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Who would take a holiday in Syria?

(Thursday blog)

Who would take a holiday in Syria?

Would you go for a holiday in Syria at the moment? Probably not given that the civil war is still ongoing and most of the country has been wrecked by the medieval, violent, backward savages who live there:

But lots of people do holiday in Syria. Who are these intrepid travellers? Are they tough middle-class Europeans looking for adventure? Nope. They’re usually Syrian supposed ‘refugees’ who have settled in the West, mostly to live off our over-generous benefits system. But even though they live like royalty in Europe, some of them apparently get a bit homesick now and then.

Here’s a Tweet from one well-known Syrian supposed ‘refugee’ who now lives in Germany.

I’ll translate for you: “Two weeks ago, six Syrians I know went on holiday in Syria to visit their family members and get some rest, especially from Germany. You miss your homeland and it is now commonplace for Syrians to do that!”

“Unfortunately, I was unable to go on holiday to Syria because something very important got in the way, and I hope to catch up very soon during the holidays. Germany is stressful and you need some kind of break,” this particular gentleman, Aras Bacho, then added.

Aras Bacho is in his early 20s and came to Germany in 2010. Although the Syrian Civil War did not officially start until March 15, 2011, Bacho reportedly still calls himself a ‘refugee’.

Like so many of his compatriots and co-religionists, Aras Bacho appears to be making a significant contribution to diversity and multi-culturalism in Germany. In the past, Bacho tweeted that it was the women’s fault that they got sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in Cologne Germany in 2015 when thousands of women were attacked by asylum seekers, illegal immigrants, and other migrants of “Arab or North African appearance.”

In 2018, Bacho was also found guilty of five cases of sexual harassment against female classmates aged 17 to 19.

As early as 2016, German newspapers have been reporting on migrants with recognized refugee status having holidays in countries that they “fled,” such as Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Syria.

Because Hartz IV, the welfare system that certain migrants granted refugee status receive, permits 21 days per year of “local absence,” those who have recognized refugee status and have no income or assets simply leave Germany for vacation and continue to receive money from German taxpayers.

The German government did not collect data on information regarding refugees returning to their home country on vacation, but it does admit that “there are such cases.”

How stupid/weak are we?

But let’s not blame the supposed ‘refugees’. In their position, most of us would do the same – move to richer countries claiming to be ‘refugees’ and then live the life of Abdul at the stupid, hard-working, European taxpayers’ expense:

Only an idiot would stay in the violent, crime-ridden, poverty-stricken, corrupt, backward sh*t-holes these people come from if they had a chance to move to the wealthy, affluent, peaceful, relatively crime-free West and live off the efforts of gullible, rapefugee-hugging Western taxpayers:

Of course, we should help genuine refugees. But allowing them to go on holiday to the countries they had supposedly fled while also paying them their benefits while they’re back home on holiday??????

Surely any supposed ‘refugee’ who can take a holiday back in their home country should be banned from returning to Europe? Surely they should immediately lose their refugee status?

But we do nothing because we are weak and brainwashed by the progressive liberal elites. And nobody dares talk about this as they would immediately be attacked by the usual howling mob of mouth-frothing, racism-screaming, virtue-signalling libtards and the progressive mainstream media. And so the supposed ‘refugees’ continue to flood over our non-existent borders and continue to treat us as the weak fools that we are.

I guess this is just another of so many clear indications of how a gutless, liberal, progressive and degenerate Europe is being conquered and (as one reader recently wrote in a comment) is “ill-equipped to fight the relentless onslaught of an implacable foe”.

Trump is right – they can (should?) leave

(Thursday blog)

Conservative cat amongst progressive pigeons

Oh dear, President Trump has really put the conservative cat amongst the progressive pigeons. And there has been a great deal of flapping, squawking and flying feathers from the progressive pigeons.

Trump, like many Americans, is fed up of people from foreign backgrounds constantly pissing on America and American values. And now he has singled out the ‘Squad’ – new congresswomen Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

Here’s what Trump said: So interesting to see ‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run. Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done. These places need your help badly.

