August 2016
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Ooops! Is Bill Clinton a waaacciiisssstttt like Donald Twump?

Some readers might find this mildly amusing. It’s a speech given by that right-wing extremist, Donald Trump, on controlling immigration. Booo!!! Hisss!!!! We all hate the waaaccciiiissssttt Donald Trump because he wants to deport illegal immigrants and, of course, because the mainstream media tells us to hate him.

What? You mean it isn’t Donald Trump speaking?

You mean it’s another guy? Someone closely related to Horrible Hillary? Someone who finds curious uses for cigars in the Oval Orifice (sorry, I meant ‘Oval Office’)?

Oddly, when Bill Clinton made his ‘get tough on illegal immigrants’ speech, we didn’t get the howls of rage from the mainstream media and we didn’t get the torrent of abuse that has been directed at Trump.

As for Crooked Hillary, she wants to ‘do a Merkel’ on America. So, how will she explain away the ‘bash immigrants’ speech made by her philandering husband?

Another 6,500 “rescue” lies

I’d like you to read this short piece from the Daily Telegraph today:

About 6,500 migrants have been rescued off the Libyan coast, the Italian coastguard said, in one of their busiest days of life-saving in recent years.

Dramatic images showed migrants from Eritrea and Somalia jumping off one of their boats into the Mediterranean and swimming toward rescuers. Others carefully carried babies onto the rescue ships.

“The command centre coordinated 40 rescue operations” that included vessels from Italy, humanitarian organisations and the EU’s border agency Frontex and “saved 6,500 migrants“, the coastguard wrote on Twitter.

Their boats too weak and technically unequipped for a voyage across the stretch of the Mediterranean to the shores of Italy, the migrants had set off with a small amount of gasoline in the overcrowded vessels, hoping to make it at least 15-20 miles out to sea and reach awaiting rescuers

I have underlined the words I think are important.

Our rulers claim that the 6,500 illiterate, violent, intolerant Third-World garbage have been “rescued”. But where have they been “rescued”? From the middle of a stormy Mediterranean Sea? Um, no, not exactly. They have been “rescued” just “off the Libyan coast” probably within sight of land.

The supposed ‘Command Centre’ claims to have “saved 6,500 migrants“. Actually, no they didn’t. What really happened was that there is an armada of EU and supposedly ‘humanitarian’ boats, the “awaiting rescuers“, sitting conveniently close just outside Libyan territorial waters. So, the people smugglers only need to provide enough fuel for their customers to reach this armada and then this armada (which we pay for), instead of dumping the invaders back on the beaches they have come from just a few miles away, helpfully ferries the African and Arab invasion force free of charge all the way to Europe in great comfort.

If we carry on “rescuing” several thousand illiterate, uneducated, uneducatable, unemployable, violent, religiously-backward migrants a day and ferrying them to a life living off benefits and crime in Europe, we will be overwhelmed and our civilisation destroyed:

we've ruined our countries

I fail to understand why our rulers hate us so much that they want to ruin our countries and all that Europe has achieved and turn Europe into a stinking, poverty-ridden, Third-World cesspit like the countries the invaders are coming from.

What will we cowards concede to the invaders next?

Following on from yesterday’s blog about the concessions we have already made as we surrender our country to the invading armies, I was wondering what concessions we will now make to a community that refuses to integrate, refuses to assimilate, refuses to accept our values and freedoms, loathes us and our way of life and seeks to dominate and oppress us:concessions

Here are just a few first ideas. By clicking on the title, you can add some more.

Polygamy: Using the excuse that Mandelsonians and Claire Baldings are able to marry people with the same genitalia as themselves, the Roppers will demand that polygamy should also be legalised on the basis that it is more natural than same-sex marriages

Conquering our inner cities: Our friends from the Religion of Tolerance and Peace only make up about 8% of the population. However, in many of our inner cities, M*sl*ms are already over 30% and will soon be in a majority given continued uncontrolled immigration, their high birth rate and accelerating white flight. The M*sl*m block vote plus widespread voting fraud will ensure most of our cities have M*sl*m councils and M*sl*m mayors. This will lead to bans on some forms (sexually provocative) of advertising, restriction on alcohol sales, restrictions on gambling, *sl*misation of schools and colleges and no-go areas for the police and emergency services

Submission of the police: In our cities, we will see further manipulation of policing services to serve the M*sl*m community and oppress indigenous Brits. Instead of stopping or catching real criminals, police chiefs will be increasingly made aware that their role is to clamp down on supposed *sl*mophobic ‘hate crimes’ and to protect M*sl*ms’ rights to free speech

Churches to mosques: Ever more of our empty churches will be handed over by our Church of England moral eunuchs (no doubt completely free) to M*sl*m religious organisations to be turned into mosques and *sl*mic centres

Ethnic cleansing: Also in our inner cities, we will see M*sl*m gangs terrorising the few remaining indigenous British residents forcing them to move away and thus accelerating the *sl*mic takeover

These are just some of the things we can expect over the next few years.

Interesting times ahead!!!

Our capitulation is gradual, but irreversible

I have been musing on the extent to which we in the West have capitulated to the Ropper (followers of the Religion of Peace) invasion.

Here are just a few of the areas where we have ceded ground to a completely alien culture that refuses to assimilate, that refuses to accept our values and where every concession we make just encourages further demands and where our tolerance has just encouraged their intolerance:

cultural suicide

*sl*mophobia: We have allowed a new crime to be invented which protects those who wish to harm us and prevents any criticism of them

Halal meat: Food labels on much of our food contain so much information that only a specialist can understand them. But, for fear of being accused of the made-up crime of *sl*mophobia, our politicians refuse to force our food manufacturers to list whether the meat we are sold has been slaughtered in a humane way or using the horrific Halal method

Establishment cave-in: The fact that the RSPCA says and does nothing about the cruelty of Halal slaughter is just one of almost countless examples of the way the Establishment has caved in to Ropper sensibilities while enthusiastically acting against indigenous Brits seen to be acting in any way that displeases our rulers

Oppression of women: The Establishment and holier-than-thou self-appointed moral leaders scream and shout at any supposed incident of sexism against women. But they are totally silent about the widespread and clearly evident oppression of women in the Ropper community

Police inaction: The rape, sodomisation and torture of perhaps 20,000 underage British girls by Ropper rape gangs was ignored for 15 to 20 years because the police were afraid of being branded *sl*mophobic. And even now, less than thirty of thousands of Ropper rapists have been investigated, charged and convicted

Sharia courts: There are an estimated 80 Sharia courts in the UK dispensing justice in the Ropper community, not only bypassing British Law, but often going completely against British Law. Our politicians and legal establishment say and do nothing

Polygamy: We have allowed tens of thousands of Ropper men to take several wives and we pay eye-wateringly generous benefits to all those wives and their many children even though their marriages are theoretically illegal under British Law

Paedophilia: We allow Ropper men to marry underage girls in their countries of origin and then bring them to Britain as their legal wives. According to British Law these men are committing rape every time they have sex with their underage wives. The British politicians, police and social services say and do nothing

Censorship: It is almost impossible to say or write anything in the mainstream media criticising the Religion of Peace. And now London’s new Ropper Mayor has decided to ban any sexually suggestive advertising in the capital on the pretext that it could offend women. But we all know his real reason for banning it – it might offend Roppers. This ‘British’ gentleman is also spending millions of our money setting up a special Metropolitan Police unit to search the Internet for potential *sl*mophobic comments

We are at war and we are losing

Truth is the first casualty: Hiram Johnson (1866-1945) – a Progressive Republican senator in California said, ‘The first casualty, when war comes, is truth’ during World War 1. We are at war. An alien culture is slowly but surely conquering us but our rulers lie. They lie about the level of immigration. They lie about the level of crime in the Ropper community. They lie about the nature and aims of the Religion of Peace. They lie about the massive economic and social cost of Roppers in Britain. And, every time there is a Ropper terror attack, our rulers lie about what happened and lie about the motives of the attackers.

Hundreds of thousands of brave British and Commonwealth troops risked everything in two world wars to preserve our freedom, civilisation and way of life. We are now surrendering these without even putting up a fight.

Shame on our rulers! Shame on us!

