save Western civilisation: