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Paddy O’Plod protects Jew-haters

I wanted to provide you a link to a short video of some Irish gentlemen claiming that the only mistake Hitler made was not killing enough Jews.

“The only mistake Hitler made was not killing enough Jews,” say pro-Hamas, non-Muslim useful idiots in Ireland

But YouTube have, thankfully, taken the video down.

However, I’m sure that if the Irish O’Plods wished to investigate, they could get hold of a copy of the original video, identify the anti-semitic assholes and haul them in for prosecution. But, of course, that won’t happen. And, of course, there’s no mention of these gentlemen’s anti-semitism in any mainstream media

However, had the video shown some people claiming the Christchurch shooter should have murdered more of our friends from the religion of fantabulousness, you can be sure that those involved would have long since been banged up. And you can be sure that the mainstream media would be blaring out the story day after day showing it showed how dangerous supposed right-wing, populist extremists are.

It’s one law for a certain protected group and another law for the rest of us.

That was a waste of time – don’t you agree?

In my latest blog, I asked my readers to forward on the link to my “Brexit Song” video to drive up the number of people who watch it.

Going from the number of people who visit my blog each day, I expected the video to have anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000 views by now. There are actually less than 300!!!!!

I’d say I’ve been wasting my time, wouldn’t you?

I strongly recommend this website for the news the BBC and C4 News won’t bring you.

(Oh, by the way, a reader made a donation to my website a few weeks ago. If you want to email me with your bank details at, I’ll be happy to return your money)

I realise some readers have been very supportive and bought my books. But they appear to have been a tiny minority. So I’m sure I can find something better to do with the remaining time I have on this earth than plugging away on my blog for people most of whom who can’t be bothered to show the slightest support.

“Brexit Song” by David Craig

(Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Phew. Here it is finally, my latest short (4 minutes) YouTube video – Brexit Song

It’s a bit rough and ready due to the circumstances in which I made it (explanation will come later).

I’ll leave this up for a few days as I want as many people as possible to view it.

It would really help me if you could send the link to people you know asking them to view it and then send it on to their network. The easiest way to do this is to start watching and then click on the YouTube logo in the lower right-hand corner. That will take you to the YouTube page with the video. You can then copy the address and paste that in emails to your networks.

Please help. Please spread the word:


The Brexit Song – coming soon

(Monday blog)

I’m trying to put together my next YouTube video – The Brexit Song – so there will not be a blog today.

Video now virtually complete. Blogging will restart on Tuesday 7 May

Does ‘honest’ Joe Biden belong in the sewer? Not the White House?

(weekend blog)

It seems that my new Brexit video, “The Brexit Song” is being more than slightly delayed. A bit like Brexit itself. Though hopefully, unlike Brexit, my video will eventually be delivered.

So instead, let’s start today’s blog with a touching (in the real sense of the word) family photo. This was taken at the funeral of Biden’s son Beau. The three interesting people in the photo are US Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden, Hallie the widow of Biden’s son Beau and Biden’s son Hunter.

As you’ll see, Creepy Hands-on Joe Biden is ‘comforting’ his son’s rather attractive widow. Biden’s other son Hunter is standing respectfully in the background.

Hunter’s private life has been slightly more than colourful. In 2014 he was kicked out of the Navy Reserve for taking cocaine. In 2017 it was revealed that he was dating Hallie Olivere, the widow of his brother Beau, who died of cancer in 2015.

In a bitter divorce, his wife, Kathleen, claimed he had spent “extravagantly on his own interests (including drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations), while leaving the family with no funds to pay legitimate bills”.

In April 2014 Hunter was appointed to the board of Burisma, a large Ukrainian energy company. His role was to oversee regulatory compliance. His father, at the time, was the Obama administration’s point man for Ukraine, focusing particularly on an anti-corruption drive, and had visited Kiev, the capital.

Bank records show that Hunter’s firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, received an estimated $3m in payments from Burisma in just over a year. Hunter had worked as a gambling industry lobbyist in Washington and had no relevant experience for his highly paid berth at Burisma.

“Hunter Biden has no background in energy or Ukraine or regulatory compliance,” said Peter Schweizer, an investigative journalist and editor-at-large at Breitbart News. “He has no track record as an international businessman. There’s really no good explanation as to why he gets that sweet a deal.”

The same month that Hunter joined the Burisma board, Britain’s Serious Fraud Office froze $23m in bank accounts in London that allegedly belonged to Burisma’s owner, as part of an investigation into money laundering.

Recently the Ukrainian general prosecutor, Yuriy Lutsenko, revealed that he was renewing interest in the Burisma case and the Biden family’s connection to the company, giving the Bidens a possible headache

Questions have also been asked about a $1bn deal that Hunter made on highly favourable terms with a Chinese government investment firm, having first travelled to China on Air Force Two with his father in 2011.

As you’ll know, the mainstream media loathes democratically-elected President Donald Trump and has spent more than 3 years trying to dig up some dirt on the Donald alleging all kinds of corruption connected with Trump’s business dealings with Russia. And you can imagine the mainstream press’s feeding frenzy if they could have found any of Trump’s family engaged with dodgy foreign companies. Imagine the screaming headlines. Imagine the mouth-frothing fury of all the commentators.

