June 2019
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Two subjects today – the Met Office and the 400+ million who live to hate

(Friday blog)

The useless Met Office

The Met Office are very proud of their £97m shiny new computer. Apparently it’s the world’s largest computer dedicated to predicting the weather. So, what did the Met Office with their great big expensive computer predict for April/May/June this year?

What does the current outlook for April-May-June 2019 say?


Those ‘starving’ Palestinians need to lose some weight

(Tuesday blog)

1. Amnesty International

I’m a bit sad that just one person liked yesterday’s piece on how Amnesty International has lost sight of its original purpose and has become just another left-wing, Greenie, anti-West, money-obsessed monster serving its jet-setting bosses rather than the prisoners of conscience it was set up to support.

I believe […]

Amnesty International? Don’t waste your money!

(Monday blog)

Amnesty International forgets its original purpose

Amnesty International used to be one of the world’s most respected campaigning groups.

Amnesty International is a London-based non-governmental organisation formed to focus on human rights, in particular the rights of people imprisoned for their political or religious beliefs. Over the decades, Amnesty International has been hugely […]

Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone I’ve started again

(Friday blog)

I’ve just got back from a few weeks holiday in a country in which prostitution is illegal. Therefore, you’ll never see scenes like this when you’re on holiday with your family:

Nor will you see scenes like this:

And here’s another interesting fact about that country. There are an […]

Former Greenpeace stalwart says Man-Made Climate Change is a load of bollox

(Friday blog)

I’m running late today and so haven’t time to write the blog I wanted.

A couple of days ago, I produced my own short (4 minutes) YouTube video explaining in three simple pictures why the idea of Man-Made Climate Change is utter rubbish:

And I wondered why politicians and the media […]

Aaarrrgghhh! How can anyone take the claims of Man-Made Climate Change seriously?

(Wednesday blog)

I can’t stand it. It seems like every TV channel and every newspaper and every political leader actually believe Global Warming is caused by human activity. This is truly incredible. Not since people believed that the Earth was flat and you could fall off the edge have so many been fooled into believing […]

Figures don’t lie – but people do!

(Easter weekend blog)

BBC’s Soviet-style propaganda?

I admit I didn’t watch the whole of the BBC’s dreadfully misleading supposed documentary “Climate Change – the facts”. I just couldn’t stomach so much misleading BBC progressive woke propaganda. After all, during my youth I spent a bit of time in the Soviet Union and so saw […]

Sir David – I question your objectivity

(Friday blog)

So, the venerable national treasure Sir David Attenborough was back on our screens last night predicting total catastrophe if we humans fail to act on Climate Change. He gave us all the usual warnings – “right now we are facing our greatest threat in thousands of years – climate change” and “there isn’t […]

Good news! Tropical storm causes no damage and no deaths in Africa!

(Wednesday blog)

The BBC are reporting that hundreds have been killed and tens of thousands have been made homeless in Mozambique and Rhodesia (also known as Hell-hole Zimbabwe) due to a tropical storm or cyclone. And the BBC have blamed “the effects of rising waters brought about by climate change” for the storm.

But I […]

It’s freezing! No, it’s warming! No way, it’s freezing! Bollox, it’s warming! Etc etc

(Monday blog)

Here’s a headline from a US newspaper in 1934:

At the time, the world’s climatologists all apparently agreed that the Earth was warming so rapidly that the polar ice caps would melt and many major coastal cities would become uninhabitable. Helpfully, the newspaper also had a nice picture of how […]