December 2016
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The problem is – there are too many Syrians (and Yemenis and……………..)

Rejoice! Rejoice! Assad is winning! Obama is losing!

Be happy! Be overjoyed! There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation. The Western-educated, religiously-tolerant Syrian president Bashar ‘Basher’ Al-Assad finally seems to be making military progress against the crazy, inbred, IQ-deficient, West-loathing, rape-obsessed, bearded morons so eagerly supported by Hussein Obama and the rest of the supposedly ‘liberal, progressive’ Western leaders.

With any luck, Assad (helped by Putin) will soon crush Obama’s beloved, mouth-frothing, I-love-my-snackbar-screaming, violent lunatics. Oh what happiness to see the BBC so sad at the prospect of their Religion of Peace buddies being sent to Paradise by Mr Assad and Mr Putin.

Meanwhile, our screens are full of sad-looking luvvies appealing for us to give our money to save Syrian children while the luvvies hide away their own millions in clever tax-avoidance schemes.

So, let me say the unsayable. Why bother donating money to people who will grow up to hate and kill us? After all, there are already far too many Syrians. There are also far too many Yemenis and Egyptians and Somalis and Ethiopians and and and………….

Why does nobody ever mention “population”?

There is one common feature of all the countries where there is war and/or total misery. All the countries which are now sending their invading hordes of primitive subhumans to conquer Europe share one feature that you don’t see in developed countries. That feature is explosive population growth that far exceeds any possible economic growth.

As the Chinese realised when they introduced their one-child policy – if a country’s population growth exceeds economic growth, that country will become poorer and eventually collapse into a fight for limited resources between various warring factions. Thus, since the 1960s, China has managed to pull over 600 million people out of poverty. Meanwhile Arab and African countries have managed to breed around 600 million people into ever-worsening poverty

Here’s Syria’s population growth:


Notice the difference between *sl*mocrazy Syria and the more westernised Tunisia.

And here’s Third-World cesspit Ethiopia:


Yet all we hear from the luvvies is “give money, give money, give money”. I would give money if it was used for population control, not to further increase the teeming, increasingly impoverished hordes.

And here are some primitive, utterly corrupt, ludicrously misgoverned, basket-case, excrement-covered African countries:

population other african countries

And here’s the result of this overpopulation – the invasion of Europe:


The destruction of European civilisation:


It will happen. It cannot be avoided. The population growth charts prove this.

The real Richmond Park story the BBC ‘forgot’ to tell you

Ooops. It seems my website might be working again. Who knows how long that will last?

So, just a short piece today

Richmond Park – the real story

Last week the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation went into orgasms of rapture when the (IMHO) pompous, self-regarding, egotistical, treacherous multi-millionaire scumbag Zacharias Goldschmidt lost his parliamentary seat in a completely unnecessary by-election.

The (IMHO) treacherous, UK-hating Goldschmidt knew that the Government, he supposedly supported, only had a 12-seat majority. Yet he was more than happy to allow that slender majority to be reduced just to satisfy his own hyper-inflated ego. Thank goodness this piece of excrement is now gone and hopefully the useless, spoilt Goldschitt brat will now concentrate on wasting the millions his father gave him and stop trying to play at being a politician.

Anyway, enough of Goldscum, back to the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.

When gleefully drooling over Goldschite’s defeat by a Europhiliac LibDem, the BBC quickly mentioned that “the other candidates lost their deposits”. But who were the other candidates who “lost their deposits”? This is where the story get more interesting.

Those who lost their deposits because they got less than 5% of the vote included the Monster Raving Loony Party, the Christian People’s Party and the One Love Party. So, no surprise there.

But, hold on a minute. There was one other party standing. Yup, it was none other than Her Majesty’s Official Opposition – the Labour Party. In the 2015 General Election, Labour got 7,296 votes – 12.3% of the votes cast. In the totally unnecessary 2016 by-election, Labour’s vote dropped to 1,515 – a mere 3.7% of votes cast.