There isn’t room here to list the invective and bile these four ladies have directed at America since their recent election in 2018.

Rashida Tlaib, for example, in one of her first speeches screamed “We’re going to impeach the motherfucker!” While Trump has been accused of lowering the tone of political discourse, he’s never fallen quite as low as the delightful Rashida Tlaib calling her own president amotherfucker’. But, of course nobody in the mainstream media criticised her as she’s a progressive lefty and the mainstream media hates Trump.

Then there’s the wonderful Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). Her recent gem was to accuse the US immigration authorities of running “concentration camps” for illegal immigrants. That’s slightly offensive to the six million plus Germans, Gypsies, Russian POWs and Jews who were slaughtered in Hitler’s concentration camps. As far as I know, nobody has been slaughtered in America’s camps. Moreover, I believe the inmates are free to go back to their own countries whenever they want. That wasn’t an option offered to Hitler’s victims.

Moreover, a few days ago AOC called Nancy Pelosi (head of the Democrats) a “racist”. In fact, it seems that anyone who disagrees with AOC on anything is automatically a ‘racist’. AOC is also famous for destroying Amazon’s plans to build a new HQ in her New York district that would have created about 25,000 new jobs. The HQ will now be built somewhere else. But, of course nobody in the mainstream media criticised her as she’s a progressive lefty and the mainstream media hates Trump.

And now the progressive pigeons are flapping and squawking even more as Trump has doubled down on his comments about the Squad: “I’m appalled that so many of our Presidential candidates are falling all over themselves to try to agree with the four horsewomen of the apocalypse. I’m entitled to say that they’re Wack Jobs”.

I love it – “four horsewomen of the apocalypse” – what a brilliant insult, what a brilliant put-down.

Trump’s strategy

The mainstream media are using Trump’s latest outburst to claim he’s unhinged and a racist. But there is an alternative explanation. Trump intends fighting the 2020 presidential elections with two simple messages:

  1. Keep America Great: don’t let the Democrats destroy America’s economic resurgence with record levels of employment among all communities
  2. Democrats are America-hating socialists: by baiting the mouth-frothing Squad, Trump will either split the Democrats into moderates and swivel-eyed lunatics or else will push the Democrats further to the Left by making them circle the wagons around the (IMHO) demonically-insane four ladies of the Squad.

The next year looks like being a lot of fun.

Here’s Trump lambasting the (IMHO) America-loathing  four horsewomen of the apocalypse:

Incompetent – yes. Corrupt – probably. But at least she’s not a useless drunk

(Wednesday blog)

As we all get ready to bow down to the new German leader of the European Fourth Reich, here’s an article (written just before the EU Parliament approved the appointment) from Breitbart in which a German MEP tells us a little bit about our new German boss:

Ursula von der Leyen is supposed to become President of the European Commission, the EU’s top job. But who is she?

No one outside Germany had ever heard of her, no one had her on the watch list. If the Eurocrats had stuck to their word, they should have nominated Manfred Weber of the liberal-conservative European People’s Party. However, eventually, out of nowhere, the European Council nominated her, following German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s wish.

Ursula von Leyen is first of all the daughter of her father, Ernst Albrecht. A long-term EU bureaucrat, Albrecht ended his career as governor of Lower Saxony.

Thanks to her father’s connections, she enjoyed a rocket-like career trajectory in the nominally “conservative” CDU, a party that used to be Christian, Democratic, and United, but which hasn’t since Merkel’s open borders policy at least.

After being minister for social affairs in her home state Lower Saxony, von der Leyen was appointed a federal minister when Merkel became Chancellor in 2005 and remained in the government since them. In every position, she sold off conservatives values, sparked anger, and failed miserably – but always being rewarded with an even more important position.

