July 2011

Pompous idiot Osborne increases public spending yet again

The government’s latest plan to cut public spending is just as stupid as its previous efforts. Around 7,000 civilian staff at the MoD will lose their jobs. Firstly it should be said that the MoD is one of the most overstaffed and incompetent government departments. So I’m sure many of those going richly deserve their […]

How spending £7 can save you more than £5,000

Sales of my latest book Pillaged have been worse than dismal. I don’t really understand why. I only get about 20p a book, so it only affects my pride and not my pocket if people don’t buy Pillaged. But I wrote the book to try to warn people about how over £400m a day is […]

Are they lying to us?

Are multimillionaire politicians David Cameron and George Osborne lying when they claim ‘we’re all in this together’? Is Rebekah Brooks lying when she claims to know nothing about phone hacking? Is Sebastian Coe lying when he claims the 2012 Olympics are under budget when spends over £9bn against an original budget of around £4bn? Did […]

Cecil Coley should get a medal

Cecil Coley, the 72 year old shopkeeper who stabbed a 30 year old armed robber to death, should get a medal for ridding the world of a piece of worthless scum. It’s a huge pity he didn’t manage to kill the other scumbag robber. Yet our useless, politically-correct police have arrested Mr Coley on suspicion […]

Well done, Gaddafi!

Is Gaddafi winning? After the combined ‘might’ of NATO (that’s meant to be a joke) has been unleashed on him and his regime, Gaddafi shows no sign of giving up. When I say ‘combined might of NATO’ I mean a few clapped out British planes sent by Liar Cameron supported by the cowardly efforts of […]

Britain’s Olympics ‘triumph’ is a pack of lies

As we move towards the 2102 Games, grovelling, politically-correct journalists at the BBC have been gushing about the great triumph achieved by the overpaid olympocrats who are wasting billions of our money. The Olympics are ‘on schedule and under budget’ one hack bleated. Really? The buildings are going to cost about £7.35bn. The whole event […]

EU’s pygmy leaders cobble together another dog’s dinner

Once more, the nonentities from Brussels who run our lives have cobbled together another supposed rescue package for the lazy, overborrowed, bankrupt PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain). But how many of us have ever voted for the pathetic Van Rompuy? Or that puffed up little Portuguese prick Barroso?

And do taxpayers in other EU […]

Will any of our money actually reach starving Africans?

Here we go yet again, another famine in Africa. As usual, politically correct BBC reporters blame a lack of rain and never mention the greed, stupidity, corruption and uselessness of African leaders who have stolen and wasted money that should have been used for schools, hospitals, roads, irrigation and agricultural development which could have helped […]

Does Osborne have any cojones? Will he make Fritz pay up?

While Uncle Rupert Murdoch was running rings round our useless, expenses-fiddling MPs, there was an even greater farce being played out across Europe. Unsurprisingly, we are gradually finding out what we knew all along. The PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) are all bankrupt. The hundreds of billions already given to Greece, Ireland and […]

Holiday message from MPs to troops in Afghanistan

Wer’e all going on our summer holiday

To do the things you wish that you could do

The taxpayer is paying for our summer holiday

We don’t care what happens to you..hoo…hoo

We don’t give a toss about you

We’re going where the sun shines brightly

You’re staying where you get shot and maimed too