There you have it folks – the party loved by the Guardian-reading BBC, the party that is meant to be the official opposition, the party led by Jeremy ‘Karl  Marx’ Corbyn saw its vote collapse by around 80%.

Of course, Goldturd’s defeat to the LibDem was the main story of the Richmond Park by-election. But it is astonishing that neither the BBC nor Channel 4 news nor any other mainstream news channel spent any time at all reporting on the massively embarrassing collapse of the Labour vote.

Meanwhile in the cities of Englandistan

I sometimes look at a website called BareNakedIslam. It’s hopelessly biased, of course. For example, to supposedly show British M*sl*ms’ hatred of dogs BareNakedIslam featured a photo of a notice saying “No Dogs – May to September”.


Unfortunately for the truth, this notice didn’t appear in a M*sl*m area of one of our cities. It was actually on a beach and it is quite normal in Britain for dogs to be banned from beaches during what we optimistically call our ‘summer’.

However, I did notice that BareNakedIslam used a chart I produced a year or so ago to show the *sl*mification of our major cities:


Within some of our lives, and definitely within our children’s lives, there will be two Englands. The white England of small towns and the countryside and our increasingly Third-World, violent, backward *sl*mic cities where white English faces will be a rarity.

Migration – perhaps quality is more important than quantity?

There was the usual huffing and puffing from left and right last week when the latest migration figures were released. These showed that over the last 12 months 633,000 people (12,115 a week) arrived in the UK while 306,000 people (5,885 a week) left giving a net migration figure of 327,000 (6,288 a week):


But let’s look both at and behind these figures as what may be more important than the bare numbers may be the type of people arriving in and leaving the UK. This comparison might help shed light on what contribution (if any) immigration is making to our country.

But first a warning – the official immigration figures are total bollox

The great immigration lie

The Government compiles its migration statistics from the International Passenger Survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics. But there is a much more accurate way of checking how many foreigners are arriving in Britain – the number of National Insurance (NI) numbers issued to people born abroad. Over the last five years, 2,234,000 NI numbers have been issued to people born in other European countries. Yet the Government’s official migration statistics claim that only 1,004,000 people born in Europe have moved to the UK to work and/or claim our generous benefits. The blue line on the chart is the official number of EU citizens moving to Britain, the red line is the number of NI numbers issued to EU citizens:


Over just the last five years, this gives a difference of 1,200,000 more Europeans in Britain than the Government admits – that’s 240,000 a year or 2,000 every month arriving to work and/or claim benefits than our glorious Government’s figures suggest.

The leavers

Now let’s look at the 306,000 people who have left Britain in the last year. Around 55% (168,300) left to find work abroad. So we can reliably assume that these 168,300 are reasonably qualified and reasonably motivated – the kind of people who could have made a positive contribution to Britain.

Then about another 10% ( 30,000) are fairly affluent pensioners who are retiring abroad. Again, although these pensioners would no longer be working, given that they’re sufficiently well off to retire abroad, it’s likely that, had they remained in Britain, they would be contributing more in tax than they were using in public services.

That gives us a further 35% who will be mainly foreign students going home or other people moving abroad for work or family reasons

The arrivals

Now for the massive (and rather frightening) flood of 633,000 arriving in Britain. Of these only about 44% (278,520) come from the EU and a much larger 56% (354,480) come mostly from the Third World. Although we have no control over EU citizens moving to Britain, we theoretically can control non-EU citizens. Therefore it’s almost beyond belief that non-EU immigration is still spiralling out of control.