In 2005, she was appointed the minister for family affairs, where she implemented a policy that incentivized the double-income-role model – traditional families lost support. Her multi-billion family programs didn’t increase the dramatically low birth rate in Germany but shifted the understanding of what family means to the far left.

Yet her worst period began when she took over the ministry of defence in 2013. West-Germany’s army after World War II was never a strong force, but more or less of average NATO standards. Mrs. von der Leyen has ruined it thoroughly, and Germany’s Bundeswehr is now more a joke than an army.

The tanks don’t, drive, the jets and helicopters don’t fly, the rifles don’t shoot properly, but Mrs von der Leyen introduced LGTBQ-education, uniforms for pregnant soldiers, and a kindergarten program for employees. She attacked the military tradition and blamed the complete high-ranked officers’ corps for being unable to lead. After six years of her in charge, Germany´s army is not only demotivated and disoriented but also disillusioned about the political leadership.

Much of the controversy that surrounds von der Leyen’s time in defence revolves around her attempt to use private outsourcing companies to reorganise military procurement. She hired Katrin Suder, a McKinsey & Company manager who pushed all officers and long-serving officials away and created a military-free space in the head of the ministry of defence.

The spending for consultants of all kind exploded, including McKinsey, to which Suder later returned. The German press, usually completely submissive to Merkel’s government, began to focus on that scandal, including murmurs about the private relationship between the two women.

A prominent example of the incompetence of von der Leyen’s leadership in post comes from the renovation of the navy’s cadet sailing ship. Costs exploded from an estimated €10 million to €135 million. Millions of Euros went into dark channels, and the dockyard went bankrupt after it had received the money.

Of course, the ship still isn’t finished years later. Every despot would be impressed by these levels of open corruption and incompetence.

A parliamentary investigation against von der Leyen has now started. Clearly, this was the time for Chancellor Merkel to elevate her darling minister to the European Commission.

Yet, Merkel paid a high price for this decision. She gave France the head of the European Central Bank, which guarantees the continuation of the zero-interest-policy that harms the German middle-class, who saves its money rather than borrow it. France and southern-EU countries can continue to increase their sovereign debt with printed Euros, and at cost to Germany.

She is incompetent, that much is clear. She is corrupt, which is being proved with her spending on external consultants without formal approval. And she pushes a hard liberal-left agenda, fighting all traditions, from family to military.

Her career is the result of personal patronage instead of competence, success and principles. The elevation to Brussels is not the result of a strategic plan, but an escape from investigation and persecution at home in Germany.

We will see whether the Eurocratic majority in Strasbourg will elect a woman whose appointment is an affront to the allegedly transparent EU-democracy and whose record makes her to a threat to the Commission. If anyone in the European Parliament wants to destroy the EU – he should vote for her.

I haven’t met one MEP who is happy about this proposal. But I am sure, for many of my colleagues, the wish of Merkel is more important than the common good of Europe. That said, I am sceptical whether we can stop this crooked woman from becoming the number one in the European Union.

But hey, let’s look on the bright side. At least the woman is not (as far as we know) a useless drunk.

What excuses are you going to make now you racism-screaming lefty idiots?

(Tuesday blog)

Last week the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published some important figures – the average hourly pay by ethnic group.

I imagine the usual virtue-signalling, UK-hating, racism-screaming progressives were eagerly awaiting these figures. After all, if the figures showed that white ethnic Brits were top of the earnings, the lefties could once again start howling about racism and white-supremacism and colonialism and imperialism and neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism and so on and so forth. Then there would be the usual demands for more ‘positive discrimination’ and all that crap.

But surprisingly, there has been virtual silence from the usual lefty mouth-frothing idiots. Why is that? It’s because the figures didn’t show what the progressive libtards expected. The figures showed that Chinese and Indians (that would be Sikhs and Hindus) earned more than whites. (Luckily Jews were not identified as an ethnic group as they would probably have come out well above all the other groups prompting lefties to start howling that Jews controlled the world etc etc etc).

