November 2014

Oh Dave – who is going to believe the promises you make?

Phew! Now we’ve had the much-heralded Dave “Cast-Iron” Cameron’s great speech on immigration. Dave was so sincere, like I mean really really sincere, that it almost brought tears to my eyes. Oh Dave, you pressed all the right buttons. Not.

But then Dave really is the ‘heir to Blair’ – a congenital, recidivist liar who […]

A review of my latest book in MoneyWeek magazine

After yesterday’s slightly graphic blog, I thought I’d lighten up today and blow my own trumpet by posting a review of my latest book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL which appeared in MoneyWeek magazine.

Remember, although THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL is only available as an ‘ebook’, you can go here and download the ‘Kindle reading […]

This week’s most shockingly predictable story?

You might remember an horrific story from India at the end of May about two Indian girls, cousins aged 12 and 14, reportedly raped and lynched by men from a higher caste after going into the fields at night to relieve themselves because their ramshackle homes did not have toilets.

Police reluctantly arrested five men […]

Save The Children’s snouts in the trough

Oh dear. Supposed ‘charity’ Save The Children is in the news again. And not for the right reasons. I did a piece on Save The Children just a few days ago. But given this charity’s latest blunder, it perhaps deserves another glowing mention.

Apparently Save The Children’s US branch has given some kind of humanitarian […]

Am I the only person who can see the herd of elephants in the room?

Day after day we get article after article telling us that the UK economy is booming while the Eurozone is mired in recession. But few journalists seem to want to mention our massive, rapidly rising debt (click to see more clearly)

I’m not an economist. But here’s some simple arithmetic. Let’s say […]

Don’t believe Cast-Iron Dave’s immigration lies

Apparently our lying PM, Dave ‘Cast-Iron-Promise’ Cameron is going to make an ‘important speech’ about immigration in the next few days. Well, that’ll be something to look forward to.

What will be in Dave’s great speech? He’ll definitely promise to clamp down on benefits paid to immigrants. What? Just like he clamped down on the […]

How governments hide the real level of immigration

Immigration is rather a political hot potato at the moment and it seems our rulers play all kinds of tricks to make it seem lower than it actually is. For example:

1. Using ‘Net’ not ‘Gross’ immigration – Net migration is at a record 234,000 – 17,500 people a month, over 1,000 immigrants every working […]

Save The Children – a few inconvenient truths

Apparently there’s a new service being offered by a website called “CHARITY CHOICE” where you can search for any charity and see how much is spent on good causes. This is meant to help you decide which charity to give to.

There’s only one problem. CHARITY CHOICE seems to use the charities’ own accounts as […]

Tories’ laughable Rochester lies

Before the Rochester and Strood by-election we had plenty of fighting talk from our lying, europhiliac Prime Minister. He was going to “kick Mark Reckless’s fat arse out of Westminster” and he was going to throw everything including “the kitchen sink” at winning the seat

And now the Tories have lost, they’re […]

Bankers’ glove puppet Osborne humiliated – but we pay

Posh boy bankers’ whore Osborne has just spent a pile of our money – nobody knows how much, but probably a few million – trying to overturn an EU law limiting bankers’ bonuses. Yup, of all the EU laws the Tories could have challenged, they chose one that offended their bosses in banking. So let […]