To make another rough guess, I think we can assume that over 80% of those coming from EU countries are hoping to work in Britain. I believe the simple rule of thumb is that a single person needs to be earning over £25,000 a year before they are contributing more in tax than they take in benefits and public services, while a family with two children needs to be taking in over £34,000 a year before it is paying more in tax than it gets in benefits and public services. I leave it to my dear readers to draw some conclusions as to how many of these 2,234,000 EU nationals with NI numbers – many of whom are taking lower-paid jobs – are actually making a contribution to our once great country and how many are benefits-scrounging parasites raking it in by claiming for umpteen usually non-existent children living abroad and for all sorts of other things like in-work benefits, housing support, carers’ allowances etc etc etc etc.

As for the 56% (354,480) who come from the Third World, some will be rather more ‘economically active’, than others.

We know from official statistics that people like the Chinese and Indian Hindus will work hard and invest in getting the best possible education for their children:


We also know that some others – Pakistanis, Somalis, Bangladeshis (mainly our good friends from the World’s One and Only True Religion) – feel there is no need to make too much of a contribution to British society as it is much better in their culture to take rather than to give.


Mainstream media journalists can talk about the numbers arriving in and leaving Britain. But they can’t ever comment on the quality of those leaving and the quality (or lack of quality) of those arriving here as that would be ‘racist’ or ‘phobic’ or a ‘hate crime’ or whatever.

But I believe there is sufficient evidence to suggest that our country is losing some of the best and brightest while opening the floodgates to a large amount of inbred, violent, pig-ignorant, parasitical, Third-World garbage.

When thinking about immigration, it may well be the case that quality is possibly more important than quantity.


Apologies for ‘disappearing’

I’ve just tried to move my website from Webage, who were charging me £178 a year, to HostingUK, who charge about £40 a year.

I thought this would be simple. But as I found out from 12 years having to flog second-hand, not-fit-for-purpose IT systems for one of the world’s largest IT systems companies – if there’s a way to f**k something up, IT people will always find it.

Anyway, my site is not up and running again.

Who knows how long this will continue?

In the meantime, as Swedistan becomes completely over-run by inbred, intolerant, pig-ignorant, Third-World subhumans, I found this complaint from a highly-educated Turkish academician who was refused political asylum in Sweden.

As he writes, Swedistan is only getting what it deserves from its ludicrously *sl*mophiliac, anti-white-Swedish policies:

Erdal Budak ·

As a academician who has doctor license for molecular biology, 9 published best seller books, was an rector/administrator in 4 different schools/universities in Turkey, has a 8-months-old baby and a teen son who is a successful student in Turkey. I am not safe in Turkey because of government without law.
And guess what happens? Sweden didn’t let me to stay in their country.
They declined our political asylum. But they keep taking immigrants who don’t even know the Latin alphabet, are rude and lack respect/humanity/civilization. They take Afghans, Syrians and lgbt members instead of an educated family like mine.
I don’t know what to say except that Sweden deserves to collapse.

Afghanistan 2015. But is that 2015 AD? Or 2015 BC?

Here’s a heartwarming (for members of the Religion of Tolerance and Peace) video apparently of a 19-year-old girl being stoned to death for refusing to marry an older man.

It’s claimed that this was filmed in 2015. But would that be 2015 AD or 2015 BC?

Or perhaps the problem is that almost the whole world is living in the 21st Century AD but our 1.2 billion friends from the One and Only True Religion are, unfortunately, still living in the 21st Century BC?

A message from the elites “Russia is our enemy, Islam is our friend”

The globalist elites seem to be panicking. As part of their project of replacing white Europeans and white Americans with inbred, low-IQ, violent, backwards, Third-World, excrement-covered savages they need to distract us plebs from what they’re really up to. In particular, they need to convince us that the invading Third-World locust armies of human filth are not a threat to us and our way of life.

In order to mislead us about who our real enemies are, the globalist elites have had to invent a false enemy. They have chosen Putin’s Russia and our rulers keep on trying to provoke Russia in order to stoke our fear of this supposed ‘enemy’. When Syrian and Russian forces declared a ceasefire in Aleppo, the US immediately bombed a contingent of the Syrian army killing 64 and injuring many more. And in Europe, NATO is forever finding excuses (the myth that Russia is about to invade Eastern Europe) to move its forces and missiles closer to the Russian border in the hope that Russia will retaliate.

