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Why do they want to change our countries into the sh*t-holes they came from?

(Wednesday blog)

I’ve reworked something a reader sent me:

—-They’re Not Happy!—-

They’re not happy in dirty, impoverished, over-populated Gaza ..
They’re not happy in dirty, impoverished, over-populated Egypt ..
They’re not happy in war-ravaged Libya and want to get out of there ..
They’re not happy in backwards, filth-covered Morocco and want to get out of there ..
They’re not happy in Stone-Age, mad-Mullah Iran and want to get out of there ..
They’re not happy in war-wrecked Iraq and want to get out of there ..

They’re definitely not happy in crapulous, impoverished, war-wrecked Yemen and want to get out of there ..
They’re absolutely not happy in primitive, pre-Stone Age Afghanistan and want to get out of there ..
They’re not happy in stinking Krapistan and all want to leave that total sh*t-hole ..

They’re not happy in war-torn Syria and want to get out of there ..
They’re not happy in war-torn, failed-state Somalia and want to get out of there ..

SO, WHERE ARE THEY HAPPY? And where do they want to stay?

They’re happy in wealthy, democratic Australia and ever more want to go there ..
They’re happy in wealthy democratic Canada and ever more want to go there ..
They’re happy in formerly prosperous, formerly democratic England and ever more want to come here ..

They’re happy in prosperous, democratic France and ever more want to go there ..
They’re not quite so happy in Italy (where the Government has made it clear that they’re not welcome) and ever more want to use Italy as a way into other European countries ..
They’re very happy in wealthy Germany and millions more want to go there ..
They’re exceptionally happy in Sweden given that they get everything for free and ever more want to go there ..
They’re equally happy in Norway given that they get everything for free and ever more want to go there ….
They’re also happy in Holland given that they get everything for free and ever more want to go there …

Basically, they’re happy in every country that is not run/ruined (delete as appropriate) by members of the Religion of Peacefulness and Prosperity and ever more of them want to go to those countries.

and they’re unhappy in every country that is run/ruined (delete as appropriate) by members of the Religion of Wonderfulness and Progress and they usually want to leave those countries!


Not their religion.
Not their leadership.
And definitely not themselves.


AND THEN: They want to change those countries to be like:


Hey ho, it’s a funny old world!

Selling sh*t to suckers – like your council?

(Wednesday blog)

Some readers will find today’s blog a bit boring. But it’s quite important so I’ll do it anyway.

Offloading sh*t to suckers – Lloyds

One of the best examples of insiders offloading sh*t to suckers came in the 1990s. Insiders in the London Lloyds Insurance Market realised in the late 1980s that they were about to be hit by hundreds of millions of pounds (billions in today’s money) of claims from the US from workers whose health had been damaged by working with asbestos. This would have been disastrous for many Lloyds Names as they all have unlimited liability.

It should be said that up till then being a Lloyds Name was seen as prestigious and akin to printing money. Only a few lucky members of the elites were invited to become Names.

Anyway, as you can imagine, the Lloyds Names were not too delighted at the prospect of being seriously impoverished and even bankrupted by the asbestos claims. So what did these fine upstanding members of society’s elites do? They shoved most of the worst asbestos policies into a few insurance syndicates and then went on a massive recruitment drive to invite as many (usually pretentious, social-climbing) outsiders as possible to become Lloyds Names. Thousands joined Lloyds, flattered that they were being invited into this elitist club. These newcomers then got shoved into the insurance syndicates with the worst exposure to the asbestos claims. So the newcomers got totally fleeced while the original insiders laughed all the way to their private banks.

“So what?” You may think. “That’s just a bunch of elitist crooks ripping off a bunch of elitist suckers. What’s that got to do with me?”

Offloading sh*t to suckers – your council

In my 25 years working in over 100 organisations, the stupidest people I ever came across worked for Britain’s councils. Therefore I’m going to write this section slowly so that even someone running one of our councils can understand.

Let’s spool forward to today. What’s happening to Britain’s shops? Unless you’ve been in a cave for the last 10 years or unless you’re a dunderhead working for a council, you’ll know that on-line shopping is devastating Britain’s high streets and shopping centres. Loads of large retailers – Comet, BHS, Toys ‘R Us, HMV, Maplin, Poundworld, House of Fraser etc – have gone bankrupt and many others are closing stores (M&S, Next) and doing CVAs (Company Voluntary Arrangements) – Carpetright, Debenhams, Mothercare, Homebase, Topshop – to get their rents reduced by 30% to 50%.

Given the massacre in Britain’s retail sector, where would be the worst possible place to have your money invested? I’ll give you a couple of minutes to think about this. Yup, you got it, the worst place to invest your money would be in companies owning shopping centres and retail sites.

With me so far?

The other thing that is happening is that the Internet and mobile technology is making working from home more popular and thus reducing the need for office buildings.

So what are our councils doing? Yup, you must be a genius. You guessed it. Faced with budget cuts from central government, many councils are borrowing money – we’re talking billions – and investing this money in commercial property, mainly shopping centres, other retail sites and office buildings. In the last 5 years, our councils have borrowed over £3.8bn for these ‘investments’.

Retail accounted for nearly £1.2bn of spend with shopping centres (£600m) and retail warehouses (£400m) the most popular assets. The remaining investment was split between industrial (£500m), mixed-use (£100m) and leisure (£80m) with a small amount diverted to other alternatives.

Spelthorne Borough Council in Surrey, which contains the towns of Ashford, Shepperton, Staines and Sunbury, emerged as the biggest local authority investor committing an estimated £477.1m to assets within its domain. This is more than double its nearest rival Warrington Borough Council (£219.5m).

The insiders always find suckers

Just like the Lloyds insiders in the 1960s, the insiders in today’s commercial property market must be laughing their arses off. Like the Lloyds insiders, they were faced with catastrophic losses. And just like the Lloyds insiders, they managed to offload their sh*t onto commercially-naive suckers – our local councils. In this case, councils were tricked into investing at ludicrously-inflated values and face massive losses at some point in the future.

The scandal hasn’t broken yet. But it will. And the council bosses who have squandered your billions on almost worthless property will all retire with massive pensions and maybe even a few gongs. Oh, and it will be you who has to pay for these losses through increased council tax and drastic cuts in council services.

You read it here first!

Why won’t the BBC tell us about the joys of multi-culturalism?

(Tuesday blog)

I’m always amazed (not) that the Izlumophiliac BBC and C4 News and other mainstream media ‘forget’ to bring us stories about the success of multi-culturalism in other European countries. Today, let’s focus on Germany:

Train train – running off the tracks

A regional express train was travelling at approximately 100 km per hour in the direction of the holiday island of Sylt, when passengers heard a loud bang. The train had hit two 80 kilos concrete blocks. The driver, who had been unable to see the concrete slabs, immediately stopped the train and activated the emergency alarm. The train was damaged in the incident.

Although neither the driver nor the passengers of the train saw the perpetrators, they managed to place more concrete slabs on the tracks after the incident:

Bundespolizei Flensburg

Earlier this year German and Austrian authorities arrested an Iraqi man suspected of committing “terrorist attacks” by sabotaging railway lines in 2018. The man was suspected of having strung a steel rope across the tracks running between the southern German cities of Munich and Nuremberg, damaging the front window of a high speed ICE train in October last year. In another case in December last year, cement blocks were put on the tracks. Islamic State (IS) flags and writings in Arabic were found near the crime scenes.

Another chap with ‘mental health’ problems?

A 17-year-old girl was attacked and injured last Thursday by a man with a knife. The girl was walking on a dirt road near the street Entenstraße in Allmersbach am Weinberg around 10.40 p.m. when a 21-year-old man approached her. The man had a knife with him and dragged the young woman into an adjacent field. The victim resisted and called for help. As she defended herself, she was injured on her hands by the knife. When a local resident became aware of the cries for help and approached the scene of the crime with a car, the attacker – 21-year-old Afghan asylum seeker – let go of his victim and fled. The 21-year-old Afghan was later spotted by the police at home. At the request of the public prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart, an arrest warrant was obtained the following day from the Stuttgart district court. The suspect was reported to be mentally handicapped, which is why he was admitted to a psychiatric ward to determine his guilt. Investigations into the incident, in particular into the motives for it, are continuing.

Christians not welcome?

According to a new report from a watchdog on anti-Christian incidents, between April and June Germany saw thirty anti-Christian attacks ranging from thefts to arson. The data was compiled by the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe, who noted around 30 separate incidents between April 1st and June 10th published on the group’s website.

A large number of the cases involved various forms of vandalism, including an incident at the Lutheran Nikolaikirche in Caldern in which the attackers set fire to the hymn book and Bible at the altar of the church, and also left faeces on a bench outside of the church and at the entrance.

Rapey Rapey?

In May 2018 Susanna F. (14 years old) was raped, strangled and buried, Ali Bashar (22 years old) – a so-called “refugee” from Iraq – is on trial. Amazingly, in this case a psychiatric report shows that the accused is presumed to be fully responsible and doesn’t have the usual ‘mental health’ problems. No doubt he’ll get a short prison sentence and then be allowed to stay in Germany living off benefits and criminality for the rest of his worthless life.

Merkel’s job application?

I could go on and on and on with the attacks on Christians and Jews, the rapes, the stabbings, the drug-dealing, the robberies and all the other criminality Merkel’s migrant millions have brought to German cities and towns. But what’s the point? We all know it’s happening.

As a reward for her ‘humanitarianism’ in allowing millions of gimmegrants and rapefugees into her country, Merkel will probably be given a big international job like next head of the United Nations.

Ordinary Germans will have to pay the price of Merkel’s ‘job application’.

Bojo – you’ve blown it! You should have attacked!

(Monday blog)

Has Boris blown it?

You’re probably all fed up with the press articles and comments about the latest Boris Johnson shenanigans. But I’ll still add my uninformed contribution to the issue.

I reckon Boris has just blown his chances of becoming PM. Not because of his little altercation with his latest girlfriend. But because of the way he dealt with press questions. He was evasive and shifty, when he should have come out fighting. And that will rattle people’s confidence in him as a future PM and leave him open to accusations of cowardice.

Let me explain:

Turning your weaknesses into strengths

One of the few things I learnt while selling dodgy management consultancy projects and even dodgier computer systems was that you should always turn your weaknesses into strengths.

So, if I was trying to sell consultancy to say a client building oil rigs with a team that had never seen an oil rig in their lives and the client asked whether I had someone on my team with oil rig experience, I would answer something like “No. Your company has hundreds of man-years of experience of building oil rigs. My team has been specially chosen because of its broad experience of many other industries so our experience complements the experience of your people”.

Or, if I was selling a project to a pharma company and my team had several members who had actually worked on previous projects with other pharma companies, I would extol the breadth of experience in pharma of my team; “My team has been specially chosen because of its broad experience working with other pharma companies”.

Selling is just a game – in both business and politics – and the key thing is always to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Boris should have attacked

Applying the principle of turning one’s weaknesses into strengths, here’s the answer I believe Boris Johnson should have given at the very first hustings (shown on Sky News) when Iain Dale asked him about the incident: “Yes, like in any relationship, where strong feelings and passions are involved, Carrie and I had a temporary falling out. It was my fault – I spilt a glass of red wine on her sofa and things escalated from there. But we’ve made up since then. However, what we didn’t expect was to have neighbours who seem to spend all their waking hours trying to get recordings of our conversations and then selling those recordings to the national press”.

An answer like this would have achieved three things:

  1. It would have shown honesty and openness from Boris
  2. It would portray the argument as a strength of the relationship suggesting that people who don’t have such arguments occasionally are in relationships without strong feelings and passions
  3. It would have focused the public’s attention on the underhand behaviour of the neighbours making them, rather than Boris, into the villains of the piece

Boris has made a career out of turning his myriad of well-documented weaknesses into strengths. It’s surprising and worrying that he didn’t do that on this occasion and instead looked cowardly and indecisive. Whatever Boris now says will always be too little too late.

I believe support for Boris will leak away over the next few weeks aided and abetted by continuous sniping from the Establishment press. Then the Establishment’s favourite, Theresa-May-clone Remainer Hunt, will be crowned as the next PM and we’ll never really leave the EU.

However, who knows for sure?

After all, if I was so smart to be able to see into the future, then I’d be successful and rich.

Bye bye Brexit?

I’ve just noticed an article in today’s Times where Jeremy Theresa Hunt says “Preserving the United Kingdom is more important than achieving Brexit“. I think he’s getting ready to sell us down the river and keep us in the EU.

Never trust a Tory!

Mentally-deranged socialists – why Trump will probably win again in 2020

(weekend blog)

Here she is – the main reason Trump will probably win another four years in the White House in 2020. This is Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (popularly known as AOC):

While the main Democrat presidential candidates try to sound reasonable and middle-of-the-road and electable, swivel-eyed lunatics like AOC are dragging the Democratic Party ever further to the left.

One of AOC’s greatest achievements was a campaign against Amazon which caused Amazon cancel plans to open offices employing about 25,000 people in AOC’s district.

Another was a New Green Deal for America – an eco-loony plan which would have shut down most of American industry in order to save mankind from extinction from non-existent man-made Global Warming (or Climate Change or Climate Crisis or Climate Breakdown or whatever it’s called this week).

And now AOC has compared US Border Agency facilities for illegal immigrants to Nazi concentration camps and has refused to back down from this comparison:

Given her limited knowledge of history and tenuous grasp on reality, AOC probably doesn’t understand that about eight million innocents – Jews, Gypsies, political prisoners, the disabled and many others – were brutally murdered in Hitler’s concentration camps. But the illegal immigrants held by US Border Agency are free to go home whenever they want. However most would rather stay where they are in the hope of eventually getting into the US and thus escaping the misery and poverty and crime and violence of the Latin American sh*t-holes they have come from.

But what’s worrying is not AOC’s claim that the US is running concentration camps. Any idiot can say whatever rubbish they want. What is worrying is that AOC can say these things in the sure knowledge that she will be supported by millions of pig-ignorant, narcissistic, virtue-signalling snowflakes all suffering from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome which prevents any form of logical thinking.

AOC is not some lunatic fringe madwoman. She is a perfect representative of the snowflake generation. And the closer we get to the November 2020 US presidential elections, the more we’ll hear from AOC and others of her ilk. And the more deranged tripe AOC and her chums spout, the more ordinary Americans will realise that the Democratic Party has been taken over by the mentally infirm and so have no other option than to vote for Trump to save their country from self-destruction.

Well done, AOC!!!!! You’ve virtually guaranteed Trump four more years.!!!!

Hooray – it’s “Refugee Week”! Britain will take in more than any other country!!!!

(Friday blog)

I wonder how many of you knew that this week – 17 June to 23 June 2019 – is “Refugee Week”?

Anyway, to celebrate this important event, here’s an inspiring 40 second video produced by the Home Office committing Britain to many more years of taking in more supposed ‘refugees’, rapefugees and gimmegrants than any other country.

Hooray for the Home Office! Hooray for Sajid Javid! Hooray for the Conservative Party!

This is clearly just what the majority of British people want from our government!

What? Didn’t you know that this is what you voted for? Didn’t you know that this is what the British people want – millions more rapefugees and gimmegrants? Well, don’t worry. As soon as they get here from their war-ravaged, usually religion-of-peace sh*t-holes, they’ll start murdering each other as they fight to get control of the drugs trade.