“Tolerance is un*sl*mic”

Another dementia day for me. In the meantime, here is a short (2 minutes) video by a raving bearded lunatic (sorry, I meant ‘respected *sl*mic scholar’) explaining why “tolerance is un*sl*mic”:

“They all acted alone” “They were all mentally unstable”

Australia: A 21-year-old female British backpacker has died after allegedly being stabbed by a French national yelling “Allahu akbar” at a north Queensland hostel.

The 29-year-old French national — who had been in the country since March — was heard to yell “Allahu akbar” before fatally attacking the woman and critically injuring a 30-year-old British male backpacker. A man in his 40s also suffered non life-threatening injuries.

The police reassured the local community that the man was “acting alone” and are now searching for the motive for the attack.

I think we all know what motive the police will come up with!

USA: A man allegedly shouted “Allah Akbar” as he stabbed two victims in Virginia over the weekend..

Wasil Farooqui is accused of wounding a man and woman when he went after them Saturday evening with a knife, authorities said.

The brutal attacker and his two victims — who may have been picked at random — were taken to the hospital after the stabbing.

Farooqui has been on the feds’ radar for a while, and may have journeyed to Turkey and tried sneaking into Syria sometime within the past year.

The FBI have launched an investigation into the attacker’s motives.

I think we all know what motive the FBI will come up with!

Belgium: A woman in M*sl*m dress attacked three people with a machete in a suburb of Brussels.

Police have shot and wounded the woman – who reportedly attacked two people on a bus before wounding another nearby in the Belgian capital.

She refused to stand down so police opened fire, according to local media, shooting her in the arm.

The woman reportedly stabbed one person in the stomach, and one in the back on the bus before fleeing to a nearby shopping gallery.

Police sources have revealed that the woman was Asian (Chinese? Korean? Thai?) and “had a history of mental illness“.

Detectives do not believe this was a terrorist incident.

Britain: Do you remember a couple of years ago when a body builder who had converted to *sl*m beheaded an elderly neighbour? If my memory serves me correctly, the police investigation concluded that the murderer had “acted alone” and was “mentally unstable“.

Switzerland: And what about the man who set fire to and stabbed people on a train? The police know how old the man was but will only confirm that he had a Swiss name (Franz? M*h*mmed? Ali? Abdul?). We haven’t heard any more about this man’s motives.


Acting alone? No they were responding to *sl*mic videos on the Internet exhorting M*sl*ms across Europe to stab, beat, run over and use any other methods to injure and kill us infidels.

Mentally unstable? Perhaps a certain supposed religion which demands that its followers conquer the world to establish a new Caliphate and kill anyone who doesn’t submit to their rule is actually a form of mental illness?

Does Cameron have as much blood on his hands as Blair?

I guess you’ve all seen the picture – the young boy, Omran Daqneesh, who was hurt by Russian bombs which killed his brother in Aleppo in Syria:


This has led to much hand-wringing and criticism of Russia. But before we all get carried away by the anti-Putin mob, let’s remember who wanted to bomb Syria well before the Russians started. This was none other than our very own David Cameron who tried to turn the RAF into the JAF (Jihadi Air Force). Thankfully Parliament stopped Cameron from getting his Syrian war (though he did get his Libyan one). Otherwise the Syrian children being pulled from the rubble would have been victims of our bombs, not those of the Russians.

But as we watch helplessly as the Syrian (and Libyan) bloodbaths drag on, let’s not forget who was responsible for destabilising two nasty but peaceful countries and turning them into slaughterhouses.

Here’s a short piece from Peter Hitchens writing in the Daily Mail which pretty much sums up the Syrian catastrophe:

Why is Aleppo a war zone in the first place? Do you know? I will tell you. Syria was a peaceful country until it was deliberately destabilised by Saudi Arabia and its fanatical, sectarian Gulf allies, consumed with hatred for the Assad government and, above all, its ally Iran.

Worse, this monstrous intervention was supported by the USA, Britain and France, all sucking up to the Saudis for oil, money and arms contracts.

In the hope of bringing down Assad, we made a devil’s bargain with some of the worst fanatics in the Middle East, people who make Anjem Choudary look like the Vicar of Dibley.

We know of Britain’s role for certain because of the very strange case of Bherlin Gildo, a Swedish man accused by British authorities of attending a terror training camp in Syria. His trial collapsed in June 2015 because his defence lawyers argued that the terror groups he was accused of supporting had been helped by British intelligence.