But the “Russia is our enemy” strategy may be falling apart. First we have Donald Trump in the USA claiming that he can do a deal with Russia to fight (radical?) *sl*m. And now we have the likely future French president, Francois Fillon, also saying we should be working with Russia to defeat our real enemies – ISIL and its many equally horrendous, peace-loathing offshoots.

In fact, only yesterday the director of the CIA for the past four years, John Brennan, used a BBC interview to warn Trump that Russia was a danger to the USA and couldn’t be trusted. That got me wondering how many Americans Russians have killed in the last 20 years (none that I know of) compared to how many Americans the swivel-eyed, mouth-frothing, Religion of Peace crazies have killed (close to 4,000 I guess). Perhaps, in his dotage, Mr Brennan has forgotten the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks?

John Brennan also blamed Moscow for much of the suffering in Syria. So now you know. The Syrian civil war had absolutely nothing to do with the USA arming and supporting the bloodthirsty, West-loathing, murderous crazies in America’s attempts to topple Syria’s legitimate ruler, President Bashar ‘Basher’ Al-Assad. All the deaths in Syria are nasty Russia’s fault.

Given the daily hate campaign run by the British media against Putin and Russia, I thought it might be instructive to compare how many countries the supposedly dangerous Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) has invaded compared to how many countries peace-loving America has invaded.

Here are Russia’s invasions: Ukraine 2014; Georgia (2008); Chechnya (1994). And here are the Soviet Union’s invasions – Afghanistan (1979); Czechoslovakia (1968); Hungary (1956).

Here are America’s invasions: Syria (2016); Iraq (2003); Afghanistan (2001); Haiti (1994); Iraq (1991); Panama (1989); Grenada (1983); Dominican Republic (1965); Cuba (1961).

So, Russia and the Soviet Union have invaded six countries compared to the nine invasions of eight countries by America.

Could that suggest the the elites’ hate campaign against Russia has little to no basis in reality?




Turning Japanese, whooping and don’t believe the BBC gloating about France

Just some random thoughts today.

Turning Japanese

Hopefully some readers know what is meant by ‘turning Japanese’. But, apart from male orgasms, there could be another interpretation of the phrase ‘turning Japanese’.

I remember that in the 1960s (I think) there was a TV programme which presented clips from the most absurd TV around the world. (Perhaps a reader could click on the title of today’s blog and remind us of the title of the programme?) If my memory serves me correctly, one of the repeated themes was how ludicrous and downmarket Japanese TV was. To show this, we were presented with short sequences from Japanese TV competitions where some goofy-toothed idiot was showered with insects or had to eat live worms or something ridiculous and disgusting like that.

Ha-ha-ha-ha, how we all laughed at the stupid Japanese!

Now spool forward about 40 years and we find that one of the most popular programmes on British TV is none other than “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” (IACGMOoH) with over eleven million viewers. And what happens in IACGMOoH?


Yup, contestants are showered with insects or have to eat live worms or something like that – just like those Japanese TV competitions we all thought were only for slanty-eyed idiots.

It really does seem as if, forty years later, we’re all ‘turning Japanese’.


I have a terrible confession to make. I know how to shout. And I suppose I could scream. But I don’t know how to whoop. Yet it seems that nowadays, for even the slightest thing, the immediate reaction is shouting, screaming and whooping. Watch any TV programme nowadays and whatever the ‘celebs’ say or do, the dumbed-down audience always erupts in a cacophony of shouting, screaming and, most importantly, whooping.

I’m terribly saddened by the fact that the modern world is leaving me behind. I’m terribly saddened that I don’t know how to whoop.


If I don’t know how to whoop, how could I ever be in the audience for the X-Factor or some Dancing Bollox or even any inane talk show inevitably hosted by some prancing, lube-anused Mandelsonian or heavily-built, high-testosteroned, mustached rug-muncher?

