January 2010

Blair the liar lies again

Just watched Blair performing, but had to switch off otherwise I might have vomited. There are so many things one could say, but perhaps the only relevant comment is – liar, liar, liar, liar, liar……

Tough times my a***

Our lying PM Gordon Brown warns us that after 8 years of pointless deaths there are ‘tough times ahead in Afghanistan’. They won’t be tough for you Gordon. You have your big salary and your huge taxpayer-subsidised pension. And you’ll be given some big job at the World Bank or IMF.

No Gordon, you are […]

Labour might just pull it off

It seems incredible. Liar Gordon Brown has been the worst Chancellor and the worst PM in our country’s history. He has bankrupted Britain by wasting trillions, he has sent our best young men and women to their deaths by failing to provide proper equipment. And he has lied and lied and lied to avoid taking […]

Americans borrow – Brits lose their jobs

We saw it at Manchester United, now there’s Cadburys – Americans take on massive debts to buy British companies and then squeeze them for cash to repay the debts while also milking them and pocketing millions for themselves. I imagine Cadburys will soon be producing more P45s than chocolate.

As for our lying PM claiming […]

The Taliban are winning!

My congratulations to an on-the-spot C4 news reporter who tonight dared say what none of the grovellingly politically-correct BBC journalists would ever say – “it looks like the Taliban are winning”. Of course they are winning. We are an invading foreign army. We are loathed by most Afghans. Ordinary Afghans believe it is their duty […]

Bye, bye BA

BA cabin crew are threatening strike action yet again. I’ve just booked my holiday to the USA and I’m not going with BA. What would be the point? You don’t know if there will be a flight or not.

After 20 years of flying 80 times a year for my work, I’m fed up with […]

Pointless deaths – pointless war

Our Armed Forces Minister Bill Rammell claims that the British may become “so risk-averse, cynical and introverted that we will find ourselves in inglorious and impotent isolation by default” just because the majority of the public can see that our politicians are lying, greedy, self-serving crooks who have sent our troops poorly-equipped into a poinltess […]

The real man-made disaster

While the politically correct howl on about Global Warming and how it might affect us in the future, they tend not to mention one man-made disaster which already kills millions of people every year. This is the corruption, stupidity and incompetence of many Third World governments. Many of the world’s most impoverished countries are rich […]

“Climbing” my A***

I’ve just read in a supposed ‘news’paper that another bunch of z-list celebs are ‘climbing’ Mount Kilimanjaro. For anyone who is interested – and I hope that means nobody – you do NOT climb Kilimanjaro, you walk up it. Moreover, it is an incredibly easy and leisurely walk except for the final night stretch to […]

Have the Warmists no shame?

If summer 2009 had turned out to be the ‘barbecue summer’ predicted by the useless, politically-correct jobsworths at the Met Office, we’d have been drowning in their I-told-you-so-s as they claimed the hot summer was undeniable proof of Global Warming. Similarly, if we’d had the warm winter also predicted by the almost pointless nobodies at […]