The ONS figures showed: Average hourly pay by ethnic group, 2018

Chinese – £15.75

Indian –  £13.47

Mixed –  £12.33

White British –  £12.30

Other Asian –  £11.55

Black African, Caribbean, British – £10.92

Other group –  £10.92

Pakistani –  £10.00

Bangladeshi –  £9.60

Source: ONS Annual Population Survey

Anyway, these results posed a bit of a problem for the racism-screaming progressives and their sycophantic supporters at the BBC and C4 News. How could they scream ‘racism’ when two ethnic groups – the Chinese and Indians – were clearly prospering in Britain and doing better than white ethnic Brits? And so there was a deafening silence from the progressive, UK-hating lefties and the mainstream media.

The results of the ONS figures suggest something we all (apart from the racism-screaming progressives) know – that the success and failure of different ethnic groups is due to their culture and practices. The Chinese and Indians, for example, tend to value the importance of education and family more than some other ethnic groups.

Now let’s look at just two key characteristics of some ethnic groups:

Single parenting: According to the ONS, almost half the black children in Britain are being raised by single parents. Single parent families families are less common among Indians (ten per cent), Bangladeshis (12 per cent), Pakistanis (13 per cent), Chinese (15 per cent) and whites (22 per cent)

Educational achievement: In English and Maths GCSE (to take one of many measurements studied by the ONS) the percentages achieving and A* to C were as follows – Chinese – 83%: Indian – 77%: white British 63%: Black – 59%: Pakistani – 58%.

I could also mention that, while British Pakistanis account for just 3% of births, due to the prevalence of first-cousin marriages they account for about 30% of birth defects and lead to lower IQ levels. But perhaps it’s best not to go there today.

So, mouth-frothing, progressive, lefty libtard idiots – it would seem that different ethnicities’ earnings are mainly linked to their family values and educational achievements and have absolutely nothing to do with supposed ‘waaacccciiisssmmmm’ as you idiots so often claim.

I rest my case.

France’s new national hobby?

(Monday blog)

Dump Charles – save the monarchy

First a quick explanation. Some readers may have got the impression that I was against Britain having a monarchy after my weekend blog lambasting the (IMHO) useless, whining, self-obsessed drip Prince Charles. In fact, I strongly support Britain having a monarchy. After all, the idea of a President Blair and First Lady Cherie is enough to make one vomit.

My concern is that Charles is not a fit and proper person to be king. He is (IMHO) a snivelling, intellectually-challenged waste of skin who has made himself a laughing stock in spite of having spent a fortune on public relations consultants (including, I believe, one of my ex-girlfriends) to improve his image.

For the sake of preserving the monarchy, I believe Charles should step aside, retire to his £400m inherited fortune taking the charming Camilla with him and make way for William and Kate to follow the Queen when she pops her clogs. That would be the way to save the monarchy. But having Charles as king could destroy it.

Bienvenue en France – il fait chaud

As millions head off for holiday, here’s a map of a country which is a favourite destination for many Brits:

Most readers will recognise which country this is. However, if you’re one of those ignoramuses who recently qualified from one of our ‘bums on seats’, ‘everyone gets a first’ useless polys pretending to be a university, then I’ll explain that the country is called France and it’s quite near Britain. In fact, it’s just on the other side of a stretch of water called the ‘English Channel’ (or ‘La Manche’ in French).

Can you see all the red marks of the map? What do you think they indicate? Good restaurants? Traditional hotels? Special tourist destinations? Garlic farms? Where to get the best foie gras? No, no and no.

These red marks indicate Catholic churches that have been desecrated and/or set on fire:

The situation is now so bad that in March 2019, France’s central criminal intelligence service, SCRC, reported that there were approximately 875 acts of vandalism against Catholic churches just in 2018.

The Ministry of the Interior recorded 1,063 anti-Christian incidents in 2018 (up from 1,038 in 2017) though not all of these would have been attacks on churches. To put this in context, while there were 1,063 anti-Christian incidents in France in 2018, there were 541 antisemitic incidents (up from 311 in 2017 – a 74% increase) but there were only around 100 anti-Muslim incidents – the lowest figure recorded.