It’s not possible. If you can’t whoop, you’re a nobody.

Don’t believe the BBC gloating about France

It’s pretty certain that the final stage of the French presidential elections will be a contest between the conservative Francois Fillon and the National Front’s Marine Le Pen.

Moreover, it’s even more certain that the French establishment will come together to ensure Marine Le Pen gets nowhere near the presidency, just as the American establishment thought it would block Trump.

But when Le Pen loses, she will also have won. Like Farage, Le Pen will have won because her policies will be adopted by Fillon as he knows that’s the only way to defeat her.

How the BBC and Channel 4 News and the bankrupt toilet paper called the Guardian crowed and laughed and gloated when Farage lost his bid to become a Westminster MP. But Farage was the ultimate winner. He, almost single-handedly, got Britain on its way out of the corrupt, failing, undemocratic, German-controlled EU superstate. If Britain ever gets proper border control, Farage will have prevented a British civil war between the inbred, violent, intolerant, supremacist followers of the Only One and True Religion and the rest of us.

Farage will have saved Britain

Likewise in France, Fillon will be forced to crack down on the Religion of Peace invasion of his country, to oppose the creation of a Greater Germany run from Brussels, to stop trying to create a phony conflict with Russia and to stand up for French national interests against the self-serving, elitist, globalist scum trying to destroy European countries’ national identity.

Marine Le Pen will lose next year. But in fact, her policies will have won.

Europe 2029 – some people have seen the future

If this shortish (5 mins) video really was first published on YouTube in 2013 – before Merkel opened Europe’s borders to the Religion of Peace invasion armies, before the Paris and Brussels massacres and before the worst of the Sweden rape epidemic – then whoever made this film has truly understood our future.

Please lefties, tell me whether there is anything in this video that is in any way inaccurate.

Have a good weekend!

Come on chaps! Just one more decent slaughter to make this a record month!

Yesterday was a tremendous day for our friends from the Religion of Peace. Around 97 Shiite pilgrims were killed and another 40 or so injured in bombings at a petrol station used by the pilgrims as a popular stopping-off point:


In fact, November has been quite a good month for our chums from the world’s one and only true religion.

November started with 69 civilians being killed and another 672 injured when they returned to homes booby-trapped by their co-religionists.

On 6 November, 11 Shiite pilgrims were murdered and around 100 injured. The next day, about 300 beheaded bodies were found in ditches.

On 8 November, about 40 innocents were slaughtered by the State That Has Nothing To Do With *sl*m. Then a day later another 30 innocents were packed off to Paradise.

On 12 November, 52 Religion of Peace worshippers were killed and another 105 injured at a shrine in Pakistan for worshipping the wrong version of the Religion of Peace.

On 14 November, 63 innocents were killed by State That Has Nothing To Do With *sl*m and another 100 or so injured. Then the next day another 32 left this earth – executed for supposed ‘apostasy’.

In the last ten days, a couple of hundred more innocents have been helped on their way to eternal life by the good people from the Religion of Peace.

In 2015 there were 2,862 Religion of Peace attacks (238 a month) killing 27,594 innocents (2,299 a month) and injuring another 26,141 innocents (2,178 a month).

Over the last 30 days, there have only been 205 Religion of Peace attacks in which a paltry 2,169 people were killed and a more impressive 2,879 injured.

So, the bearded crazies are a little below their 2015 monthly average for killings, but well above it for the number of injured.

But there are still 6 days left till the end of the November and the Religion of Peace practitioners only need to kill another couple of hundred innocents to beat their 2015 monthly average.

Come on chaps! You can do it!

Just one last big effort!

(Oh dear. Did the BBC and the Guardian and Channel 4 News forget to mention this ongoing slaughter? I wonder why)

Pat Condell welcomes primitive, violent, inbred throwbacks to progressive multi-cultural Eurabia/Eurafrica