But, of course, the mainstream media worships Democrat Saint Obama and anything to do with Saint Obama. So, as Obama’s former vice president, Biden can expect the mainstream media to be more than generous in avoiding investigating any scandals connected with his family. There won’t be any screaming headlines about Biden family corruption. There won’t be any mouth-frothing outrage.

Below is a short (1 minute) YouTube video of ‘Honest’ Joe Biden boasting at how easily he got the Ukrainian general prosecutor fired. Yup, I believe that’s the prosecutor general who was investigating the company which employed Biden’s son. Am I the only person who smells something rotten?

Who is the most Islamocoolest bearded mass-murdering maniac?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Who is the Islamocoolest of them all?

Here are some really Islamocool dudes:

And Britain has produced a couple worthy competitors for the Islamocoolest lunatic in the world:

But when it comes to being the most Islamocoolest of them all, most people would have thought that Osama Bin Laden could win:

After all, in one of his greatest hits, he had thousands of hated infidels killed in the 9/11 attacks. But he was also responsible for hundreds of other Al Qaeda attacks around the world massacring thousands more.

But Osama got wasted – even though our allies, the ever-trustworthy Pakistanis, had hidden him right next to a large Pakistani military base in the expectation that nobody would dare harm him while he was under Pakistani military protection. (And we still give hundreds of millions in foreign aid to a country which has repeatedly shown it is our sworn enemy and which rather likes murdering Christians):

The bearded guy screaming for Aasia Bibi’s death is also pretty Islamocool, don’t you think?

But now when it comes to being the Islamocoolest dude of them all, there’s a new kid on the block. It’s Al Big Daddy (also known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi)

Don’t you just love Al Big Daddy’s two-toned beard? Osama had a great beard. But it was a pathetic, shriveled weed compared to Al Big Daddy’s two-toned monster bush. Big Daddy is just so cool. He’s Islamocool. In fact, he’s the Islamocoolest hombre around. Big Daddy is responsible for tens of thousands of extremely brutal deaths and, unlike our former rockstar terrorist Osama Bin Laden, Al Big Daddy is still very much alive in spite of both the Russians and the Americans claiming they had long since sent him to Paradise.

I expect we’ll see many of our friends from the Religion of Total Peacefulness adopting Big Al’s fashionable two-tone beard look. It’s what gets the ladies really turned on and flocking to some Third-World hell-hole to be serially f****d by Big Al and his faithful followers.

By the way, why do these bearded chappies always seem so angry?

More gibberish from a bearded lunatic?

On a slightly more serious note, I won’t even lower myself to comment on this video clip of a leading but modestly bearded researcher from our favouritest religion except to say that there are tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of possibly low-IQ, inbred, retarded, bearded madmen, who believe the garbage he spews out. And that’s a problem for the world:


The great Brexit betrayal

(Tuesday blog)

I’m currently working on my own video about the Great Brexit Betrayal.

But it seems the wonderfully eloquent Pat Condell got there before me.


Are government statistics waaacccisssstttt?

(Monday blog)

I came across this ‘infographic’ published by the Office for National Statistics

The clear message from this ‘infographic’ seems to be that black people in Britain are four to five times more likely to commit criminal offences and be sent to prison than white people. Chinese Brits seem to have the lowest offending rates.

But I don’t understand how this can be as we’re constantly assured by our rulers and the BBC and C4 News that all races and cultures are equal. In fact, it’s often suggested that white people are inferior to all the wonderfully vibrant other races who have invited themselves into our formerly drab, mono-cultural country

Does this mean that government statistics are waaacccisssst?

I wonder why our Office for National Statistics doesn’t do what the Swedish authorities now do – conceal any information about the ethnic background of people committing crimes? In fact, it’s now a criminal offence in Sweden to refer to the ethnic background of anyone committing a crime. For example, an artist in Sweden has been sent to prison for tweeting: “Rape culture is fundamental and OK among MENA [Middle East and North African] people.”

No doubt, our rulers will look to Sweden with envy and soon bring in new ‘race hate’ laws here in Britain so that in our fabulous new Big Brother State anyone mentioning the ethnic background of criminals in Britain will also be deemed as committing a supposed ‘hate crime’ for telling the truth.

And publishing pictures like the one below (of mainly ‘Asian’ rape gangs) will incur prison sentences:

And for anyone who hasn’t seen it, here’s my short (3 minutes) video of “Khan’s Bloodsoaked Streets of London”. (Please send the link to your contacts if you’ve already seen it – the singer is incredible even if my graphics are pretty basic)

Strangely, most of those featured in the video seem to be from a multi-culturally enriching background. This fits in with the Office for National Statistics’s ‘infographic’.

What could this be telling us? That uncontrolled immigration and multi-culturalism aren’t such great ideas? Surely not?

Maybe only Boris can save the Tories from electoral oblivion?

(weekend blog)

To paraphrase Lady Bracknell: “To commit political suicide once is unfortunate, to commit political suicide twice starts to look like carelessness”.

But incredibly, that’s what the useless, infighting, self-immolating Tories seem to be doing.

Political suicide Number 1

The worthless, scheming Tories’ first attempt at committing political suicide came from promising to implement the result of the 2016 EU Leave/Remain Referendum and then spending 3 years deliberately sabotaging Brexit in order to keep us in their beloved German-controlled Fourth Reich (aka the EU). The Tories lied and lied and lied and lied to us. Theresa May promised over 106 times that “no deal was better than a bad deal” and then abandonned any pretence of leaving the EU on WTO terms. Most of the other Tory scumbags kept saying they would “honour the result of the Referendum” while doing everything in their power to block Brexit. You know who you are – liars and traitors

But enough of that. You all know the details of what happened and how the Establishment betrayed the votes of 17.4 million people.

Following their lies and betrayal of their Brexit promises, the Tories are loathed by millions of former Conservative voters. The pointless Tories hope that fear of Mad Jeremy Corbyn and the extraordinary Diane Abbott will coerce voters to hold their noses and vote Conservative at the next election. I believe they have seriously misjudged widespread public fury and that millions will never forget and never forgive. I believe the Tory Party truly has committed political suicide.

If I was Crazy Jeremy Corbyn, I’d already be surfing the Internet for new curtains and furniture for Number 10.

Political suicide Number 2

There is, however, one slim hope for the Tories. That would be to replace the ghastly, incompetent, ever-capitulating Theresa May with a new charismatic leader who could attract voters. Looking at the contenders to be the next Tory leader, one is hardly excited about our country’s future:

Of course, there’s also Michael Gove:

A (IMHO) lying, self-serving, untrustworthy, scheming political rat who is about as inspiring and charismatic as a cow fart.

And not forgetting the Mekon:Some Tories apparently believe that if they choose the Mekon, they’ll get the Religion of Peace block vote of at least three times as many votes as there are Religion of Peace voters. Sorry to disappoint Tory strategists, but the Religion of Peace block vote of possibly 10 million votes from 3 million voters will stay firmly with Israel-hating, Hezbollah-loving Labour.

But there is one contender who stands head and shoulders above this bunch of twopenny-halfpenny political pygmies. That’s Boris Johnson:

Twice Johnson won the mayoral election in strongly Labour London where only one in three voters is ethnic white British. That’s an incredible achievement. And Boris Johnson won because he is positive, charismatic and radiates optimism. Of course, he often blunders. But he can guard against this by surrounding himself with intelligent advisers. However, looking at the Tory candidates for PM, Boris Johnson is (IMHO) the only one who could possibly go against someone with Nigel Farage’s personal appeal.

Of course, you may not agree with me. But let’s just assume for a moment that Boris Johnson is the only hope the worthless, dishonest and incompetent Tories have of avoiding oblivion at the next general election, what are the Tories doing about getting him into position?

Ah yes, I remember. The risible Tories are plotting a “stop Boris” campaign. They’re actively looking for ways to prevent their only credible candidate from becoming Tory leader. They’d rather have a charisma-free nonentity than Boris Johnson, probably because they’re all charisma-free nonentities and are envious of Johnson’s popularity.

And that’s the Tories’ second act of political suicide – deliberately preventing their most electable candidate from becoming the next PM.

Bye Bye Tories – you’ve really done a double clusterf**k and hopefully you’ll be deservedly consigned to the dustbin of history at the next election.

Oh, and here’s another prediction I’ll make: if Corbyn does win the next election due to the Tories’ double self-immolation, Labour will lower the voting age to 17 or even 16 thus ensuring they get the schoolchildren’s snowflake vote and remain in power in perpetuity or at least till they’ve reduced once great Britain to the Venezuela of Europe. Then we’ll really need someone like Farage, who believes in Britain, to rescue us.

To cheer us all up

Americans aren’t great at satire. But here’s a reasonable attempt. Enjoy “The Day Collusion Died”:


Former Greenpeace stalwart says Man-Made Climate Change is a load of bollox

(Friday blog)

I’m running late today and so haven’t time to write the blog I wanted.

A couple of days ago, I produced my own short (4 minutes) YouTube video explaining in three simple pictures why the idea of Man-Made Climate Change is utter rubbish:

And I wondered why politicians and the media are fawning and grovelling to a (IMHO) ignorant, brainwashed member of the Adams family and an (IMHO) increasingly senile old fool. Here they are – Greta Thunberg and former national treasure Sir David Attenborough:

Ooops, was that the wrong picture? Is this the right one? Forgive me, after listening to what they’ve both been saying recently, I’m not really sure:

Anyway here’s someone who knows a bit more about the environment and climate than I do. Here’s the former president of Greenpeace Canada (not Greenpeace’s co-founder as the video clip states although I do understand that he was behind the massive expansion of Greenpeace in Canada and the USA) saying that Man-Made Climate Change is a load of bollox. Mr Moore’s credentials are:

  • Honorary Doctorate of Science, North Carolina State University (2005)
  • Ph.D. in Ecology, Institute of Resource Ecology, University of British Columbia (1974)
  • Honors B.Sc. in Forest Biology, University of British Columbia.