So, anti-Christian and anti-semitic incidents are increasing and anti-Muslim incidents decreasing.

This is extraordinary. This is beyond extraordinary. Can you imagine the outcry and the howls of mouth-frothing rage from the progressive libtards and the mainstream media if just a few mosques in France were vandalised or set on fire in one year? We’d never hear the end of it. And the BBC and C4 News would have investigation after investigation into so-called ‘Izlumophobia’ and ‘racism’ in France. And the progressive elites would blame Maine Le Pen and Nigel Farage and Viktor Orban and, of course, Donald Trump for encouraging the supposed ‘far-right’ and naziism and so on and so forth.

Of course, we don’t know for certain who vandalised and/or set fire to so many churches. It could have been Catholics themselves? Or Buddhists? Or Zoroastrians? Or Trekkies? Or it could have been ……… Who knows? Despite there being so many attacks – more than two a day, almost 17 a week – the French police seem to have been unable to identify any of those involved in any of the 875 attacks. Hmmm.

But what is incredible, but depressingly predictable, is that there has been almost total mainstream media silence over these attacks. There have been no BBC or C4 News investigations. We haven’t seen Jon Snow or Cathy Newman or the little fat guy with the long name, who seems to me to hate Britain, their faces contorted with fury as they rage against the scum who have carried out all these religiously-inspired attacks against Catholic churches. Nope. Total silence from Jon Snow and Kathy Newman and the little fat guy with the long name, who seems to me to hate Britain.

That brings us to this year. On March 17 2019, the famous Saint Sulpice church in Paris mysteriously caught fire:

Fortunately the fire was extinguished before too much damage was caused. The French police, of course, have no idea how the fire started and whether it was arson.

Then almost exactly one month later, on 15 April 2019, Notre Dame cathedral in Paris caught fire causing hundreds of millions of euros of damage:

This time we were quickly assured that the fire was an accident caused by builders working in the cathedral. All suggestions that the fire was arson, were immediately dismissed by those in power – the same people who have failed to find any of those responsible for the 875 attacks on churches during 2018 and the many other attacks so far in 2019.

So, while it’s clear that the 875 attacks on French churches were all committed by persons unknown, we are asked to believe that the the Saint Sulpice fire will forever remain a mystery and that the Notre Dame fire is clearly and obviously an accident.

I wonder how many attacks on France’s 40,000 or so churches there will be this year where the French police are totally unable to identify the culprits. And I wonder how many mysterious fires there will be in French churches this year that French leaders claim are due to accidents.

Are we sure our next king is qualified to do the job?

(weekend blog)

Critics like to accuse Boris Johnson of being a ‘buffoon’. But someone who probably better deserves that accolade is the heir to the throne – Prince Charles.

The Prince of Wales has just warned global leaders (yet again, yawn) that if we don’t tackle climate change in 18 months the human race will go extinct. Here are his actual words, in a speech in London this week to foreign ministers from the Commonwealth: “I am firmly of the view that the next 18 months will decide our ability to keep climate change to survivable levels and to restore nature to the equilibrium we need for our survival”.

I won’t even bother to waste your time explaining why Charles’s claims are total gibberish. But I do wonder if Charles is an unfortunate reincarnation of his not so great great uncle Edward VIII (Edward the Abdicator).

The similarities between our useless, whining, self-absorbed, self-serving, almost certifiable Prince Charles and Edward the Abdicator are astonishing.

1. Edward VIII was emotionally-retarded, immature and self-centered. Edward’s private secretary for eight years believed that “for some hereditary or physiological reason his normal mental development stopped dead when he reached adolescence”. Remind you of anyone?

