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Mueller report proves there definitely was collusion

(Monday blog)

We don’t yet know in detail what’s in the long-awaited Mueller Report. But I’m pretty certain it proves there was collusion. There was collusion between the Deep State, the sore-loser Democrats and all the US media (with the honourable exception of Fox News) to destroy democratically-elected President Trump and replace him with someone who didn’t threaten the lucrative financial interests of all the multi-millionaires in Congress and the US government:

The Mainstream Media with their WMDs (Weapons of Mass Deception), the Intelligence agencies, both political parties and the rest of the Deep State are guilty of collusion, sedition and obstruction of justice. Obstruction of allowing the democratically-elected President of the United States of America to do his job.

Just as the UK Deep State – the civil service, Parliament and the media – have tried to and probably managed to destroy Brexit. In the same way the US Deep State have tried to destroy Trump. But whereas the UK Deep State seems to have succeeded in overturning a democratic vote to leave the corrupt, undemocratic, power-grabbing, German-controlled EU, in the US democratically-elected President Trump incredibly keeps fighting and doesn’t give up:

The Mueller investigation has resulted in indictments, guilty pleas and people going to prison. But all those were for supposed offences committed long before any of those imprisoned worked for Trump, they had nothing to do with the supposed collusion with Russia that Mueller was meant to be investigating and were only aimed at blackmailing the indicted to force them to testify against Trump:

Yet, in spite of this blackmail, it seems the investigators couldn’t get any hard evidence against Trump. The best they could do was Trump’s long-time lawyer claiming Trump was bombastic, bullying and a bit of a fantasist. I think we all knew that long before he was elected. Now, apparently, there will be no more indictments. It seems there are no more people for the Mueller team to blackmail.

At the weekend, I featured a short video showing the US ruling and media elites scoffing at the idea of Trump ever becoming president. But, ensconced in their multi-millionaire world far away from ordinary American voters, they had no idea of the anger the majority felt at the way their concerns were being ignored by the ruling elites.

Of course, the Mueller Report will say that Russia tried to influence the election. And I suspect they will try to accuse Trump of trying to obstruct justice even though there was no justice to obstruct given that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia. And the mouth-frothing Democrats will be demanding Trump be indicted and/or impeached for supposedly obstructing an investigation into something that never happened. Only in the mad mad world of those with serious Trump Derangement Syndrome could someone be guilty of obstructing an investigation into something that never happened in the first place.

In the battle of Trump against the Deep State, incredibly Trump may be winning. Slowly many Americans may come to realise that the real traitors to their country will not be Trump and his team but his enemies in the Deep State who have tried to destroy him and his presidency:

Though this isn’t the end of the matter. Instead of developing some policies that will improve the lives of ordinary American voters, the furious, self-serving, lying Democrats in Congress will spend the next two years launching investigation after investigation into the affairs of Trump, his family and his supporters to try to bring the democratically-elected President down.

I hope that in the 2020 presidential elections American voters remember how their concerns were ignored by the multi-millionaire Deep State ruling elites and once again vote for Trump.

Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

This time Britain cravenly surrenders to the German Fourth Reich

(weekend blog)

Let’s leave the EU?

Being a realist, I know that our rulers are never going to allow us to leave the EU. With the useless Theresa May playing the role of Neville Chamberlain and the self-aggrandising Dominic Grieve playing the role of 1930s Hitler admirer and appeaser Lord Halifax, we’re going to get on our collective knees and surrender control of our country to a resurgent German empire – the EU – German Fourth Reich:

Merkel’s role model, Adolf Hitler, must be kicking himself as he sees that he could have conquered the whole of Europe without firing a single shot given what cowards the French, Dutch, Belgians, Spanish, Italians, Swedes, Danes etc etc are.

I wonder if Merkel will be the next President of the European Commission when the useless Drunk leaves? That would really make it clear who actually runs Europe.

Nevertheless, here’s a link to a petition demanding Britain leaves the EU without a deal:

Please sign it although it won’t make any difference to our rulers’ determination to surrender our country to Adolf Merkel and her sidekick Martyn Selmayr (grandson of a high-ranking Nazi officer largely responsible for the slaughter of about 20 million Russians).

