September 2018
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The worst fake Climate Change news report ever?

(Tuesday blog)

The Greenies and the lefties and all the other supposedly progressive, caring, Trump-hating Warmies will go to huge lengths to try to con us into believing their Climate Change (or Global Warming or whatever it’s called this week) lies. But with this example, surely even they have gone too far?

Click on the […]

Climate scientists’ cum and brainwashing children

(Friday blog)

Two unconnected subjects today:

1. Climate scientists cum to B*ngk*k

Thanks for your comments on my blog yesterday about ‘Johnson CO2 Generators’. All I was trying to do was expose once again the bias in all climate discussion in that the Greenies never mention the beneficial effects of increasing CO2 on agriculture.

Your […]

Can CO2 help save the world?

(Thursday blog)

I’m sure all my wonderful readers know that we’re all about to die from being frazzled by supposed Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever it’s called this week due to too much CO2 being released into the atmosphere from human activity. It never occurs to the Greenies that […]

Ice? What ice? There’s no ……….. CRASH!!!!!!!! Ooops!

(Wednesday blog)

2014 Antarctic ice melting!!!!!!

You might remember the joy many of us experienced back in 2014. A Russian research ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, was leased from the Russians, filled with dead-brained, dumb-assed Greenies and film crews and headed off to the Antarctic to prove that the Antarctic ice was melting due to Global […]

Climate change – more of the usual bollox from the BBC?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Recently the BBC got into trouble and was criticised by many including the ever popular, photogenic Professor Brian Cox for allowing Lord Lawson to question the new religion of Man-Made (Anthropogenic) Global Warming. Lord Lawson was called a “crank” and a “climate science denier” for daring the suggest that the whole cult of […]

The great “97% of scientists agree……” Global Warming lie

Today I wanted to write about how Britain is being threatened by an Irish pederast (I hope that is a politically-correct term). But as some cretinous reader commented on yesterday’s blog about Global Warming bollox asking how it was that I thought I knew more about climate change than the oft-quoted “97% of scientists agree….”, […]

More “Warmie” bollox?

A few weeks ago, BBC journalists were creaming their knickers in delight at a new UN report which revealed that last year’s CO2 levels were higher than they’d been for at least the past three million years.

Global levels of CO2 reached over 403 parts per million in 2016 and, as usual, BBC ‘experts’ blethered […]

Oh no! The Warmies are getting hot under the collar again!

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

We’re gonna get cooked!

Great week for the Warmies. The BBC are claiming that 2017 may be one of the hottest 3 years since records began. And I think there’s a Warmies’ meeting in Fiji. (How nice – I wonder why they never have these meetings in the Arctic or even Greenland? Perhaps […]

Scrotland – twinned with North Korea?

(Monday/Tuesday blog – I have decided to write just 3 blogs a week from now on. This is not because there’s little to write about. It’s because our increasingly draconian censorship laws put most important subjects off limits as mentioning them might ‘offend’ a snowflake or two)

Here’s a story from the glorious People’s Democratic […]

Brilliant! Trump has the courage to stand up to the Man-made Global Warming Scam!

Total horror around the world! Guardianistas and lefty libtards are reeling with shock! US President Donald Trump has honoured a pre-election promise! He has withdrawn the US from the farcical Paris Climate Agreement

First, just a quick reminder of the four main terms of the Paris Agreement:

It sets a global goal of keeping global […]