2. Both became Prince of Wales. Edward was officially invested as Prince of Wales in a special ceremony at Caernarvon Castle on 13 July 1911. A rather fanciful ceremony in the style of a Welsh pageant was invented for Edward and he was coached to speak a few words in Welsh. Just like Prince Charles’s overblown and utterly pointless investiture.

3. Edward could have had the pick of any number of young, attractive, eligible girls. Instead he preferred the older, charmless remarried divorcee Wallis Simpson. Useless Charles did, in fact, marry a beautiful, eligible young girl, Princess Diana. But he always preferred the older and (IMHO) charmless Camilla and left Diana for his beloved Camilla.

4. Wallis Simpson was described by someone who knew her as “austere”, “lantern-jawed” and “with a face like an old boot”. By the way, this is Camilla:

5. It was rumoured that Edward was sexually inadequate, felt threatened by younger, beautiful women and the only way he could get sexual satisfaction was because Wallis Simpson had “learnt a few tricks when in China”. For decency’s sake, let us not speculate here on Charles’s sex life with Diana and then Camilla. Though it is significant that after her divorce, Diana preferred the company of rather manly men (one of whom had the nickname “horse” for reasons I hope I don’t have to mention here) – men very unlike whining drip Charles.

6. Edward was described as being “completely obsessed” by Wallis Simpson. Charles became a national laughing stock with his “I want to be your tampon” phone call to Camilla.

7. Wallis Simpson ended up spending the rest of her life “living with a man she privately ridiculed” for being immature, boring, self-absorbed and intellectually her inferior. Camilla and Charles? Maybe. One can imagine Camilla ridiculing the hopeless Charles to her friends. Though it’s said that Camilla is no genius either.

8. Edward caused unease in government circles with actions that were interpreted as interference in political matters. Government ministers were reluctant to send confidential documents and state papers to Edward because there was a lack of confidence in his discretion in constitutional and political matters. A bit like the recidivist meddler Charles.

9. Both men were emotionally and intellectually unsuited to become the kind of king anyone could have any respect for. But the main difference between these two men seems to be that Edward didn’t want to become king and probably used his relationship with Wallis Simpson as a way of getting out of any royal commitments, so he could live a life of idle luxury at taxpayers’ expense without actually doing any work. Charles, on the other hand, is desperate to become king even though this would be a disaster for the royal family and would probably lead to Australia, New Zealand and Canada becoming republics. After all, who would Charles’s stupid face staring at them every time they used their money?

Beware – new PayPal scam

(Friday 2nd blog)

Below is an email I’ve just received. Supposedly it’s from PayPal and it had all the correct PayPal logos. But I know it’s a scam as it was sent to an email account that isn’t connected to my PayPal account. Also the email address this came from didn’t look like a genuine PayPal email address.

Beware and don’t click on the link to supposedly ‘unblock’ your PayPal account.

Dear Paypal оnline Custоmer,

Аs part оf оur cоmmitment tо help keep yоur accоunt secure,
we have detected an irregular activity and realized that sоmeоne tried tо use yоur PayPal accоunt withоut yоur knоwledge оn yоur accоunt and we are placing a hоld оn yоur accоunt fоr yоur prоtectiоn.

Please click Here and fоllоw the instructiоns tо unlоck yоur accоunt.

We are here tо assist yоu anytime. Yоur accоunt security is оur priоrity. Thank yоu fоr chооsing PayPal.
Yоur Accоunt cannоt be used until you verify it. .
PPL Security Team Department

Germany surrenders to ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel’s migrant millions

(Friday blog)

Below is a link to a page with two short (about a minute each) videos showing different examples of the successful integration of some of ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel’s migrant millions. It’s worth watching both videos.

The interesting thing is that, while Germans filmed both episodes, no German ‘men’ (are there any?) felt like intervening to stop the enrichment. Truly Germany has totally surrendered to the tsunami of Third-World filth that Merkel has brought into her country.

Merkel has destroyed her own country. No wonder the Mad Cow starts shaking uncontrollably every time she hears the German national anthem.

