February 2024
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The three technologies from hell?

Monday-Wednesday blog

We didn’t obey our rulers

Hopefully readers have noticed a massive change in the relationship between ourselves and the ruling political, bureaucratic and media elites. In 2016 we were given a real opportunity to vote. But apparently we gave the wrong answer. In Britain we voted for Brexit and in the USA they […]

I don’t know what to make of this

weekend blog

Apologies to those of you who already follow Dr John Campbell’s videos.

Here’s a recent one in which he questions a funeral director about a new type of white blood clots which are being found in corpses – especially those of younger people who have died prematurely.

If what is discused in the […]

Ukraine is losing. Russia is winning. So, what do we do now?

Wednesday-Friday blog

You don’t see or hear much about the Russia/Ukraine war in the media nowadays. Could this be because Ukraine is losing and Russia is winning and that’s not quite the story our bungling rulers and the sycophantic mainstream media-for-sale want to portray?

The Pentagon Papers

The Pentagon Papers, officially titled The History of […]

Are our rulers becoming increasingly psychotic?

weekend/Monday blog

The rise of career politicians

It is clear that over the last few decades, there has been a drop in the number of MPs with real-life work experience and a corresponding rise in the number of career politicians who have never experienced anything outside politics. There are numerous academic studies and even a […]

Who really started all those wars?

Thursday-Friday blog

I ain’t no historian. And I’m hardly likely to provide some devastating new historical insights in a 900-word blog hastily-written at 06.00 in the morning. But the recent nonsense discussion in the media about whether today’s Brits would fight to defend our country did get me wondering about who really started the many […]

Will Britain be an Islamic republic by the end of this century?

weekend blog

As it’s the weekend, I thought I’d cover a really positive and uplifting story today – an estimation of when Britain will be majority Muslim and we will all live in joy and harmony together worshipping the Prophet, peace be upon Him.

First – the numbers

Let’s start with some actual figures of […]

Sky News (Australia) – what GB News could have been if it wasn’t afraid of Ofcom

Thursday-Friday blog

I thought it worth featuring this brief YouTube video from Sky News (Australia). Sky News (Australia) is full of ‘Mark Steyns’ – people who dare to demolish the accepted official woke view of life. The (IMHO) brilliant Mark Steyn from GB News was, as you’ll know, ‘ofcommed’ – banished from GB News for […]

Sometimes MPs’ stupidity is so monumental, you don’t know what to write

Sunday-Tuesday blog

I started writing this blog a couple of days ago but gave up several times. I just couldn’t find a sensible way to explain the utter madness which is being inflicted on us by the 650 useless, corrupt, self-aggrandising fools and knaves in Westminster and their thousands of advisers, sycophantic supposed ‘experts’ and […]

Hooray. The Davos WEF is going to save us from misinformation and disinformation

Wednesday – Friday blog

Here’s the opening paragraph of Ursula Fond of Lying’s speech to her globalist, jet-setting chums at this year’s Davos knees up:

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Klaus,

Your annual Global Risk Report makes for a stunning and sobering read. For the global business community, the top concern for the next two […]

A dystopian novel which almost writes itself?

Monday-Wednesday blog

Unfortunately I don’t have any talents as a novelist. If I did, here’s a dystopian novel which is so likely that it could probably be knocked out in a few weeks by even a moderately-talented writer as it almost writes itself.

Let’s start this dystopian novel with a real event.

The WEF and […]