We’re not winning

As everybody blubs and holds hands and lights candles and sings kumbaya or whatever over the New Zealand mosque attacks, let me just keep you up to date with the latest score.

So far in 2019 there have been over 400 registered terror attacks killing 2,278 innocents. Of these more than 400 attacks, at least 399 have been carried out by our friends from the religion of peace killing 2,228 innocents and just one has been carried out by an Izlumophobe killing 50 innocents.

Sorry if the BBC and C4 News spent days covering the one Izlumophobe attack and totally ‘forgot’ to tell you about the other 2,228 attacks carried out peacefully by our peaceful, peace-loving religion of peace chums.

Meanwhile, we hear that a couple of thugs did some damage to two or three mosques in Birmingham. But nobody mentions the more than 50 churches that were vandalised in France just during February. In some French churches, statues and crosses were smashed:

In others, crosses in excrement were also smeared on the walls:

I just can’t guess who would have carried out these more than 50 attacks on churches. But I do know how many people will be arrested and prosecuted for these 50+ acts of sacrilege and religious hatred – about 0 people or probably fewer.

To cheer us up

I just love a bit of ‘schadenfreude’. So here to cheer us all up in these miserable times are a bunch of smug, self-satisfied, progressive, brainless libtards before the 2016 US presidential elections laughingly and contemptuously dismissing the idea that Trump could ever become president:


Please give generously! The Crocodile needs/wants your money!

(Friday blog)

If you were watching TV last night you probably saw the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal for your money to help all those millions supposedly affected by Cyclone Idai. And you would have been told what £10 and £20 and £50 would buy for these poor people. For example, £50 would buy food for a family for a month.

But do the affected countries really need our money? Let’s have a look at two of the worst affected countries – Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Hell on earth – Zimbabwe

Here’s Zimbabwe’s former ruler for about 40 years kindly old Uncle Bob Mugabe with his lovely wife Grace:

They’re probably among the richest people in Africa. How much money does Uncle Bob have? Who knows? But most estimates put Bob’s wealth at anywhere between $1bn and $4bn – almost all of it hidden away far from the country he has ruined (sorry, I meant ‘ruled’) for so long. Seems like Uncle Bob could personally pay for saving his people from their misery just by dipping into his own petty cash account.

Then there’s Uncle Bob’s ‘democratically-elected’ successor Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, the man known as “the crocodile” because of his political cunning and his habit of having people killed:

How much money does lucky Mr Mnangagwa have? We don’t know. But it’s believed to be around $2.7bn and growing every year. He is rumoured to own a few diamond mines, lots of farm land and to control a monopoly on Zimbabwe’s fuel supplies amongst many other lucrative business interests.

As Uncle Bob’s right-hand man for the last few decades Mr Mnangagwa is jointly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and the destruction of his once fertile and wealthy country. Between them these two clowns have caused many times more destruction and loss of life than little Cyclone Idai. Under their misrule life expectancy in Zimbabwe fell to 34 years for a female and 37 years for a male – the lowest in the world, even lower than North Korea. And between them, these two clowns could easily pay for all the Cyclone Idai damage and still have enough money left over to live like royalty for the rest of their lives.

Yet the look-at-me, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling luvvies presenting the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal tell us that we must give generously to help Zimbabwe!

Not much better – Mozambique

How about Mozambique? Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, also spelled Nyussi, is a Mozambican politician serving as the fourth President of Mozambique, in office since 2015. He previously served as Minister of Defence from 2008 to 2014. Nyusi was the candidate of the ruling party, Frelimo, in the 2014 presidential election. Frelimo has, conveniently for Frelimo, ruined (sorry, I meant ‘ruled’) poor, long-suffering Mozambique since about 1975

Here’s Nyusi meeting with the useless drunk in Brussels:

No doubt Nyusi was negotiating lots more lovely foreign aid for his godforsaken, poverty-stricken sh*t-hole of a country.