This comes at a time when the head of police in Berlin says that crime is out of control and that the police and courts can no longer cope.

Thank you Angela. Than you for enriching so many Europeans’ lives.

This is the “cultural enrichment” Angela Merkel brought to Germany when she opened the borders to “professionals” and “skilled workers” from N. Africa and the Middle East?

Disneyland is enriched

(Thursday blog)

Today I wanted to feature a short (4 minutes) video taken a few days ago in Disneyland in the US (Florida, I think). But first there’s another issue on which I wanted to briefly comment:

Don’t blame Boris – Hunt should resign!

I find it utterly disgraceful that the Establishment and its sycophantic mainstream media are trying to blame Boris Johnson for Ambassador Darroch’s resignation.

The situation is clear. Darroch wrote some disobliging emails about the Trump administration. As far as I can see, there was nothing original or insightful in the emails and the contents of those emails could have been copied from CNN (the Clinton News Network), the Washington Post (run by ex-BBC boss Mark Thomson) or any other of the Trump-loathing US mainstream media. But anyway, once the contents of those emails were leaked, Darroch’s position was untenable as he could no longer do his job and so he had to go.

What’s depressing is that the Establishment has tried to pin responsibility for Darroch’s resignation on a comment Boris Johnson made in the ITV Tory leadership debate and Johnson has been accused of “throwing Darroch under a bus“.

Not a single person has asked the following questions:

  • which department was responsible for the leaks?
  • who is the ultimate head of that department?
  • why has that person not taken responsibility for the leaks and resigned?

The answer to these questions would be that Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt is responsible for the Foreign Office and therefore should have resigned following the leaks from his department.

But the UK Establishment is pro-remain and therefore will do all it can to destroy Leaver Boris Johnson and install Remainer Hunt in Downing Street.

This is just another shameful example of the depths to which the Remoaners and their sycophantic mainstream media will sink to keep Britain in the German-controlled EU Fourth Reich.

Disneyland is enriched

Here’s the video I wanted to show you. Apologies if you’ve already seen it. The video features….the video shows….the video…….. I’m sorry, I can’t tell you what the video shows as, if I did, I’d be accused of racism, fatism, white-supremacism and probably a few other more fashionable ‘isms’ that I haven’t yet heard of.

I’m sorry but the full 4-minute video has been taken down. But here’s a summary of it on a US news programme.

Why don’t you watch the video and make up your own mind about what contribution those featured are making to American society? Enjoy:

Trump tells it as it is – causing outrage among the liberal British elites

(Wednesday blog)

Wonderful times. US President Donald Trump tells the unvarnished truth and upsets the whole progressive, BBC-supporting, liberal British establishment. I just love seeing the howling outrage of the useless British ruling elites as Trump dares to expose their failures.

So, let’s just spend today’s blog enjoying Trump’s well-targeted attacks on our piece of garbage PM and her worthless, EU-loving diplomats.

Here’s Trump’s totally accurate criticism of the hopeless, treacherous May’s Brexit failure:

trump on brexit

Here’s Trump on the UK ambassador:

I don’t know anything about Sir Kim Darroch except that he was ambassador to the EU for years and that, if the worst PM in British history says she has ‘full confidence’ in him, then Darroch is probably as much of a pompous fool as Trump suggests:

And finally – Trump looks forward to the useless May being replaced and Britain getting a new PM. I love the way Trump says he was most impressed by the Queen during to his visit to London, thus suggesting he was more than unimpressed by the disastrous hag May and her bunch of sycophantic hangers-on:

While our rulers and mainstream media huff and puff in confected outrage over Trump’s comments, I think many ordinary people will be nodding their heads and thinking: “hit the nail on the head Donald – tell it like it is!”

Moreover, I believe many ordinary people will be wishing we had a strong leader like Trump in the UK – a leader who believed in his country and worked for those who elected him (unlike Theresa May and most of the ruling British Establishment who seem to be working full-time for the globalists in Brussels and Davos).