The Assad state, as you might expect, defended itself against its attackers, helped in the end by Iran and Russia.

And the war which followed was the ruin of Syria, whose innocent people found their peaceful cities and landscape turned into a screaming battlefield, as it still is.

If you are truly grieved by the picture of poor little Omran, just be careful who you blame.

“HEROES!!!!!” Are you sure?

Am I the only person in Britain feeling more than slightly queasy over the hyperbolic headlines in the British mainstream media gushing incontinently about the achievements of “Britain’s Olympic heroes”? I apologise but I don’t understand the ecstatic media over-the-top reaction to the British team’s results in Rio and the demands for victory parades and honours for these supposed sporting “heroes”.

team gb 1

So, I looked up the word ‘hero’ in the dictionary: ‘A person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities: example a war hero

Anyone who fought in either WW1 or WW2 to prevent Germany taking over Europe was probably a hero. Maybe even those who fought in Blair’s illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were also heroes? Perhaps they were even more heroic in that, as soon as they saw what violent, intolerant, pig-ignorant Third-World  scum most Iraqis and Afghanis were and the utter pointlessness of their mission, they still did their duty even though Blair and Brown refused to provide the money for helicopters, armoured vehicles and decent rifles.

But what about the British Olympians? There’s the Ethiopian or Somali or whatever Mohammed Farah. Yes, he can run fast and he has received millions of taxpayers’ money to support himself and his family while running. But is he really a ‘hero‘? And there’s the charisma-free area that is Andy Murray. Fabulous athlete, incredibly hard-worker and tenacious player – but is he a ‘hero‘?

And there’s a guy who sails dinghies. Ok, I admit that he might occasionally get wet and even risk catching a cold. But he’s hardly putting his life on the line. There’s the ‘glorious’ gold-medal-winning British women’s hockey team. Ok, they might occasionally get hit on the ankles by an opponent’s hockey stick and that probably hurts for a couple of days:

team gb 3

But ‘heroes‘? Not in my book.

And there’s some (IMHO) big-arsed posh woman who sits still while her horse does some stupid, unnatural dance. Is she a ‘hero‘ (or ‘heroine‘)?

team gb 4

And there’s syncronised sunbathing or swimming or something like that. Yes, the girls’ make-up and fake tans might start coming off in the water. But that’s about the most danger they’re in. And there’s some kind of clay pigeon shooting. Now, if the clay pigeons were shooting back, then the shooters could be called ‘heroes‘.

So, I’m sorry but I don’t buy the “they’re all heroes” narrative. Yes, some of them are excellent role models of dedication and hard work. While others do something that can hardly even be called ‘sport‘. But they’re not ‘heroes‘.

However, in today’s Age of Inanity where every achievement, however slight, is apparently ‘heroic‘; where every tweet by supposed celebs is ‘brilliant‘ and/or ‘hilarious‘. And where any comment that in any way can be interpreted as being politically incorrect sets off a Twitterstorm or Facebook fury among the intellectually and socially inadequate, language has become debased and words like ‘hero’ over-used and meaningless.

So, ignore the mainstream media orgasms. Ignore the hyperbole. Ignore the flatulent, self-serving propaganda from those riding on the Olympics bandwagon.

Some quite good British and supposedly British sports people went to Rio. And many of them will successfully become tax-dodging multi-millionaires after we’ve paid for their training and coaching and luxury lifestyles.

But for me, none of them are ‘heroes’ !

Good invasion vs bad invasion

When will the mainstream media admit that Europe is being invaded by a tsunami of ignorant, violent, intolerant, backward Third-World detritus that will ruin our countries in the same way as they have ruined the countries they are coming from?

Not all invasions are bad:

invasion 1

But the new invasion is a disaster that will destroy European civilisation:

invasion 2

Watch this and weep for the loss of your country

You only need to watch the first minute or so of this video to see how Britain has lost the battle against the new invaders.

The video shows our police being intimidated and insulted by ‘British’ citizens who are also adherents of the Religion of Tolerance and Peace.

And the police can do absolutely nothing.

Weep for the loss of your country: