August 2010

The wonderful Mediterranean ‘lifesteal’

We often read about the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle. It’s healthy all right. Do almost no work, never pay taxes and retire with a full pension in your fifties. Low stress, no anxiety, sounds pretty healthy to me. No wonder they live longer than we stupid North Europeans who pay hundreds of billions to the EU […]

Congratulations to the News of the Screws

My congratulations to the News of the World for their brilliant exposure of corruption in the Pakistan cricket team. Of course, those who would be surprised to learn of the Pope’s religion or the toilet habits of bears will be shocked. For the rest of us, we would be amazed if anything to do with […]

The battle for Britain

Last night’s TV had a wonderful juxtaposition with the old 1969 film “Battle of Britain” on one channel and Simon Cowell’s vomit-inducing X-Factor on the other. This showed us two faces of our country – one where people have a sense of duty and personal honour, the other with a bunch of self-opiniated, talentless nobodies’ […]

We want Sarko, we want Sarko

If dimunitive, high-heel wearing French President Nicholas Sarkozy is booted out at the next French elections in two years, let’s invite him to run Britain. Little Sarko has always put the interests of his country above those of the wasteful, utterly corrupt EU. By expelling the Roma gypsies, he upset the self-serving EU elites, but […]

More crap from idiot Balls

Bulging-eyes Balls has attacked the government’s plans to cut NuLabour’s massive budget deficit. Balls was Bottler Brown’s right-hand man when the Scottish sociopath wrecked the economy by overspending for twelve years.

To be lectured on economics by a self-opiniated, flatulent piece of expenses-fiddling garbage like Balls really takes the biscuit.

The PIGS are waiting to fleece you

Just seen yet another repeated TV programme about Brits getting fleeced when buying properties in the Club Med countries – the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain). Don’t people realise that these four countries are totally corrupt with estate agents, lawyers and builders working together to rip off any foreigner stupid enough to trust them. […]

Britain’s coming paralympics glory

With a greater proportion of the population claiming disability benefits than any other country in the world, Britain is sure to get medal glory at the next paralympics. I see many of our paralympians training at Asda, Tesco and Primark. They waddle around in their tracksuits, surrounded by crowds of their screaming, ugly, ill-educated spawn, […]

Liar Blair’s “Book of Lies” almost here

Just a few days to go before Lord Anthony ‘Liar’ Blair’s Book of Lies hits your local bookshop. Are you going to be taken in by all the hype? Are you going to rush out and buy this pile of self-serving garbage? Are you going to make Liar Blair even richer than he already is? […]

Hey Willets, put your money where your big mouth is

MP David Willetts bleats on in his book and in the media about ‘how the baby boomers took their children’s future – and why they should give it back’. His thesis is that the baby boomers’ excessive consumption and borrowing has put a huge debt burden on the next generation.

Ok, Willetts if you want […]

Shock! Horror! The X-Factor’s a fix!

The tabloids are outraged as some of Britain’s stupidest people find out that Simon Cowell’s karaoke show is a fix. Perhaps the same idiots will soon be shocked when they find out the Pope’s religion or the defecatory habits of bears.