January 2016
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January 2016 – just another month of slaughter by the Religion of Peace

(Weekend blog) January 2016 is almost over. So let’s look back and see what contribution the Religion of Peace has made to humanity over the last 30 days. During this time period, there were 133 Islamic attacks in 23 countries, in which 1,777 people were killed and 1,516 injured.

The crazy Muzzies blame the Jews […]

Donald Trump says we’re “insane” – I agree

Brilliant move by Donald Trump. Claiming to be upset by a press release put out by Fox News, he has refused to participate in Fox News’s Republican presidential candidates debate.

The real reason he won’t take part is probably that, as the clear frontrunner, he has everything to lose by the others ganging up on […]

Mr Trump – most people in Britain agree with you

We saw it with Nigel Farage for more than ten years. He was unashamedly mocked and denigrated by the politically-correct establishment media at every possible opportunity. Any photos would be of him giving a speech in order to make him look like a raving lunatic. He was repeatedly accused of bigotry and racism. And a […]

Is London about to get a crooked, UK-loathing, expenses-fiddling M*sl*m mayor?

Even today, if you said to anyone in the UK that within 30 or so years our country will be run by M*sl*ms, they’d still think you were mad or racist or both.

But let’s look at London for a few hundred words. The election for the next London mayor is on 5 May 2016. […]

Transgender studies and the asphyxiation of free speech

Here he is again. The inimitable Pat Condell.

This short (6 mins) video is about the complete suppression of free speech at British universities by the kind of idiots who ‘study’ worthless degrees and become involved in ‘student politics’ so they can find things to protest about.



Meanwhile in Swedenistan

Most readers […]

Dirty buggers, those Indians

Recently while in the Land of Smells, I was sitting in a cheap and cheerful restaurant where I often eat dinner, in general watching the world go by and in particular observing ladies of the night and their customers negotiating what services would be provided and at what cost:

My attention was […]

My new video about M*sl*m multi-cultural enrichment

(Long weekend blog) I’m just finished off my latest short (3 mins) YouTube video.

This one is about the multi-cultural enrichment our rulers have brought to Britain and the rest of Europe.

It’s a happy sing-along Karaoke video – fun for all the family. So get your Korans out, bang on your Burkhas and sing! […]

In Sweden M*sl*ms are now allowed to murder white Europeans

We now know that due to political correctness, for many years M*sl*ms in Britain have been allowed (and are still allowed) to gang-rape, gang-sodomise and gang-torture as many white girls as they want. The police, the politicians and the authorities all knew (and still know) exactly what was going on (and is still going on), […]

Oops! Pop go our pensions!

The Government’s scheme to force people to save for their pensions started with ‘auto-enrolment’ in October 2012. Since then about six million workers have been put onto the scheme. So, how have things gone for them?

Well, these six million workers and their employers have contributed about £1,000,000,000 into their pensions. This is now giving […]

The land of 30 million rapes?

You’ll often see claims on the Internet that Sweden has the second highest number of rapes per 100,000 of population. Although not on the chart below, the leading country for rapes is generally believed to be Lesotho:

But international comparisons are very difficult as the statistics are so unreliable. For example, if […]