Anyway, here’s our favourite politician’s latest attempt to destroy our country:

We must welcome the murdering scum, but you’re prosecuted if you show what they’ve done

(Thursday blog)

I cannot show you the truth

Today I thought I’d build my blog on a link to an ISIL video showing the execution of three young men. The men’s crime was to have been caught writing anti-ISIL grafitti on a wall with spray paint cans. The punishment, of course, was death. In this case death was from being shot in the head at close range with a kind of sawn-off shotgun.

It’s quite interesting to see the damage this causes. If the shot is slightly high, it takes off the whole of the top of the skull and much of the brain matter inside the head. If the shot is a little lower, it blows away much of the facial skin and muscles and leaves the eyes hanging out. But I can’t show you this video. That would be breaking the law and would probably result in me being prosecuted and imprisoned.

But what about the jolly fellows who carried out the beheadings, crucifixions, throat-slitting, burning innocents alive, shootings and other wonderful forms of murder? Have they been prosecuted? Have they been imprisoned? Of course not.

Security Minister Ben Wallace said last year that 450 Jihadis have come back to Britain and 40 faced prosecution. However, in spite of Freedom of Information requests, officials have refused to confirm basic details about action taken against them – if any. The Home Office would also not comment on what has happened to those who did not face charges. To mention what these Jihadis have been doing would be Izlumophobia. So they go free while anyone daring to show their horrific crimes gets destroyed.

We have the same situation in France. Politician Marine Le Pen is being prosecuted for tweeting some pictures of ISIL executions. Meanwhile, the French government of bankers’ President Macron is welcoming back the Jihadis with open arms. At least 130 (probably) murdering bastards have returned from Syria to France and another 250 are expected to follow soon. France will also be taking back the children of French Jihadis who were killed.

One of Europe’s largest military forces?

There are around 6 million members of the wonderfullest religion in France. Of these 6 million, around 25,000 are on the police’s terrorist watch-list as posing a serious threat to us Izlumophobic infidel swine. So 0.4% of France’s Religion of Peace population are believed by the authorities to be a real and serious danger to the public.

There are about 5 million members of the Religion of Peace in Britain. Of these around 23,000 are on the police’s terrorism watch-list – that’s slightly over 0.4%. But it’s similar to France’s 0.4%. So, maybe we’re beginning to see something of a pattern here?

In Germany there are about 5 million members of the utmostly wonderfullest religion of all. A 2017 report by Germany’s domestic intelligence service noted that there are 25,810 “potentially Islamist individuals” in Germany. That’s around 0.5% of the German Religion of Peace population. Ooops, more of a pattern?

In fact, taking these three data points, it starts to become reasonable to assume that somewhere between 0.4% and 0.5% of Europe’s most peaceful population are suspected of wanting to slaughter us worse-than-pigs infidels.

Overall in Europe, there are around 44,000,000 members of the world’s favourite and most peacefullest religion. If we assume that between 0.4% and 0.5% want to stab, behead, drive a truck over us, blow us up or shoot us, that gives an army of somewhere between 176,000 and 200,000 individuals – more than in the British military – who would like to do us considerable harm. This would make Europe’s most dangerous members of the Religion of Peace the 3rd or 4th largest military force in Europe:

Oh dear. That’s not so good.

A damp squib and Merkel’s Mad Cow Disease

(Wednesday blog)

A damp squib?

The BBC really hyped last night’s “Britain’s next PM” debate. So did much of the mainstream media. We were told there would be a “bash Boris” bust-up. But as the other four candidates all want nice important ministerial jobs in Boris’s government with big, shiny official cars and armies of sycophantic flunkies, all I saw was a collective sucking up to Boris.

As for the BBC’s Emily Maitlis – her contempt for all the candidates couldn’t have been clearer. The whole thing was (IMHO) a worthless, biased, damp squib.

Merkel’s Mad Cow Disease?

I hope all my readers have seen this short video from a ceremony yesterday in Germany. It shows the Fourth Reich’s ruler shaking uncontrollably as she greets some guy from the Ukraine.