He was criticised recently for buying himself a $7m private jet using money ‘borrowed’ from Mozambique’s national bank to fly to Mnangagwa’s inauguration in neighbouring Zimbabwe. Here’s Nyusi with a picture of the type of private jet he so generously gave himself while the West pours hundreds of millions of dollars of aid into his rotten, excrement-covered hell-hole of a country:

He is believed to have been put in power by a totally corrupt ruling cabal of former Frelimo commanders who are plundering their country’s mining and gas industries to massively enrich themselves.

Yet we’re told that we must give generously to help supposedly poverty-stricken Mozambique!

How African leaders must be laughing at our stupidity!

It’s the same over all Africa

And here, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, is a video I made explaining what really happens to the hundreds of billions Africa has received in foreign aid from the gullible West making every day like Christmas for Africa’s lucky rulers. Enjoy:

How on earth did “misgendering” become a matter for the police?

(Thursday blog)

In Britain we used to respect the police. But the blundering political correctness of our police’s witless and useless libtard leaders has made our police into a laughing stock.

So, here’s a great article on Breitbart about how our police have turned themselves into a national (very bad) joke. Perhaps the police should arrest themselves for wasting police time? 

Though I wasn’t laughing when no fewer than three of my local plods came to my home to threaten me for a few somewhat impolite comments I had made on my blog about a public figure. The police keep telling us that they don’t have sufficient officers. But I bet that if I’d reported an ongoing burglary, the police wouldn’t have turned up for a couple of days, if at all.

And, in case anyone hasn’t viewed my latest video, here it is:

Good news! Tropical storm causes no damage and no deaths in Africa!

(Wednesday blog)

The BBC are reporting that hundreds have been killed and tens of thousands have been made homeless in Mozambique and Rhodesia (also known as Hell-hole Zimbabwe) due to a tropical storm or cyclone. And the BBC have blamed “the effects of rising waters brought about by climate change” for the storm.

But I believe the whole BBC report is a pack of lies. I believe nobody was killed by the storm and no damage was done at all. As for blaming supposed Climate Change!!!!!!!!!

Of course, there was a storm. And many homes were damaged and a few people were killed. But the clue as to why there were damage and deaths came when a BBC reported said that many “flimsy” homes were destroyed. So, if the Mozambicans hadn’t had flimsy homes, if they had solid, well-built homes, perhaps there would have been minimal damage from the storm and even no deaths?

So, why do Mozambicans have flimsy homes?

Clue number 1 – out of control population growth

The population shot up from 6.1 million in 1950 to about 19 million by 1999:

Then from 2000 to now the population of this excremental dump increased further to around 30 million:

(sorry the charts are difficult to read)

Mozambique’s fertility rate is around 5.5 children per female and there are almost one million more Mozambicans every year. No African country can grow its economy fast enough to cope with this rate of population growth. So, every year the average income per capita in Mozambique reduces (just as it does in almost every African country).

Clue 2 – It’s basket-case Africa

Then we have the problem that Mozambique is in hopeless, basket-case Africa. Like most African sh*t-holes Mozambique had a lengthy civil war. In Mozambique this lasted from 1977 to 1992. And, of course, Mozambique had a Marxist government that did a Maduro – totally destroyed what little economy there was. Add to that widespread corruption – Mozambique is one of the most corrupt countries in the world – and you have a typical African scenario. As the UN reported “the country remains one of the poorest and most underdeveloped in the world. In a 2006 survey, three-quarters of Mozambicans said that in the past five years their economic position had remained the same or become worse”.

Clue 3 – It’s not Climate Change

I won’t even waste your time debunking the BBC’s claim that Climate Change is responsible for the strength of the storm. Mozambique has a storm season every year and there were massive cyclones in 2000 and in many years before that. It’s called ‘weather’ and it’s totally predictable that there will be storms. Oh, and sea levels are not rising.

Clue 4 – What about Zimbabwe?

There were also deaths and damage in Rhodesia (which unfortunately for Rhodesians became Zimbabwe). I hardly need to spend any time reminding readers of how Zimbabwe went from being the wealthy bread-basket of Africa to a violent, impoverished part of hell due to greed, economic mismanagement and stupidity.

Conclusion – don’t believe a word the BBC says

Yes, there have been a few weather-related problems in backward, poverty-stricken, hopeless sh*t-hole Mozambique and Rhodesia. But they’re due to over-population, corruption, stupidity and civil war.

Don’t believe a word the British Brainwashing Corporation says.

But our useless government will hand over millions of borrowed pounds in foreign aid to Mozambique’s and Zimbabwe’s utterly corrupt rulers, all of which will end up in the Mozambique’s and Zimbabwe’s elites’ already bulging offshore bank accounts.

UK-hating Jeremy al-Corbyn exposed?

(Tuesday blog)

Crazies vs crazies – keeping the score

I thought I’d start by updating you on the latest score of terrorist attacks.

So far in 2019 there have now been 375 terrorist attacks in 32 countries. A whopping 374 of these attacks have been carried out by members of the religion of peace and just one attack (Christchurch NZ) has been carried out by someone who wasn’t a member of the religion of peace.This means that 0.3% of attacks were carried out by white supremacists and 99.7% of terrorist attacks were carried out by members of the most peaceful religion. Though you wouldn’t think this was the case if you watched the BBC or C4 News.

As for the number of deaths, around 2,139 innocents have been killed – crucified, blown up, shot, hacked to death, burnt alive or beheaded in these 375 terrorist attacks. Around 2,089 victims were killed by members of the religion of wonderfulness and 50 killed by a white supremacist. This means that 2.3% of those killed were murdered by a white supremacist and 97.7% were slaughtered by members of the world’s favourite religion.

Comrade Corbyn accidentally reveals his contempt for white Brits

Below I feature two tweets from Comrade Corbyn.

The first one expresses his reaction to the Manchester Arena bombing. You might remember that 22 people died – including a number of children – after an explosion tore through a pop concert at Manchester Arena. More than 800 other people received physical or psychological injures in the blast at an Ariana Grande concert on May 22 2017. Terrorist Salman Abedi was named as the suicide bomber who carried out the attack.

In his tweet, Comrade Corbyn refers to the Manchester bombing, in which a member of his favourite religion slaughtered loads of white indigenous Brits (including children) as a “terrible incident”.

In the second tweet, Corbyn gives his reaction to the Christchurch NZ mosque shooting. He calls this an “horrific terror attack”.

So, for UK-hating Comrade Corbyn, when a member of his favourite religion slaughters white Brits in Britain, that’s just an “incident”. But when a white man murders members of his favourite religion in faraway New Zealand, that’s a “terror attack”.

I think Comrade Jeremy al-Corbyn has just inadvertently revealed his loathing for white indigenous Brits and his preference for members of his favourite religion.

After Christchurch, will blogging still be possible?

(Monday blog)

What to write about?

Footballing fun?

I’ve got an idea. I could show you a short video clip of some people from a certain religious persuasion laughing as they play football with some human heads they’ve just cut off from some of those they consider their enemies. But that would be a hate crime.

No, you maybe misunderstand. Laughing while playing football with human heads isn’t considered a ‘hate crime’. In fact, if any of those ‘footballers’ were British and decided to return to the UK, the authorities would welcome them with open arms, put them at the top of the queue for council housing, give them loads of benefits and spend millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money supposedly deradicalising them. In the eyes of the British police, those who chopped off human heads and then played football with them wouldn’t have committed a ‘hate crime’. But if I were to feature the video or even just give you a link to the video, I would be considered as having deliberately tried to stir up hate.

Love that cross?

Or I could show you a short video clip of a gentleman from a certain religious persuasion cutting one hand and one foot off a man who has been crucified but is still alive. In cutting off the hand and foot from different sides of the victim’s body, the chopper would be obeying instructions given in a certain quite famous book.

No, you maybe misunderstand. Crucifying someone and cutting off one hand and one foot wouldn’t be considered a ‘hate crime’. Nor would the book which instructs its followers to cut the hand and foot from different sides of the victim’s body be considered as inciting hate or violence. In fact, if the crucifiers and the man who chopped off the victim’s hand and foot were British and decided to return to the UK, the authorities would welcome them with open arms, put them at the top of the queue for council housing, give them loads of benefits and spend millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money supposedly deradicalising them. In the eyes of the British police, those who crucify their supposed enemies and who cut off hands and feet wouldn’t have committed a ‘hate crime’. Nor would the book which told them to do this be considered as promoting violence. But if I were to feature the video or even just give you a link to the video, I would be considered as having deliberately tried to stir up hate and violence.

I could even quote the exact passage from that book (in Arabic and/or English) about crucifying and cutting off the hand and foot or I could just give you the verse number. But if I did that, I would probably be accused of hate speech whereas the book itself would never be banned because of hate speech.

We’re seeing exactly the same situation across Europe. In France, for example, bankers’ globalist glove puppet Macron is trying to have his anti-immigration opponent Marine Le Pen prosecuted for supposedly inciting hatred by tweeting some pictures of ISIL beheadings. At the same time Macron’s government is welcoming back French Jihadis who were responsible for such beheadings and worse.

And in Sweden and Germany, bloodthirsty, twisted,violent and dangerous Jihadis are also being welcomed back with homes, money and all sorts of other kinds of help. But should a white, indigenous Swede or German dare suggest that these people have been a bit naughty, then they’re immediately branded a racist, bigot and Izlumophobe and will probably be hauled in by the police for interrogation and then prosecution.

It’s a funny old world we live in, isn’t it?


At the weekend, I tried to post a totally innocuous comment on the Times website pointing out that of the 355 terrorist attacks committed so far in 2019, only one had been carried out by a right-wing extremist and the other 354 had been the work of gentlemen from our most favouritest, wonderfullest religion. Less than a minute passed before the Times moderators deleted my comment. Our rulers don’t want people knowing the truth about the dangers facing us.

Mission impossible?

Following the Christchurch attack, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to write a blog without Plod smashing down my front door and doing a Kevin Crehan on me.

I hope readers will bear this in mind when judging any blogs I may write in the future.

Let’s put the Christchurch terrorist attack into context

(weekend blog)

Let’s put Christchurch into context

Of course we should be horrified by and condemn the Christchurch terror attacks on two mosques. And the mainstream media and our ever-so-progressive rulers will be howling and screaming about the dangers of right-wing terrorism. Plus, of course, our libtard elites will all be claiming that right-wing terrorism is a much greater threat than terrorism from those members of the religion of tolerance and peace who have not understood how frightfully peaceful their own religion is.

But let me try to do what no member of the mainstream media will dare do. Let me use facts and figures to put the Christchurch murders into perspective:

  • Since the start of 2019, there have been about 355 terror attacks in 31 countries resulting in deaths. Of these 355 terror attacks, one was carried out by a right-wing extremist and the other 354 were carried out by faithful members of the religion of harmony and happiness.
  • The 354 terror attacks claimed by our most favouritest religion resulted in 1,956 deaths and a further 2,020 injuries. So, the death toll has been running at about 195 people a week since the start of this year.
  • The 1,956 deaths included about 130 Christians, 65 Hindus, 12 Buddhists and one Jew. The other 1,748 slaughtered in the last ten weeks by members of the religion of peace were all members of the religion of peace.

Of course, the mainstream media won’t mention the 130 Christians, 65 Hindus, 12 Buddhists, one Jew and 1,748 Moozerlums all shot, hacked to death, beheaded, crucified, blown up or burnt alive by members of the religion of peace as these murders don’t fit in with the progressive liberal narrative that the more multi-culturalism and diversity we have the more wonderful our societies will be, in spite of the fact that study after study after study have shown that the more diversity there is, the less social cohesion there is and the higher are levels of violence and crime. You only have to look at Sadiq Khan’s blood-soaked streets of London, where indigenous white Brits are in a minority, to see what too much diversity brings.

So, as we are bombarded with news propaganda about how awful right-wing terrorists are, perhaps we should put the 49 Christchurch deaths into context by remembering the above figures – 1,956 innocents slaughtered in just ten weeks by members of the most wonderful religion? Perhaps we should remember that more than 195 innocents have been slaughtered each week on average by our chums from the religion of peace since the start of 2019?

And, as candle-lit vigils and demonstrations are held by the usual progressive libtards for the Christchurch victims, there won’t be any candle-lit vigils for the 1,956 innocents slaughtered by our friends from the beautiful religion. Moreover, the Christchurch massacre will give our rulers the excuse they’ve been waiting for to pass new laws massively clamping down on free speech. Soon any comment criticising or even questioning anything about the religion of wonderfullness will be immediately branded ‘hate speech’ and result in criminal prosecution.

God help us!

Theresa May lies and lies and lies and lies

As our useless, lying, cretinous waste of skin prime minister goes crawling to the Drunk to ask for an extension to Brexit, let me remind you of the many many many times she absolutely promised there would be no extension.

Lies, lies, lies and more lies from the worst prime minister Britain has ever had.

How teaching maths is being dumbed down

(Friday blog)

To cheer us all up on this dismal Friday here’s my adaptation of something I found floating around cyberspace:

Subject: Teaching Arithmetic/Mathematics/Maths/Numbers 

1. Teaching Arithmetic in 1950s 
A timber cutter sells a truckload of timber for £100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit?

2. Teaching Mathematics in 1970s 
A timber cutter sells a truckload of timber for £100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price, or £80. What is his profit?

3. Teaching Maths in 1980s
A timber cutter sells a truckload of timber for £100. His cost of production is £80. Did he make a profit?     Yes or No

4. Teaching Numbers in 1990s 
A timber cutter sells a truckload of timber for £100. His cost of production is £80 and his profit is £20.  Your assignment: Underline the number 20.

5. Teaching Political Correctness in 2000s
A white male timber cutter cuts down a beautiful innocent forest because he is selfish and inconsiderate and cares nothing for the habitat of animals or the preservation of our woodlands. Moreover, cutting down the forest will make climate change worse leading to the destruction of all life on Earth within 10 years if not sooner.

The evil white male supremacist timber cutter, exploiting his white male privilege, does this so he can make a profit of £20. What do you think of this way of making a living?

Topic for class participation: How did the birds and squirrels feel as the exploitative, patriarchal, heteronormative white male timber cutter cruelly and callously destroyed their homes? (There are no wrong answers, feel free to express your feelings – e.g, anger, anxiety, inadequacy, helplessness etc – and then join the protest against white male privilege instead of going to any further classes today)

Should you require comforting and emotional support at the conclusion of this exam there are highly-trained, transgender and gender-fluid stress counsellors available to assist you back into your safe space.

6. Teaching in 2050
تكلفة الإنتاج هو80 دولاراً. كيف الكثيرمن المال

Khan’s blood-soaked streets of London

And if you haven’t done so yet, please watch my latest short (3 mins) YouTube video – “Khan’s blood-soaked streets of London” – and recommend it to your network by clicking on the YouTube logo in the lower right-hand corner to get the YouTube address for the video:

The great EU betrayal

(Thursday blog)

As our Remoaner MPs sabotage Brexit and do all they can to keep us in the wasteful, undemocratic, corrupt, German-controlled EU superstate, in which Britain will just become a minor region (ruled by unelected and incompetent Brussels eurocrats) rather than a country, let me just remind you what we were promised at the time of the 2016 In/Out Referendum in the booklet the Government sent to every home in Britain.

This was their promise:

This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide

Perhaps I should repeat that in case there are any lying, brain-dead Remoaners reading this?

This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide

The Government’s promise to us couldn’t have been clearer. But, of course, that promise was made when the establishment elites were convinced we would vote to stay in the EU.

Since then we’ve been fed lie after lie after lie after lie including being told that we didn’t know what we were voting for and that the referendum was only ‘advisory’ so our ruling elites are under no obligation to act according to the Leave vote winning.

Personally, I don’t believe we’ll ever leave the EU. The Establishment is in control and (as with other referendums around Europe) the Establishment believes that when we vote the ‘wrong’ way, either we should be forced to vote again and again and again till we give the ‘right’ answer or else our vote should just be ignored.

Here are some of the things we are losing by remaining in the German Fourth Reich (aka the EU):

And here’s a clear reminder why so many Brits wanted to get out of the clutches of the ghastly, bloated, power-grabbing EU: