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The frightening disability epidemic?

Wednesday to Friday blog

Don’t worry – it’s not climate change today! In fact, I won’t even mention my brilliant new book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS:

And I won’t even ask you to buy a few copies for yourself and any friends, who actually believe the catastrophic man-made global warming nonsense, to help support this website.

The worst epidemic ever to hit Britain?

Many readers may believe that the worst epidemic to hit the UK in our lifetimes is the Chinese Wuhan lab-leaked Fauci-Frankenvirus Covid-19 plague. How wrong you would be. At most only about 15% of the UK population are estimated by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to have contracted the WuFlu.

Of course, that’s pretty bad. But there is a worse epidemic which has struck the noble people of our once great country – the disability epidemic. According to the ONS, 46% of pension age adults claim they are disabled; 22% of all adults claim to be disabled and an astonishing 19% of working-age people are apparently ‘disabled’:

(left-click on the chart once, wait a few seconds and left-click again to see it much more clearly)

Here’s what the ONS tells us

A person is considered to have a disability if they have a physical or mental impairment that has ‘substantial’ and ‘long term’ negative effects on their ability to do normal daily activities. This is the core definition of disability in the Equality Act 2010.

In 2019 to 2020, 14.1 million people reported a disability, an increase of 2.7 million since 2009 to 2010, where disability was reported by 11.4 million people. The percentage of people who reported a disability in 2019 to 2020 has increased to 22% since 2009 to 2010, when the percentage of people who reported a disability was 19%, a change of three per cent over the period.

So, if you walk down a street, about one in every five adults you see is probably registered as ‘disabled’.

Of course, there are people who are genuinely disabled. And we should help them to live as normal lives as possible. But do you really believe that one in five people in the UK are genuinely disabled?

Just as a comparison, in Spain and the Netherlands around one in ten people are classed as disabled. And in Canada and Austria it’s about one in seven. So there are apparently twice the percentage of disabled people in the UK compared to Spain and the Netherlands and about 50% more in the UK than Canada and Austria.

From what little I understand, being supposedly ‘disabled’ brings a double lottery win. You can claim all kinds of benefits for yourself to help you master all the daily tasks that an abled person can do, plus a member of your family or a friend can claim a ‘carer’s allowance’ to look after you.

I would never be so cynical to suggest that many supposedly ‘disabled’ people are just work-shy, lazy, parasitic benefits scroungers and that governments never clamp down on such people because classing people as ‘disabled’ enables governments to hide the real numbers of the unemployed.

Horrifying levels of the epidemic in Scrotland and Wales?

A possibly interesting feature of the terrible disability epidemic, which has struck Britain, is how badly this modern epidemic has affected the Scrots and the Welsh:

(left-click on the chart once, wait a few seconds and left-click again to see it much more clearly)

Here’s what the ONS tells us:

The number of people in the UK, who reported a disability in 2019 to 2020 was 14.1 million. This means that nationally, 22% of people have a disability, however the prevalence of people reporting a disability varied across the UK.

  • In Wales, the proportion of people who reported a disability was 27%, five per cent higher than UK national average
  • This was also the case in Scotland, with 25% of people reporting a disability, three per cent higher than the UK national average
Even our children are affected

A welcome feature of the Fauci Wuhan Frankenvirus is that it hardly affects our children. But the disability epidemic sadly has struck down about one in eight children. Yup, 12.2% of schoolchildren are classed as having SEN (Special Educational Needs) and this number has been increasing every year. So, in a class of say 30 children, between 3 and 4 children will apparently have special educational needs.

A bit like being supposedly ‘disabled’, having special educational needs brings several kinds of benefits. The school gets more money to help the afflicted children. And the children can get extra teaching, more time to complete exams and even helpers to work with them while they take their exams.

There are rumours – but I haven’t seen any figures confirming this – that the children of sharp-elbowed middle-class families are more likely to be considered as having special educational needs than the children of working-class families. If true, this would be odd. After all, a child is a product of heredity and environment. Both these should advantage children of professional, middle-class parents. And I would never be so cynical as to suggest that middle-class families are better at playing the system than working-class families.

So, while we all rightly fret about the terrible toll of the Chinese lab-leaked Wuhan KungFlu, we should perhaps worry even more about the extraordinary disability epidemic that has crippled so many of our fine citizens and their unfortunate children.

Sunday Times spewing out climate catastrophist nonsense

Monday/Tuesday blog

Sincere apologies – it’s climate change yet again and again

I wanted to write about something different. But then I read the Sunday Times yesterday. It seems the formerly serious Sunday Times has swallowed the catastrophic anthropogenic climate change nonsense hook, line and sinker.

Here’s the headline of one of the Sunday Times’s main articles this Sunday:

How hot could Britain get? Prepare for temperatures of 40C

And here’s some text from the article

In a decade heatwaves will be hotter and more frequent, and scientists warn they could have devastating effects. Britain could experience its first 40C day within ten years as intense heatwaves become more frequent, scientists have warned.

If carbon emissions continue to rise and global warming is not curbed the UK will cross the 40C threshold more and more often, modelling suggests. Under the worst projections, by the end of the century this temperature would be reached every three years.

I mention the Sunday Times article as it seems remarkably similar to a U.S. newspaper from 1988 that I feature in my latest book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS:

Oh, look, the headline is almost the same. Moreover, like the Sunday Times article, the U.S. one from 1988 takes just one hot summer and uses that to ‘predict’ that future summers will be even hotter:

Last summer was a preview of the average summer 10 years from now, and the hottest summers during the ’90s will be even hotter and drier than the one we just struggled through.

Furthermore, like the Sunday Times article, the U.S. one from 33 years ago warns that we need to stop releasing so much CO2 into the atmosphere:

If we do nothing to cut down on pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, temperatures in 2050 will be 6 to 7 degrees higher than they are today.

Please also note that neither of the climate alarmist predictions made in the 1988 U.S. article – temperatures rising 6 to 7 degrees and sea levels rising 1 to 6 feet – actually happened. In fact, at most sea levels are rising by 7 cm every 100 years as one would expect in the middle of an interglacial.

Then in today’s (Monday’s) Times, the leader article was titled “The road to net zero will be rocky but worth it”.

Even more climate catastrophist rubbish from the once respected Times.

Hottest bollox

One of the ways the climate catastrophists use to terrify us into giving up our freedoms is to constantly claim that we are experiencing the ‘hottest ever’ temperatures. Here’s what the Sunday Times claims: The highest temperature seen in the UK so far was 38.7C, recorded in July 2019 in Cambridge.

But what the Sunday Times doesn’t mention is that Cambridge is one of the fastest-growing cities in the UK due to the large number of technology industries linked to the university:

The population of Cambridge has shot up from around 370,000 in 2002 to over 430,000 now. And, the larger a city or town, the greater the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. So, it’s hardly surprising that a thermometer in a secluded garden in the centre of growing Cambridge hedged in by air-conditioned buildings spewing out heat and increasing exhaust fumes from much more traffic could reach the supposedly hottest temperature ever for the UK.

The ‘hottest ever’ temperature for Scotland was found to have been produced by an ice cream van parked in an already heat-reflecting car park next to a temperature-measuring station.

Moreover, here’s a photo of a UK (Hertfordshire) reservoir from a real heatwave – the heatwave of 1934:

That looks an awful lot hotter than the brief few days of decent weather we had last week which have got the Sunday Times journalist’s knickers in such a twist.

It’s cold down south

And finally, what none of the UK mainstream media dare mention is that the Southern Hemisphere is having one of its coldest winters for over 50 years. Temperatures in Australia have hit record lows and the Australian ski season has started early; crops in Africa and Brazil (coffee) have been ruined by the cold and the Antarctic is on course to add another 82 billion tons of ice and snow this year. In the Antarctic, the U.S. have now lost two research stations under the increasing levels of ice and snow and have recently built their latest Antarctic research station on hydraulic stilts so it can be raised every year to cope with the rising ice and snow levels.

To mention the record cold in the Southern Hemisphere and increasing ice and snow in the Antarctic would blow a massive hole in the climate ‘over-heating Earth’ catastrophist propaganda vomited out by the BBC, C4 News and now the climate catastrophist Sunday Times:

A flood of lies – as usual

Friday/weekend blog

Sorry – it’s climate change yet again today

Here’s the start of an article in Thursday’s (yesterday’s) Daily Telegraph:

Gushing water turned streets into rivers in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, with levels so high that cars were floating at the same height as traffic lights. People waded through, looking for their children and belongings, with many displaced as homes were destroyed from severe flooding, caused this week by the heaviest rain “in a millennium”.

Such freak weather occurrences are increasing globally due to climate change. And the world is in store for even more intense storms in the coming years. As the atmosphere warms, it also holds more moisture – so when the clouds break, more rain gets dumped.

Phew – that really sounds pretty frightening!

And on some news channel, an excited presenter claimed that the current Chinese floods, which have killed about 58 people, are “the worst in human memory”.

But while claiming the current China rainfall and floods are the heaviest rain “in a millennium” and “the worst in human memory” the supposed ‘journalists’ seem to have forgotten about these:

  • 1887 Yellow River flood killing between 900,000 and 2,000,000
  • 1911 Yangtse River flood killing about 100,000
  • 1931 great floods in China killing between 500,000 and 4,000,000
  • 1935 Yangtse River flood killing about 145,000
  • 1938 Yellow River flood killing between 500,000 to 800,000
  • 1954 Yangtse River flood killing about 30,000

So many people have died in Yellow River floods that it’s known as China’s ‘River of Sorrow’.

Of course, it is theoretically possible that there has been more rain in the current floods, which have killed about 58 people, than in previous floods, which have killed hundreds of thousands, as buildings may be better now and flood prevention improved since earlier flood disasters.

On the other hand, during previous flood disasters, the population of China was around a few hundred million. Now it is over 1.4 billion:

So there are a lot more people living in flood-affected areas than previously. This suggests that claims that the current China rainfall and floods are the heaviest rain “in a millennium” and “the worst in human memory” are not justified by the facts and are thus deliberate lies aimed at supporting the man-made climate change propaganda.

The post-truth society

In my previous blog, I showed (hopefully conclusively) that the claims of the current US wildfires being the worst ever recorded were deliberate lies. In the last few years, about ten million acres of US forests have burned each year compared to around 20 million a year in the late 1930s and up to 50 million acres a year in the scorching 1920s and early 1930s:

Yet supposed ‘journalists’ brazenly claim that the current 10 million acres a year are new records. We expect all media to have a political bias. For example, we expect newspapers like the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail to characterise the recent protests in Cuba as brave heroes standing up to a brutal communist regime. And we expect the Guardian and the Daily Mirror will blame US sanctions, not the communist regime, for the collapse of the Cuban economy.

But what is new is that most media now will lie about the basic facts in order to push their political agenda.

Welcome to the ‘post-truth society’.

Why heat pumps are next to useless

As you’ll all know, in order to supposedly ‘save the planet’ from supposed ‘climate change’, our elites have decided to ban or at least increase taxes on almost everything that makes modern life livable.

The following will be banned:

  • petrol cars
  • diesel lorries
  • efficient, cheap gas central heating
  • gas cooking
  • lots of other things judged to be ‘harmful to the environment’

And taxes will shoot up on things like:

  • meat
  • road usage
  • flights
  • foreign holidays
  • anything else judged to be ‘harmful to the environment’

With gas central heating about to be banned, we’ll all be expected to pay anywhere between £10,000 and £50,000 per household to install heat pumps in our homes and improve insulation in order to supposedly ‘save the planet’.

So, here’s someone who knows what they’re talking about – a plumber, not a heat-pump-pushing politician or crazy climate catastrophist – explaining why heat pumps are next to useless and a coming disaster for most home-owners.

And he doesn’t even mention that the UK doesn’t come anywhere near producing sufficient electricity to power all the heat pumps we’ll be forced to use. So, as in woke California, the UK will have frequent power outages. You’d better buy some wooly underwear if you’re going to survive the planned UK’s planet-saving, warmth-free, freezing future.

Enjoy a brief glimpse of the coming heat pump disaster:

Wildfires? Or wild lies?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Proof that Australians are smarter than Brits?

Yesterday evening I watched probably the worst crap I have ever seen on a TV. It was the Sky News Climate Show – about 15 minutes of utter and total garbage about how we are all about to die from supposed catastrophic global warming.

It’s odd that Sky News Australia has a regular feature called Outsiders Weather and Ice Age Watch. You can find this on Youtube. I highly recommend it. In it, Sky News Australia ridicules all the greeny global warming nonsense. On the other hand, Sky News UK regularly grovels to the climate catastrophists’ overblown propaganda and lies.

I imagine that Sky News Australia and Sky News UK both do market research to understand their audiences’ Overton Window. The Overton Window is the range of issues their audiences would find acceptable to be reported on. Clearly the research has found that the audience for Sky News Australia are sufficiently intelligent to understand criticism of the climate change nonsense, while the audience for Sky News UK actually believe the climate alarmism rubbish.

Wildfires or wild lies?

One of the items on the Sky News UK Climate Show yesterday evening was a piece about the current forest wildfires in Colorado. Climate alarmist media love wildfires as they present dramatic images of a world supposedly burning up because of greedy, environment-destroying mankind’s use of CO2-belching fossil fuels. So, let me use wildfires as an example to show how the media uses wildfires to spread wild lies.

Record levels of wildfires?

Here’s an article from the New York Times from April 2016:

It informs us that: “The 10.1 million acres that burned in the United States last year were the most on record”. Frightened of global warming burning up our planet?

Well, here’s another article from the very same newspaper – the New York Times – from 1938:

In the 1938 New York Times article we learn that in 1937, forest fires : “burned 21,980,500 acres”. That’s more than double the supposed “record” level of 10.1 million acres reported by the New York Times in 2016. So, the 2016 New York Times article was just a pack of lies. It was just climate change propaganda. Newspapers used to have people to check articles for factual, accuracy. That’s no longer the case as newspapers, and most media, are only interested in spewing out political propaganda.

Just to further prove my point, here’s a chart from the United States Department of Agriculture:

It shows that in the blistering hot 1920s and 1930s, around 50 million acres of forest burned each year. So, the claim in the 2016 New York Times article: “The 10.1 million acres that burned in the United States last year were the most on record” is utter and total garbage – lies and lies and lies. Yet we are fed these climate catastrophist lies day after day and now most people seem to believe them.

‘Lying’ (IMHO) Fauci gets skewered?

And on the subject of wild lies, here’s a brief video of the (IMHO) mass-murderer, lying fraud Fauci getting skewered by US senator Rand Paul who is a qualified doctor and worked in medicine before going into politics:


Tainted Tedros turns on his Chinese masters?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Best friends for life?

Here are (IMHO) two of possibly the world’s greatest modern mass murderers:

So far they are only responsible or about 5 million deaths directly due to the lab-leaked Chinese Wuhan plague plus maybe another 5 million due to people unable to get treatment for other conditions like heart attacks, strokes and cancer due to health systems collapsing under the weight of a tsunami of WuFlu sufferers. But over the next few years, many millions more will certainly die thanks to these two men.

As you can see, Emperor Xi and Tedros the Honest Ethiopian are the greatest of chums. Whatever Xi Pingpong says, his best friend for life (BFFL), Tedros the Honest Ethiopian, dutifully backs up Pingpong’s lies and propaganda:

Tainted Tedros does a reverse ferret?

But last week something strange happened. Tedros the Honest Ethiopian did a spectacular reverse ferret. Having faithfully (to his Chinese masters) done everything possible to cover up the fact that the WuFlu Chinese plague leaked from a Wuhan Institute of Virology lab, Tedros suddenly started talking up this possibility. Here’s what Tedros the Trustworthy said:

“I was a lab technician myself, I’m an immunologist, and I have worked in the lab, and lab accidents happenIt’s common”.

Why the sudden change of heart by Tedros the Honest Ethiopian? Did his monthly $1m cheque from the Chinese Communist Party bounce? (That’s a joke, Tedros) Or is Tedros the Honest Ethiopian dumping his BFFL Xi to save his own skin?

People like Tedros the Honest Ethiopian get to top positions by sensing which way the wind is blowing and making sure they are facing that direction. Clearly Tedros the Honest Ethiopian has seen that the China/WHO cover-up is falling apart and that the world is going to find out that the virus leaked from a Chinese military biological weapons programme being conducted partly using US taxpayers’ money (thanks IMHO to Dr Faustus Fauci) at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

If that happens, Tedros the Trustworthy wants to make sure he doesn’t get dragged down with his Chinese chums. Prepare for Tedros the Trustworthy to rewrite history by insisting he suspected a lab leak all along.

The coming Ice Age?

As we’re on the subject of rewriting history, for a little start-the-week amusement here’s a reminder of the glorious 1970s when the world’s climate scientists all agreed that we were heading for a new Ice Age with freezing temperatures, crop failures, mass starvation and millions of deaths:

Of course, in the spirit of rewriting history, none of the climate catastrophist media will ever mention that they were all convinced in the 1960s and 1970s that we were about to freeze to death:

Some things never change:

Trust the mainstream media – to lie and lie and lie

Weekend blog

Saint Marcus of Rashford MBE not racially abused after all

What a week! After 5 days of being assured that horrific, racist comments were spray-painted on a mural of a footballer and modern-day saint, Saint Marcus of Rashford MBE, the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have done a screeching reverse ferret. A police spokesperson said: “While the content of the vandalism is not believed to be of a racial nature, officers are keeping an open mind as to the motive behind defacing the artwork.

Well, I can help the useless GMP. From what I understand the vandals wrote something like “Useless f**king twat” on the Manchester mural of multi-millionaire football-kicker Saint Marcus of Rashford MBE. As for the motive, it’s possibly because he missed the easiest penalty kick in footballing history by dribbling the ball far outside the goalposts while the Italian goalkeeper dived the wrong way:

I guess that possibility hasn’t yet occurred to the useless GMP? Maybe it will take them another year or two of investigations to solve this ‘crime’?

I wonder why the mainstream media spent almost the whole week bigging up the supposed ‘racism’ story when anyone can see that there’s nothing racist about pointing out that in the eyes of millions of England football fans, multi-millionaire football-kicker, Saint Marcus of Rashford MBE, truly was a “Useless f**king twat”.

As for multi-millionaire Saint Marcus Rashford MBE, he doesn’t appear to be quite as devastated by his footballing f**k-up as millions of English football fans. This is him and, I think another of the football-kickers who missed their penalties, on a private jet off to their holidays just after losing to Italy:

If England had won, then the team might have had to stay in the UK for parades and invites to Downing Street and all that kind of hassle and then wouldn’t have been able to jet off on their hols!

Life must be tough when you’re a racially-oppressed, multi-millionaire coloured person in the horrifically racist UK.

Climate catastrophe in Germany! Not really.

There has been a lot of rain in Germany. And lots of flooding:

Obviously this is all because of climate change. That’s what the BBC has been claiming. But if you look at the summer rainfall chart for Germany from 1960 t0 2018, there has been no pattern of rainfall increase in spite of atmospheric CO2 rising from about 340 parts per million to 417 parts per million:

In fact, 2018 was so dry that it was called ‘Germany’s endless summer’. Of course, the ‘scientists’ assured us that the unusually dry weather in Germany in 2018 was caused by climate change: “2018 was not the first year that the effects of climate change made their presence felt on the continent; scientists have tracked and documented Europe’s gradually warmer summers for two decades”.

And we were told back in 2018: “The summer of 2018 may or may not have been the hottest on record (some meteorologists claim that July/August 2003 were hotter) but the year is definitely the driest since record-keeping began, particularly in Germany, with drought conditions lasting from April well into November. Rivers dried up, lakes shrank, asphalt roads heaved, forests burned, fish populations died from lack of oxygen in their water, elderly people collapsed, and exhausted livestock was slaughtered before it perished. Next year may not be as brutal, but these blistering summers will happen ever more frequently, say climate researchers.”

Being rather stupid, I’m confused. Is Germany’s ‘endless’ summer’ heatwave of 2018 definite proof of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming(CAGW)? Or are Germany’s 2021 great floods definite proof of CAGW? Perhaps some expert could explain how both no rain in 2018 and lots of rain in 2021 can both be proving the same thing?

Climate catastrophe in USA! Not really.

And to save both you and me time, here’s the wonderful Tony Heller explaining why the unusually warm weather in the USA isn’t quite so unusual as the worthless, lying, propagandising mainstream media keep claiming:


Are we really all Klu Klux Klan racists?

Wednesday – Friday blog

Are we really all rabid racists?

I have been slightly perturbed by the reaction of the media and politicians to the pathetic performance of the English football team against Italy last Sunday. In fact, almost nobody mentioned the lacklustre wandering around the pitch by the English football team. Instead, in the mainstream media there was a massive concerted assault on us accusing us all of being racists and accusing the English of being institutionally racist.

As far as I understand, about 30 million people watched the English football team’s third-rate performance. Of these 30 million, about 1,000 on Twitter and perhaps another 1,000 on Instagram and Facebook and other such social media sewers made derogatory and possibly racially-motivated comments about the failure of some coloured footballers to kick a ball into a goal from 12 yards away even when the Italian goalkeeper left the goal wide open by going the wrong way.

I ain’t no mathematical genius, but let’s say that there were around 3,000 allegedly ‘racist’ comments on the social media sewer. That means around 0.01% of those who watched the game made allegedly ‘racist’ comments about certain players. Then, that also means around 99.99% of viewers didn’t make any allegedly ‘racist’ comments. Moreover, many of the supposedly ‘racist’ comments seem to have come from people living outside the UK.

Yet since Sunday’s game, scores of supposed ‘opinion leaders’ and politicians have been appearing on TV and in the press claiming that England is a racist country and that the majority of us are racists.

Of course, the allegation that the majority of us are racists is complete rubbish. But as public debate has been hijacked by those who hate Britain, hate the West, hate the fact that white people are responsible for almost all human progress, hate democracy and hate anyone who doesn’t share their opinions, these people will exploit any opportunity to foment division and conflict to damage our civilisation and hand power over to them.

Multi-millionaire failure Southgate owes fans an explanation

England’s £60,000-a-week man

I believe that the English manager, Gareth ‘muti-millionaire’ Southgate earns gets paid about £3 million a year. That’s about £60,000 a week. I realise that Mr Southgate is some kind of footballer and not an economist. So, it’s possible that Mr Southgate doesn’t understand that the £60,000 a week that pours so effortlessly into his bank account comes from football fans, many of whom don’t get paid £60,000 a week. In fact, many of these fans don’t get paid £60,000 a year. In fact, many of these fans would have to work for 2 to 3 years to get the £60,000 that Mr Southgate reportedly gets every single week.

Did Southgate ‘play the victim card’?

As soon as England lost the game on Sunday, Southgate seemed to me to do what all celebs seem to do nowadays – ‘play the victim card’. Rather than manning up and giving England’s millions of fans an explanation for the dreadful performance of the English team, Southgate made some comment like “it feels like my stomach’s been ripped out”. Was he trying to shift blame from himself by portraying himself as a victim of cruel fate rather than his own incompetence? Does that mean we should feel sorry for him? Does that mean he should not be criticised?

Gareth – How about being a man and explaining the following?

I don’t care who won or lost this unimportant football game in a second-rate competition. But I do believe that, if £60,000-a-week Southgate had been a real man, he should have explained the following to the fans who pay his generous £3m-a-year salary:

  • after stunning the Italians with their first goal, why did the English team fall back into defensive play rather than trying to score a second, morale-destroying goal while the Italians were discombobulated?
  • why did Southgate not change things at half time to push England into attacking?
  • at around 15 minutes into the second half, it was clear that the English team was getting nowhere. Why didn’t Southgate shake things up by putting on a couple of fresh players?
  • when the game went into extra time, why didn’t Southgate put some new energy into the team with a couple of substitutes?
  • given that the Italian goalkeeper was huge and effective, it should have been obvious that England would lose if the game went to penalties. So why didn’t Southgate push the English team into constant attack in extra time rather than the English team hiding trembling in their own half just trying to survive?
  • did Southgate choose the penalty-takers based on the likelihood of them scoring? Or did he choose them on ‘woke’ grounds of their skin colour?
  • why did Southgate even bother turning up for the game given that he seemed (IMHO) paralysed by fear and wokeness and contributed less than nothing to the team’s performance?

But English fans, who pay Southgate’s generous £3m-a-year salary, will probably never get any answers to these legitimate questions. Instead, English fans will be insulted and excoriated by our sporting, media and political elites for supposedly being ignorant, violent, reprehensible, worth-than-scum racists.

Truly the once civilised West has lost its confidence and its mind and is intent on committing suicide.

Here’s Paul Joseph Watson commenting on Mr Southgate’s woke English footballing flops:

Lying media lie and lie and lie like never before

Monday to Wednesday blog

The rise and rise and rise of media lying?

We’ve always known that all media lie when it comes to politics. For example, the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail will always urinate over everything the Labour Party does and the Guardian and Mirror and Independent will always defecate over everything the Tory Party does. And the BBC and C4 News will always urinate and defecate over everything about our country, our history, our culture and Western civilisation.