What a shambles the EU is. At its head, we have a useless drunk who can’t walk more than a few steps without falling over. And now we see that the real EU ruler, Merkel, appears to have contracted Mad Cow Disease.

Though many of us have suspected Merkel has been suffering from Mad Cow Disease for years:

Facebook knows you better than you know yourself

(Tuesday blog)

Thanks to a few readers who have alerted me to the fact that, if you want to ‘like’ any of my blogs, you have to do this by signing into your Facebook account. At least, I think this is what happens.

What does this mean? It means that Facebook knows your political and social views. And if you’ve ever ‘liked’ any of my blogs, Facebook probably has you classed as a right-wing, socially conservative, anti-immigration, anti-globalist, anti-EU, Little-Englander fascist. (In fact, if you’ve ever ‘liked’ any of my  blogs, perhaps one day Facebook will close your Facebook account? Or maybe they’ll keep it open if they decide that selling stuff to you is more important than your political views? Who knows?)

I once set up a Facebook account. But I deleted it after about 3 minutes when I realised how much information Facebook was collecting on me. If I remember correctly, when you sign up to Facebook, it gets access to all your emails – who you’ve emailed, what you’ve written in your emails and what other people have written to you.

So, what other information does Facebook hold about you?

  • Full name with any alternate names (e.g., maiden name or nickname).
  • Age (birthday).
  • Gender (male, female, other).
  • Race and ethnicity (based on likes and behavior).
  • Relationship status (e.g., married, single, etc.) including anniversary information.
  • Political views (e.g., Democrat, Liberal, Republican, etc.).
  • Religious views.
  • Hometown.
  • Your current address including city and state or the general area of where you live based on where you log into Facebook. Can also have places you’ve lived in the past if you’ve moved since creating a Facebook account.
  • Your language based on the languages you use on Facebook.
  • Places you’ve visited, where you’ve eaten, etc. based on where you log into Facebook or if you’ve ever checked-in at a location.
  • Type of family (e.g., family-based household).
  • Who your friends and family are and how many you have.
  • If you’ve deleted friends, information about all past friends and family.
  • Employer and job title including past employers with an idea of income level.
  • Phone number with the potential of knowing past phone numbers.
  • Your e-mail address with any past e-mail addresses that may have been used since you created the Facebook account. Your account may also include any other account linked related e-mail addresses.
  • Credit card information if you’ve made purchases on Facebook.
  • Schools attended and level of education.
  • Videos and Photos of you that you or your friends have posted. Facebook also collects the metadata that is also part of many photos that includes information such as where the photos were taken.
  • Facial recognition information to help detect your face in pictures.
  • All IP addresses you’ve used to log into Facebook.
  • The technology you use (e.g., type of phone, phone speed, tablet, or computer).
  • All Facebook apps you’ve added and used.
  • Present and past Facebook groups you’ve joined.
  • The type of websites you like and visit.
  • Your interests (including relationship interests), hobbies, and food you like.
  • All past and present likes you’ve made on pages and others’ posts.
  • Searches you’ve made on Facebook.
  • All pages you’ve shared on Facebook.
  • Advertisements that you’ve visited.

I believe that Facebook also holds copies of many computer files you may have deleted and much more.

Can you remember every person you’ve ever emailed, every email you’ve ever sent, every ad you’ve ever watched and every website you’ve ever visited? No? Well Facebook can!

As you probably know, the Chinese Government is experimenting with a system of ‘social credits’. Everyone gets a certain number of ‘social credits’ which can be increased or decreased depending on their behaviour in life and on the Internet. When someone falls below a certain level of social credits they may be forbidden from things like taking a train, driving a car or even from using a credit card.

Were such a ‘social credits’ system to be introduced in any Western country, it seems that Facebook already holds sufficient information for it to operate.

George Orwell warned us about this even though he couldn’t imagine the technology that would allow this to happen.

Ramadanadingdong is over – but the murders still continue

(Monday blog)

In my blog of 6 June 2019, I wrote about how disappointing Ramadanadingdong 2019 had been compared to some previous years. In the 2019 Ramadanadingdong murder-mania only around 821 innocents were killed (27 every day). This was similar to Ramadanadingdong 2018 when 854 innocents were murdered (28 a day) but well down on 2017 when 1,595 innocents (53 a day) were slaughtered in the name of religion. However, even 2017’s slightly more impressive score was pitiful compared to 2016 when 1,850 innocents (62 a day) were sent to Paradise or wherever and even more pitiful compared to 2015 when a much more impressive 2,988 innocents (about 100 a day) were shot, blown up, beheaded or burnt alive for the glory of some God or other.

Anyway, it seems like the lads have realised that their Ramadanadingdong 2018 and 2019 scores were embarrassingly low and have been making a bit more effort recently. Just last week, for example, the lads managed 229 dead (33 a day) which is a little bit more respectable than both Ramadanadingdong murder-mania 2018 and 2019.

Our congratulations should mention the team in Mali who slaughtered no fewer than 95 innocents (most were burnt alive) which helped enormously in improving last week’s score. Well done the Mali team!

Let’s hope the lads do even better this week:

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2019.06.16 Syria Kafr Naseh 1 0 A civilian is aerated by Sunni shrapnel.
2019.06.15 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 An elderly Buddhist couple are shot to death while walking home from their work at a restaurant.
2019.06.15 Somalia Mogadishu 11 25 A suicide car bomber sends eleven bystanders to Allah.
2019.06.15 Kenya Konton 12 1 al-Shabaab militants murder a dozen border guards with an IED and subsequent shooting.
2019.06.14 Afghanistan Shah Walikot 1 5 Fundamentalists attach a bomb to a police vehicle, killing one occupant.
2019.06.13 Afghanistan Jalalabad 11 13 At least one child is among eleven innocents exterminated by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2019.06.12 Iraq Bashik 1 0 A farmer loses his life after Islamic State activists set fire to his field.
2019.06.12 Nigeria Kareto 20 0 A local Islamist group claims an attack that killed twenty local security personnel.
2019.06.12 Syria Tafas 1 0 Mujahideen gunmen pick off a civilian.
2019.06.12 India Anantnag 5 3 Five local cops are ambushed and killed in a suicide attack by Al-Umar Mujahideen.
2019.06.12 Saudi Arabia Abha 0 26 Women and children are among the casualties when Ansar Allah sends a rocket into an airport at a resort.
2019.06.12 Pakistan Manzerkhel Berzai 1 2 Muslim radicals kill one person with a roadside bomb.
2019.06.12 Afghanistan Kala Tak 1 0 A moderate cleric is silenced by an armed rival outside his mosque.
2019.06.12 Iraq Shirqat 1 0 ISIS gunmen take down a civilan from a passing car.
2019.06.11 Afghanistan Dand 6 0 A family of six is put down hard by Taliban bombers.
2019.06.11 Yemen Abyan 3 4 An al-Qaeda cell is suspected of a bomb blast that leaves three dead.
2019.06.10 Cameroon Kolfata 2 0 Two civilians are murdered by Boko Haram.
2019.06.10 Burkina Faso Namentenga 10 0 Ten innocents are murdered in their village by Islamic extremists.
2019.06.10 Syria Jalin 1 0 Terrorist shoot a civlian to death.
2019.06.10 Cameroon Darak 26 0 Two-dozen souls are lost to a Boko Haram attack on a small village.
2019.06.10 Mali Sobame Da 95 0 A Fulani group, linked to Islamists, slaughters and burns nearly one-hundred farmers and their families, including twenty-four children.
2019.06.10 Iraq Abu Saida 1 0 Roadside bombers take out a passing civilian.
2019.06.10 Sudan Deleij 17 15 Janjaweed fire into a camp market, killing seventeen refugees