May 2024

We’re on the road to nowhere

Wednesday-Thursday blog

I’ve just had an article on the Conservative Woman website. The link is below. I thoroughly recommend that you have a look at the readers’ comments. It’s gratifying for me to see how many people agree with me that our rulers are deliberately leading us to national bankruptcy. I try not to […]

BBC cheers as Britain goes bankrupt

Monday-Tuesday blog

Sometimes on Sundays I watch the Laura Kuensberg programme on the BBC while working out in my gym. Last Sunday the whole programme as about how Britain was ‘fighting’ climate change’. Almost all the participants, especially Kuensberg, bleated and moaned and complained that Britain risked losing its position as the world leader […]

Yesterday’s climate lunacy ‘double whammy’

Wednesday-Thursday blog

What to say about yesterday? There were two events showing that climate-catastrophist lunacy is totally out of control. These two events were:

March – “hottest on record” lies European Courth of Human Rights ruling that governments have a duty to protect their citizens from the (non-existent) negative effects of (non-existent) human-caused climate […]

Ed Miliband – destroyer of jobs, wrecker of lives?

Monday-Wednesday blog:

In an article in the Sunday Telegraph at the weekend, Ed Miliband, the shadow net zero secretary, was quoted as saying: “Fourteen years of failed Tory energy policy has seen jobs driven overseas, our clean energy infrastructure imported from aboard, and our country left exposed to the worst cost of living crisis […]

The three technologies from hell?

Monday-Wednesday blog

We didn’t obey our rulers

Hopefully readers have noticed a massive change in the relationship between ourselves and the ruling political, bureaucratic and media elites. In 2016 we were given a real opportunity to vote. But apparently we gave the wrong answer. In Britain we voted for Brexit and in the USA they […]

Renewables – the certain route to national economic suicide

Monday-Wednesday blog

I attach below a short article I’ve just written to be translated into Korean for a South Korean newspaper. I know I’ve dealt with this subject several times before. But I’m back on it again as I think it’s sort of important. While getting the figures for this piece, I noiticed that it […]

Will there be a Starmer sterling crash?

Friday-weekend blog

Media attacks on Tucker Carlson

Before I start this blog, I just wanted to make a brief comment on the confected media outrage over Tucker Carlson interviewing Vladimir Putin. I suspect the reason much of the mainstream media loathes Tucker Carlson is because he’s not (as far as I know) a limp-wristed, women-can-have-penises, […]

The brazen lies of the brazen Net Zero liars

Tuesday-Thursday blog

I’ll keep it very short today, as I actually wanted to use today’s blog to recomend an inteview with the wonderful Douglas Murray “Cowardice is killing the West”.

The brazen lies of the brazen Net Zero liars

I turned on Talk TV a couple of days ago just as I was getting ready […]

Are our rulers becoming increasingly psychotic?

weekend/Monday blog

The rise of career politicians

It is clear that over the last few decades, there has been a drop in the number of MPs with real-life work experience and a corresponding rise in the number of career politicians who have never experienced anything outside politics. There are numerous academic studies and even a […]

Sometimes MPs’ stupidity is so monumental, you don’t know what to write

Sunday-Tuesday blog

I started writing this blog a couple of days ago but gave up several times. I just couldn’t find a sensible way to explain the utter madness which is being inflicted on us by the 650 useless, corrupt, self-aggrandising fools and knaves in Westminster and their thousands of advisers, sycophantic supposed ‘experts’ and […]