This is expected and understood.

But we seem to be entering a new level of media lying when the most basic science is being politicised and the media deliberately and knowingly lie to us about issues which should be scientific facts, not political propagandising.

This is clearest in two of the biggest issues of our time – the source of the Wuhan Chinese lab plague and supposed man-made climate change.

The Chinese Wuhan lab plague

It has been obvious to many of us for more than a year that the Wuhan Chinese plague, which has killed about 4 million people and devastated the lives of hundreds of millions around the world, leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology where the Chinese military were using US funding to conduct ‘gain of function’ research on bat viruses in order to create new bio-weapons as part of China’s policy of ‘unrestricted warfare’ against the West:

It has also been obvious that, when the Chinese Communist Party became aware of the leak, they persecuted any doctors trying to warn us about the plague and stopped all domestic travel while allowing international travel to spread the plague to the West assisted by utterly corrupt officials at the ludicrously misnamed World Health Organisation (WHO).

But, because this possibility was mentioned by President Trump, the media spent the last year refusing to even investigate this and lambasting anyone suggesting this as a crazed conspiracy theorist. And now we have a Democrat president in the USA, who is in the pockets of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) due to his allegedly druggie, porn-loving son taking over $1 billion from the CCP:

We’ve been told that senile, hair-sniffing Joe Biden has instructed US  intelligence services to investigate the origin of the Wuhan Chinese plague. But we should realise by now, with the rise of media lying, that US intelligence services and establishment media will lie and lie and lie in order to cover up the truth about the Wuhan lab leak.

Climate Change nonsense

We see the same torrent of media lies with regards to supposed man-made climate change. Most recently the media has been hyperventilating over a supposedly ‘unprecedented’ heat-wave in Canada and the US supposedly caused by humans using fossil fuels. When this heat-wave hype started, I tried to point out in my blog that, at the same time as the Canada/US heat-wave, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil were having record low temperatures. These low temperatures were, of course, ignored by the lying, biased media desperate to propagandise supposed catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.

In the UK, even the supposedly conservative Daily Telegraph has been vomiting out the climate catastrophist nonsense with headlines like: “Canada’s heat-wave should terrify us all – even rich countries face disaster from global warming”.

I’ve tried to demolish this climate garbage in my most recent book:

And here for a bit of sanity is Sky News Australia (probably one of the very few media you can trust) once again exposing the mainstream media’s lies and lies and lies about global warming or climate change or climate emergency or climate crisis or whatever it’s called this month:

Which EU country has the most gun-crime murders?

Friday/weekend blog

(I won’t mention my latest book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – in today’s blog)

Once the EU’s most peaceful country?

If I were to ask you which EU country has long been seen as the most peaceful, most laid-back and most crime-free, a lot of you might suggest Sweden:

Having worked in Sweden for several years (and as someone who speaks Swedish), I would have agreed with you.

OK, Sweden was dull. Nothing ever happened there. And the Swedes were incomparably boring. But their country was beautiful and peaceful:

But that was then and this is now. And ‘then’ and ‘now’ are very very different.

Now the EU’s most dangerous country?

I was more than surprised to find this article in the lefty Guardian admitting that in terms of gun-crime murders, Sweden was the second most dangerous country in Europe:

Sweden is the only European country where fatal shootings have risen significantly since 2000, leaping from one of the lowest rates of gun violence on the continent to one of the highest in less than a decade, a report has found.

The report, by the Swedish national council for crime prevention (BRA), said the Scandinavian country had overtaken Italy and eastern European countries primarily because of the violent activities of organised criminal gangs.

“The rate in Sweden ranks very high in relation to other European countries, at approximately four deaths per million inhabitants per year. The average for Europe is approximately 1.6 deaths per million inhabitants,” it said.

Of 22 European countries analysed in the report, data from 2014-2017 put the country in second place, behind Croatia and ahead of Latvia. In 2018 it topped the ranking, although data from some countries was not complete that year.

Last year the country of 10.3 million people recorded more than 360 incidents involving guns, including 47 deaths and 117 people injured. “The increase in gun violence in Sweden is unique in comparison with most other countries in Europe,” Håkan Jarborg, a police chief in southern Sweden, told the TT news agency.

Between 2000 and 2003, Sweden was 18th out of the 22 countries for deadly shootings per capita. But after a long period of decline, deadly shootings began to increase in the mid-2000s and have continued to do so, the report found, whereas in most other countries in Europe lethal violence has declined.

Sweden has also become European leader in lots of other forms of violence and mayhem:

And, of course, rape:

Don’t mention Third-world immigration

So, have ordinary, boring Swedes recently become violent, murderous animals? Or has something else changed in once peaceful, dull Sweden?

Here’s a chart, again from the Guardian. It shows the rise of the number of multi-cultural enrichers who have decided to move to Sweden:

And here’s chart showing the rise in violent crime:

(the red line is Sweden, the blue line is the USA)

I wonder if there could be any link between the stupid Swedish libtards welcoming ever more Third-World enrichers and the frightening rise in violent crime and social disorder?

No. It’s not possible.

After all, we’re always being told that ‘diversity is our strength”

“He’s not transgender – he has a dick, he has a penis and testicles!”

Wednesday/Thursday blog

The rise and rise and rise of China

Every day, China gets stronger. China is building up its military:

China is concreting over coral atolls in the South China Sea turning them into military bases:

China is pouring money into the offshore bank accounts of corrupt Third-world kleptocrats while pushing their countries into debt slavery with its Belt and Road Initiative to control the world’s economy:

And China continues its policy of “Unrestricted Warfare” against the West – to fight the West by every means possible – cyber warfare, intellectual property theft, propaganda, buying Western companies and biological warfare – while avoiding direct military confrontation:

Just this week, in the midst of a worldwide microchip shortage, the useless Tories allowed the Chinese Communist Party to buy one of the UK’s leading microchip manufacturers.

Meanwhile the West destroys itself

But here in the West, we’ve got much more important things to concern us.

Boris to save humanity?

The Number 1 issue for our rulers in the West isn’t the rise and rise and rise of the increasingly aggressive, corrupt and totalitarian new Chinese empire. For our great and wise leaders, the Number 1 issue is, of course, the supposed extinction of the human race due to supposed ‘climate change’.

The 2% to 3% of my readers who have managed to find £7.99 to buy a copy of my latest book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS, will know that the Earth has only warmed by a possible 0.6C to 0.8C in 140 years due to the Earth being in the middle of an interglacial which has everything to do with Milankovitch Cycles and nothing to do with human activities increasing the amount of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere from just 3 molecules in every 10,000 to just 4 molecules in every 10,000 since about 1880.

In order to supposedly ‘fight climate change’, our bumbling accidental PM, Boris ‘Prince Nut Nut’ Johnson will grandstand at a massive climate conference in Glasgow in November at which he will make grandiose promises to reduce the UK’s CO2 emissions which will wreck UK companies, destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs and impose huge costs on UK households

The rise and rise and rise of ‘chicks with dicks’

Possibly the second biggest issue for us in the West is ensuring the human rights of men pretending to be women – ‘chicks with dicks’. Just in the last few days there was delight at the BBC and the Guardian when a wise High Court judge ruled that prisoners who were born male but identify as female, regardless of whether they have gone through any physical transformation or have obtained a gender recognition certificate, could demand to serve their sentences in women’s prisons.

This ruling even includes men who have been imprisoned for sexual offences against women.

Meanwhile, in the USA, a ‘chick with a dick’ won the Miss Nevada beauty queen contest and will now go on to compete to become Miss America.

Again, more delight at the UK’s Guardian supposed newspaper:

Also in the USA, there was a ludicrous situation at a spa in California when a ‘chick with a dick’ decided that he/she/it would use the women’s steam room allowing him/her/it the pleasure of being able to wave his/her/its dick around in the faces of women and young, pre-pubescent girls.

This resulted in a riot where lefty feminists demanding safe spaces for women had a massive punch up with lefty antifa fascists demanding ‘chicks with dicks’ could identify as whatever gender they chose:

How the Chinese must be laughing as the West destroys itself with its obsession with non-existent but supposedly catastrophic climate change and increasingly absurd woke culture wars:

Here’s a short video of a woman spa user complaining about a ‘chick with a dick’ using the women’s steam room. But there’s nothing the staff can do as laws in ultra-woke California protect the rights of any (IMHO) pervert or (IMHO) mentally-impaired freak to identify as any gender they choose: